The Maze

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'I hear voices in my head, they council me, they understand, they talk to me!'

Kimmie growled out in quiet annoyance as she rolled on to her stomach and reached out a hand so that she could grab her ringing IPhone from her bedside table. Didn't her brother any fucking idea what time it was?

In normal circumstances she wouldn't have minded the early hour wakeup call but tonight was different, tonight had been stressful but at the same time it was a tonight she wouldn't willingly forget in a hurry.

"What do you want?" She growled venomously into her phone, the feel of large slightly calloused hands splayed across her stomach helped her to relax slightly as she half-heartedly listened to her brother drunkenly jabber away like it was an early spring afternoon and not three in the morning.

If Kimmie didn't know her brother the way she did then she would have put the phone down on him and go back to happily snuggling against the body that had tormented many of her dreams but Randy would call her back and keep calling until he'd finished his one sided conversation.

A soft moan filtered through my lips as the hand on her stomach danced awfully close to her sensitive and somewhat aching mound. At that point all conscious thoughts of her drunken brother were forgotten instead they were replaced by thoughts of delicious pleasure and considerable comfort.

If she knew the day she had agreed to venture out of her comfort zone and watch the show that was in her home town that she would finally be making love with the man that was the love of her life then she would have put you in the liar category.

She knocked of the call just as the phone slipped from her lax grasp, she took a moment to compose herself before rolling on to her side to face the man that returned her love. She was thankful now that she had saved herself, despite having to wait years for him.

Slowly she reached her arm across her body until her dainty hand came to rest against his strong chiselled chest. She had spent many nights dreaming of this day happening and now here she was his delicious god like body pressed against hers.

Despite the pleasurable torture dancing through her body, her mind couldn't help but drift through the delightful though slightly stressful events that led to this very moment. She certainly needed to thank her brother for one thing and it wasn't the early morning wake up call.


Kimmie blew out a breath as her frustrations seemed to be getting the better of her, while glancing down yet again another empty corridor, this venture was getting beyond a joke now.

In all the times she had visited her brother on the road and wandered around all the arenas he'd wrestled in she had never once got lost but now here she was struggling to find her brother's locker room despite the detailed directions he'd given her.

She was starting to curse Randy who had told her despite giving her the directions he would meet her at the entrance to the parking lot but upon her arrival he was nowhere to be found and everyone she'd spoke to hadn't laid eyes on him.

She was still trying to figure out why she had agreed to come the show as she had shit loads of assignments to complete with the hope of signing off the next module towards her degree but in typical fashion the minute Randy had started begging to see her, she'd crumbled.

Oh yeah she crumbled alright but not for the reason of seeing her brother for the first time in months but because she hoped to lay eyes on him in the flesh, the same golden cream she had fantasised about licking and teasing since the day she was older enough to be attracted to the opposite sex.

She would definitely be lying is she said that she didn't have deep seated feelings for their lifelong family friend but in all honesty what was there not to like about him, even his lisp sent her rather innocent mind into sensual overdrive not to mention what it did to her equally innocent body.

Hell all he had to do was look in her direction and her legs turned to jelly her goose bumps danced all over her skin betraying the way he always made her feel though he never noticed.

She swallowed hard as she came to a stop down the latest corridor and glanced at her phone. She was certainly starting to get frustrated while trying to figure out what she should do. She had tried Randy numerous times since arriving but received no answer, she'd even tried calling her best friend Joe Anoa'i or Roman Reigns to the universe but again got no answer.

She felt her heart constrict painfully tight against her chest in bitter disappointment as the loud bangs of the pyro's rang out through the arena, signalling to everyone that show had started.

She knew full well that she needed to remain where she was because if she continued to aimlessly wonder around then she was more likely to get herself more lost and more agitated.

She glanced around her surroundings reasoning with herself that remaining by one of the large WWE crates would mean that someone was bound to find her sat waiting at some point during the evening though the stubborn part of her really didn't want to wait and wanted to continue hunting for her brother's locker up so she could curl up and watch the show.

Hoping up on to the crate, thankful when it didn't move the youngest member of the Orton legacy brushed her long slender fingers delicately through her curled brown hair as she allowed her mind to wonder.

She was older enough to know that deep down she needed to let go any hope of having a happily ever after with the muscular raven haired man, a considerable amount of time had passed for them to even consider anything happening between them but then again he had no idea how she felt and she wasn't sure if she would ever find the courage to tell him.

She licked her dry lips as she fought the eager tears threatening to fall, it was always the case these days when she thought about him. Especially when her mind cruelly tormented her with memories of the day he told her he'd met someone.

It had completely shattered her fragile heart to know that she wouldn't be the one walking down the aisle to him and that he wasn't willing to listen to her when she tried explaining that the woman he was about to marry only wanted him for his hard earned cash and fame. When all little Kimmie Orton had wanted from him was his love, time and gentle reassuring touch something she'd noticed he was good at.

