Instant Addiction

Disclaimer: Even though this story is set around people associated with the Sons of Anarchy, I don't own anything but the original characters (the ones you don't recognise) and the story plot.

Tig's Point of View

I leaned carefully against the bar, nursing my beer. It happened to be just another noisy night at the clubhouse with nothing in particular happening just the usual Saturday night rowdiness. Sometimes I felt like the clubhouse could be out of control with the parties and the girls and usually I was in the thick of it.

But tonight, none of the girls made me look twice as most of them were the usual skank ass girls who were just looking to hook up with the guys that had a rank of their arm, dreaming of the day they could get their hooks into them and they'd make them their old lady.

I stole a glance towards the door with a small groan at the sight of Candi walking through it, Candi had some sick infatuation with me but just like with the rest of the crow eaters I didn't give her the time of day and the fact she didn't even look as though she was legal.

It took me a moment to realise that Candi wasn't alone and that she was accompanied by two women I'd never seen around the clubhouse before though the beautiful red head seemed vaguely familiar however I couldn't place where I knew her from.

I sipped at my beer as I took a moment to drink in the red head, she was fucking gorgeous and her body, fuck it curved in places I didn't know was physically possible. She was certainly the best looking girl in the clubhouse.

I smirked and gently nudged Jax in the back and nodded towards the door where the two girls were stood drinking in their surroundings. From glancing at the raven haired beauty there was some resemblance to the red head though Jax seemed to already be with raven haired beauty.

I quickly set my beer down and went to make my move before anyone else decided that they were in with a chance with sweeping these ladies off their feet not that there would be much sweeping if the others got their way. "Hey, there darling can I get you a drink?" I asked, leaning into reds ear.

My body instantly cringed at the sound of Candi's scratchy voice as she gently pushed me away from Red who seemed to look between us both in genuine confusion. "Of course you can, honey." Candi purred, trailing a finger down my chest.

I fought back the laugh at the way Red rolled her eyes and shook her head behind Candi's back. "Still not interested Candi, though Happy seems pissed enough to want to have a go." I said rather bluntly which made Candi scowl though Red and her companion seemed to snigger they moved away from her.

Red seemed to be the bolder one of the two as she stepped up to me and instantly rested her tiny hand against my chest. "I'd love a drink, just a straight up whiskey please." She asked, causing an internal shiver to dance down my spine though the rational part of my brain was panicking slight as Chibs had always been partial to a girl or two that could handle their whiskey. "Oh and you can call me Layne."

"Sure thing, Layne." I smirked, moving away from her and walking around the back of the bar so that could get both ladies a drink. "And what about for you?" I asked her companion, who took the empty seat between Jax and Layne.

"Vodka and Coke please." She answered flashing a small smile in my direction before taking a moment to look around the clubhouse.

"So you got a name, darlin?" Jax asked her, turning in his seat so that give her his undivided attention, making me smirk as I placed her drink on the bar in front of her.

"It's Jett." She answered with a small blush on her cheeks, holding out her hand for him to shake.

Jax grinned as he accepted her small hand in his much larger one. "Pleasure to meet you Jett. I'm Jax and that idiot behind the bar is Alex but everyone around here always calls him Tig."

I flashed her a grin as Jett held out her hand to me. "I have to admit that Jett is a pretty sexy name, almost as sexy as Layne." I said shaking her hand, while winking over at where the lovely Layne was sat.

She flashed me a killer smirk that hit me right in the groin while shaking her pretty red head at me as I grabbed Jax and I another beer before walking back around the bar and taking the empty seat on the other side of Layne.

"So are you two ladies from Charming or are you just passing through?" I asked trying to hide the pleased smirk that crept onto my face at the feel of Layne's confident hand slipping on to my thigh.

"We actually live on the edge of town. You that big farmhouse right off Main?" I nodded, we always passed the house when we had business outside out of town. "Well that's our grandparents' old house. We inherited it and moved in about two years ago."

"So how do you know the skank?" I asked casually nodding towards where Candi was knelt down on the floor in front of one of the older guys who seemed to be enjoying her talents though it made me feel sick.

"Hell, who knew she was that much of an easy slut?" Jett said, with a disgusted look on her face as she turned away. "Unfortunately she works with me and it was her idea for us to come here tonight and now I know why." She said with a shake of her head.

