Chapter [3]

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"I think I've got something," Sam informed Dean and I as he sat vigorously typing away, "Columbus, Ohio; Kids at a Summer Camp have been complaining about blood-curdling screams coming from the forest near the cabins. Every time they get someone to check it out, nothings found. Apparently, some kid went in as a dare and hasn't come back out". Sam looked up from the screen and back at us, looking for our opinions.

"Sounds promising," Dean said as he stood himself up from his chair, "Any other complaints by the kids, sulphur, apparitions? Sam shook his head, "Nothing like that," He added, "Apart from the screaming the camp seems pretty normal."

"Has anything tragic happened there before?" I asked Sam, "Anything you think might be tying the thing to the place?"

"Not that I can find." Sam shrugged, "Like I said, just your normal Summer Camp."

I sat in the back of the Impala flipping through Dad's journal. The car journey was bumpy and rough. "Got anything?" Dean asked, quickly looking over his shoulder at me. "No, not really." I shrugged, "Maybe a Wendigo?"

Sam shook his head, "I don't think this is a Wendigo. Something seems different about it". I nodded and kept flicking through the book, "Maybe something similar to a Wendigo, just not..." Sam added, stopping to think. "As Human?" Dean finished. Sam nodded.

"What about a Leshy?" I asked. "They live in forests and shape-shift. Apparently, these guys can shape-shift from anything. A blade of grass, a huge tree, even people." I explained, reading of the pages, "They're known to lead people into the forest and in

their caves by asking for help, or shouting their names. Sometimes even in familiar voices." I added. I flipped the page, "Some folklores have claimed that the Leshy even brings kids into the cave to share them with, something called the…Chort?"

"Ugh," Dean sighed, "I've heard of those things. They basically deal makers, demons, that kind of stuff. Trick people into selling their soul for their most wanted item. Then they just send them right to Hell."

"Geez" Sam said, "Do you think that's what it is?" He asked. "Could be," Dean replied, "Kids are way more inclined to follow a voice into the woods, and then make decisions like selling their soul. Chort's also shape-shift. Which adds a whole 'nother level to this hunt.

"Well I guess there's one way to work out if this is what we're dealing with," Sam said. Dean started to drive a bit faster.

"What's the plan" I asked.

"Dean's going to go in as an FBI investigator," Sam said, "Work some things out."

"What about us?" I asked. Sam quickly added, "I'm going to be going in as a camp-counsellor, I can get a more inside look at things and I'll be able to get Dean in at night time. And as for you," Sam said, "You're gonna be a camper."

"Aw man," I sighed, "Summer Camps suck."

"You've never been to a Summer Camp, Dakota." Sam smirked, "Anyway, we need you to ask around, see what the rumours are about this screaming. Some kids might even have some stories that have been passed down through generations."

"Like Ghost stories?" I laughed. "You never know," Sam said, "Now put this on" He said, throwing me a green t-shirt. "Camp Sundown?" I asked. "Look what I have to wear." He said. He held up a shirt that read 'I'm here to help! I'm your Summer Buddy!'. I laughed, "It's not too bad, Buddy". Sam rolled his eyes.

"All done," Dean said, he threw some papers together, "These are your applications to the camp, Dakota, don't lose them". He handed them over to me, "I told them you're a week late because of family issues. You're all set to go"

"Nice" I said, "When do we start?"


"Welcome to Camp Sundown!" Someone shouted, grinning from ear to ear, "Home of the Pine Tree!". The lady looked like the Camp director, and overly cheerful one at that. "But Pine-Trees are everywhere," I said, "Aren't they-".

"Now, now!" She cut in, "Let's get you to your cabin!". She walked me over to a splinter filled wooden cabin. The windows were glowing from the light inside. Sam had already walked off to the Counsellor Cabins, and Dean had asked some questions about the disappearances. The lady told me goodbye and what time I had to be up. Six in the morning. I opened the cabin and was greeted by a few girls my age.

"Hey!" One of them smiled, "You must be Dakota, right?". I nodded, "Yeah," I added, "That's me". I dropped my bag down on the spare bed and sat down next to it. "I didn't know you lived in the area," One of them said, "What school do you go to?".

