A Wicked Night Of Fun

Disclaimer: Even though this story is set around people associated with the Wrestling, I don't own anything but the original characters (the ones you don't recognise) and the story plot

"I'll have a Vodka and Coke, please?" Khloe asked as she slipped into the empty seat beside her best friend, Jayden. They were only in town for one night and had a considerably busy day to the point the pair of them had agreed to go to the hotel bar with the hope it would help them unwind.

"And I'll just have a diet soda please." Jayden said, drawing a look of surprise from her best friend, Jayden was always the ultimate party girl, the friend that would encourage you to do one more shot even though you knew you'd had enough so this had caught Khloe slightly off guard.

"Are we keeping secrets from one another now, girlie?" Khloe chuckled softly. "You're normally the first one to get the drinks in, shots included."

Jayden didn't answer her instead she shrugged her small shoulders and took a sip of her drink, though did smile around her straw.

Khloe chuckled softly she knew her best friend well enough to know that her best friend was in fact keeping secrets from her though the younger woman had a sneaky suspicion she knew what the secret was. "So have you had chance to tell the baby daddy, yet?" she asked bluntly.

Jayden glanced at Khloe and shook her head. "Not yet. If I get the chance I might tell him tonight but I guess we'll see." Jayden said, as they got their drinks and made their way over to a table that held the perfect view to the bar.

Both women loved to people watch whenever they were in a hotel bar and try and guess why the customers were there. Both girls tendered to be good at guessing the reason too which made the bets that bit more entertaining.

Khloe giggled softly as they sat down, sipping at her drink she allowed her body to gently move to the quiet music playing in the background her eyes scanning the room, in the hopes she could find a hot man to drool over though she was looking for a particular man though couldn't see him yet.

"If you keep moving like that then you're going to end up drawing all types of attention." Jayden teased, her own foot twitching to the music.

"You know me girl, they really have to be worth it to gain my attention for longer than two seconds." Khloe giggled before looking over at the bar. "Though there's two guys at the bar whose attention I wouldn't mind having." She sniggered, pointing over to two considerably built guys both wearing wife beaters who just walked in.

Jayden grinned over in the direction Khloe was pointing. "I see who you mean, gotta admit I'm a bit of a sucker when it comes to guys with tattoos." She chuckled, making Khloe snort in to her drink.

"You're not the only one though I have to say a guy with facial hair can really get me going." Khloe chuckled as she finished the rest of her drink before getting up and heading over to the bar to get another, she could feel a pair of eyes watching her and stealing a quick glance over at the guys at the other end of the bar noticed the one with facial hair watching her.

Walking back over to her table she sat back beside Jayden who was grinning. "There's certainly nothing wrong with a guy who carries a bit of scruff." Jayden agreed. "Do you think we should invite them over?" She asked, catching the eye of the other guy who had tattoos all down his arms as she slowly nibbled on the peanuts that were on the table in front of them.

"I really don't think we need to invite them because it looks like they're already making their way over." Khloe giggled as she took a big sip of the drink she'd just bought. "But damn the pair of them are hot."

Khloe noticed Jayden studying both men as they moved closer towards their table. "Oh they're certainly the hottest guys here tonight." She agreed, flashing Khloe a small smile as both men took a seat on the chairs, either side of the girls.

Khloe glanced at them both, setting down her drink. "Can we help you two gentlemen?" She asked, ignoring the butterflies that had started dancing around in the pit of her stomach.

"My friend and I noticed you both from the bar and thought you would like some company for the night." The man said beside her, answered in a smooth deep voice that sent her butterflies into overdrive.

"The gesture is greatly appreciated however we're on a girl's night away." Jayden answered with a gentle smile on her face that made Khloe giggle as she sipped at her drinking wanting to give herself something to do.

"Maybe so Jay but I'm sure there's no harm in having a little company is there?" Khloe questioned softly as her smile never faltered. "Besides we have been working all day and these fine gentlemen are willing to give up their time for us."

