Jar Of Hearts

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"You know I can deal with you exes, so to speak because I know given how many you've had over the years there will always be one girl crawling out of the wood work, I can deal with the fact you still have demons in your closet you're not willing to share but this is one thing I asked of you. For me, Christian. For fucking me. And you didn't even bother telling me you couldn't make it." Atlanta yelled, she was beyond hurt, she was sure she finally reached her breaking point. "Do you know how humiliated I felt when my parents asked where you were and I couldn't tell them anything?" She said as she paced angrily in front of the man she had once considered the love of her life, her tear filled gaze looking anywhere but at him.

She had accidently bumped into Christian at one of his brother's extravagant parties and at first she was reluctant to let him in but ever the charmer Christian had broken down her walls. She knew from things her best friend had said she would initially have her work cut for her boy was Cat right but she managed a little piece at a time.

Granted he'd scared her when he showed her his darker side but in time she came to understand where that came from and she grew to accept and love that side of him too, hell she'd been stabbed by one of his crazy ass ex mistresses but she never leaved him.

All she had asked from him was to attend lunch with her and her family who were visiting town for a few days and had yet to meet the man that had stolen their daughter's heart but instead of showing up he'd ignored all her calls and text leaving her feeling humiliated and heartbroken when her parents called her liar.

"Tana, it's not…" Christian tried to explain but was stopped short by Atlanta's now heartbroken voice as she continued to pace the tears falling down her beautiful cheeks.

"Don't you fucking dare tell me it's not what I think it is! They called me a fucking liar Christian. A fucking liar do you even have any idea how that makes me feel? My own parents think I'm lying about our relationship and all because you couldn't be bothered to show up." Atlanta yelled with angry tears streaming down her gorgeous porcelain like face as she turned to glare at him her lower lip brushing between her teeth.

Christian fought hard to hold in his groan if circumstances were different he would have carried her over his shoulder to his play room and spank the hell out of her perfect rounded ass but he knew that he was on the verge of losing the only woman he dared let close and all because he'd lost track of time and had forgotten his phone.

Atlanta brushed away her tears as she went to stare out of the window, her heart breaking as she now felt like her entire world was crumbling down around her and had no clue about where to start fixing it.

She had always been close to her parents and they had always supported any decision she made, even taking a bar job to help paying towards her college tuition even though her family was pretty wealthy but not only had her parents made clear she was a liar but had pointed out that Christian was already dating someone, showing her an article that had been written two days ago.

She had accepted and to some degree loved a lot of Christian's faults and floors, she let him take control of quite a few aspects of her life and very rarely asked him for anything beyond advice and the occasional thing here and there but she felt like this was the ultimate betrayal, she had given him everything she had and he'd gone and thrown it all back in her face.

Christ she'd even suffered several hours in his former mistresses salon despite her protests, it was the most uncomfortable three hours of her life and she'd suffered through all that bullshit because she loved him, wanted to show him that there were women out there he could trust and love but of course it was for nothing.

Christian watched her, he wanted to walk over her and wrap her protectively in his embrace and reassure her that everything was going to be okay because he could see the doubt through her reflection and it broke his heart. "I didn't come because I lost track of time and like a fucking idiot I forgot my phone. I'd been into town to pick something up. I wanted to make this special for us both something we'd never forget and fuck we're certainly not going to forget it but I went to get your engagement ring." He explained gently but with all the honesty he had. "I'll call your parents tomorrow and try and fix it for you. I am truly sorry Tana."

Atlanta turned to face him in shock, searching his eyes for anything but the truth but she found nothing. Had she seriously just kicked off like that, doubted everything they had because of a genuine misunderstanding?

"Did…you…er…I…are…" Christian strode effortlessly across the room and carefully pulled her stunned form against his strong body, silencing her confused ramblings with the gentlest of kisses.

It was the softest of kisses but the feel of his lips against hers made her knees go weak and all her built up anger and frustrations quickly seeped away leaving her a mushy mess in his arms, arms she always felt safe in, even when they were in the play room.

"I'd everything planned and booked. Then after picking up the ring I got caught up in the early afternoon traffic and it wasn't until we were half way home did I realise I'd left my phone here." He whispered, kissing her forehead. "I'd seen the ring months ago and had it slightly altered. I'm truly sorry Atlanta Faye. It was never my intention not show up."