"Yeah she's a regular around here and unfortunately for me, she has a bit of an obsession with me." I sighed with a shake of my head. "She really doesn't do it for me, hell she doesn't even look legal." I added, though it was the truth she looked far from legal but I now knew that if she had a job then she had to be legal.

I smirked down at Layne as I felt her hands creep higher up my thigh before leaning into my ear. "And what about me?" She asked softly, one of her slender fingers deliberately brushing over my cock, causing it to twitch slightly. "Do I do it for you, Mr Trager?" She asked.

I looked down at her obviously we had met before if she knew my surname given we hadn't said anything about my surname but I still couldn't place where I'd met her before. "Have we met before?" I asked, sure she would be able to give me the answer.

Layne chuckled and nodded. "Yeah I was the lucky doctor that got to patch you up after you were snatched by those bounty hunters." She explained and then it hit me, she looked totally different tonight out of her scrubs and with her hair down.

"I knew I'd seen you before just couldn't remember where." After she'd patched me up she had certainly been one of my spank bank favourites for weeks, hell months after. "Oh fuck yes. You so do it for me darling." I said softly to her.

Layne licked her lips as she looked up at me. "Maybe you'll have to show me how much I do, do it for you." She grinned, making me smirk down at her appreciating how confident she was.

"You know she's a little a young for isn't she Trager?" Candi voiced snidely behind us. "Especially given she's only twenty two." She added, making Layne role her eyes it was obvious jealously in Candi's voice.

Layne turned her seat to face Candi with a hard faced look on her face. "And what's your point, Candi? Cause the last time I checked age was just a number." She snapped with a shrug, making Candi laugh.

"Well I know Tig loves a girl with a little more experience, you know something you don't have." She smirked, brushing up against me and sending cold shudders down my spine.

"Go suck some other fuckers cock and leave us alone." I spat coldly, making Candi laugh even more as she walked away from where we were standing and I turned my attention back to Layne. "You're 22 and you're a trained doctor? That's pretty impressive."

Layne blew out a breath a nodded. "Yeah I trained through the British Army, it was the only way I could get on the front line and follow in my father's footsteps. That was how our parents met actually he was based over here." She explained with the faintest of smiles.

"Come off it Layne. You're just been modest. She's actually one of the smartest people I know." Jett added in and it was obvious to Jax and I that Jett was proud of her sister's achievements.

"It helped because the paid for my training the catch being I would have to give them ten years back unless I had the money to be able to buy myself out if and when I needed to."

"When your grandparents died they left us the house and pretty much all the money they had left so we used a chunk of it to buy her out of her contract then the pair of us wanting a fresh start moved into their house." Jett explained.

"I did do 6 ½ years and numerous tours overseas but my last tour really took its toll on me and I left a few months ago." Layne said softly, bowing her head obviously this was a tough subject for her to talk about.

"I bet it did, sweetheart. So that's why you ended up paying off the rest of your time?" I asked gently, squeezing her hand that was still resting against my thigh hoping it would offer her a little bit of comfort.

Layne nodded. "Yeah after I healed up they expected me to go back but I couldn't face it, don't get me wrong I loved my time in the army regardless of the shit I saw but I had more important things to take care of at home."

"Thank God for your grandparent's inheritance huh?" I grinned and without thinking placed a soft kiss on her head.

Layne smirked up at me with a nod of her head before knocking back the rest of her whiskey. "So how long have you been part of the Sons?" She asked as one of the prospects filled her glass without being asked.

"Years. I can't even remember how long it's been. To be honest I've lost count at this point." I chuckled, watching the way she took small sips of her new drink, showing me that she was a little more relaxed now we weren't talking about her career.

Layne chuckled. "You know I've finally lost count on how many of you guys I've had to patch up because Filip couldn't do it." She chuckled as the Scot in question walked over and joined us.

"Yeah well you're our go-to girl when we can't manage it ourselves. Besides you've saved our hides on more than one occasion and for that the club will forever be grateful." Jax chipped in, his head peering around Jett's side.

"So you're the pretty little doc, he's been gushing about huh?" I smirked the minute I noticed a red tinge coat her beautifully pale cheeks as she nodded though kept her head bowed hoping her hair would hide it.

"I guess I am." She answered, knocking back the resting of her whiskey.

I grinned at her slight discomfort before leaning into her ear. "Maybe I have something for you to look over." I said, my grin turning into a smirk with the way she peered over her arm at me, a smirk on her own beautiful face.

"You think so huh?" She asked playing along and I nodded. "Is it hurting? Are you in a considerable amount of pain?" She continued to question.

