Howdy, this is my first Supernatural fan-fiction, so I hope you guys enjoy it. Just an extra note, the most part of this story (as of now) will be set around the episodes of Seasons 1-5. Some of the episode plots might come before others, unless they're the ones which involve the big plot points. I hope you like it!


It was November 2nd, 1983. Mary's eyes fluttered open to the familiar sound of her twin babies crying over the baby monitor. She sighed and rubbed her eyes in an attempt to wake herself up. Mary looked over to the other side of the bed to see if her Husband was there; but he wasn't. Knowing John often stayed up late to watch night-time television, she brushed it off. She eventually found it in herself to get herself off of her warm bed and walk two doors down to the room in which her two 6-month-olds slept. She was relieved when she saw what she presumed to be her husband, John, standing over the two cribs and hushing the two twins; Dakota and Sam. She smiled to herself when she saw how good John seemed to be with the kids and walked back to her bedroom. On the way to the bedroom, she passed the family's living room. She gave a meaningless glance into the room as she walked past. She could have sworn that someone was there. She walked back to the doorway to see John fast asleep on the chair. Panic set in as she bolted back down to Dakota and Sam's room. Realization set in that the man she thought was John comforting her children in their room was not him at all sent her flying into the room after letting out a horrified shriek. John woke with a jolt at his Wife's scream. "Mary!?" He yelled, "Mary!?". He ran towards the sound to see that no one was in the room. He sighed in relief; it was just a dream. He smiled as he walked towards the two cribs in which his newly born son and daughter slept. "Hey Sammy and Koda" he smiled, "What are you two doing awake?". He brushed Sam's hair out of his eyes when he felt a slight drop on his hand. Thinking it was a leaking roof he went to brush of the water; but it was red. It was blood. His eyes moved towards the ceiling and to his horror, he saw his wife, pinned to the ceiling and bleeding. He stumbled back and fell to the ground as Mary suddenly combusted into flames. Her screams were both deafening and silent at the same time. Dean, their other son ran into the room, confused. "Dean, take Sam and Dakota." He yelled, forcing the two bundled up babies into his young son's grip, "Go Dean, Go!".

҉ THEN ҉

A lot had happened since the November 2nd night, back in 1983. While Sam and Dakota grew up never truly knowing who their mother was, Dean barred the weight of knowing the truth to her death; monsters. After Mary died, John vowed to hunt whatever supernatural entity was responsible for her demise. They constantly moved from town to town as their Father tracked it down and stopped anything that came in the way of that. When Sam and Dakota had just turned seventeen, and Dean being 21, John faced another loss. One night, while John was out on a hunt, Dean was ordered to stay home and look after Sam who was sick at the time, they were attacked. While John never found out what son-of-a-bitch did the deed, he vowed to track it down along with whatever killed his wife. The 'beast' as Sam described it found its way into the house and wreaked havoc. Dakota was killed in the attack after being slammed into a wall by the beastly figure. Upon John's arrival, and his extensive disappointment in his boys, he made a deal with a demon. This deal consisted of bringing back his daughter. The demon, however, not wanting to deal with him without compromise, added in that with bringing Dakota back to life, she would be stuck in an age-time-loop. While Sam and Dean grew up, she would forever stay 17, and upon that, would suffer semi-symptoms from her fatal injuries in her new life, such as Asthma resulting from a collapsed lung, or intense headaches from a cracked skull. Dakota, being a healthy kid, had to face a new life of never reaching goals past her age and had to face medical instability alongside it. For John, however, he saw the medical expenses and time-looped daughter as a much better alternative to a dead daughter, and shook hands with the demon. Though, he knew deep down that this deal would end up being a part of something big in the future; something that would directly affect Dakota and his boys. The deal was, in a sense, too good to be true. He would have Dakota back, and his guilt would be gone. After Sam and Dean continued to grow up, Dakota didn't. They still celebrated Dakota's birthday along with Sam's every year, but along with the birthdays, Dean had to extensively make up fake birth records to correspond to her new birth year. Along with that also came her Brother's nicknames; Tator Tot, Shrimp, Kiddo, Ducky. The whole shaboodle. Though, Dakota's forever-young appearance wasn't all bad; especially for hunts. On the occasion that a school was involved in a hunt, Dakota could simply enroll for a few weeks and give insider information to her brothers. Sometimes there would be a certain demon or what-not that would specifically go after younger people, and for that, Dakota was an easy target to set up for a trap. But none-the-less, when the deal was made, Dakota was on the wrong end of the deal. Something was yet to come; unbeknownst to her brothers. In 2006, John, the Winchester father, died. For the second time in his life, he made a deal with a demon to save one of his children; this time being Dean. Thus, he handed over his life to Dean. Things changed a lot for here.

This was pretty much an intro; to sort of explain the whole situation of Dakota. Hopefully it made sense! I haven't written in quite some time, so I might be rough around the edges until I get used to it again. Anyway, if you're reading, I'd love for you to comment if you like it!