Jack O'Neill rolls onto his side and stares at the beautiful woman snoring next to him. He grins down at her. Who would have thought that Major Doctor Samantha Carter, genius, solider, and all around superhero snored? Granted it's very soft and intermittent, but still a snore. Luckily, they aren't on a planet where silence, even in sleep, is essential.

A soft, nearly silent footstep alerts O'Neill that someone is approaching the tent. Slowly he eases to his feet. Crouched down he slides out of the small two person tent and comes face to face with Teal'c.

They trade watch without a word. The big Jaffa enters the tent he is sharing with Daniel. Jack stretches and moves into the trees to check the perimeter. He moves silently through the trees and brush stopping at the check points to scan for energy readings or life signs.

P53X 3D7 so far is uninhabited, but Teal'c remembered the address from his time as First Prime to the snakehead Apophis, so caution is the order of the day. Daniel objected, of course, as it hinders his study of the ruins, but was appeased by the possibility of setting up a research station or a dig later on, if all goes well.

Based on probes and Teal'c's memory of the place, SG-1 got the go-ahead to explore and take samples. Daniel got all excited about some rubble near the campsite that shows it could have been an significant place of worship for someone. Jack tuned him out after his speculations started to repeat.

Carter was more interested in the soil and plant samples. Jack sighed. The science geeks were gonna go nuts over whatever she was collecting. The geologists were champing at the bit to get here, based on the UAV's last fly by. Apparently there's some significant rocks that might be worth mining.

Even Doc Frasier was excited about this mission, as Teal'c recognized a few plants that are used in Jaffa medicine. The part that surprised him was that the Jaffa HAD medicine. He thought they relied on the snakes. Teal'c explained they helped children and the older members of the ranks. They either boosted healing or warded off illnesses. Frasier thinks they would be even more potent on humans. Jack heard the term 'superdrug' more times in one hour than he did in months.

Which explains why SG-1 is sneaking around a known Go'auld world hoping to make it a research station. And why he now knows his 2IC snores. Thinking about the cute little snores brings a half smile to the Colonel's face. It makes the time pass anyway.

The sun is starting to break over the horizon and the perimeter is quiet. A few night animals and what looked like a very large lizard were the only things crossing the watch lines. The lizard had creeped the hell out of him.

Back at the camp, Daniel is starting a fire for breakfast. Without looking up, he informed Jack, "Teal'c said it was fine." He rummages in his pack and pulls out an old fashioned coffee urn. "I brought coffee from base."

"Great. Save me a cup." Jack ducks into the tent and grins at Carter now curled up in her sleeping bag. "Up an at 'em, Major," he says.

His subordinate opens one eye and blinks at the light. "Yessir," she mumbles. Carter sits up and shivers at the morning chill.

"Daniel's got coffee. Brought some ancient artifact to brew it in," he shrugs.

"It's a camping percalotor, Jack!" Daniel yells out to him.

"DanielJackson, it would be wise to moderate your voice." Teal'c advises.

Carter sniffs. "MMM. Coffee." Her near perfect impression of Homer Simpson startled O'Neill.

"No doughnuts," Jack says sadly. She grins at him. "Sorry sir. Have to wait till this afternoon."

"Yes, finally," he grumbles.

"I know sir, it hasn't been the easiest mission, but there are some really good leads on these plants and who knows what the geology teams will find?"

The Colonel waves a hand. "I know, Carter. It's just being on edge. Do we really want to set up a research station on a planet that could be re-invaded by the Go'auld?"

Carter nods. "That bothers me too, sir."

"O'Neill, MajorCarter." Teal'c calls. "Daniel Jackson is making more coffee, and we should break camp in preparation to depart."

"Yeah, coming, T."

The two officers settle by the campfire and warm their hands on the coffee mugs. MRE breakfasts are quickly eaten and the debris is packed away. Daniel is leafing through his notebooks. Occassionally he mumbles a work in Egyptian or makes a note on a cross reference.

"I hope they send a team to study the temple," he comments. "It's really fascinating."

"Uh-huh." Jack responds around his coffee. He scowls at Daniel and then into his cup.

When Daniel tries to continue, Carter asks him to check the stream. "Did we leave any trace or equipment down there? I haven't been this morning."

"Oh right. Be right back." The archeologist pushed his glasses up on his nose and trots off.

"Extra day of leave, Carter." O'Neill grins.

She smiles back. "Thank you sir."

The four break down their camp with practised moves and have everything at the Stargate ready to go. Daniel heads back to the temple for one last scan with his camera, and Jack sends Teal'c to drag him out. He keeps getting an itchy feeling at the back of his neck. Something about this place bugs him. He plants himself on the side of the stargate platform, P-90 ready.

Carter places the last of the samples on the FRED that came through earlier in the day. "Sir?" she asks noticing his stance.

"Place gives me the creeps, Major. Get ready to dial out, when Teal'c gets here with Daniel."

She nods. Carter checks her zat gun, strapped to her leg. After so many years in the field with the Colonel, she trusts his instincts.

Movement on the path catches Jack's attention and he nods at her. Carter punches the symbols into the DHD and the stargate opens with the signature whoosh and billow. The IDC is sent and the FRED follows with the samples, supplies and trash.

Jack pulls his weapon into firing position until he sees who's coming down the path. His shoulders relax as he sees Daniel in the lead with his notebook and camera.

"Let's go, boys. Time to go home," he calls out. "Carter, hold here," he orders. He hasn't lowered his weapon.

His second turns in surprise. She was one step away from entering the wormhole. "Yes sir." Carter pulls her zat from her leg sheath, covering Daniel and Teal'c.

"O'Neill, I believe we should leave now." Teal'c asserts.


The Jaffa shakes his head. He and the Colonel share a look, born of experience and survival in combat. Jack shivers. Teal'c stands behind the DHD with his staff weapon armed.

"Yeah. Everyone let's go." Jack shoves Daniel in front of the wormhole. "Go, Daniel." He orders. "Carter, right after Daniel."

The double slurp tells him they are safe. "Okay Teal'c. Let's go." They back into the wormhole, weapons still primed.

They step through the gate and the light and dark streak by. The institutional walls and harsh lighting of the gate room are a welcome site. The blue-white light snaps off and they are home and safe.

"Welcome back, SG-1. Briefing in three hours." General Hammond's voice echos down on them.