"Oh god I'm in so much pain." I said with mock pain etched over my face. "It definitely needs some of your magic TLC, doc."

Layne smirked, her tongue darting out to lick her kissable lips. "Is it really swollen with the occasional throbbing?" She teased, her hand lightly stroking up and down my thigh, avoiding the one place I longed for her to touch.

I grabbed her hand with a smirk and ran it against my stiffened cock, biting my lip to stop the groan falling from them. "You know after you patched me up, I couldn't help but come hard at the thought of your mouth around my dick." I admitted.

She squeezed me softly through my jeans. "How would you like to make that fantasy a reality?" she asked, looking up at me through her incredibly long lashes.

I didn't need asking twice instead I took her hand and gently pulled her from her seat. "We'll see you guys in the morning." I called over my shoulder to Jax and Jett who were both laughing as I led Layne towards the room I claimed whenever I didn't feel like going home.

"Do you honestly think that I'm the kind of girl that does this right after meeting the guy for the first time?" She teased as I led her into the bedroom and closed the door behind us.

"Oh baby I can assure you, your nothing like Candi besides who say this is going to be the only time we're doing this?" I smirked, slowly backing her up against the closed door.

Layne licked her lips and gently smoothed her hands down my chest so that they could start working on my belt. "Oh yeah? So you think you're going to be that good that I won't be able to live without you?" She asked.

"Got it in one baby." I grinned, god she was miles better than any of my fantasies and I was sure that I was addicted to her.

"You know I could just look at you all fucking night. Hell I might embarrass myself with how close I am right now." I admitted, lightly massaging her delicious breast through her shirt with the pad of my thumb, causing her to moan softly.

She flashed me a killer smirk before leaning up and capturing my lips in a soft kiss. I had to admit the kiss had caught me off guard as I wasn't usually one for kissing but damn her lips tasted good to the point I could kiss her all night long.

"I'm not usually one for kissing but fuck me I could kiss those beautiful lips of yours all damn night." I groaned.

Layne licked her lips softly. "They're all yours Alex, well they're yours until I wrap them around your meaty cock and put them to work in other ways." She smirked, making me groan in anticipation.

I sucked in a breath as she I felt her fingers work on the zipper of my jeans before popping the button and pushed them to the ground going down on to her knees with them. "Damn you're certainly a big boy." She smirked.

"Shit, baby." I groaned the minute I felt her warm flattened tongue along the veiny underside of my thick cock, slapping my hand against the door just above her head in an attempt to keep myself up right as she gently encased her hand around my base.

"Fucking Jesus, baby if you keep working me like that I won't be able to play with that sweet pussy of yours." I groaned, using my free hand to gently brush away her silky soft curls.

Layne sniggered as she looked up at me. "I can assure you handsome, you'll be playing and you will love every last second of it." She smirked, the tip of her tongue darting out and toying with my sensitive tip.

I growled deep in the back of my throat as I watched her take at least half of my shaft into her warm moist mouth, instinctively I snapped my hips forwards forcing more of my cock into her mouth. Sweet fucking Jesus this girl had certainly done this before.

"Fuck, Layne. Shit baby your mouth is way better than any fantasy I've ever had." I groaned as she continued to work her mouth effortlessly up and down me.

She smirked up at me through her lashes as she worked me couple of times before releasing me with a pop and got slowly back to her feet. "I'm glad I could help though I have a really irritating itch I'm sure you could help me scratch."

"Oh baby, I'll scratch anything you want."

She stepped away from the door and smirked at me though her beautiful smirk soon disappeared as she looked at me. "Okay so I need to warn you that I have some pretty nasty scaring on my back and it's probably the only thing I'm not comfortable with." She whispered, her head dipping.

"Do you really think that would be something that bothered me?" I asked softly, causing her to lift her head. "I have my own scars baby as do most of the guys in this place." I said honestly.

Layne gently bit her lip as she turned around before inching off her shirt, showing me her back. The scars completely covered her entire back and it was clear to me that she'd had serval skin grafts to try and no doubt repair the damage but what did make me smile was the arch of stars, starting at one shoulder blade and finishing at the other.

Looking a little closer at the stars I noticed a large one in the centre but each star had a name in the centre or from what I could tell nickname. "I'm guessing the names are of the friends you've lost?" I asked softly, stepping closer to her and peppering feather light kisses down her spine.

