Chapter one

Jimmy is now sixteen, He still hangs out with his friends carl and sheen. And he's still always arguing cindy. Or is it something else?.....

"Tuuu "Tuuu "Tuuu grrmmbb...Jimmy pushed his alarm clock off and looked at the was 8:00 am. He stepted out off bed and looked in the mirror. "Oh my god!" he said "I certainly need some gel."

Then he looked out the window he saw Cindy in here room brushing her hair "Stupid girl he thought, think she's smarter then me"

He lean against the window still looking at here didn't noticed he was smiling then Cindy turned her head and looked Jimmy in the eyes. Jimmy gasped and ducked under the window, but the way down he hid his head on the chair.

Cindy looked out off the window and screemed: "Neutron!!! If I catch you spying on me again I will give you a blue eye!!"

Jimmy stood up and rubbed his head *(Oeh..thats gonna leave a mark)* then screamed back "Dont be stupid!!, I wasn't spying on you I....I was looking at the birds.

"There are no birds in my room you nerd!!"

Jimmy stood there with a dumb look and then said "Oh.yeah?!!...sight* just forget about it" and walked downstairs.

Cindy turned back to here room smiling "He was looking at me" Then slapped her head "what am I thinking? It was jimmy looking at me that stupid boy who I always argue.Hmm maby I 'm getting sick?."

Jimmy grabbed his backpack and walked to the door.

Jimmy: Bye mom, bye dad.

Judy: Bye son, have a good day at school!


At school:

Sheen and carl walked up to jimmy.

Sheen: He jimmy!

Carl: He jim! Jimmy: He guys whats up?

Then cindy and libby walked by.

Sheen "Oeh..sorry jim got to check out my girl"and walked to libby and gave here a kiss.

Then jimmy's eyes went out to cindy she was wearing a pink miniskirt and a with tank top she had here hair in a ponytail "she looked beautiful" he thought. "Oh my god thid I thought that??!!"

Then carl pushed him out of his thoughts. "Jimmy what are you thinking about? I called your name four times already, your not thinking about cindy are you?"

Jimmy's face was red "No!!"he shouted "I'am not thinking about cindy why would you say a thing like that?"

"Because..."carl said" you dont fight anymore like you use to do."

"What do you mean by that?" jimmy asked with a confused face.

"Well..I catch you sometimes staring at here" "What??!! are you out off your mind!!" jimmy screamed. "Me..looking at cindy..pfff...yeah right!!" and walked into the class with a head as red as an apple.

Cindy took a chair next to jimmy, she put here backpack on the table but a pencil felt out and rolled to jimmy. Jimmy grabbed the pencil and at the same time he felt cindy's hand on his hand. He looked into here eyes and gave here the pencil. "Thanks"she said quickly turned here head around not wanted to show she was blushing.

Then a boy walked by and sit's on cindy's table. "Hi cin..what are you doing tonight?"

Cindy looked at the boy with big eyes "Oh my god thats nick I cant believe he is asking me out* Eh..nothing why?"

Nick: "I wonderd if you want to go with me to the movies tonight?" All the girls looked jealous cindy's way.

Cindy had a stupid smile on here face "s..sure nick I love to"

"Good I call you tonight!! see yeah babe" Cindy wanted to jump up and down and scream! but then she looked at neutron and felt kind of guilty.

"Why do I feel so guilty? I'ts not like I'am his girlfriend or something...."

Libby: "Yo girl whats wrong"she whisperd to cindy" Why are you looking so blue? You should be happy the popular guy from school has finally asked you out."

Cindy: "Yeah I..know.."she said with a low voice.

"Maby it's because some brownhaired guy?" cindy raised an eyebrow "what do you mean?

"Oh.come on cindy I know you, I know you like sheen knows his ultralord tapes. Just admit you like jimmy!"

"Nerdtron? I dont think so!" . Libby "Oh come on cindy I'am your best friend just tell me the truth!!" Cindy opend her mouth....

Tringgggggggggggggggg...the bell for lunch

Cindy grapped libby and went outside to a place where they could be alone.

Libby: ok girl tell me".

Cindy: "Ok look this is so hard to tell..but the last couple of months...I.." Libby : Yes?"

Cindy: "I think I fallen for neutron!!" putting here hands for here eyes of shame.

Libby: "I knew it!! she shouted and smiled"ok tell me more".

Cindy: "This morning when I was in my room brushing my hair jimmy stared at me with his goofy smile, I screamed at him but really I didn't care I liked it that he looked at me.

Libby: "Oh my god someone here is in love!!" libby winked at cindy."So what are you going to do now? prom is in 3 days, I'am going with sheen and you?

Cindy: "I dont know libby I just dont know I'am so confused...."


Jimmy sit's in the grass agaist a tree thinking.

"Yo jimmy was going on?" Sheen asked" I heard nick is going to take cindy to the prom.

"What? how is that possible?" jimmy asked surprised.

Sheen" really jimmy if you dont want to lose here you gonna have to make a move bro."

Jimmy " what am I going to do?

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