"Uh," I started, "I just moved here. My Dad's in the military. We move around a lot." I lied, "Probably won't stay that long, though". The girl nodded. "They're roasting marshmallows by the fire," She added, "We're all about to go down if you want to join us." She said. "Sure," I replied, "Sounds good".

We made our way down to the campfire and sat on logs around it. Sam walked over with a couple of counsellors behind him and sat down next to me. "Found anything?" He asked me quietly. I shook my head, "Nothing, yet." I told him, "What about you?". He shrugged. "Dean's coming in at around midnight. The counsellors have to be in their cabins by eleven and you guys have to be asleep by nine. Hopefully the place will be quiet."

"Sounds good, where are we meeting?" I asked Sam, who was handed the bag of marshmallows. He handed them to me and I grabbed a couple, and passed them along. "Want to meet back here?" He suggested. I nodded, not being able to talk because of the marshmallows chunking up my mouth.

Eventually, the night came to a close. I pretended to go to sleep along with everyone else and kept a close eye on the time. When it was around midnight, I hopped out of bed and grabbed the flashlight. "W-Where are you going?" One of the girls asked. "Uhhhh," I quickly though, "Bathroom". I closed the door behind me and switched on the light. I tried to follow the dust trail back to the campfire and eventually got taken back to it. I kicked around in the dust, waiting for Dean and Sam, who hadn't found their way here yet, I guess. "Boo!" Dean yelled in my ear, grabbing me by the shoulders. "Shit, Dean!" I jumped, "What the hell?". He laughed, "Got ya good, huh?" He smirked. He turned his head at the sound of Sam walking towards us. "You guys ready?" He asked, "Let's go find this thing."

The sounds of the leaves breaking under my feet filled the silence of the woods. Dean, Sam and I shone our flashlights around. "Shhh, Shhh." Sam hushed, pulling me behind a bush. Dean crouched down next to us. We peered over the top of the bush to see a group of kids with their own flashlights.

"Guys, I want to go back to the Cabin" One of them said, "Please?"

"Don't be such a wuss" One of them replied, "It's probably just a prank, I doubt anythings out her-". The sound of a blood-curdling shriek filled the woods. I jumped. "That sounds like…" One of the kids said, "It sounds like Danielle". Sam looked over at Dean who nodded, "That's the one who went missing". The group of kids all faced the direction of the scream, "We've got to go and check" One of them suggested, "We've got to go save them". The group was torn on what to do. Some of them were already running back out and a couple others stayed in place. Dean turned around to us, meeting us in a huddle.

"We've got to get to this son of a bitch before they do," He told us, "I think it's coming from over there." He pointed deeper into the woods. "Guys," I whispered. "Guys". Sam and Dean turned to me. "They've gone off". The group of kids had followed the scream while we were talking. "God Damn it!" Dean grunted as we stood up. We quickly made our way to the direction of the scream, preparing ourselves. Dean had an iron-axe in his hand and his gun in the other. I held my gun close to me and Sam was welding an iron knife and had a smaller gun attached to his belt. I think we were pretty prepared. I mean, I hope we are.

We eventually made it to a dark cave structure. The ground was wet and slippery and smelt like dead leaves. "You think they went in here?" I asked. Sam nodded and pointed to the faint light from flashlights emitting from the cave. "Chorts live in caves. I'm guessing the Leshy would invite them in."

We slowly made our way into the cave, trying to avoid the areas were droplets of water were falling from the roof of the cave. We suddenly heard the kids begin to scream, and before we knew it, they came running towards us. "Get out of here!" One of the screamed, "We saw a body! And-And…". Sam hushed them, "We need you to run and don't look back. Make sure you get back to your cabin and wait there."

"But our friend, they're still in there. With this…this man?" She puffed. Dean looked over at Sam and I. Sam gave the kids a slight push to send them on their way, then followed Dean and I and walked into the cave. We turned a few corners to see one of the kids from the group, who'd been skeptical, standing in front of a long, slender man. Sam and I readied our guns, which sent the cocking noise echoing through the cave. The man quickly snapped his head to face us. It quickly bounced away, breaking the kid from a trance. "What, what the shit?" The kids stuttered. "Go, Kid!" Dean yelled, "Get back to the cabin".