"Yes, the largest star is for my daughter's father, he died during our last tour and was one of the main reasons I couldn't go back as my daughter needed at least on parent in her life." She whispered her body shivering beneath my touch.

Granted her scaring looked intense and happened to be one of the biggest I'd ever seen but somehow these scars made her look even sexier to me and they also filled me with pride for what she sacrificed of strangers freedoms.

"I'm sure your daughter is proud of everything you and her father did, you have no reason at all to be ashamed of these baby. You should wear them with a sense of pride because I know full well that's what your buddies would have wanted." I reassured softly. "I can't begin to imagine the shit you've been through and I'm not going to try but I know what's like to lose people in and out of uniform."

"Thank you, Alex." She mumbled softly as she turned to face me with tears toying with the corners of her eyes.

I gently brushed the pads of my thumbs beneath her eyes, brushing away the stray tear that had fallen. "You have no need to thank me, Layne. None at all. Now where's that itch that you need me to scratch?" I asked, kissing her softly as I worked with expert ease on removing her shorts.

Layne broke the kiss and grinned. "It's not really in one place. The itch is all over and I really need you to scratch it because my fingers aren't quite long enough." She all but begged as I kissed down her stomach.

I smirked more than happy to scratch her itch as I gently nudged her legs apart just enough that I could inch her black lacy panties to one side and taste her sweetness for the first time, fuck my cock was twitch just by her delicious smell.

Layne whimpered the minute my tongue massaged over her outer lips, her whimper turning to a moan the minute the tip of my tongue darted between her slick folders, her fingers tangling in my hair as she allowed me to pleasure her.

She certainly tasted divine, actually she was probably the best pussy I'd ever had the joys of tasting and the look of pure pleasure on face had me throbbing with the desire to be buried inside of her.

She moaned out loudly as I slowly worked my fingers deep within her walls, curling them and brushing them against her nerves that have her quivering above me as I continued to work them against that magic spot.

I wasn't exactly huge or fat for that matter but I could tell that it had been awhile for her and the last thing I wanted to do was to cause her any pain because I'd not prepared her properly.

"Oh fuck, Alex please." She pleaded a sound that seemed to turn me on even more if that was actually possible.

"Tell me what you want baby? I want to hear you tell me." I growled as I gently sucked her hardened clit between my lips and sucked on it like it was a little lolly pop, causing her to cry out.

"Fuck. You. I fucking want you. I want you to fuck me, Alex. Show me what I've been missing." She cried as her released washed over her causing her delicious nectar to flow straight into my mouth, fuck she tasted like heaven.

After cleaning her up, I slowly got to my feet and kissed her. "I'm going to do more than fuck you baby." I growled lustfully as I scooped her up into my arms with effortless ease and carried her over to the bed, laying her in the centre of it.

"Please, Alex make me feel good baby. I need it." She whispered, as she wrapped her body snuggly around mine the minute I laid down on the bed beside her, my fingers gently brushing her hair away from her face.

I moved from the bed and completely removed my jeans and boxers before moving back on to the bed and worked her shorts away from her body before ripping her panties free from her tossing on the offending garments on to the floor with eager movements.

Slowly moving myself behind her I carefully inched myself into her, halting the moment half of my shaft was inside of her wanting to give her some time to adjust to my size before I showed her a good time, gently I pressed my chest against her back, hooking her leg over my arm giving us both a better angle to work with.

"Fuck baby you're tighter than I expected," I groaned softly into her neck as I lightly kissed behind her ear.

She whimpered softly, her head resting lightly against my chest, my lips kissing the top of her head. "Well it's certainly been a while." She mumbled as she kissed beneath my chin.

"Not anymore baby, I'm going to be right here whenever you need it." I whispered as I slowly peppered kissed down the back of her neck, paying close attention to the start that was at the base.

She moaned out my name softly a smirk creeping on to my lips as I noticed the gorgeous blush that had started to coat her cheeks as much as I wanted to wait, I could no longer fight the urge and slowly began to move deep within her walls, drawing out the sex assed moan of hers.

"You feel so fucking good, Alex. Please don't stop." Layne pleaded as she reached behind her and threaded her fingers gently into my hair as I kept my thrusts deliberately slow and deep.

"I'm never going to stop baby, not until you tell me to." I groaned into her neck, kissing her collarbone softly, my fingers lightly brushing up and down her thigh. "I don't think I could stop even if I wanted to."

