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The Alien Invasion of Griffin Rock


I climb out of our shared bed and pull on a dark pink cap sleeved dress with a white heart print and strappy sandals, then pull my hair into a ponytail before slipping in a tiara, then turn to get Nellie up. After she changes into the same thing and does her hair and puts on her crown, we tie matching ribbons around our ponytails, then head upstairs for breakfast, only for Momma to stop us before we even reach the table. "Momma!"

"Emily, you and Nellie may be different from the rest of us, but you're still only ten."

"And Boulder says she's younger than that by their standards."

I cross my arms and pout. "I'm growing at a human rate, Graham. Carrier and Sire said so!" I sigh. "And we've done each others hair since we were six!"

"He said eight, Em."

"Oh… Sorry, Graham."

"It's all right."

Momma sighs before returning to her earlier point—our hair. "Still. If I braid it, it'll stay out of your face."

I nod, and all but drag her down and into our room. "Two this time, Momma. One hurts our backs."

Momma kneels in front of me. "Why is that?"

"Our doorwings, Momma. Our backs are sensitive because of our doorwings!"

She leans back in shock. "What?"

Nellie huffs. "Just ask Sire. I bet if he were in holoform a lot, his back would bug him too!"

"I don't understand, Sweetheart."

I sigh softly. "Our doorwings are sensitive, because they're just an extension of our senses. Rotors are too, and so are wings."

As soon as she secures the last dark pink hair band, she ties white ribbons on the ends of both of ours, then lets us go. I stand with my tiara and slip it back in. "Now can we get Breakfast?"

"Go ahead." Dani sighs. "Don't forget to go see Blades."

"I won't."


I wipe the last of the sugar off my hands before turning to take the ladybug water bottle from Sire, making sure to hand the other one to Nellie. "You know, you remind me of Hot Spot when you do that."

I take a drink from the bottle before answering. I've been using it so long now, I can tell when I'm running low. I hate the dizzy, off-balance feeling I get then. "Do what, Sire?"

"Watch out for your sister like that."

"Oh…" I glance over to Nellie. "I didn't even realize I was doing it, Sire."

"You're fine, Little One."

I nod, and down the rest of the bottle. While a feat in my human form, it's not difficult in my Cybertronian form. A low grade cube for a youngling our age isn't very big. I all but throw the bottle into the sink. "What's up for today?"

"Well, you and I are going to check on Chase while Safire goes with Heatwave to do some mild training out back, unless you'll have an issue with the separation. If you do, we'll do one, then the other."

"We'll be fine, Sire. I really don't like training."

"One of these days, we'll have to start flipping this around so you girls actually get what you need, but not today. Wheeljack would have my head if I did that to you two when you're not used to it…"

"Chase?" I peek around the door to find him sitting on the edge of his berth.

"I'm all right." He smiles over at me. "I'm back on duty today, Little One."

"Good. I'm glad to hear it." I shift up to bot form fluidly as I run over to him and give him a hug. "So you're feeling better?"

"For now, yes. It's been worse at night the last few days. I believe it will stay that way."

"Good. Sire?"


"Scanner please?"

He nods and hands me one. "Primus, you remind me of my brothers and sister…"

"Sorry, Sire." I run the scanner over Chase. "All right… Everything checks out. You're fine for duty, but take it easy out there, Chasie."

He chuckles softly. "I will."

"Sire, can I go play now?"

"Of course."

"Thanks! I'm going out back."

"You've got rescue training after lunch, and Ratchet's comming us sometime today for your medical lessons."

"All right." I run outside to find Carrier and Nellie sparing behind the firehouse.

"Good." He glances over to see me. "All right, we're done sparing for today. We're doing rescue training and medicine with Ratchet today, free time permitting."


"Nell, we need to learn it."

"I like sparing, though!"

"I know. We still have to learn how to do rescues and help our parents, and we still need to learn how to use our fire to heal."

"I'd rather fight with it."

"You would." I huff before tapping her on the shoulder. "You're it!"

"Hey! No fair!"


Blades laughs softly as he watches the two play tag. "At least they know how to play. We were always working—even when we were told to have fun."

"How's Chase?"

"Mari's released him, and he's back on duty this morning. She still did a scan to be sure everything was okay."

"Takes you back, doesn't it?"

"Yeah…" He leans into Heatwave before burying his face into Heatwave's shoulder. "I miss them, 'Wave."