"Oh god Christian, my parents had shown me an article from two days ago showing you with Elena and I just let it fester instead of talking to you like I usually do and I've now gone and ruined everything." She whispered burying her head against his chest as the tears started to fall again.

"It's alright baby, I understand. I should have mentioned the article the day I saw it but that had slipped my mind with everything going on at work. It's an old story that they've decided to re-run." He reassured and the pain and fear in her heart finally released it.

Atlanta stepped away from his warm embrace and moved back over to the window, filling a normal calm Christian with fear that the woman he loved more than anything was going to reject him though he felt as though he'd deserved it give what had happened the first time she asked something of him.

He had been selfish most of their relationship, she never pushed him for answers instead she allowed him to open up to her in his own time. Fuck she'd even got to Elena's salon knowing full well who she was without fighting him because it was what he wanted and now he was no doubt going to pay the price for it.

"Christian…why…why would you want to marry…me…you know after I've just blown up at you like that?" She asked quietly, catching the older man off guard as he watched her. "You didn't deserve that. I should have talked to you."

Christian smiled despite himself as he walked over to her, gently pulling her curls away from her neck and placed a kiss upon it. "Because I love you Tana. You've accepted me for all my faults and selfish behaviours and I deserved you losing your temper at me as this meant a lot to you." He whispered, kissing just behind her ear.

"I love you Christian but please speak with my parents and if you can ask my father's permission please?" She asked softly, glancing over her shoulder at his handsome face. "But with that aside I would love to become your wife." She said with a genuine smile, his large fingers slipping the small white gold band with a simple diamond in the centre on to her finger.

One of the many things he loved about Atlanta was she had the simplest of tastes and she was more than willing to help pay her way and didn't expect lavish gifts or expensive dinners all the time even if it was what he wanted to lavish upon her.

Turning her to completely face him, he captured her lips in a deep, lovingly but also meaningful kiss. "I'll go and call your parents right now and I'll even arrange to go to dinner with them tomorrow night before the fly home because I understand how much your family mean to you and I would do absolutely anything to make you happy."

A soft pleasure filled mewl consumed the air as her curvaceous body arched from the bed causing a devilish grin to creep onto his handsome face as he continued to tantalise her senses with the softest of licks against her sensitive thigh, this was blissful torture that she was positive was a dream, a dream she would end up waking up from before she could reach her climatic peak.

However her waking never came instead she felt his mouth glue itself against her glistening core, his tongue delving deep into the sweetness her beautiful body had to offer, pleasure burning through every nerve she had running through her body, causing her eyes to flutter open at the feel of his soft dark hair beneath her fingertips.

Another soft moan fell from her lips as she felt him ever so lightly graze his thumb over her extra sensitive nub causing involuntary shudders to dance down her spine, while his long tongue continued to delve deep into her silky warm folds, it was like she was a sweet honey filled drink that he couldn't get enough off. The intense pleasure was something that always managed to leave her walking around in some kind of daydream.

But the daydreams were inevitable when you had a smoking hot boyfriend that wasn't just talented with the python that hung between his legs but also his fingers and his tongue too.

Even when they weren't in the play room he always managed to work her body like a finely tuned instrument, playing his favourite serenade, while leaving her body quivering for more.

Her appetite for him was insatiable but his appetite for her was no different. They actually matched one another in so many varied ways but yet they had enough differences between them that made their relationship work. "Oh…fuck…Christian just there baby please." She pleaded as her thighs took on a mind of their own and encased his head between them, her euphoric ecstasy burning through her body and the flood gates opened right into his hungry mouth.

After what she considered an eternity she felt his magical lips slowly inch their way over her heaving stomach as she attempted to catch her breath. "So my little kitten, am I forgiven?" he asked huskily against her caramel skin before idly toying with each of her puffy nipples in turn.

He had spoken to her parents at length about what had happened and explained that the article they'd read was old news and his heart solely belonged to Atlanta before asking her father for his permission to marry her which he'd granted without much thought.

"I think if you give me another mind blowing orgasm like that then you will be forgiven." She said, brushing her tongue lightly over his cum covered lips, tasting her delicious juices that were still lingering on them.