Another delightful moan slipped from her lips as I slightly shuffled down the bed so I could change my angle, searching out for the small bundle of nerves that would have her falling apart beneath me.

After a couple more thrusts I slowly pulled out of her, taking my time to roll her on to her back while I moved so that was settled between her long slender legs, god she was the most beautiful woman I'd ever seen.

Layne looked up at me with a inquisitive gaze. "I want to be able to see your beautiful face when you finally come for me, baby." I explained lifting her legs slightly as I slammed back into her, causing her to cry out my name like it was music to my ears, her hips raising from the bed and forcing me deep into her delectable body.

"Fuck, Layne baby. I'm pretty sure I'm going to end up being addicted to you, baby girl." I groaned, placing my hands on either side of her head as I continued to work myself into her perfect body.

"I would be more than happy to be that addiction, Alex." She whimpered softly, her warm slick walls slowly starting to tighten around me, her hands clawing at my forearms.

She dug her nails into her my forearms, my name falling from her lips as her second release finally rocketed through her precious body, causing me to growl out her name as I slammed into her body before pausing allowing her moment to ride out her release.

"That's it, angel." I encouraged, fighting the urge to pound into her body as I wanted to savour her body for a little longer despite having the urge to make love to her all night long.

She shuddered through her release, my name continuously falling from her lips as her warm walls started to relax around me and I slowly started to move again, heightening her moans. "You feel so fucking perfect baby." She reached up and gently pulled me over her body and kissed me softly.

Carefully I hooked her legs over my shoulders, allowing me to hit those little nerves that made her cry out my name in pleasure. I was determined to make her come apart beneath me, only this time I was going to watch it happen.

Leaning down I kissed her softly, my thrusts continuing to be slow and deliberate, taking pleasure in the way I continued to hit her sweet spot, causing her to quiver beneath me.

"Yes, Alex. Oh God yes."

I took my time to inch my lips down her chest, licking in between her ample breasts before capturing one of her hardened little nubs between my lips, scraping it lightly with my teeth as her fingers tangled in my hair, pulling on it gently.

"God you feel amazing, Alex come with me baby please." She begged, her fingers leaving my hair and trailing over my shoulders on across my shoulder blades as she began rocking against me.

"Gladly baby." I growled softly against her chest as my thrusts picked up in pace though deep enough that I continued hitting her special spot, I could feel her start to tighten around me all over again.

"God yes, Alex right there baby." She whimpered as her body began suffocating my shaft to the point I wasn't sure I'd last much longer.

"Shit!" I growled as her third release, the most powerful one yet managed to pull me right over the edge in to euphoric bliss that I was sure I wouldn't get enough off.

Riding out our releases together I carefully collapsed against her, propping myself up on my forearms so I could drink in her beautiful face. "You know you're fucking beautiful, the best looking woman, I've had the honour of laying eyes on."

She turned her face away from me as her cheeks turned an even deeper shade of red. "You really don't say that much, do you?" she asked softly as she turned to look at me, her fingers gently stroking down the side of my face.

I laughed softly and nodded. "No I don't to be honest I only ever say it when I mean it and it's few and far between." I said softly, leaning my cheek into her gently touch.

She offered me a warm smile, gently using her hands to tug me as close to her as she could. "Well it certainly means a hell of a lot more to me." She whispered softly into my chest.

"Well it's nothing but the truth, baby girl. You are beautiful."

Layne lightly nibbled my lip, "Good job I believe you then isn't it." She teased softly with a grin on her face that made my stomach unintentionally summersault, something a woman hadn't been able to do in what felt like forever.

I groaned out softly as I brushed her sweat coated hair away from her gorgeous face. "You really need to be careful darling, or I'll be ready for the next round before you are."

Layne giggled a sound that even made my heart flutter slightly, granted it was our first night together but honestly Layne was the type of girl I could really see me spending the rest of my life with.

She licked her lips, her long legs wrapping around my waist before using all the strength she had to roll me on to my back. "Fuck your strong, baby." I smirked, god it was a turn on.

"And do you like that in your girls?" She smirked, already knowing my answer as she danced her clammy hands down my lightly hair coated chest causing me to shudder beneath her.

I licked my lips and smirked up at her as I lazily trailed my fingers up and down the tattoos coating either side of her rib cage. "Honestly, I love it in my women it's actually a turn on."

"Oh yeah, how many women do you have right now?" Layne teased, dropping her head so she could place hot searing kisses across my chest, causing me to groan slightly.