"That's all the more reason to let loose and have a little fun tonight." The tall dark handsome man said from where he sat beside Jayden, his fingertips skimming across the small tattoo she had wrapped around her wrist, trailing them over the back of her hand.

Khloe smiled as she noticed Jayden shiver beneath his light touch and she could tell that though Jayden wanted to fight with them, Khloe could tell that her best friend was caving to the idea of having a little male company for the night.

"Okay so now that is settled do you beautiful ladies have names?" Jayden's handsome man asked, his attention solely on Jayden and Khloe noticed that her friend wasn't going to answer any time soon.

"Well I'm Khloe and my friend right here is Jayden." Khloe answered with a smile as Jayden continued to smile around the straw that was in her drink. "What about you two? You guys have names?" She questioned.

"I'm Joe." They tattooed god beside Khloe answered, his voice sending shivers down her spine. "And that right there is Randy." He added, nodding across the table towards Jayden's handsome.

Khloe flashed both men a small smile before taking a sip of her drink. "It's a pleasure to meet you both." She said softly around her straw as she felt Joe's piercing brown eyes watching her every little move she made.

"I'm pretty sure that the pleasure is all ours." Randy answered before lifting Jayden's hand and lightly kissing the back of it.

Khloe smiled as she tried to slightly compose herself. "So what are two strapping me like you do for a living?" She asked, lightly nibbling on the top of her straw as she stole a glance between Joe and Randy.

"We do a little of this, a little of that but we do travel a lot with the occasional overseas tour." Joe answered, licking his lips at the way Khloe was chewing on her straw. "What about you ladies, what do you do for a living?" He asked.

"We'll I'm a sports physio and I tend to travel a lot too." Khloe grinned as she took another big drink of her vodka. Her gaze flicking over to Jayden who was sipping at her soda.

"And what about you, Jayden? What do you do?" Randy asked softly making Khloe grin at the way Jayden seemed to shiver at the way Randy seemed to purr her name.

Jayden quickly composed herself and looked at Randy. "I happen to be a costume designer and seamstress." She said with an air of calmness that showed the table that he hadn't affected her at all even though they noticed differently.

"So that means you're pretty skilled with your hands then?" Randy said with a smile, noticing that her drink was empty. "Let me go and get you another. Rum and Coke?" He asked, making Jayden smile though she shook her head.

"Not tonight, I'm actually alcohol free tonight so it's just a coke. Thanks." She answered with a small smile. Though the look Randy flashed her didn't go unnoticed by Khloe as he got up and went to grab her another drink.

"So what about you Khloe, what are you drinking tonight something a little stronger?" Joe asked, attracting the red heads attention.

"Yeah I'm on the Vodka tonight." She smiled, her heart fluttering at the way he was looking at her, she was sure that no other man would draw that kind of feeling from her.

"Ah so no fruity drinks for you. That's my kinda girl." He smirked, lightly stroking her exposed shoulder with the back of his fingers, Khloe really had to fight the butterflies in her stomach as they seemed to intensify at his touch.

Khloe shuddered despite her best efforts to control her feelings. "In all honesty it's been one of those days and I need the opportunity to unwind before I have to face travelling home tomorrow."

Joe nodded understanding where she was coming from. "And where is home, exactly?" He quizzed as Randy re-joined their table with Jayden's soda and a beer for himself.

"I actually live in Pensacola, Florida." Khloe answered with a smile as she drank the remainder of her drink. "What about you fine gentlemen where do you call home?" She asked.

Joe looked at her in slight surprise and nodded. "Really? Because that's where I live too." Joe said making Khloe smile and nod.

"That's a pretty amazing coincidence." Jayden agreed with a smirk, noticing the way Khloe's cheeks seemed to turn a deep shade of crimson. "So what about you Randy?" Jayden asked, glancing at the man beside her.

