Making Up Is Always Best

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Violet brushed away her tired tears as she watched her handsome husband pace in front of her in agitated frustration, yet again they were having their usual argument and yet again she was sat with tears in her eyes and all because she was trying to explain how she was feeling.

"Baby, I'm not saying that I don't trust you. I've never and would never say that. Hell I trust you with my life but what I'm trying to say to you is that I don't trust her intentions. To be honest I've never trusted her." Violet explained softly while using the tips of her fingers to brush away her tears.

The hormone fuelled part of her brain couldn't blame him for wanting to take on the storyline after all Eva Marie was a beautiful red hair with a figure and boobs that even had Violet envious but the other part of her brain and deep down in her heart knew that he was only doing it because he didn't have a choice and ultimately it was his job.

Ever since her pregnancy had hit the six month mark her hormones had taken over and raised so many insecurities that she never even dreamed about before but what made it worse in Violet's eyes was that Fergal refused to be near her intimately despite her many attempts, in a strange way she felt like she was losing her husband.

Fergal could feel his normally mild mannered temper get the better of him he had tried no end of times to try and understand where his wife was coming from but he'd noticed that she'd changed and she wasn't really the woman he fell in love with, Christ he still loved her Violet, the mother of his unborn child was the love of his life but he couldn't keep fighting with her like this.

"How many times do we have to fucking do this Violet? Nothing is going to happen between me and Eva Marie, it's just a storyline. I can't keep doing this, I love no one but fucking you but since you fell pregnant you've changed and obviously now my love for you isn't enough anymore."

Fergal shook his head and walked off the bus before he said something he wouldn't be able to take back. Deep down he knew that his beautiful wife's insecurities were down to her hormones but that didn't make it any easier to deal with but now he was at a loss on how to reassure her because it was the same argument every other day and all he had to do was stand by another woman and Violet instantly jumped to the wrong conclusion.

Blowing out a tired breath he made his way into the arena as much as his private life was troubling him, work turned out to be the perfect distraction even if he knew the problems would still be there after he'd finished.

Violet swallowed hard as she heard the bus doors close, Fergal had begged her to come on the road with him for a couple of weeks before she could no longer travel and now she wished she'd stayed at home that way then she would be ignorant to the storyline as she was so busy with baby preparations that she didn't have time to watch Raw or Smackdown.

She slowly got to her feet and made her way to the back of the bus, curling herself on the bed the best she could. After every single argument she knew that she was being irrational but she couldn't help it, she knew Eva's reputation as well as anyone and she feared that Fergal would no longer want to come home or be close to her and now she had pretty much made that fear closer to a reality.

She grabbed his pillow and clutched it tight to her chest hoping it would offer her some form of comfort as the tears began to fall all over again, why did she have to have such an emotional pregnancy everyone else she knew had, had a pretty straightforward and enjoyable pregnancy well she knew that her best friend could relate to her situation but that didn't make it any easier.

"Angelu? Are you here?" Violet sobbed harder and clutched the pillow tighter against her chest at the sound of her brother's concerned voice, the last thing she wanted was for her big brother to blame Fergal for their latest fight when in reality it was her fault.

Joe and Millie had accidently bumped into a frustrated Fergal as he stormed into the arena and with Millie being a little more diplomatic she talked to him about what had happened, leaving them both concerned for Violet though in typical fashion Millie could sympathise with both sides.

It was obvious to both Millie and Joe that Fergal wanted nothing more than to be close and intimate with his wife just like Joe had been during Millie's pregnancy but just like Joe had been Fergal was scared of hurting either of them but in turn that left Violet feeling terrified that he was going to end up leaving her for someone else because he didn't find her attractive any more.

Millie knew first-hand what crazy hormones felt like as she had suffered terribly with them during her own pregnancy to the point Joe had left and moved back home for a few weeks as she used to accuse him off allsorts but once their son, Louis was born everything seemed to go back to normal and it was like nothing happened the younger McMahon just prayed that would be the case for her best friends.