"I know, Blades." He puts a gentle arm around the all-but-crying helicopter. "I'm right here. Just get it out."

The alarms sound from the garage. "No time to. GIRLS!"

"Coming!" We run over to them.

"Get inside and get changed, quickly. You're going with your Carrier."

We run in and scramble into our fire gear before running up to the garage and clamber into Carrier. "Rescue Bots, roll to the rescue!"

Graham and Boulder are working on trying to get a truck with a toxic payload off the side of a cliff.

Huxley Prescott is reporting on the attempts. "We interrupt yet another encore presentation of the parade for this late breaking news. A dangling truck, a struggling rescue vehicle, a life hanging in the balance."

Graham leans out the window. "Don't worry, Edgar. Everything is going to be fine!" He turns toward the dash screen. "It will be fine, won't it, Boulder?"

It's obvious Boulder is struggling. "I hope so."

"Hold on just a little longer, buddy. Calvary's here."

We pull up and stop a few feet away. Cody and Papa climb out of Chase while Kade, Nellie, and I climb out of Carrier. Sire lands and lets Momma out before the three of them transform. I turn to Papa. "Chase is cleared for full duty, but I want him to be careful."

Cody looks over to see Huxley, then up to them with a hand covering his mouth so Huxley can't read his lips. "Okay, be on your best robot behavior, guys. You're on TV."


"Ladder, got it! I mean, as-you-command." He reaches back for his ladder before lowering it to Kade, who climbs on.

Chase and Blades are trying to drag Boulder back, but are failing miserably. "I trust your emergency break is properly engaged, Boulder."

"Yeah. Not do much good though."

"Hop on, Edgar." Kade reaches for Edgar. "Easy does it."

Once Carrier turns them back to the road, Momma walks over to Edgar. "Emily, come here!" She turns to Edgar. "Have a seat, just want to make sure you're okay."

Carrier stores his ladder as Huxley turns to the team. "And the Burns family pulls off yet another stunning rescue. Now for securing that highly toxic payload."

With one hard pull, Boulder is able to get the truck all but back on the road, only for the tanker to snap the securing straps and roll off down the cliff. Chase throws caution to the wind for once. He transforms and starts down the steep slope, quickly passing the tanker as the Burns family and I stare in shock. He transforms at the bottom and catches it over his head.

Momma is the first to react by starting to cheer. "Good job!"

Kade joins in, apparently happy that he won't be cleaning up a toxic spill. "All right!"

Graham's obviously happy. Huxley could have blamed him for the spill. "That's right."

Papa smiles down at his partner. "You did a good job!"

Cody looks down to see Chase climbing up with the tanker on one shoulder. "Uh, dad. Nobody is driving Chase."

Papa facepalms, causing me to giggle.

Huxley turns to Papa. "Chief Burns, is this not proof of what I am suspecting and reporting all along? That aliens are living here in Griffin Rock under our very noses."

Papa decides to play dumb. "What exactly do you mean, Mr. Prescott?"

Huxley points to a dirt patch in a grassy meadow. "That! A crop circle."

Papa chuckles nervously. "Well, technically it's not a crop, or a circle. It's where the mayor and his wife had the grass cut for their weekly picnic."

Huxley turns back to his camera nervously. "Well, my search for truth will never fail. This is Huxley Prescott digging for dirt, so you don't have to."


Nellie and I are sitting on top of the yellow cabinet against the wall in our Cybertronian forms.

Cody's trying to calm Chase, who thinks Papa's mad at him. "Don't worry, Chase. He's not mad."

"The Chief has every right to be mad. Tasked with keeping our true identities as secret, I failed miserably. I'm a shameless rebel."

Carrier smirks, and slaps him on the back. "Yeah, you are. Didn't know you had it in you."

Boulder lays a hand on his back. "Don't worry, Buddy. You made the right call."

Sire motions to him. "If it wasn't for you we will be cleaning up a toxic spill for the next week."

We all turn when we hear the elevator. I slide off the cabinet and return to my human form. Chase salutes. "Sir!" He kneels. "Slap a wheel boot on me. I deserve nothing less."

Papa walks over. "I'm not here to reprimand anyone. I should've made this clear long ago. When lives are at risk, never hesitate to act even if it means revealing your true identities."

"Sir, Optimus does not believe humanity is ready for the truth."

"Optimus would be the first to agree with me." He glares up at Chase. "If the secret gets out we'll deal with it. Saving lives is always priority one."