Randy kept his attention solely focused on Jayden as he answered. "Me? Well I live just outside of St. Louis." He said sipping at his beer.

Khloe smiled as she drank in the interaction going on between her best friend and the man next to her, Khloe's smile soon turned into a smirk as she watched the way Jayden licked her lips. "So how long are you both here for?"

"We're in town just for tonight I fly out just after lunch, not sure about Randy's flight though." Joe answered as he drained the remainder of his beer.

"Well would you fine gentleman like to keep us lovely and considerably lonely ladies company tonight and possibly have breakfast with us in the morning?" Khloe asked the alcohol in her system making her feel considerably bold.

"Is that your way of suggesting that we spend the night together?" Joe asked softly as he got lost in Khloe's blue eyes.

Khloe lightly brushed her teeth over her lower lip as she leant close to his ear while her tiny hand rested against his much larger thigh. "Only if you're willing to show me a good time, handsome." She purred.

"Oh darling, I think I'm more than willing to show you anything you'd like." Joe whispered back with a smirk on his face that could have quite possibly turned Khloe in to a puddle.

Khloe smirked softly. "Buy me another drink and I can promise you that you won't be going to bed alone tonight." She whispered, her tongue lightly moistening her lips as she thought about what could happen.

"Done deal, darling." Joe grinned, flagging over a passing waitress and order them both another couple of drinks.

Khloe giggled, playing with her straw as she glanced over at Jayden whose barrier seemed to crumble as she seemed to be more willing to get cosy with Joe's tattooed companion.

"I honestly can't believe that a woman as beautiful as you isn't already taken. Explain to me how that is even possible?" Randy questioned Jayden softly, his gaze on no one else but her.

She flashed him what Khloe knew to be her signature eyebrow. "And who says that I'm not taken?" She asked flashing him a smirk of her own.

Randy glanced at her finger. "Well you don't have a ring on your finger and from what I can tell you don't seem to be the type of girl to even allow me to sit down if that was the case."

"Just maybe my husband is a bit of a cheapskate to buy me a nice wedding set." Jayden counted as she lightly traced her index finger along his tattoos covering his forearms.

Khloe snorted softly into her drink as she listened to the conversation between them before turning her attention back on to Joe, who was content with just watching her. "So do you have a girl at home?" She questioned softly.

"Do you think I'm the kinda guy that would hit on another woman if I already had one at home?" Randy answered looking over at Khloe with a raised eyebrow that made her look back at him in slight shock.

"And who exactly said I was talking to you?" Khloe sassed back, making Joe laugh as Jayden gently stroked Randy's arm in soothing motions.

"Well I don't mind you answering." Jayden said trying to defuse the tension that was surrounding the table. "I kinda love the sound of your voice." She said, flashing Randy a smile.

"I was actually talking to Joe." Khloe chuckled softly, making Randy smile and shake his head at her. "Though if I'm being honest I do prefer a man's voice to be deep but smooth." She said with a grin of her own.

"You mean a voice like mine, baby girl?" Joe asked softly into her ear, causing another involuntary shiver to dance down Khloe's spine as she glanced at him at out of the corner of her eye.

"Oh definitely like yours, handsome." Khloe grinned as she snuck her hand higher up his thigh, massaging the thick flesh gently beneath her fingertips. "It certainly has a nice sound to it."

"You might be playing with fire, Khloe with your hand on my thigh like that." Joe whispered softly, his attention solely fixated on Khloe as she continued to mover her hand.

"You might be surprised to know that I love to play with fire." Khloe grinned wickedly as she ever so lightly brushed her hand over his girth taking the pleasure in the way it was stiffening beneath her fingertips. "Joe" She purred into his ear.

"I honestly think you might be killing me right now, darling." He growled, grabbing her hand and lacing their fingers together knowing full well that if he didn't stop her then things were likely to get messy before they got chance to be alone.