Joe felt his heart break at the sight of his baby sister curled up in the bed heartbroken, "Come on, angelu. Let's get you cleaned up huh?" Joe suggested softly, his large hands gently stroking over her long silky black curls.

The last time Fergal had been on the road on his own Joe and Millie had taken him out to dinner and attempted to explain Violet's situation and why she had behaved the way she had though neither Millie or Joe were completely sure that the Irishman fully understood where they were coming from but he'd listened to them none the less and without complaint.

Violet hiccupped softly as she allowed Joe to help her up into a sitting position. "I've finally drove him away, he's not going to want me once this storyline starts." She sobbed as Joe tucked his little sister gently against his chest, not caring that she was getting his shirt wet.

Millie sadly glanced at her best friend and kissed the side of her head before leaving the siblings alone and going to make them something warm to drink, it was a trick her mother always used to pull out whenever someone stopped by that needed to get things off their chest.

Millie's big heart was really going out to her closest friends at the moment she knew first-hand the pain Violet was going through though she feared that if things continued on the way they were then their beautiful little princess would be making an entrance into the world a lot sooner than was planned.

Joe kissed Violet's head softly. "Angelu, he loves you more than anything that's pretty obvious to anyone that sees you both together but right now he's scared. He wants nothing more than to get close to you but he's scared of hurting your little princess." He explained softly. "I promise you that he's not interested in anyone but the both of you." Joe whispered as he lightly stroked her belly in a way he knew soothed her. "It's always going to be you Vi, even when you're not on the road with him he doesn't look at anyone else and even if we manage to drag him out with us he just sits there talking about you."

Joe was the typical overprotective big brother and had been extremely weary when Fergal and Violet had started dating leading to 'the big dog' watching them closely watching them grow into what they were now and it wasn't until Violet's wedding day did he realise that Fergal was the right man to take care of the youngest girl in his family.

Violet really wanted to believe her brother but she couldn't no matter how hard she tried she couldn't accept that was the case. "He's going to leave because I've royally fucked up and finally pushed him away." The former Anoa'i sobbed into her brother's chest.

In reality it wasn't about the storyline but it was the fact that she knew eventually he would walk out the door and never look back, she feared that she would have to raise their daughter alone and now she had pushed him past the line they swore they would never cross, they no longer talked through their fears and pain instead they fought because she couldn't accept what he was telling her.

She was struggling it wasn't just fears of Fergal leaving her that plagued her but every time she caught her reflection in the mirror she felt sick at what she saw, she felt ugly and disgusting and that heightened her insecurities all the more.

"Baby girl, we're going to fix this but first you need to drink this and try to relax for madam's sake." Millie smiled warmly at her best friend as she handed her a mug of cream tea, the key to Violet's mood swings if only she'd had chance to tell Fergal before everything blew up.

Millie however was now left praying that Fergal didn't do something stupid out of anger and frustration because she knew just like with herself and Joe they could fix it. It would just take a bit of time.

Violet chuckled softly as she handed her mug to Joe before slowly getting to her feet and following Millie out into the main part of the bus, waddling over to the comfy couch and settled herself upon it before accepting her mug back.

As she sipped at the warm creamy liquid she observed a bright twinkle in her best friend's eyes as she looked around and drank in her surroundings. Cream tea was the only craving she had and it was one that always managed to sooth every single emotion she felt even when she felt like her world was falling apart it allowed her to relax slightly and think about it properly.

"What's going through your head to get those pretty blue eyes of yours twinkling madam?" Violet asked as she watched Millie with a small smile. "You already have two gorgeous babies and a hunk on your arm so it can't be that."

Violet knew that she would have to try and make things right with Fergal, granted she wasn't sure how she was going to do it but at the moment she was more than happy to have the distraction.