Carrier leans around Chase to see Papa. "You still believe anyone on this rock will care that we're from Cybertron?"

Boulder turns to Carrier. "We do help people. That ought to be proof we come in peace."

"It would be nice if we didn't have to act like mindless robots anymore. Some of us aren't very good at it anyway." Sire turns to Carrier and clears his throat. Carrier growls back.

Papa holds up his hands, trying to avoid stirring up a fight. "I realize this has been difficult for all of you. But for now keep the truth to ourselves. Understood?"

"Yes, sir."

"Yes, sir."

"Nice job today, team." Papa turns back to the elevator, and leaves.

Carrier turns away from the others and crosses his arms. "And so the charade continues."

"Come on, Carrier. It's no reason to pout." I walk over to him after returning to my Cybertronian form. "You're acting like a spoilt sparkling."

"You're one to talk."

I groan before shifting back to my human form, hoping that my frustration can keep my tears at bay until I get outside, while Nellie remains on the yellow cabinet, watching me sadly.


I walk over and sit against the wall before the tears start rolling down my cheeks. "Stupid Optimus. Stupid rules. Stupid mission."

"Emily?" I avoid looking up, knowing Momma will see my tears if I do. She kneels to me and lays a hand on my shoulder. "Cody said Heatwave was acting like Kade. Are you okay?"

I finally let the sobs break through. "He's right. I'm just a spoilt sparkling!"

"What?" She lays a hand on my shoulder. "You're not a baby, Emily, and neither is Nellie."

"But we should be! We're not even that old by their standards. I tried to calm him d-down, and h-he wouldn't stop acting like a spoilt sparkling. I called him out on it, and he said I'm one to talk."

"You're a princess. You can't help that everyone spoils you, and you've never acted like you're spoiled. You're a good, sweet girl. You're just a little different."

I hug her. "Thanks, Momma."

"Now come on. Dad's got supper ready." She smiles as she helps me up. "And maybe I can get your—whatever it is—from Blades after you're done."

"I can't avoid the bots just 'cause Carrier's being a jerk. This may be their mission, but mine and Nell's is the same as Cody's, and he isn't avoiding Carrier."

"That's my girl."



Huxley closes the door to his van. "Outstanding work, Doctor Greene."

"Just a little something I patched together in my off hours."

"Dad, I can't believe you built this SETI-dish and didn't tell me." The trio head into the trailer. Frankie sits in the seat and starts fiddling with the controls. "We can use this dish to eaves drop on other life across the galaxy. That's what SETI stands for, Mr. Prescott. The Search for Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence."

"Actually, little girl," Huxley pats Frankie on the head as if she were a dog, then turns to the window. "I'm more concerned with what aliens out in space are saying to the their spies here in Griffin Rock."

"You think aliens live here?"

Doc Greene leans down to Frankie. "Mr. Prescott can believe whatever he likes, Frankie. Especially, since he paid to build this dish. Now, move aside."

Huxley walks over and takes the seat. "Oh, plug me in, Doctor Greene."

Doc Greene walks over to him. "Well, first we turn this amplifier dial to normal power. And then you just listen. If you hear something unfamiliar turn the dial all the way up. But don't leave it that level for very long or the system will overload."

"Finally I will have proof that aliens from outer space are hiding among us."


"Emily? Nellie?"

I open our door and lean out. "Yes, Cody?"

"The bots and I are ready for movie night. I know the two of you are at Heatwave, but… Want to join us? I'll even let you pick the movie."

"Sure." I step out with him, leaving my tiara in my room. "I've always loved history."

"History it is."

The bots are gathered around the TV in the bunker. Cody sets up a connection to find a movie while Nellie and I climb up and settle on Carrier's legs, surprising Cody.


"I was upset about what he said to me, but I can't hold him responsible."

Connection to Griffin Rock satellite successful.

Cody takes the remote. "Movie time."

"I vote for an action film. Preferably with high-speed pursuits."

Sire sticks his head up. "Comedy, please. I am so in the mood to laugh."

Boulder leans forward. "Oh, how about romance?"

Carrier stands and punches his palm with his other hand. Nellie and I tumble to the floor, but come out unscathed because of our instant healing. "Forget that, put on a war movie." He looks down to me. "Sorry, girls."

"Don't worry about it." We climb back up to his shoulders.

"But next time, don't forget we're there. That makes twice now that you've come close to hurting one of us."

Cody gives us a look. "We're gonna try something new. A historical drama."

