Chapter 3 gosh what was jimmy going to say? ^^ stay tuned

Jimmy: "I....I....

Then nick came and pulled Cindy out of the water.

Nick: "Gosh good for you I pulled you out or else you were stuck with neutron" he chuckled.

Cindy: "Arggg stupid nick!!" she thought "what was jimmy going to say?" But before she could say anything to jimmy nick pulled her away from the pool and on the dance floor.

Jimmy: "Dammit" he thought "I was so close!!" he climb out of the water.

Sheen walked over to jimmy "Dam Jim that was so close"

Jimmy: "Yeah" he said with a disappointed voice.

"Aha!!"sheen said smiling "so you do like cindy?"

"What??!!" he yelled because sheen caught him off guard "No! I eh....oh whats the point yeah I admit I like..vortex.

Sheen: "Hehe I knew it al along." he said smiling. "So what are you going to do now?"

Jimmy: "I don't know I think I go home"

Sheen: "But jimmy!! prom is in two days and you didn't even ask cindy now she is with mister gelhead! What if he ask here?

Jimmy: "That is here choice, see yeah sheen"

Sheen: "Oh jimmy..."he whispered "your such a coward why are you so affraid getting hurt I know cindy likes you everybody knows"

Jimmy: Yeah'? he said still with his back to sheen"If she likes me so much why is she dancing with nick then?

Sheen didn't answer and jimmy went home.

Cindy still dancing with nick. When is this guy going to let go off my hand? She looked at nick "To much gel" she thought. "He wasn't that cute at all, ok he looked hot but the rest!! He was such a show-off he thinks he's the prettiest boy in the world. And the ten minutes we stand here dancing he looked five times to other girls no he couldn't competit with jimmy.

"Sorry nick I must talk to somebody see yeah later ok!" she walked away.

Before nick could answer cindy's spott were taken by a nother girl and nick danced with here. Cindy walked to sheen who was having a talk with libby about jimmy.

Cindy: "He sheen where is jimmy"

Sheen: "Ehh..he went home he didn't feel so good"

Cindy: "Oh..ok"

Then sheen gets a great idea.

Sheen: "Oh..yeah but he said he wanted to talk with you about something so he asked if you wanted to come to his house this evening."

Cindy: "Hmm..thnx sheen " She walked away thinking yes maby he's going to ask me.

Libby: "You liar!!" libby yelled" jimmy didn't say that at all, and if he hurt cindy I'am going to blame it on you!!"

Sheen: "Relax babe I know my buddy he's gonna do fine, and you know even better his parents aren't home tonight" winked at libby"

Libby went red "Sheen you pervert!!" I hope your right.

Sheen smiled with an evil look on his face "hehe jimmy it's up to you now"


Evening at jimmy's house.

Jimmy: "Bye mom bye dad, have a great time!!"

Dad/mom: "Bye son dont wait up for us"

"Finally he thought. he went up to his room and lay on his bed thinking of the pool party thinking of cindy standing so close to him with only here bikini on she.."Oh god I need a cold shower" He jumped of his bed and went to the shower."

Cindy was in here room changing "Oei should I were this or this one, no the pink one is better oh what am I doing she sat on her bed. He just wanted to talk to me and invited to his house it's not a date or something oh..

Finally she had picket a outfit she choose a short black skirt and a white top showing here shoulders. Normally she won't were make up but this time she had a little bit of lipstick and some rogue. She had black eyeliner on it looked beautiful on here.

She was ready but why was she so nervous?

She walked to jimmy's house she was so nervous it took here ten minutes to ring the doorbell.

"Oh Damn!" He thought "just when I'm taking a shower" goddard!! go downstairs and look who it is would you"

The robot dog barked and goes downstairs.

He opened the door and saw cindy.

Cindy expected to see one of jimmy's parents not some stupid robotic dog.

Ehh..hi? she said to the dog I come for jimmy"

Scanning" the dog said scanning...scanning complete cindy vortex. next door girl. Jimmy is upstairs the dog said and closed the door and went to the kitchen.

Cindy: "ehh...ok "she said and walked upstairs.

Hmm..maby it was a salesman" jimmy thought" If it was an stranger goddard will scared them off. He stepped out of the shower and putt the towel round his waist and walked into his room. He grapped a paper and sat behinds his desk. on the paper were some for mules "yeah "he said "if I put one here and the other one there the machine must work"

Cindy walked to jimmy's and knocked on it "jimmy are you here?" and opened the door.

Jimmy heard something walking to his room "It must be goddard he thought" but then he heard a girls voice he stood up and saw cindy entering his room.

Cindy was shocked seeing jimmy only wearing a towel.

Jimmy's eyes went big seeing cindy stand in his room, then he remembered he was only wearing a blanket he turned red as a tomato.

" gosh!! I' am so sorry!!"Cindy said closing the door and leaning on it here head was also as red as jimmy's.

After three minutes the door was opened and cindy felt because she was leaning on the door she felt on the ground and looked above she saw jimmy looking strange at here. He was now wearing a pants.

"Why are you here vortex?" jimmy said not wanted to show here his happines because she came to visit here. He offered his hand to here and pulled here up.

"Why I'am here? she asked confuse you ask me didn't you?

"I ask you??" jimmy said even more confused.

"Yeah sheen said you wanted to ask me something and if i wanted to come to your house"

"Damn you ultra geek!! he mumbled in his self"

"What did you say?" cindy ask.

" you want something? soda perhaps?

Cindy: "No thanks"

But for she could refuse goddard came into the room with some soda."

