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Chet noticed them, smiled and waved at his growing family. Sometimes he had to pinch himself to believe this was all real, especially Jeanette.

"Well, did you two have a nice morning while I slaved away here?" And laughing, he picked Tim up and hugged his wife.

"Hungry, Chet? Tim?"

Both men answered, "YES!" with Tim saying, "I want a bologna sandwich!"

Chet smacked his lips and said, "YUMMY! That sounds good and some soup would be terrific, too."

"OK, guys. How's chicken noodle sound?"


So Jeanette went to prepare lunch while Tim went to watch "Sesame Street" and Chet made sure he was settled.

Chet then went to see if he could help Jeanette with lunch.

"Hon, let me do that. You really should be resting -remember what the doctor said."

"I KNOW, CHET, I AM A NURSE, REMEMBER?" And she slammed the bologna on to the bread so hard she crushed the bread.

Crying in anger, she yelled, "SEE WHAT YOU MADE ME DO!"

Chet, shocked at this sudden outburst of anger just stared. Then he finally said, "What's up? Did I do something wrong? Tell me. YOU know I love you! Are you ok?"

Jeanette shook her head and said, "No, I mean, yes, I'm ok. It's just knowing I can't work and all. I thought I would love being pregnant, but I don't know. I've been getting angry and frustrated really easy. Guess it's the hormones working on me.

I'm sorry I blew up at you. Of course, you did nothing wrong. I thank God every day for you."

Brightening a bit, she said, "Mr. Kelly, SHOO! Let me finish making lunch before I have this one to feed too."

Chet smiled and walked out, but said, "Hey, I was thinking of where I'd like to go for our honeymoon. I'll tell you later."

After they ate lunch and cleared the table, Jeanette and Chet discussed their honeymoon plans.

"OK, Chet, where would you like to go?"

"Well, I'd love go to Massachusetts. I know it's cold there now, but I would love to go. Especially Boston and Cape Cod. Especially after what happened last year (and he shuddered a bit remembering that horrible Friday!)

I have always considered Boston as the Irish Capital of America and wanted to see it. Especially now. I used to be son damn proud of my heritage, but now I'm mixed up and hopefully this will help me get my Irish pride restarted. And Cape Cod is one of the most relaxing places I've ever been to. I went there for a week once and loved it. Ever been to Massachusetts?"

"No, I haven't, but you make it sound like someplace I would really enjoy. And there is so much of America's history there, too. I love history and am very proud of my country. I think I would really enjoy it, too. Yes, let's do it.
Do they have nice bed and breakfast places in Cape Cod? I love those and they're so romantic. Perfect for our honeymoon. I know you'll keep me warm, Mr. Fireman." And she gave her husband of ten days and hug and kiss.

They decided to visit the local travel agent to see what they could get on such short notice. They were planning on leaving Sunday, knowing Dixie or one of the grandmother's would gladly care for Tim.