"Kimmie, Kimmie is that you?" Kimmie rapidly blinked away the stinging tears as she tried to register whether the voice she was hearing was actually reality or all in her head because she'd been thinking about him.

Though it was soon proven to be reality when he walked effortlessly towards her and leaned his strong lean frame against the crate that she was sat on, one of his killer grins spread across his beautiful face.

"Yes Cody it is me and for the first time ever I managed to get myself lost in this shit hole." She grumbled with a smile, all previous tensions and stresses forgotten now that she was in close proximity to the man that had unknowingly captured her heart when they were small children.

He had always had this innocent charm about him that managed to lure her into a relaxed state it had always been that way ever since they were young kids she had always find it easier to talk to him and it very rarely mattered about the topic of conversation either.

"Randy's an idiot. He went and allowed Rox to attack him during their promo just now and she roughed him up a bit but we both know that's exactly what he wanted to happen." Cody laughed, making Kimmie smile.

It was a well-known fact around the company that Randy had been harbouring a big soft spot for the eldest daughter of Paul and Stephanie Levesque – McMahon and it had took a lot of hard work on Randy's part to win Roxy-Ann around but he'd eventually managed it and now they were like love sick teenagers.

Kimmie chuckled softly at the thought of her big bad brother being roughed up by her best friend. She always took pleasure in seeing her brother's pain and as much as she wanted to savour the thought of it she really needed to focus on the handsome man beside her.

"So you've only just realised after god knows how many years that my oaf of a brother is an idiot?" She teased with a cheeky grin that made Cody's laugh rumble louder than before.

"Come on, cupcake let's get you out of these corridors. We can go relax in my locker room and watch the show." Cody suggested with a smile, pushing himself away from the crate he effortlessly reached out and helped Kimmie down with ease.

Kimmie bit her lip as she felt the way his fingers felt against her skin, it felt like heaven especially when he wrapped his strong protective arm around her shoulders and began guiding her through the maze that was the arena.

Kimmie fought hard to control her heart as it pounced painfully hard against her chest, she was sure if she wasn't careful he would be able to heart it then it would make things feel awkward. Him touching her in this manner was certainly a new move on his part but she couldn't lie she liked it, in actual fact she liked it a lot.

"So how's it feel to be finally tag teaming with your big brother?" She asked warmly as they finally reached his locker room and they entered the spacious room that played home to a temporary wide screen TV, a long bench along the back wall and a plush black leather couch.

Kimmie smiled though felt the cool chill dance down her spine as she pulled away from his warm embrace and made her way over to the couch taking comfort in being able to sit on something that was more comfortable and better for her back than the crate.

"It's great to finally be able to work with him as it's been something I've wanted to do and now they're finally giving me the chance." Kimmie grinned up at him causing his breath to catch harshly in his chest as he drank in her beauty.

He had always considered Kimmie Orton the most beautiful creature he'd ever laid eyes on and if he was being completely honest with himself she was the woman he'd always wanted his ex-wife to be.

He had known from day one what Brandi's motives had been, he wasn't stupid though many people had that at the time. She had only ever wanted him for his money and fame and even that wasn't enough in the end.

He had always known that Kimmie's love for him was purest of the pure but he knew that she had no idea he was aware of how she felt about him. That was the price you payed for eavesdropping on private conversation amongst best friends.

After taking time to think over what he'd overheard he then go to talk to Randy about it who took pleasure in confirming everything he'd told him which had left him feeling momentarily elated but then when he went to admit his love for her she had already left for college without so much as a goodbye, leaving him alone and with the mind-set that he had to move on.

Cody smiled to himself now was his chance to test the waters and possibly let his feelings be known. Taking a seat beside her he casually snaked his arm around her shoulder and tucked her close to his side. Taking comfort in the fact she didn't pull away.

"You know something Kim, I've really missed you." He admitted softly, kissing the side of her head. "I found myself constantly comparing Brandi to you, so much so she left me." He added with a scoff, looking down into her intoxicating green eyes. God did he want to kiss her plump lips.

Kimmie swallowed as she processed his admission, maybe now it was time for her to lay her cards on the table and get the weight from her shoulders and most of all from her heart. "I'm sorry Cody. It destroyed me to hear that you were getting married. That's one of the main reasons I always refused to come on the road when Randy begged me." She admitted, fighting hard to keep her composure. "I couldn't bare seeing you all over that bitch when I knew deep in my heart that I was in love with you." She explained softly, the hot tears pricking the corners of her eyes as she held Cody's beautiful gaze.

Kimmie felt caught off guard as pleasured surprise danced through her body at the feel of his plump lips carefully latch on to hers as if he was testing the waters to see if she wanted it as much as he did.

When he noticed she wasn't resisting Cody slightly deepened the kiss, his large hand reaching up to cup her beautiful cheek. He had always craved to be around Kimmie even if he wouldn't admit how he truly felt, it was like that since they were children but back then he was always too shy and he was definitely scared of the Viper in the family.