Smirking, I cupped her perfect ass. "I just have the sexy lady who's currently on top of me and about to get a pounding of a life time." I growled, easing my considerable aroused shaft into her nicely wet hole.

"Is she now?" She moaned against my chest, lifting her head up to look at me as she slowly began to grind her hips, working my shaft deep into her slick welcoming walls.

"Oh hell she is." I groaned, as I met each of her thrusts with one of my own. I was pretty sure Layne was going to give me the night of my life and even if it was going to be a onetime thing I was going to cherish every second of it.

Layne's Point of View – Several Months Later

I gently held on to my daughter, Jade's hand as we slowly made our way into the clubhouse as usual Filip was unable to work his magic and I'd received a frantic phone call saying that someone needed patching up though I took comfort in the fact that Tig had promised to take Jade and I out for the day.

I smiled as I laid eyes on Tig who happened to be waiting outside for us, to say I thought our first night together was going to be a one of he'd certainly proved me wrong. He'd stepped up to the point he worshiped the ground I walked on not to mention had really made an effect with Jade who in my eyes was make or break when it came to relationships.

"That was quick." Tig grinned as he put out his cigarette, scooped Jade up and led us inside the clubhouse which was surprising quiet given it was a Saturday afternoon, though I knew first-hand how it changed when the sun went down.

"Well we were already out and about doing some shopping and getting things ready for when madam finally goes back to school." I answered with a smile, my fingers gently stroking Jade's blonde hair. "So who am I patching up today and why? I asked.

"Happy got a pretty nasty cut across the back of his shoulder and honestly baby its best you don't know how it happened." Tig answered honestly, setting Jade down the moment she spotted her Aunt and dashed off to see her.

I just shook my head despite the smile on my face as we made our way into church where I saw Happy already laid on his stomach with a pretty deep slash running down the left hand side of his back. "So has my sister told Jax yet?" I asked the minute I knew Jax wasn't in the room and set my medical bag down on the edge of the table.

"Has who told Jax what?" Tig asked as he helped me lay out the equipment I would need to patch Happy up the best I could.

I rolled my eyes obviously he wasn't paying attention last night when I talked to him about this very conversation. "Jett. Has she told Jax she's pregnant yet?" I questioned as I pulled on some gloves before examining the wound. "Looking at this, Hap. I should be able to glue it together though it's going to sting like a bitch when I clean it."

Happy took a big swig of Jack and nodded, having been through the drill many times before. "Just go for it Doc. Do what you have to do." He said, making me smile as he drank down more of the bottle of Jack.

"What do you mean Jett's going to have Jax's baby?" Tig questioned in obviously surprise, making me laugh as he just proved my theory he'd been so caught up in helping Jade with her summer homework he'd switched off from me.

I picked up some of my antiseptic wipes and slowly began cleaning the wound fighting the urge to laugh with every hiss that left Happys lips. I couldn't help but take pleasure in their pain, hoping that one day they'd be more careful.

"Well if I remember correctly you have to have unprotected sex to fall pregnant so obviously that's how she's having Jax's baby. Though if he doesn't know you need to keep your mouth shut." I said firmly, smirking when Happy flinched beneath my fingertips.

"Alright, angel I promise I won't say a word." Tig said with a grin that told me he was going to say something to Jax the minute he laid eyes on the younger Vice president.

Glancing over my shoulder I glared at my significant other. "I mean it Trager," I scolded pointing the surgical glue at him. "Or I swear to god you won't be getting your dick wet for the next month."

The minute the threat registered in his brain he held his hands up in surrender. "I promise to the holy man above I won't say a single word." He said with a cheeky grin that made my eyes roll.

"Say a word about what?" Jax asked, walking into church so that he could make sure Happy was okay and find out his aftercare so that he could make sure Happy stuck to it.

"She's bought Jade a surprise and Tig has a big mouth." Happy piped up, making me smile as I struggled to glue the wound shut, they really knew what they were doing when they slashed him.

"They're certainly making it fucking hard for me today." I chuckled as I set the glue down and began pulling out some anaesthetic and my suture kit from the depths of my bag.

"Is that way of you telling us that we should stop buying our precious Jade things? Cause you know my mom won't go for it." Jax smirked, knowing full well what I meant and just wanted to tease me.

"Actually no, what I am saying is the next time one of you idiots are stupid enough to get yourselves slashed then make sure it's not too deep or I'm going to continue taking pleasure in your pain when I have to suture you and glue you." I said. "Sorry Hap. you're going to need sutures too."