Millie turned to face Joe with a grin on her face. "Do you think Jon and Colby would be up for getting a bus?" She asked softly, making Violet chuckle she knew that her best friend was dying to have her adorable children on the road with her as it was killing her not seeing them for the long periods she was on the road.

Glancing at Joe Violet could tell that he'd already started sorting things out as he had his usual smirk on his handsome face, she also knew that her brother would do anything to make Millie happy though she knew he was also missing his children.

That thought made her wonder what things would be like when her little princess decided to grace them with her presences. Right now she wasn't sure how she was going to cope not being able to be on the road with Fergal as much as she was used to however with the way things currently were she wasn't even sure she even had a marriage.

"Fergal and Randy have already sorted one out for us and there's plenty of room for the kids as well as Jon and Colby so it won't too crowded." Joe grinned as he gently reached out and pulled an excited Millie into his lap.

Violet instantly felt jealousy pool in her rounded stomach at the sight of what her brother and best friend shared and it broke her heart as she and Fergal used to be like that once but every time she attempted to tell him how she was feeling it always ended in arguments, especially these days.

Millie noticed the pain on her best friends pretty face, sharing a quick kiss with Joe she moved in beside Violet at least now she would have the chance to express the way she was feeling without risking a full blown argument. Violet sniffed back the tears, she'd cried enough already that evening and snuggled into Millie's side the younger woman instantly wrapping her small arms around her.

"Let it all out, baby girl." Millie encouraged softly, her fingers soothingly stroking her through her hair praying it would help calm her pregnant friend enough that it wouldn't cause further complications. She stole a glance at Joe with a questioning look on her face as both of them tried to figure out the best way to help rebuild the couple before it was too late to fix things. "Come on why don't we go find Fergal so that you can talk it out with him before this festers into something more?" Millie suggested as an idea came to her.

She gently pushed Violet away from her and kissed her forehead comfortingly before using her slender fingers to brush away Violet's streaming tears she was determined to help her best friend in the way she had helped when her when she needed her the most.

Millie stole a quick kiss from her man before gently pulled her friend to her feet before guiding her to the back of the bus and into the bedroom. "Millie, what are you up to?" Violet asked with curiosity in her voice as she sat down on the bed while her best friend rummaged through her belongings like she knew what she was looking for.

Millie glanced over her shoulder and grinned. "You'll have to wait and see, baby girl." She said with a mischievous grin before turning back to her task at hand and pulled out the items she was looking for.

Violet watching on in curiosity to what Millie was up to she had a faint idea and it made her stomach summersault in anticipation though it also filled her with slight fear at Fergal's possible rejection.

Fergal blew out a breath as he walked into catering and went to grab something to eat, he knew that everything that was currently going on boiled down to Violet's hormones and prayed that once their precious daughter came into the world things would go back to the way they were.

In all honesty he hated the idea of his new storyline with Eva and had tried several times to get out of it knowing that it would not only make him feel uncomfortable but also Violet but they wouldn't let him just because it was what Vince wanted.

Fergal grabbed his food and went to take a seat at one of the empty tables at the back of the room hoping that people would leave him in the room as he wasn't in the mood to be social.

"What's got you so stressed out today?" Fergal looked up from his plate and sighed, slumping back in his seat as looked across the table at the other two members of the Shield and forced a smile on to his face.

He knew that despite being considerably close to Joe, Good and Lopez had no idea about what had just gone off as it looked as though they'd just arrived at the arena but at the same time he considered the pair of them really good friends.

"I'm guessing that you had yet another row with your lovely wife?" Jon asked as he leaned back in his seat with his hands resting behind his head while observing Fergal with a slightly scrutinising gaze.

He knew Fergal well enough to know that he wasn't his usual self and knew from past conversations what had been going on between him and Violet and that they were both have a rough time of it lately and if he was to place a bet on what caused the latest argument he would put his money on Fergal's latest storyline.