"God I love you Kimmie Jade Orton. If only I had the courage to tell you sooner." Cody whispered honestly against her slightly swollen lips. His free hand lightly snaking around her waist and tugging her until his broad lap was encased between her shapely thighs.

Kimmie was the definition of the word goddess, someone that needed to be loved and cherished hell even worshiped. He just hoped after all the heartache he'd obviously put her through she wouldn't push him away and gave him the chance to be the man to do just that.

Cody felt his heart skip at the sound of the soft moan that fell from her delicious lips as she shifted herself around in his lap, his girth occasionally brushing against her sensitive core.

Kimmie seemed to find some courage in the pit of her stomach and snuggled close to him, her lips pressed gently against his ear. "If you love me that much Cody, then take me right here, right now. Prove to me how much you love me." She whispered, trailing her hands beneath his shirt and along his strong bare chest, taking her time to tease his senses with pure pleasure.

She took satisfaction when she heard Cody hiss the moment her cool fingers touched his hot flesh. Momentarily he pulled away from her lips allowing her the chance to yank the flimsy fabric away from his body, tossing it on to the floor carelessly.

Kimmie's touch was beyond gentle as she explored his upper torso, committing every grove and smooth part to memory as she wasn't sure if this was a one off or the start of many more nights together.

Cody groaned as he began teasing his lips over the salty flesh he had longed to taste for a long assed time savouring the way she tasted before nibbling his teeth gently along her lower lip, enticing a moan from deep within her beautiful body.

He allowed his hands to work effortlessly on removing her brother's wrestling shirt from her beautiful body if he was to do this he wanted to experience every little inch of her taking pleasure in throwing the fabric on top of his.

Cody gently pushed Kimmie back slightly admiring her dark complexion, she was a beautiful Caucasian woman though like her brother her skin tone was on the dark side and all she really had to do was glance at the sun.

Slowly he allowed his lips to lightly move down her body, making the most of massaging them over her delightful bare flesh while his mind focused hard on releasing his deepest desire.

"I want you now Cody, please don't tease me, baby." Kimmie begged, a sound that made his cock go painfully hard against the fabric of his trunks they were also sounds he had dreamed about hearing for such a long time.

Normally Cody liked to toy with his prey, toy with them until they were begging for him to fuck them hard but for some reason with Kimmie he was becoming considerably impatient and more than willing to comply with her request.

"Tell me what you want baby girl, where do you want my cock?" He teased his deep voice vibrating lightly through her ear enticing a shiver from her intoxicating half naked body.

She wasn't the type of girl to beg a man for what she wanted usually she was the type of girl that like to take what she wanted from her lover but Cody who was in a league of his own.

Kimmie leaned closed to his ear and whispered, "I want your cock buried deep between my walls. I want to feel every inch of that thick cock as you work me up to the point I can't take anymore. I want to scream your name when we come together. I want you to finally claim me as your girl." She panted softly as she reluctantly pulled herself from his warm body before swaying her hips and giving him the sexiest dance she could.

Cody groaned deep in his throat as he watched her gorgeous body move through lidded eyes. He licked his lips as he watched her thong covered ass as it swayed slowly in front of him.

He smirked to himself as he lifted his hips from the couch and quickly removed his throbbing cock from the tight confines of his trunks, his eyes never leaving her killer body as she continued to move, inching her thong further down her legs.

"Come over here and let me inspect that pretty pussy of yours before I let you ride my shaft." Cody growled, he couldn't wait to get between her thighs and taste how sweet she was. He darted his tongue out moistening his dry lips as he watched her move over to him, she looked absolutely breath taking stood before him in all her glory.

He helped her down on to the couch before sliding down on to the floor, nudging her thick thighs apart he settled himself between them. He could smell her before he even got close to her moist slit. She smelt sweet and filled him with many memories of them growing up together and how many times he'd jerked off to the idea of her riding him.

A devilish smirk danced on to his lips as he slowly parted her slickened folds parting them to his hungry eyes. She was a pale pink colour in contrast to her dark skin, coated in tasty looking juices that would serve as natural lube when he was ready to pleasure her with his shaft.

"Oh sweet fucking Jesus." Kimmie panted, the air leaving her lungs the minute she felt Cody lightly tease his tongue over her aching centre, the cobwebs of her last joyous excursion being swept away the minute he held her hips down.

She was thankful it was now Cody wiping away those cobwebs, making all her childhood dreams come true she could see herself spending the rest of her life with him and this was the first night of many.

No words were exchanged between the love filled couple, no words other than the odd name and moan as Cody took his time to worship her now slick and ready love spot. She tasted like he'd always dreamed she would, like silken honey and he craved more though he was sure that in this life time he would never get enough.

Cody and Kimmie were more determined to make it a night they would both remember for a life times to come because that's what you did for the ones you loved.

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