"Oh, really?"

"Come on, Cody, war is part of history."

"You'll like it. It's about explorers living with natives on uncharted land."

"You're killing me!"

Carrier sits back on a spool of wire. "Cody, this hurts inside."

"It was Emily's turn to choose."

I cross my arms. "I could have chosen Gone with the Wind."

Cody and Nellie make a face at each other.

"What's that?"

"It's a historical fiction movie about the Civil War. There's a lot of romance, and most men and boys—and some women—" I wave to Nellie. "Hate it, case in point."

"I think this one's better." Cody sighs. "The natives have spears and blow guns."

Carrier sits up so fast I almost fall off again. "Now you're talking."


"Sorry, girls." He sighs. "And I'm sorry about earlier."

"Don't be."


"I'm not mad, Nellie. He's new to this."

"But he hurt your feelings."

"I'm fine now."

"Suspicious of us, we must not yet reveal ourselves to those on the island. Soon, ten ships will arrive, followed by ten more. We will call this "The New World"."


Huxley turns the power up to full. "It's worse than I thought." He dives out of the trailer, leaving the power on full blast. "Griffin Rock is on the brink of a full scale alien invasion!"


The bots are leaning forward, bored out of their minds. Boulder is the first to comment. "I used to think everything on Earth was interesting."

"Hey. I liked it."

Nellie turns to them. "You can learn a lot from those who come before you."

"I'd rather not have to watch something like that again." Carrier sighs before getting a cube of energon for himself, and filling two silver stainless steel water bottles with blue grippers with owl graphics and blue lids, with red wrist straps for Nellie and I. I take mine and pop the cap before sipping through the spout. These are great for around the firehouse.


Papa turns from stirring a cup of tea. This is a Griffin Rock emergency announcement. "Huxley Prescott reporting live from my new SETI-dish. Where only moments ago I intercepted this secret communication sent to Griffin Rock from outer space. "Must not yet reveal ourselves to those on the island. Soon ten ships will arrive…"

Kade, who had drifted off on the couch, sits up and rubs his eyes. "What?"

"Followed by ten more."

Graham stands. "Huh?"

"We will call this "The New World"."

Cody, Nellie, and I run in.

"At this very moment aliens are establishing the beach on our island in advance of their invasion. You have permission to be afraid. Very afraid."

Cody looks up to Papa. "Alien communication?"

Graham walks over to join us. "No way. Huxley must have made that up."

Kade walks over with the remote. "Trying to save face after embarrassed himself today."

Momma walks over. "But in this time someone might actually believe him."

"I'd like to think that no one in this town will pay any attention to—" Papa turns when the phone rings. "But, what would I know?" He sets down his tea and answers the phone. "Griffin Rock emergency. Yes, Mr. Bufkin. No, no I don't know why aliens would abduct your cows."

Kade points a thumb toward the stairs. "Let's suit up."

I turn back to Papa as Cody starts sneaking off. He freezes when the next call comes in. "Hold, please, Mr. Bufkin. Griffin Rock emergency." He turns to Cody. "Cody, command center."

"On my way."

"But I just saw your husband earlier, Mrs. Prewit. Edgar is not a giant cockroach from Mars."

Nellie rolls her eyes. "Can anyone else name that movie?"

"Men in Black." I sigh heavily. "We're sticking with the bots, Papa. I'm one of them."

"Fine with me."

I turn to Nellie. "Flight suits, we're going with Momma."



"Griffin Rock emergency. Hi, Mr. Perkins. Moon people are eating your corn?"


Mr. Perkins runs out of the corn and into Boulder. "Mr. Perkins, are you all right?"

"They're coming! They're coming!"

Graham turns to Boulder. "Boulder, transform!" He does, and uses his optics as flashlights as he steps over Graham and Mr. Perkins.

The corn rustles before revealing the missing cows. "Cody, let Mr. Bufkin know we found his missing cows."


"If we come across an alien I hope it's just that small squishy one who is looking for a phone."

I turn from sipping my energon. "sire, he's ET, and he's cute."

Nellie giggles. "I love that movie."

I nod. "You have to admit Earth to Echo was cuter, though."

She shrugs. "I guess."

Cody comes over Blades' screen. "Hey, Dani, I'm getting a bunch of calls about a UFO taking off on town's square."

"We'll check it out." We fly over to find Milo in a hot air balloon. "What are you doing, Milo?"