Eh..thnx goddard jimmy said grabbing the soda and drunk it up.

Cindy grabbed the soda"So what did you wanted to tell me"

Eh..."jimmy said with a nervous face..I eh. Then suddenly the lights when off.

"What happend?" cindy said a little bit scared.

Hmm...goddard?" jimmy said

Goddard" Scanning the house problem found in the lab.


Carl: "Are you sure this is going te work sheen?"

Sheen: "Offcours it's going to work carl if we want some romantic between those two we must help them."

Carl: "but what wil turning off the lights help?"

Sheen:"Oh..dont you watch any romatic videos?"

Carl" no!! do you??"

Sheen:" Ehh..NO! libby forced me once to go to the movies with here, but anyway in the dark there will always be some extra chance to make a move get it?

Carl: "I get it....I think"

sheen: 'Oh..listen carl we want jimmy to step over his shyness so maby tonight he will kiss cindy."

carl:" Oh now I get it.

sheen: 'great sheen said "rolling his eyes" So about 15 minutes we turn the lights back on now lets go, utralord is on TV."


It begone to rain they could hear the thunder.

"So let's go the lab, wanna come vortex? or are you afraid?" he said with a smile.

Cindy: "NO I'am not afraid she said but eh..I don't want to stay here either" She walked downstairs.: "

jimmy smiled: "Follow the lady goddard" he took a blouse to cover himself up.

They walked to the lab jimmy opened the door'.

"So is the rule still no girls allowed?" cindy asked with a giggle.

"Not anymore" he said with a smile that cindy coud melt.

The walked in the lab "goddard!!" go outside and see if you can find any broken dreads."

The dog barked and went outside.

Jimmy turned to his machine trying to get it open.

They were both wet because of the rain.

"So " cindy said walking to jimmy "you still haven't told me what you wanted to ask"

she stood so close to jimmy the light of the window shined on them. She could see sweat forming on his forehead.

He looked here in the eyes: "you look very beautiful tonight" he said

"thnx she said blushing.

Cindy stands so close to jimmy she could here him breath intense.

"Something wrong jimmy? she said with a innocent smile like she didn't know what was wrong with him.

"No I' am fine" he said

Then he looked at cindy's top the rain had made it transparent, and she hasn't noticed. He was getting warmer by the minute. It didn't matter the rain was cold because of the sun that day it had made the lab hot.

"Dammit he thought not now, not here!!" he could feel a bump rising in his pants. He blushed like a madman just hoping cindy didn't saw it.

"Ok stay cool now remember what dad say if it happens just think of birds, flowers, the sun he closed his eyes"

"Are you sure your fine?" cindy said putting her hand on his shoulder.

Jimmy opend his eyes "Oh my gos she's touching me thank god the lights are out"

Yes I'am fine" he said what about you aren't you cold? he looked at here top.

Now I'am fine"cindy smiled but jimmy kept looking at here top.

hmm..she thought she looked at her top and saw it was transparent.

Ah..!!"cindy said crossing her arms fore here top, maby I' am a little bit cold she said blushing.

Jimmy awake from his gaze " he took of his blouse and gave it to cindy.

Thnx" she said feeling ashamed. So what did you wanted to ask me.

Eh.."jimmy swallowed. ehh..I was wondering are you going with someone to the prom? has anyone ask you?

Cindy: 'eh..well today nick asked me.

Jimmy lay on the floor trying to open something from underneath the machine.

"Wow he said!"

Cindy confused: "what did you say?"

Jimmy: "I mean thats cool isn't that what you always wanted to date the popular guy tsss.. (then getting mad thinking she had said yes to nick) you two are perfect for each other you both have a big mouth and you both think you're the prettiest of school.

Cindy didn't expect that and exploded. "What!! she screamed I dont think I'am the prettiest girl at school and I don't have a big mouth!!"she screamed.

"And for your information I said no to him!"she walked away mad

then she stopped and turned around: "Oh nerdtron you are such a dork!" walking towards him have you got any id..but for she could finished her words she tripped and felt on jimmy. Landing between his legs with her head an hands on his chest.

Cindy didn't move for a couple of seconds then jimmy felt her body trembling. He took her face and looked into it. He could see tears in here eyes.

"Cindy" Jimmy asked "are you allright?"

"You..stupid boy" she said with a trembling voice" Don't you get it that I like you, I thought you was going to ask me to the prom but you don't even care if I went with nick I hate you neutron!! I hate you she yelled. but for she could say it again she was kissed by jimmy first she was fighting against it but then she felt weak and let it just go. His lips were so soft so tender.

"You..stupid boy" she said with a trembling voice" Don't you get it that i like you, i thought you was going to ask me to the prom but you don't even care if I went with nick I hate you neutron!! I hate you!, then he kissed here maby it wasn't the right time or place but he couldn't think of anything else but kissing here. Here lips were so soft she tasted so good. She was fighting against it but now jimmy had here he was not planning to let here go. He took of here blouse and threw it next to him he pulled here on his lab.

He kissed her shoulders softly.

Her hands going true his hair as his hands exploring her top he went under it trying to open her bra. god!" Cindy thought is this really happening? Then she heard him whisper I'am sorry for everything I said you to.."

"There!! he finally said it he liked cindy vortex!!!!!"

There lips meet again and this time there tongue also.

Jimmy took cindy and placed her under him he took his hand and explore her body he kissed here again .

Cindy felt so hot it wasn't because of the lab but because of jimmy she kissed him back

and then suddenly the light went on and they heard a couple of voices.


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