She idly toyed her fingers through what she considered his fluffy hair while her hips gently worked up and down his throbbing length, causing her to get hotter for him than she had been in the past.

"I'm pretty sure that can be arranged, darling." He said flashing her a wicked smirk while easing his thick member in to her more than willing body. "I meant it when I said I was sorry though baby." He whispered, his forehead gently resting against hers.

Atlanta buried her head into the crook of his neck as her body stretched around him and her head tried not to think about their heated argument that lead to one of the most awkward proposals she'd ever heard of then allowed him to her to not the play room but their bed.

"As much as I love you Christian, shut the fuck up and finish what you started." She grinned, glancing up at him before slyly tugging on his ear lobe. Making her giggle slightly as a deep growl rumbled through his lips and his hips started to grind gently against her, keeping his thrusts slow and deliberately deep causing a high pitched torturous moan to fall from her kiss swollen lips.

Christian smirked down at her before leaning down and kissing the tip of her nose while at the same time cupping her hips and lifting her in a way that allowed him that it slightly changed their angle working him deeper into her hot slick walls, he always marvelled in how she always looked like a goddess to her and how perfect her tight walls felt wrapped around his thick girth.

The sounds he enticed from her lips was like music to his ears and knowing that he was the cause of her pleasure always heightened his own especially when they decided to take it the play room as he seemed to get off the level of trust they shared as Atlanta always willing to try new things even if it was a onetime thing.

It took every ounce of self-control that he had not to drill his length into her, tonight he wanted it to be about her pleasure and that was definitely going to happen even if it killed him as his stubborn streak wouldn't allow anything else.

He began peppering small kisses down the side of her neck making sure he timed each kiss with each of his deep thrusts. Her voice was now becoming more and more incoherent with each thrust as she became lost in the pleasure and obvious heightened lust.

Christian could slowly feel his own self-control slip away from him the more her tight heated walls pulsed around him causing his steady pace to gradually pick up in pace and force though he wasn't willing to allow their tryst to end so soon he slowly pulled himself from her body causing her to cry out in protest.

Without explaining himself he moved next to her and turned her gently so she was laying on her side with her back to him and her slender leg hooked over the crook of his arm before taking his time to re-enter her delicious warm body causing them both to moan out in frantic desire that being together brought.

"You know the rules, you're not allowed to come baby until I tell you to." Christian commanded softly into her ear, making Atlanta shiver against his strong muscular chest.

Christian smirked, nipping roughly against the back of her shoulder before slowly starting thrust hard and deep into her body, his own self-control disappearing the minute he felt his shaft pulse the minute it snuck its way back between her folds.

"Oh god Christian…so…so…close." Atlanta panted, her arm reaching behind her and brushing down the side of his handsome face she could feel her body start to tighten around but she was trying her best to control her desire to come, not wanting to left herself fall into sexual heaven until she was told to.

Granted she loved the kinky punishments Christian bestowed upon when she misbehaved and came before he told her she could but tonight she wanted it to be love making, wanted it to be a little vanilla between the sheets.

"Remember Tana don't come until I tell you to or I'll have no choice but to punish that pretty tight ass of yours." Christian growled in an animalistic fashion as his thrusts became frantic in his search for his own blissful heaven.

Atlanta was really struggling to keep her body under control as she was already ready to explode around him but it became torturous when she felt his hot husky breath lap against her ear while his thumb became playing with her highly sensitive and engorged nub.

Knowing she wouldn't last much longer and not wanting their tryst to be about kinks and domination he leaned into her ear and whispered the four words she'd been longing to hear since they changed positions.

The minute those few little words registered it took two more powerful thrusts to tip her over the edge in to euphoric bliss, their release gelling together are harmonic fashion and the bedroom being filled with sounds of their obvious delight.

"Maybe we need to have the odd fight here and there if it means we get hot make up sessions like that." Atlanta whispered, making Christian laugh as he slowly slipped his limp member from her body before tucking her softly against his chest.

"Yeah I must say I never thought make up sex would be as mind blowing as it is with you." he grinned and kissed her head softly and all too soon he went to work on making love to her all over again, he was determined that he was going to spend all night making it up to her.

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