"Why don't we drinking up and then take this somewhere a little more comfortable?" She suggested with a smirk, knowing full well she'd managed to get beneath his skin in the same way he had hers.

"That sounds like a pretty good plan to me." Joe answered the pair of them finishing the drinks that was in front of them.

"Lead the way, handsome." Khloe said softly as she grabbed her purse and got to her feet, flashing Jayden a small smile before allowing Joe to lead her out of the bar and towards the elevator.

Jayden and Randy watched the pair leave with amusement before Randy turned his attention back towards Jayden. "So you think you'd…" Randy got cut off by the feel of Jayden's soft lips against his.

"I really don't want to play this anymore, well not tonight anyway." She whispered, rubbing a hand lightly across his chest. "Why don't we go upstairs because I have something I want to tell you." She said with a smile as she allowed him to help her to her feet and led her out of the bar.

Khloe felt a moan stumble from her lips as she allowed Joe to use his large frame to nudge her through the bedroom door, his large hands touching every inch of her body that he could reach as he used his large foot to kick the door shut behind them.

"You really don't seem the type of guy to pick up a random chick in bar." She mumbled against his lips as they began trailing a heated bath down her neck as Joe worked her shirt up her body and yanked it over her head and tossed it to the floor.

"And you don't seem like the type of girl to hook up with some random dude." Joe countered, lifting her effortlessly into her arms and carried into the bedroom, his lips never leaving her skin.

"I have to admit that I only ever do it with the hot ones." Khloe smirked, lightly nibbling on his collarbone that was exposed by his black wife beater, enticing a loud grown from his slightly swollen lips. "And I guess you're one of those hot ones." She sniggered.

"And who are we trying to kid here? You were the hottest woman in that bar tonight." He said, capturing her lips in a hot but deep kiss, while gently laying her in the centre of the bed.

Khloe moaned softly against his lips as she felt his strong body lightly pin her against the mattress. "Oh don't count yourself out. I think you're pretty hot yourself because let's face it if you weren't you'd have been sent packing the minute you sat down." She sniggered.

Khloe brushed her tongue lightly against his lips as he dainty hands snuck beneath the fabric of his wife beater and ever so softly danced her fingers up and down his strong bare back as he rocked his girth against her aching core, a soft moan falling from her lips by the friction he'd caused.

"You like that, baby?" He whispered, his hot breath tickling her ear as he repeated the motion a couple more times, enticing the same reaction out of her with every move he made.

"God yes," Khloe whimpered into his strong chest as her hips seemed to take on a mind of their own and rose to meet his. "Take me, Joe. Please show me what you're capable off." She whispered softly, showing him her slight vulnerability.

Joe captured her lips as they worked effortlessly on removing each other of their remaining clothes, the kiss only breaking when Joe removed his wife beater and kicked his jeans away from his body and carelessly on to the floor.

"Fuck your ink is hot." She groaned as his chest ink came into sight, her fingers lightly trailing over the different groves that it took across his large pectoral. She wasn't lying when she said she was a sucker for a guy with ink.

Joe looked down at her with mock disbelief. "I'm laid naked here and all you can focus on is my ink?" He laughed, peppering kisses along her exposed hip bone.

Khloe giggled softly as she watched him. "What can I say, handsome. I'm sucker for a guy with tattoos." She moaned as she felt him kiss along her pelvic bone, her body longing for him to move lower.

Joe peered up at her and grinned. "And I'm a sucker for the beautiful woman laid beneath me." He said, kissing his way back up her body, setting her nerve endings on fire with every single kiss.

"Well in that case you better show her a good time then she might have to come back for more." Khloe grinned, pressing a warm kiss against his pretty solid chest, causing Joe to bit hard on his lip.

Joe smirked down at her before pressing their hips together again, causing Khloe to moaned against his chest as she felt him gently work his thick girth between her aching and pretty needy walls, his name falling softly from her lips as her hips arched up allowing him to work himself deeper into her body.