"But he offered me that new gaming console!" The Kid spoke back. Dean sighed, "Look, it's not worth it". The kid rolled his eyes and quickly got out of the cave, leaving us alone. The cave was quiet, except the sound of water dripping from the ceiling. Dean slowly pulled Ruby's knife out and armed himself. He knew the Leshy had done it's business for the time being, and that we we're now stuck with the Chort. Something grabbed me from the back, sending me onto the hard ground a few feet away. "Dakota!" Sam gasped, as he ran over. Dean quickly ran towards the Chort, who was now standing somewhere around me. "I'm fine, Sammy" I said, as he helped me up. I picked up my gun and tried to locate where Dean had run to. My torch had rolled somewhere and turned off in the process, so we were only illuminated by Sam's flashlight. "Over here!" Dean yelled, "Need some help!". Sam and I followed the voice to see the Chort with a large, devilish grin painted across it's face. It was holding Dean up against the wall. Then it spoke.

"I know what, you want, Dean Winchester." It growled. It's voice was croaky and hungry. "How about I give you back that gun, hmm? The Colt? I could get that for you. Yes, yes I could". It turned to Sam. "How about you, Sammy? How about Lilith? Do you want her dead? Or how about Jessica? I could bring her back?". Sam looked furious. Like he was about to dive at it and kill it with his bare hands. Then it turned to me. "I know what you want, Dakota. You want to know about that deal that Daddy made to bring you back. What extra bonus it had attached to it, don't you? Well I can tell you, yes I can. You're in for something big, Dakota. Something horrific, something evil. You won't be who you are anymore. You're filthy brothers will have no choice but to rip out your lungs and send you to hell. To burn, just like your Mother". I now was feeling the same way as Sam, furious. Dean sneakily threw the knife to Sam, then distracted the Chort by kicking him in the knee. Sam grabbed the knife and ran up to the Chort, aiming the knife directly into it's back, twisting it a few times. It began to glow the familiar colour, before sinking to the ground. Sam puffed. "Now we just got the Leshy." Dean said, "Let's go". The Leshy was huddled in the corner, now portraying a small kid. "Please don't hurt me." It cried, "I've been stuck in here for ages, with that…that monster!". Dean stopped for a second, thinking. "Dean, you know that's not a kid." Sam warned. Dean breathed in and began to walk towards it, axe in hand. "No!" It cried, "No! Don't hurt me!". Then it stopped crying, giving a menacing grin. "Kill me, Dean." It growled, "I dare you". Dean swung the axe back. "You asked for it!" He yelled, throwing the axe into it's neck, beheading it in an instant. Dean huffed and puffed, throwing the axe on the ground. "I think we did well…" He said.

After we cleaned up the cave, we made our way back to the camp, making up a excuse to why we were now leaving so suddenly. We made it to the Impala and made ourselves comfortable. We were all quiet. I knew they were thinking about what the Chort had told me. What vague information it gave me. "Dakota…" Sam broke the silence, "About what the Chort said to you…". I looked down at the floor. "Don't listen to that Son of a Bitch, Kid." Dean added, "Doesn't matter what happens, we're not killing you". I thought for a while. "What if it was right? What if I'm gonna turn evil, what if I kill one of you? What if I kill someone else? Dad knew that something was attached to the deal". Dean turned back to me. "Listen here." He said, "Nothing is going to happen to you. Nothing is going to happen to Sam or me, either". Sam nodded. I sighed. "Why would it say that then? It only offers what we want. I want to know what the deal was and it told me!" I explained, "Dean. Something gonna happen and if I start killing people, if I'm not me anymore. You guys are gonna have to kill me".

"Dakota!" Sam said, "We aren't killing you. We're not sending you to hell either. Everything will be okay. We'll make sure of that. We wouldn't let anything happen to you and you know it."

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