"Going huntin' for flying saucers."

"I need you to land this thing before you hurt yourself."

"Sorry, Dani, I have the right to defend my home!" Milo thrusts a pitchfork into the air, popping his balloon.


Kade's up on Heatwave's ladder. "You see, Mrs. Neederlander, Mr. Pettypaws wasn't abducted. He was just in a tree. Again." The streetlights suddenly go out.


Air raid sirens start going off. "What is going on here?"

"Warning, sir. A frightened pedestrian is approaching." Chase has to slam on the brakes to avoid hitting the mayor.

"They're after us. They're here! You're next! It's—"

Papa climbs out of the cruiser. "Mayor, nobody is after us."

"No, no! You're in danger! Can't you see? They're everywhere! Just ye—get out!"

"This is just a brown out mayor.

"They're everywhere! They're everywhere!"

"And turn off that air raid siren before— The whole town has gone nuts." He climbs back into Chase. "All right, team, listen up. Cody."


"Dad, I can barely hear you. The power is going crazy here."

"It's happening all over the island, Cody. Which is why I want Kade, Dani and Graham to meet me at the power plant and maybe we can—"

The monitors short out. "Dad?" Cody stands. "Anybody?"

The monitor comes back on with Huxley's face. "And now the aliens are cutting communications the first step before a full scale invasion. Get off the island any way you can before it's—"

"This doesn't make any sense."


Everyone is panicking.

"Wait for me!" Don ramps his car onto the departing ferry, causing it to start sinking.

"Alien invasion!"


Momma's voice comes over the radio. "Relax, everyone! Griffin Rock is not being invaded. Now hang tight and we'll tow you to safety."


Chase and Papa pull up. Papa turns to Boulder. "Boulder, where is Graham?"


Papa starts running for the door as Carrier pulls in, and Sire lands.

"We're staying with them."

"Yeah. It feels safer here."


"I'll watch them, Dani. Now go."



The door slams behind us. Dani looks around nervously. "Uhm, when did this place get so creepy?"

We're startled when they see a shadow, only for it to be Cody. Kade gives him a look. "Cody, what are you doing, man?"

Dani puts her hands on her hips. "You shouldn't sneak around like that."

"Sorry. I just I was by myself, and the comm-lines were down, and, uh—I was worried about you."

I lay a hand on Cody's shoulder. "Appreciate that, son. You can help us look for Graham."

Cody smiles. "I already found him. Follow me."


Nellie and I are sitting on Boulder's shovel. An owl hoots, causing Sire to jolt and transform. "Aliens!"

The rest of us, including me, transform, prepared for a fight. They back up to where they're around me as a shield. Carrier's the first to relax when they hear the sound again. "Or just an owl. You're all a little too jumpy."

I giggle, knowing that Nellie and I were guilty as well. "Says the fire-bot that just jumped with everyone else."

Sire turns to us. "For good reason. I've seen pictures of aliens. They hug your face and lay eggs in your tummy."

Boulder runs over to Sire and grabs his arm. "No, they're round blobs that swallow everything in their path, including vehicles."

"Boulder, you sound like Bulk facing scraplets!"

Chase puts his hands on his hips. "That is incorrect. Aliens are cloaked hunters, but they can't see you if you're covered in mud."

Sire dives to his knees to find mud. "Let's look for some mud."

I roll my eyes. "Last time I checked, the only aliens I knew of were giant and metal."

Carrier looks down to me with a small smile. "Just to remind you. We're aliens."

I look up to Carrier. "And I'd prefer it if it stayed that way. Please?"

"Now what are you afraid of?"

I shrink in on myself more with each word. "Dark. Monsters. Creepy aliens like the cons."

Nellie puts an arm around me. "I'm right here, Sis. They won't get you."

I roll my eyes, but gasp a moment later as I see something go past above our heads, though it's clear and see through, I distinctly see it.

"Mari?" I shake my head. no sense in stirring everyone up again.


"How did you even get in here?"

Cody gestures toward the basement door. "Through one of the bunker tunnels. It leads right to the basement. I thought everybody knew that."

We walk up to Graham. "What have you learned, Graham?" "Something is syphoning the energy from the power plant."

Kade gives him a look. "You mean, like aliens? You're saying aliens are stealing our electricity?"

Dani lays a finger on her chin. "I didn't wanna believe it, but maybe Huxley is right."

Cody turns to them. "Guys, let Graham finish what he was saying."