Pretty much everyone in the locker room really felt for Fergal at the moment as they all knew that Eva was a master manipulator not to mention a man whore if it meant she would get what she wanted but what did the roster expect she had learnt from one of the best having spent a lot of time with Summer Ray while they were on the road and the blonde bimbo was certainly the queen bee of giving head.

"How did you guess?" Fergal sighed as he pushed his plate of uneaten food away from him. Colby had never in all the time he'd known him including the times they'd wrestled on the Indy scene together seen him look so dejected and defeated and he wondered if this latest argument was the one that could possibly make or break the normally loved up couple.

"Well honestly you only ever look this deflated and somewhat lost when you've had an argument with Vi." Jon explained as Colby nodded. Fergal sighed as he ran a hand over his face before glancing between the two men.

Fergal wasn't surprised when he'd invited them to a house warming and found that he'd had a lot in common with all three of the Shield members to the point they always hung out together while they were on the road.

By inviting Joe he'd also gained his very beautiful and amazing wife, a women he knew that despite how frustrated and annoyed he was with Violet at the moment he really couldn't live without her.

"Devitt get your fucking ass out here right now and comfort your wife while I try stopping my irate girlfriend from committing murder." Joe called attracting all three men's attention as he stuck his head through the catering door.

Fergal really didn't have to think about it as he got to his feet and rushed out of catering with Jon and Colby hot on his heels, they made it out on to the corridor just in time to see Millie spear Eva hard to the ground.

It took a moment for Eva Marie's vile words to register in his brain and he finally understood where Violet was coming from, he had lost his temper when in reality she was only trying to follow through on their promise and tell him how she was feeling and instead of listening to her he'd tossed her concerns to the side.

After their last fall out they'd agreed that instead of letting it get to the point of an explosive argument they would talk it through and try at fix the things that were the issue.

He blew out a breath as he felt his blood start to simmer at the sound of Eva continuing to shout her mouth off about Millie attacking her and calling Violet all the names under the sun.

He walked over to a teary Violet and wrapped his arms comfortingly around her as the Shield boys fought hard to pull an angry Millie away from a slightly bloodied Eva. Millie had a fiery temper that only ever came out when people she loved where hurt and she didn't care where she was she would always do what she could to protect them even if it meant it getting physical.

Millie fought out of Jon and Joe's grasp, pulling Eva to her feet she got in her face. "Listen up bitch, it doesn't fucking matter how many dicks you suck or how many relationships you ruin you will never get to the top and you certainly won't have the rosters respect." She spat. "You see my granddad has rules and granted there are relationships with in the company but I can tell you now darling that your cards are marked." She snarled, kicking Eva back on to the floor before gently pulling Eva from Fergal's grasp and leading her into the empty locker room.

Closing the door she walked over to Fergal and got in his face, the Shield boys watching on in concern. "Right I'm only going to say this fucking once. Get your fucking head out of your ass and listen to what you wife is trying to tell you. She's the mother of your child and if you carry on the way you are you'll end up losing them both." Millie growled before leaving to go get checked over by one of the trainers with the Shield boys following close behind her.

Fergal took a moment to compose himself and think about what Millie had said, ultimately the younger McMahon was right most of the arguments boiled down to him losing his temper instead of listening to his wife and granted she feared that she was going to lose him but ultimately he was running the risk of losing her and their daughter.

Fergal swallowed hard and made his way into the empty locker room Violet was in, he stepped inside and closed the door behind him before turning to face his wife his breath instantly catching in his chest as he drank in her radiant beauty.

She was wearing a simple blood red maternity gown the accentuated her curves in all the right places and pushed her amazing chest together that had only grown since she'd fallen pregnant.

Violet was absolutely glowing and he noticed her precious little princess poking a tiny elbow against her stomach making him smile. He wasn't stupid, he knew that it was make or break for their marriage and he was determined to fix it.

Fergal licked his lips as he walked over to his wife and enveloped her in his strong arms before dipping his head and captured her strawberry lip gloss coated lips in a slow sensual kiss.