"Fuck, baby but feel so fucking good." He growled into her ear, causing Khloe to whimper and lightly dig her nails into his back as she felt him pause no doubt giving her chance to adjust to his welcomed intrusion.

Khloe swallowed, kissing a path lightly up to his ear and nipping gently at his ear lobe. "I want you to fuck me hard, handsome." She whispered softly, her hips arching showing him that she was ready.

Joe groaned out her name, his hand resting against the wall above her head as he started to comply with her request, keeping his thrusts deep as possibly as his shaft sought out that special bundle that would have her quivering beneath him. Khloe felt the tips of her nail dig deep into his back as pleasure consumed her and she hooked one of her long slender legs around his broad waist.

"Move with me, baby." He whispered into her ear as he snapped his hips forward forcing his entire shaft deep into her body, the blissful look told him that she liked that move and did again.

Khloe grinned wickedly at him as she began rotating her hips in time with his thrusts, her other leg also wrapping around his waist and with every ounce of strength she said, she managed to flip him on to his back.

Joe groaned with the change in position, his hands running lazily up and down her sides as she leaned back her hands resting firmly against his thighs as she began to rise and fall against him.

"Sweet, fucking Jesus, baby." He growled as he leaned up to kiss her, thrusting up into her body with her every downward move, causing her to cry out against his lips as he hit her sweet spot.

"Oh, God." She cried. "Right there, Joe." She moaned her head falling back in intense pleasure, while Joe positioned his back against the wall, his thrusts continuing to meet hers as they moved in sync with one another.

"Where? Here?" Joe smirked as he thrust up hard into her body his pulsating tip brushing against her nerves, sending jolts of electricity down her spine as she fought hard not to lose control too soon.

She whimpered out his name as he repeatedly hit the same spot over and over again turning her body to quivering jelly as she leaned down and kissed him deeply. "Fuck, Joe." She whimpered against his lips.

Joe thrust up into her body a few more times before Khloe was crying out his name in intoxicating pleasure, her intense release washing over her and granting Joe the perfect opportunity to flip her back on to her back. "I promise you, baby that there's more of where that came from." He growled gruffly against her stomach, his facial hair causing her to shiver against his lips.

"Then give it to me, handsome." Khloe whispered, wrapping her legs back around his waist, driving him deeper into her willing body though Joe had other ideas, unwrapping her legs from around his waist he held them in the air, keeping his thrusts slow and deliberate.

Khloe moaned into the pillow beside her, her teeth sinking gently into the soft fabric as he continued to drive every thrust hard into her sensitive bundle of nerves. He honestly felt like heaven and a perfect fit for her body. He knew all the right moves that would allow him to repeatedly massage her sweet spot.

"Oh Joe, please baby." She moaned out, looking up at him her hands danced idly across his strong chest, her eyes never leaving his. "I never want this to stop baby, never."

"I'm pretty sure we can arrange something, darling." He smirked, lightly peppering kisses up and down her leg. "But right now, I just want to focus on making you come with me." He instructed, nipping lightly at the underside of her knee. "I'm almost there, darling."

Khloe whimpered, her head taking on a mind of its own as she nodded in compliance, she could feel her walls clamping tightly around his thickness and with a couple more deep thrusts she was completely falling apart beneath him, with Joe following close behind her.

He gently collapsed on top of her, he arms propping himself up on either of her of head as Khloe leaned up just enough that she could kiss him deeply, almost lovingly as they rode out their releases together, her fingers making quick work of the tie in his hair before tangling her finger in his sweat coated locks.

"That was so fucking amazing, darling." He mumbled softly against her swollen lips, before moving them to pepper small kisses across her flushed cheeks, he could say without a doubt she was the best girl he'd ever had the joys of being with.

"Well the nights still young, stud."

"Is that your way of suggesting that we could do that all night long?" He asked with a wicked grin on his handsome face, if that was the case then he was more than up for the challenge.