"Shit!" Happy groaned as he drank the remainder of the bottle, "Just do it, Doc get it over with." He grumbled with a slight slur.

I grinned wickedly as I gently began injecting some anaesthetic around the wound before slowly starting to work on the stitching knowing that combined with the glue would allow the wound to heal nicely.

"Just take comfort in the fact that I'm not pulling a slug out of your ass like I have to do with that idiot." I smirked, glancing over my shoulder at Tig who was giving me his best wounded look.

"It was one time and none of you are ever going to let it go, are you?" Tig laughed, making me smirk and shake my head.

"I'm certainly not because I was the poor bitch that had to pull the fucker out of your hairy ass. Why do you think Jett and I got you drunk then we waxed you?" I answered back.

"Oh yeah that hurt like a bitch too." He said with a slight wince as he tore some tape from the roll before handing me a pad so I could cover the wound before taping it up. "I swear I couldn't sit properly for a few days afterwards."

"Maybe so but I made up for it didn't I?" I asked, glancing over my shoulder and my other half and deliberately ran my tongue lightly over my lips before turning back to face Happys back and finished patching him up.

"Yes you did, baby girl. Yes you did."

I chuckled softly, removing the slightly bloodied gloves from my hands. "All good to go Hap." I said with the smallest of squeaks as I felt Tig gently pull me back against his firm chest. "You'll need to change the dressing every four to six hours and I'll take your stitches out in a couple of weeks so you'll have to reframe from moving anything heavy, including dead bodies."

"Yeah, yeah." He said getting up with help from Jax. "Thanks, Doc."

"Don't mention it, Hap." I smiled as I watched him leave the room with Jax close behind him. I waited until the door closed before facing Tig. "So we have to talk about something pretty important before we take Jade to the fair."

"Alright baby." He said, helping me to sit on top of the table in front of him. "Is anything wrong?" He asked, concerned etched over his handsome face, making me smile slightly.

"Okay, so Jax and Jett aren't the only ones that are in the family way." I explained, wrapping my arms gently around his neck, my fingers lightly toying with the small hairs on the back of his neck.

"Oh yeah?" He asked, kissing lightly along my jaw. "Who else around here is knocked up?" He added, his hands resting gently against my thighs.

I moaned titling my head back slightly, "Tig my love you are one randy mother fucker and in our haste have gotten protection on more than one occasion so I would say that I'm the one around here that's also knocked up." I chuckled softly.

He pulled away from my neck and looked down at me with wide eyes. "Us? Are you saying you're pregnant?" he questioned and it was clear that he wanted to make sure he had heard me right.

I nodded, my gaze falling to my knees as my ears drank in the silence that filled the room, what if he was going to reject me? How would Jade cope not having him in her life?

Tig gently encased me in his strong arms, pulling me tight against his body. "I promise you now baby I'm going to great care of you. Of both of you." He whispered into my hair, filling me with relief.

"I know you are, Alex. To be honest I knew that first I patched you up that beneath all that bravado you were a gentle man." I said with a small smile, leaning up I kissed him softly.

"I always have to look brave in front of a lady."

I chuckled despite myself and gently brushed my fingers across his cheek. "Just know that you never have to be brave around me, handsome. You can let your guard down every once in a while and I promise I wouldn't think any less of you."

Tig sighed, nuzzling his cheek against my fingertips. "It's just I don't want you to think I can't take care of you or Jade." He admitted softly with a vulnerability he'd not let me see before now.

"Baby I know you can take care of both of us even if you show me your vulnerable side. I've never once doubted that you couldn't." I whispered softly, kissing his lips reassuringly. "You're talking to someone with experience and it took me a long time to realise that it's okay to be vulnerable."

Tig nodded, making me smile. "But I would do it in front of you because you know I have a rep to protect." He said with a grin.

"That's all I can ask of you, baby." I said with a genuine smile thankful he was willing to at least try. "Come on let's go take our baby girl to the fair like we promised." I said with a smile as he helped me down.

"I think I like the sound of that. 'Our' baby girl." He said, grabbing my medical bag while tucking his free arm around my waist and pulling me into his side as we walked out of church.

"Well it's true. She is our baby girl because she didn't really get to know Josh before he died as he was away on deployment a lot though I know he'd be happy that she had you as her father."

