010. Precious



The gold reflects, dissolving into a luster of sun-rays.

Katniss palms her mockingjay pin — it's not hers by choice or by right. Not really. It belongs to another more privileged family; an heirloom. She's managed to not lose it during the 74th year of the Hunger Games. It took an hour, huddled in a Capitol bathroom, to scrub off the blood and dirt to the intricate, delicate motif.

Madge deserved to have her trinket returned to her. She insisted to Katniss that she didn't need it any longer — it belonged to Katniss now. Madge's lips pressed firmly to her cheek again, just like when they were inside the Justice Hall.

She thought her own body would fly then, soaring with the unrest and joy pounding in Katniss's chest.

They were friends all along.

"It's too early," comes a soft, grumpy whine underneath the sheets. Katniss snorts, throwing off the quilt and exposing the other girl to a face full of early, radiant morning. The gold in Madge's hair shines dazzlingly.

"You won't learn to hunt in bed."

Madge's hands wiggle suddenly against Katniss's stomach, tickling her until she's shrieking and gasping for air, flopping on top of her. The usually shy girl stares over Katniss with delightfully lecherous intent, pulling her in to kiss her, running her hands blissfully over every curve and plane of skin to Katniss's body.

"I think I can learn a lot from here," Madge whispers gleefully into Katniss's neck. "Am I wrong?"

Katniss flushes, biting down a groan when teeth nip at her pulse-point. She spares a glance at the mockingjay pin in her right hand, dropping it clattering and roughly onto Madge's painted bedstead.

She's not.



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