Violet whimpered softly against his lips, she had missed this intimacy as his kisses always seemed to ignite intense fiery butterflies in the depths of her stomach and the butterflies only ever seemed to settle when he finally claimed her as his own, like she would never need anyone else.

Despite what her body was longing for she pulled away from his lips. "Right now, Fergal my hormones are all over the place and I feel repulsive and downright uncomfortable in my own body. I'm scared that I'm going to end up losing you and I know it's irrational and crazy but I can't help it." She admitted, nestling her head against his solid chest.

Fergal kissed the top of her head, feeling guilty for always losing his temper with her when all she was trying to do was be honest with him. "I know beautiful and your soon to be sister in law is more than right. I really need to start listening to you about things but just know that I love you and I want to be making love to you every fucking night, no one else but you Vi. I just got scared that I would either hurt you or our princess and I couldn't bring myself to do it and too ashamed to admit it." he whispered softly, his eyes darting down to his wife at the audible sound of a zipper being pulled down.

She swallowed hard as he watched his incredibly sexy wife stepped out of her figure hugging dress, showing him everything he'd been missing for the last couple of months.

The moment her protruding stomach came into sight he could feel his cock become consider hard and restricted in the confines of his trucks. "Please Fergal, don't deny me any longer. Take me right here, right now." She all but demanded, her boldness causing his cock to twitch and throb, he knew that if he didn't seize the moment then he would regret it later.

"God baby," Fergal groaned as he readjusted his trunks slightly. "Turn around and bend over for me, beautiful." The slightly older man instructed knowing that was the most comfortable position for her as he freed himself from the offending garments that restricted his body from its desired freedom.

A groan blew through his lips as he drank in her beautiful form bent over with the natural arch in her back that always managed to turn him on all the more as she rested her hands against the locker in front of her.

Slowly he stepped up behind her, he could already see that she was ready for him, her wetness seeping into her black lacy panties, knowing that she was wet and ready for him had him dying to dive in and pleasure her.

"Fergal, hurry please baby." She pleaded quietly, normally they would take their time pleasuring one another but both of them knew that time wasn't on their side and given their heightened emotions a good fuck was exactly what they needed.

Fergal softly stroked his thick shaft a couple of times before lining himself up with her delightful body, taking his time to slowly enter her knowing it had been a long time since they'd last made love, the minute he pushed into her welcoming wall pleasure burned through him causing him to moan out her name as her tightness suffocated him.

"Ah fuck baby." Fergal groaned as he took a moment to allow his Samoan princess to adjust to the intrusion, in his eyes his cock wasn't anything to write home about but to his precious Violet it was god's gift and she couldn't get enough of him, she had always massaged his ego by telling him that he wasn't just the thickest cock she'd ever had the pleasure of riding but also the thickest which made him realise that it didn't matter what he thought if she loved every inch of it.

"Please Fergal." She pleaded softly, pushing back against his shaft. "Just fuck me already, I've been waiting so long that I just need pounding right now." She panted as she snuck her hand between her legs and heightened her pleasure by toying with her already sensitive clit.

"Oh that would be my pleasure princess." He growled deeply before complying with her urgent request neither of them caring that the sounds filling the locker room could be heard up and down the corridor.

Joe tucked Millie against his side as they made their way down the corridor both of them chuckling to themselves as they passed that particular locker room. They both felt rather pleased with themselves that their little intervention actually worked and brought the couple back together and on Millie's part it made her suspension totally worth it knowing that she not only helped her closest friends that definitely needed one another but also managed to put a bitch in her place.

"We certainly make the perfect team lo'u alofa." Joe grinned, kissing the top of his fiancées head as he lead her out of the arena and over to what would be their home away from home when they were on the road, hoping to take a leaf out of Violet and Fergal's book and christen their room on the bus before the show started.


Lo'u Alofa – Samoan for my love

Angelu – Samoan for Angel

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