Tig kissed my head. "I know I will never completely fill his boots but I'll do the best I can for the both of you." He said softly, smiling at the sight of Jett and Jade curled up together on the couch with Jax watching some soap on the TV.

"I know handsome, your best is all I can ask of you." I said with a smile. "So are you ready to go to the fair baby?" I asked, gently brushing my fingers through my daughters jet black hair, one of the traits she got from her father.

"Yeah mommy." She squealed excitedly, hugging Jett before carefully climbing over her so that she could hug Jax who she loved having in her life just as much as Tig. Jax hugged her tightly and kissed her head before holding her up in the air, her arms shooting out so Tig would carry her.

I smiled softly before leaning down and kissing Jett's head. "Why don't you guys tag along, I'm sure half the clubs there already." I chuckled.

Jax glanced over at Jett. "It's up to you, babe. I'm more than happy to go." He said, making Jade squeal in excitement she knew that if Jax went he would go on all the rides with her.

Jett looked up at her niece and smiled at her. "I'm more than happy to go and see you and Jade go on all those rides." She grinned, making Jade smile and clap her hands in excitement.

"I want one of those big tubs of blue candy floss." I chuckled as we made our way out to the car. "Oh and a couple of the candied apples that they do. That's if they have any left because those sell out quick.

"I'd kill for a hot dog with caramelised onions and ketchup on it." Jett added, making me laugh and the look on her face as she hopping to the backseat with me and Jade. "Oh and a candied apple if they have any." She added as an afterthought.

"What is it with you two and food recently? That's all you two ever seem to talk about." Jax laughed, making the three women giggle warmly as they pulled out of the parking lot.

Jett pulled a face at her significant other. "Oh I'm so sorry that I've been a little hungry recently." She said in mock sarcasm, making me snigger and shake my head. It was clear that my older sister was yet to tell Jax they were going to have a baby.

I flashed her a slightly stern look telling her that I knew she'd not told him yet. Jett just shrugged making me roll my eyes at her. "I'm planning on doing it later." She mouthed over Jade's head.

"Are you always hungry because you're going to have a baby, Aunty Jett?" Jade asked innocently, looking over at her Aunt who had turned a sickening shade of white.

"What did she just say?" Jax asked, Jades words just registering in his head as he spun around in his seat the best he could. "Tig, stop the car."

Tig did as he was asked and pulled over in the first layby he came to and I noticed the fear in my daughter's eyes and I tucked her into my side. "Have I done something wrong, Uncle Jax?" Jade asked softly.

He didn't answer her, leading Jade to tuck her even closer to my body. Instead he jumped out of the car, walking around it and opened Jett's door before asking her to get out so they could no doubt talk with a bit of privacy.

"Is it true?" He asked her softly and she nodded her foot anxiously scrapping circles into the dirt in front of her.

"I was going to tell you about it tonight. To be honest I was scared to tell you, I wasn't sure how you were going to take it." Jett explained softly, her foot digging deeper into the dirt.

I gently wrapped my arm around Jades shoulder and kissed her head. I knew my daughter was scared that she'd upset her favourite Uncle and I did my best to reassure her. "You didn't do anything wrong, darling." I whispered softly into her hair.

"Did I get Aunty Jett in to trouble?" She asked softly and I could tell she was close to tears, I wanted to kill my sister for not telling Jax but at the same time I could understand why she hadn't.

"Of course you didn't darling. Jax was just caught a bit off guard and is surprised. I promise you, you've done nothing wrong at all." I said flashing her a smile before rubbing my nose against hers.

I would never admit it to my daughter but I was actually worried that Jax was upset with Jett but that worry was soon but at ease when I caught him pulling her into his arms and hugging her tightly, rubbing her back and whispering things to her.

"Layne would you please swap places with me?" Jax asked as he opened the door, I smiled and nodded slipping from the backseat with ease. Smiling at the way he quickly took my place and wrapped an arm around Jade and tucking her into his side.

"So you're not mad with me, Uncle Jax?" She asked softly though hugged him back never the less.

"I'm far from mad, little bit." He grinned, placing a comforting kiss on her head which made me smile as I lightly rested my hand against Tigs thigh and we set off again, following the steady stream of traffic that was going in the same direction.

"It looks like we're going to be having a fun family day at the fair, huh?" Tig smirked, making us laugh as he pulled into the field that the fair used as its parking lot and began searching for a space.

"Hell yeah and we're all going to love every damn minute of it, food and all." I giggled, happy that I allowed Jett to talk me into going to the clubhouse.

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