"From all I can tell the energy is going straight to Huxley Prescott's SETI-dish."

I sigh. "Why does that not surprise me? All right, so we just need to shut the dish down, right?"

Graham stands. "Right, before it overloads."

Dani turns to him. "What would happen then?"

"Power surge so huge that it will blow every electrical device on the island. Including this power plant!" An alarm starts going off. "The entrance! We have to get back there before the power goes out." Graham starts running. "Too late! The electronic locks are offline. We're stuck inside."

Kade pounds on the door. "Heatwave, can you hear me?"


Carrier leans down to the door. "We hear you."

Kade shouts to us. "The door is sealed!"

"Stand back!" Carrier steps back and starts kicking the door.

Papa yells through the door. "There's no time! We'll take the tunnels. Heatwave, you and your team get to the SETI-dish and disable it. Hurry, people's lives are at stake!"

"On our way!"

Chase pauses. "But we'll be driving without occupants."

Sire continues. "If anyone sees us, our cover is blown."

Carrier sighs. "It's pretty obvious even to me that humans aren't ready to learn about us, but like Chief said, saving lives has priority one." He looks down to me. "Mari? Saf?"

"I'm not letting you leave without me."

"Okay, then. Rescue bots, roll to the rescue!" We all transform and start for the cliff.


Doc Greene climbs out of his SUV. "Frankie, stay in the car."

Huxley runs to Doc. "Has the national guard been summoned? The Navy? Where are the evacuation choppers?"

Doc sighs. "There's no alien invasion, Huxley."

"Then how do you explain the lost communications and the blackout?"

He walks over to the panel. "My guess is you left the amplifier dial on high." He checks before turning it down. "And I'm right. Your SETI-dish has been pulling energy from all over the town and now it's overloading."

"Well, well, I— That doesn't mean there aren't aliens and they're definitely invading. I assure you that!"

"Then they might want to rethink their plans because these controls are fried. We're about to have a power surge that could crater half the island."

Frankie looks in the windows of the approaching rescue vehicles and myself. "Where are the Burns'?"

Doc runs after the cruiser. "Chief, Chief! You must destroy the dish! It's our only hope!"

Frankie runs to him. "I don't think Chief Burns can hear you, Dad. There's no one inside those robots!"

"Then who is giving them instructions?"

We transform and run over to the dish.

"Activate camera, record mode!" the camera comes out of the top of his van.

We start pushing at the dish as hard as we can to knock it off its foundation as the power slowly builds to critical. Right as it's about to surge, we get it loose, and send it tumbling to the ground, where it explodes. The lights in the town finally come back on. Now that they're safe, I duck behind Carrier and shift back into my human form as Nellie does the same with Sire.

Frankie and Doc Greene wave to us. "Nice plan!"

"Well done!"

Huxley starts reporting again. "Robots without masters, could they be our aliens? Are they the ones who received that mysterious communication from space? Since Chief Burns and his family are not here—"

The Burns walk out of a tunnel as Nellie and I slip around to them, to make it look like I came from the caverns too. Cody interrupts the reporter. "That's not true, Mr. Prescott. Robots, return."

The rescue bots walk over. Chase addresses Papa. "Mission-accomplished. Awaiting-further-commands."

"That will do for now. Vehicle modes, please."

"But I, I thought they—"

"Why I built you that dish I'll never know. You and your imaginary aliens nearly blew up the island!"

"Imaginary? How can you deny this evidence?" He pulls out his recorder and pushes the button on his recorder. "Must not yet reveal ourselves to those on the island, soon ten ships…"

Sire turns to Carrier. "Wait, that's the show we just watched."

Carrier sighs. "Endured is more like it.

"We will call this "The New World"."

Cody suddenly realizes what happened. "Wait a minute, now I get it. That transmission didn't come from aliens, it came from a movie."

Huxley looks surprised. "A movie?"

Dani turns to us. "Cody, what are you talking about?"

"We watched it tonight. It's called "The natives of Tattui"."

Graham grabs his chin with one hand. "Oh, Cody streamed the film from the Griffin Rock satellite. And Huxley's dish picked up on the signal. That explains everything."

"But I, I—"

"Unbelievable, Huxley." Kade turns to climb into Carrier before turning to boost Nellie and I in.

Momma sighs before turning to Sire. "Do you have any idea what you put us all through?"

Graham snaps. "We've been out all night."