"I'm pretty sure that we can make the most of the night ahead of us before we have to leave and go our separate ways tomorrow." Khloe grinned at him, turning her head slightly so that he could kiss down her neck.

"I'm more than up for the challenge baby but I just want few minutes holding you before I make you scream my name." He whispered softly, lightly pinching her collarbone between his teeth.

"You're ever the gentleman, huh?" She questioned softly, a genuine smile on face at the affect his lips was having on her body. No man had ever made her body react that way before and she kinda liked it.

"Oh don't you know it, baby." He whispered softly against her throat as he rolled beside her, pressing a soft kiss against her ear before allowing her to roll on to her side and tuck her flush against his body, her back pressed softly against his chest. "Do you think Randy and Jayden made out okay?" He asked, lightly stroking his fingers up and down her stomach.

Khloe rested her head back against his chest. "I'm pretty sure they'll be alright. Even if Jayden wasn't initially up for it." She said with a small smile on her face at the thought of her best friend and Joe's companion.

"You don't think she was up for it?" Joe asked with surprise in his voice. "She seemed pretty into it to me especially when you and I left the bar." He said, gently kissing the back of her neck.

"She wasn't to begin with, one of the reasons she fought him a little bit." Khloe chuckled, pulling her hair so that it was tucked beneath the side of her that she was laying on, granting Joe perfect access to her skin.

"So what your saying is she was feeling bad but came to the bar with you anyway? What a good friend." He said, his palm resting against her stomach as he pressed a kiss against her temple.

"Yeah, I guess that's what best friends do for one another." She smiled, turning in his arms so that she was facing him and placed a big kiss against his strong chest, his heartbeat pounding softly against her lips.

Joe gently tucked her against his body before carefully rolling her on to her back, not wanting to hurt her, leaning over he captured her lips in a deep kiss, causing Khloe to moan against his lips as she ran her fingers through his long and slightly curled hair.

"You like that too, huh?" He asked with a grin as he worked kisses down the slide of her delicious neck. She had a taste to her skin that he could honestly say he was addicted too, it was a minute of vanilla and honey.

Khloe tilted her head back granting him better access to her neck. "I love it, it's nice to be able to tangle my fingers into a guy's hair for a change." She moaned softly, arching her hips up to meet his.

"Well in that case why don't you show me how much, baby?" He encouraged against her lips as he used his hand to cup her thigh.

Khloe moaned out at the way the pad of his thumb lightly massaged over the sensitive skin of her thigh while her hands snaked between their hips and help to guide him slowly between her slickened folds.

"I'm gonna make love to you all night, baby. All fucking night."

"I'm certainly not going to stop you handsome."

Khloe walked out of the elevator and into the dining room, hand in hand with Joe both their eyes quickly scanning their room for their dining companions. As much as she loved the spontaneity of the previous evening she had really missed wearing her newly acquired wedding ring, her fingers had felt rather bare as that was the only jewellery she ever wore.

A small smile crept on to her lips the minute her eyes laid on Jayden and Randy sat at a table close by and already tucking into a plate full of breakfast each. Khloe gently nudged Joe and nodded over in their direction.

"So did you two work up that much of an appetite that you could even wait five minutes for us?" Khloe teased as she and Joe slipped into the booth across from them and grabbed two coffees from the waitress that was passing by.

Jayden grinned across the table at her best friend and shrugged. "What can I say that baby got hungry and baby daddy got pretty fed up of hearing me complain about how hungry I was."

"A Baby?" Joe asked surprised as he looked between both his friends. "You two are having a baby?" He asked again, making Jayden and Randy smirk at him as they nodded, poor Joe always the last to know.

"Yeah, handsome they're having a baby. I have to admit I kind of figured it out when our once hardcore party girl over there ordered a soda instead of her usual drink." Khloe grinned, she was beyond happy for her best friend knowing the pair of them would make amazing parents.