Papa turns to Huxley with his hands on Cody's shoulders. "You know what they say about digging for dirt, Huxley? It gets your hands dirty." He turns to the rest of us as he walks to Chase. "Let's go calm down the masses, everyone."

Doc turns to us with a laugh. "I don't think you'll need to, Chief. Huxley has been broadcasting live ever since the power came back on."

Doc Greene helps Frankie into their SUV. "Dad, are vehicles capable of driving themselves?"

"Not yet, Frankie. That's something I'm still working on."

Cody waves from Chase's window. "See you, Frankie."

"Night, Cody."

Huxley turns to the bushes when they start to rustle. "Wait, have the aliens just been toying with us? Are they watching right now? Come out! Show yourselves!" Two cows step out. "Aww."


The bots set Nellie and I, still wearing our fire gear from riding with Carrier during the mission. We're just barely awake, but we know that Carrier and Sire have to do their run reports—they all do—before anyone can really get us to berth, so we'll just sit here and watch them until we get bored enough to go to berth without them to tuck us in.

Carrier turns to us with our cups of energon as something on the other side of the platform—over by our room—clatters to the ground, causing Sire to jump. "Aliens!"

I roll my eyes, but remember what I had seen outside the power plant. "Not this again…"

A voice, which sounds very excited, and is apparently very familiar to Sire, pipes up from the area where whatever had fallen. "Really? We're aliens to you?"

Carrier huffs as he steps over to the bots still in the shadows. "We just got done searching for aliens because of a movie we watched a few hours ago, and he's still keyed up." He holds out a hand. "I'm Heatwave." He motions to us, causing us to step over where we can be seen, even though we're still in human form. "These lovely girls here are our adopted daughters. That's Emily Elizabeth, or Mariposa, and that's her sister Nellie Katherine, or Safire."

Boulder smiles. "They're combiner twins, and they're training with Ratchet."

Another new voice, this one soft and gentle, pipes up. "Both of them?"

Chase nods. "They are each half of the Star Healer, First Aid."

"First. Aid." Nellie and I share a look before excitement takes all of our earlier exhaustion, and we run over to the bots still in the shadows, beating even Sire to them. I, personally, choose to hug First Aid's leg. "Uncle Aidie!"


Nellie manages to hug to different legs at once. "Uncle Streets! Auntie Groove!"

Hot Spot looks completely stunned. "What just happened?"

"They know…about what happened."

"They're just younglings, Blades. Why did you—"

Sire points to Carrier. "Heatwave made me tell them."

First Aid crouches to me. "Why did you run directly to me? I would think, with your Carrier, that you would run to Hot Spot first."

"He's next." I smile up at him. "You're the medic, right?" He nods. "I wanna be a medic. I love our lessons with Ratchet, and I love going on rescue calls!"

Sire chuckles. "That one's so much like you, Aid. I swear, sometimes I want to keep her out of most of this war because of how gentle-sparked she is." He points down to Nellie as I move to hug Hot Spot. "This one…I think she's going to cause some problems in the future."

Nellie turns and crosses her arms. "Excuse me?"

"She's a lot like Dani in temperament, but a lot like I used to be in behaviors. She learned about the war when we sent them to visit Ratchet for their physicals a few days ago, and she's been insisting she be allowed to fight. I usually let Heatwave handle her—they spar, and he's got their training in that aspect for now, while I handle the more…maternal duties."

"Aren't you away from the war here?"

"So far as we know, yes, but you never know when it could be at our door again, and we'd be needed."

"And you're okay with that—being away from the war like this?"

"I've got kids now, Aid. They don't need to see me like that." He sighs. "Besides, I'm…I'm not that mech anymore."

The other four turn to Sire in surprise. "You're not?"

"They locked me up in a psych ward after our bond snapped, and pulled me off battlefield duty…demoted me to Sigma…" He glances over to Heatwave. "I'm all but officially diagnosed with PTSD, and that only because they released me from the psych ward a week before it would have been official."

"Oh, Blades…" Hot Spot steps over and wraps his arms around Sire. "We're back now." He leans back. "Who-who told you we were dead?"

"One of the doctors."

"Well, they barely searched the crash site, Blades. They found us a few days later, and got us all patched up—probably while you were still in isolation… We spent a lot of time recovering, but we're here now, Blades. We're back now."

Carrier steps over then. "All right, how about we finish this reunion in the morning. The girls need to get to berth because they've got school tomorrow, and I don't think Charlie really wants me to pull them out, especially not if we're all going to be busy ourselves."


"Calming the masses after Huxley Prescott caused them all to think aliens were invading. Of course, Mr. Movie Lover over there had watched every alien movie Earth has, and had everyone panicking on the calls.

Nellie and I share a look as I giggle. "ET phone home."

"Yep. Just like that." He glares at me. "And you're one to talk, Little Miss, watching all those panic-inducing alien movies with your Sire, then climbing in bed with me at weird hours of the night when the nightmares wake you up."

"But I don't want Nellie panicking too…"

"Aid does it all the time with us, Heatwave. You'll get used to it, and they are still really young."

"Wasn't Hux broadcasting from the moment we took down the SETI dish, though?"

"Yep, but we can't be sure everyone was watching, either. That's why we're going to calm the masses in the morning." He turns to the Protectobots with a huff. "You used the chaos to hide your approach, didn't you?"

"With the use of camouflage mode on the new Alpha, yes. She's behind the building for now."

"Camouflage mode?" I glance over to Carrier. "That means it's see-through, right?"

"Yeah… Why?"

"I saw them."

"You—she's hyper-aware." Sire laughs as Uncle Streetwise crouches to me. "You are, aren't you?" I nod.

"They were abused before they got to us, so they would both be." Carrier nods. "We'll get her stored with the Sigma when we can, but it's fine for now."

"I am more than Nell because I would protect her, back home."

Uncle Hot Spot turns to Blades, who is looking anywhere but at them. "Blades, we never once blamed you for this. It was an engine malfunction—not something you could readily control…even with EMT training."

"You…you don't hate me?"

Hot Spot pulls Sire in for a hug. "Never, Blades. We came to find you." He glances around. "And seeing as you've got a mission of your own, I think we'll stay here for a while."

"Okay, then I'll have to comm Optimus. Could you guys help Blades get the girls to berth? He's a little…"

"Upset?" Carrier nods. "Of course we can. Girls?" He glances down to our human forms for a moment. "Okay, who's who again?"

We laugh, and shift up to bot forms. "I'm Mariposa, or Mari. That's Safire, or Saf."

"Okay, that makes it easier. Mari's got pink accents and my blue, Saf's a darker blue, and she's got yellow accents."

"They're adopted, Spot."

Hot Spot huffs. "We still have the same blue." He turns back to us. "All right, let's get the two of you down. I get the feeling it's going to be a very long night."

Uncle Hot Spot takes us into our room, Sire following behind us like a kicked puppy. Nellie and I return to our human forms and slip off out fire gear and into our matching periwinkle long sleeved jersey nightgowns with orange marigold prints, then scramble into our giant bed. "Good. They're allowed to share."

"Excuse me? I think I'd know how to care for gestalt sparklings, Hot Spot."

"I just meant…" He sighs heavily. "I meant Heatwave and the humans, Blades, not you." He turns to us. "Anything special we need to do, or are they good?"

Sire pulls the blankets up and smiles gently down at us. "Safire's good. She's not prone to nightmares. Mariposa may be up and down because of the alien fiasco. She's closer to me, but she's too sweet to risk hurting my rotors, so she runs to Heatwave."

Uncle Streetwise chuckles at the door. "Just give her a few days, Blades, and she'll be more prone to running to us than him."

"Night, Uncle Spots."

"Goodnight, Little One." He turns to Sire. "Now, I think we've got a bond to restore. Heatwave can handle the run reports tonight."

Uncle First Aid slips in silently. "Why's there a medikit spread out across the living room?"

"Scrap!" Sire darts out the door, causing Uncle Aid to look at me.

"We were checking on Chase earlier. He's sparked. Guess Sire forgot to pick it up."

He slips back in. "No, I packed it up, but I knocked it over when the alarms went off earlier. I guess I hadn't closed it all the way."

"Blades is a medic?"

Sire scoffs. "EMT, like Medix was, Groove. I'm still mainly search-and-rescue." He sighs heavily. "Definitely not going to pick on Silverbolt anymore though."

Uncle Spot pulls Sire closer to him. "Blades?"

"It's the trauma. I can't—I'd had to go to a ground form after the crash, and…it still scares me now… Wave tries to be patient with me, but sometimes…"

"We're here now, Blades. We got you."

He sighs heavily. "The girls need their sleep, and we're keeping them up." He turns to us. "Goodnight, Sweetsparks." They leave our room, turning off the light as they do.