"I have to admit, Khlo that's when I knew something was up too." Randy said, flashing Jayden his trademark Viper grin. "My wife never in a million and one years would order a soda at a bar." He said, leaning over slightly so he could kiss her temple.

Khloe chuckled softly as she slipped from the booth and went to get herself something to eat, she was absolutely starving and was kinda glad it was self-service meaning she could get as much as she wanted.

Plate full, she made her way back over to the table and slid back into her seat. "So after we left did you two head back to the room to celebrate the happy news?" She asked, tucking into the food in front of her.

"Yeah we did but it was only a little bit because I passed out far too quickly for it to be a proper celebration." Jayden chuckled as she took a sip of her milk. "Though we'll have more time to celebrate once we get home."

Khloe chuckled and nodded. "Well I'm surprised my alarm was even loud enough to wake us up this morning because if I remember correctly it was just turning 4am when we finally decided it was time to sleep."

"Yeah but at least we'll have enough time to sleep on the flight home." Joe said, sipping at his coffee, making Khloe laugh slightly as she looked at him.

"That is very true however I have a certain husband who hates to keep his hands to himself on the longer flights, so unless I knock him out with a frying pan I doubt I'm getting much sleep on said long flight home." Khloe chuckled readjusting her wedding band as it was slightly too big for her slender finger.

Joe laughed, shaking his head. "I can't make any promises so you may need to go a find that frying pan." He said casually making Khloe snort into her coffee.

"I guess that's me not getting any sleep on the flight then."

"Maybe I can make it worth your while, baby." Joe grinned, placing a soft kiss against her ear causing Khloe to shiver slightly. Having her ears played with like that was a weakness of hers and Joe knew it.

"Are you wanting to join the Mile High Club, buddy?" Randy sniggered as he finished off his last mouthful of food.

"Oh Randy we've already joined twice I think if Joe could have his way then we'd been on double figures already." Khloe sassed as she ate a mouthful of scrambled eggs, something she was a sucker for.

"I'm seriously not sure I want to hear about any of that so soon after my breakfast." Jayden said, pushing her now empty plate away which left Khloe slightly surprised as Jayden wasn't much of an eater in a morning but the baby must have been hungry given the plateful she'd just had.

"Oh pleasure like you and Randy haven't joined especially that last European tour we were on and I had to try and explain away the noises coming from you two when Mickie and Alexa kept asking who was in there." Khloe chuckled.

Jayden's ears turned a deep shade of pink, making Khloe smile at her. "I can't believe you actually had to explain to them." She said with a giggle before going to get some more milk.

"It wasn't that I had to explain to them, I think they were pretty aware what has happening though I tried to make an excuse for the pair of you but then I again I think it gave it away when you both walked out of the bathroom with just fucked looks on your faces." Khloe chuckled.

"Well what can I say when then need strikes you and you have an itch that won't budge until you scratched it then you have to scratch." Jayden laughed as she walked back over to the table and sat down.

"I guess the same could have been said for last night then." Joe smirked, glancing over at his wife who giggle as she focused on trying to eat her bacon, knowing if she looked at her husband then she burst in to laughter.

"I didn't hear you once complain big guy. From what I can remember who loved every single second of it to the point I had to beg you for sleep." Khloe countered. "Though I'm kinda glad we came up with the idea cause I have to admit it was pretty fun."

"I have to agree though next time we come up with something you need to keep your ring on." Joe smirked, leaning over to kiss the top of Khloe's head.

Granted she and Joe had only been married a year but they had fallen into the trap of the same routine day in day out to the point Khloe and Jayden had put their heads together and came up with the idea both girls feeling slightly relieved when the boys went for the idea.

Though Khloe had to agree with Joe as much as she loved the idea of strangers hooking up and boy it was hot she felt a little bare without her wedding ring, though she was sure she could come up with something hot which meant she could keep it on and her brain was already thinking over the next plan. She just needed to find the right city to pull off another wicked night of fun.

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