A/N: This will be structured with 2 chapters for each of the remaining members of Universe 11. Dyspo VS Android 17 will be the focus of the first two chapters, with brief shots of Gohan and Frieza VS Toppo and Goku and Vegeta VS Jiren. Then, Chapters 3 and 4 will focus on all of Universe 7 VS God of Destruction Toppo, and finally Chapters 5 and 6 will focus on whoever's left VS Jiren.

The teams of Universes 7 and 11 stare each other down, the wind gently rippling.

In the stands, Krillin said "Six minutes left. We're counting on you, everyone"

With both Zen-Oh's and Grand Priest, Present Zen-Oh said "Universe 7 and Universe 11 made it" to which Future Zen-Oh added "Which will win?"

"I wonder which will win?" Present Zen-Oh asked. Grand Priest addeed "That's still uncertain, but, with so many gone, the bleachers seem rather lonely"

"Gee, you're right" both Zen-Oh's said at the same time, as the camera pans to the remaining Angels of Universes 2,3,4 and 9, as well as the Angel, God of Destruction and Supreme Kais of Universes 1,5,8 and 12.

Grand Priest opened his arms, said "Let's try this" and, with one flick of his hands, the arena rapidly shrank.

Piccolo, noticing the sudden rumbling, tightened his hold on Cus, making sure they weren't separated by whatever was about to happen.

"What?" Tien asked as the arena crashed in on itself. Krillin was freaking out, while Android 18 asked "What on earth's going on?"

This resulted in Beerus and Belmod sitting close to each other. But not as close as Cus and Piccolo and the Angel, Supreme Kai and God of Destruction of Universe 8, Korm, Ill and Liquir, respectively, where Cus and Piccolo found themselves sitting in front of them.

"H-Hello" Shin said, trying to make conversation with the Supreme Kai of Universe 11, Khai, but to no avail.

Back to both Zen-Oh and the Grand Priest, Grand Priest asked "How about that, lord Zen-Oh's?"

"Nice" Future Zen-Oh replied, while Present Zen-Oh added "Everyone's together now!"

With both Zen-Oh's and Grand Priest, Grand Priest said "Little time remains in the Tournament of Power. Only one Universe will survive, most likely"

With Universe 1, the Supreme Kai, Anat, said "The two universes that made it this far, didn't do so because they were strong. They considered what they needed to do in order to survive. That was also a factor"

With Universe 7, Master Roshi said "It's about to start. The battle against the strongest in all the Universes"

Back on the arena, Goku and Vegeta go Super Saiyan Blue, then engage Jiren. Meanwhile, Toppo charges at Frieza and Gohan, yelling "Justice Flash" and forcing Frieza and Gohan to scatter, leaving Dyspo with Android 17.

Android 17 and Dyspo eye each other off, then lunge at each other, with Dyspo imnmediately launching his Light Bullet attack to strike 17 and send him spinning, though he managed to avoid being knocked back.

"What the?" Android 17 asked, however he had almost no time to react as Dyspo launched at him again, using Light Bullet again. This time, Android 17 had enough time to react, and blocked Dyspo's attack, before using a Kiai blast to blow Dyspo back.

"So, you seem to be able to dramatically increase your speed at an instant's notice. That will be a bit troublesome" Android 17 said. Dyspo laughed, then charged at Android 17, forcing him on the defensive.

In the stands, Shin asked, "How is Android 17 struggling against Dyspo?" to which Beerus exclaimed "Is Dyspo getting faster as the battle proceeds?"

With Goku, Vegeta and Jiren

"Man, you really are strong Jiren. My hands are tinglin'" Goku said as he, Vegeta and Jiren exchange blows. Jiren then asked "Goku, Vegeta, why do you seek to become stronger?" to which Vegeta replied with "To keep up with this clown of course", while Goku added "I dunno. I just wanna be stronger is all"

"I see, Goku doesn't know, but Vegeta does" Jiren said. Goku then asked "You wanna be stronger too, right?" to which Jiren replied "I seek that which lies beyond strength"

"Same here, I wanna become even stronger too" Goku replied.

With Toppo, Gohan and Frieza

Toppo makes an earthquake with his fists, and both Gohan and Frieza leap to avoid it. Frieza fires several Emperor Death Beams, but Toppo easily avoids them.

"Toppo is a veteran warrior who Dad struggled against before. Be careful not to get caught by his large arms" Gohan said, and Frieza replied "Got it"

"Come at me. My fists will make short work of you!" Toppo said.

Back to Android 17 and Dyspo

Android 17 has managed to use the fact Dyspo's movements are linear to dodge around him and get a big kick in on him, sending Dyspo flying into a rockface.

In the stands, Beerus said "YES! Android 17 got a hit in"

Back in the arena, Dyspo growls, then charges in again. However, Android 17 has figured out Dyspo's weakness, easily, blocked his attack and countered, but his punch was blocked by Dyspo. Dyspo and Android 17 then engaged, fighting evenly. Eventually, though, Android 17 threw his Android Shield up, and though Dyspo shattered it with his Light Bullet attack, the opening Dyspo left allowed Android 17 to fire an energy ball attack to blast Dyspo.

With Universe 11, Belmod said "DYSPO! OH NO!", while Kunshi said "Dyspo, how is this human so powerful?" and at this, Beerus added "He's a Cyborg, just like Android 18"

Back on the arena, Android 17 and Dyspo have re-engaged. Dyspo is getting faster, but Android 17 is still able to hold on. Rockface after Rockface are smashed to bits as Android 17 and Dyspo slam each other into them, but they're going at each other as fiercely as ever. Finally, Dyspo gets an opening and catches Android 17 in his Circle Flash attack.

"What the?" Android 17 asked. Dyspo then landed and said "Finish" and it exploded. When the smoke cleared, Android 17 was on one knee, shaking slightly.

"And that is the power of the Pride Troopers" Dyspo taunted. Android 17 then replied with "Really? Is that all?" which caused Dyspo to look at Android 17 puzzlingly. Android 17 pulled himself up, then lunged at Dyspo. Dyspo started combining his afterimage technique with his Light Bullet to try and confuse 17. Very initially, this worked, and Dyspo was able to get several hits on Android 17. However, Android 17 soon figured it out, and, after catching Dyspo by the leg, slammed him against several rockfaces, before shooting a volley of ki blasts, which Dyspo barely took.

"How? I've smashed you through ten rockfaces, how are you not tiring?" Dyspo asked as he struggled to pull himself up. Android 17 replied with "I'm a Cyborg. I have unlimited energy and stamina" which shocked Dyspo. Dyspo then raced behind Android 17 and struck him. Android 17 shot back, firing several finger beams at him. Dyspo found it easy to avoid, however he soon realised that Android 17 was manipulating where he was moving. He didn't realise this until it was too late, and Android 17 had struck him with a heavy kick to the guts, sending Dyspo flying.

With both Zen-Oh's and Grand Priest, Future Zen-Oh said "WHOA! That Android's giving Dyspo problems", to which Present Zen-Oh said "Yeah, problems". At this Grand Priest added "It seems that Android 17 has figured out the weakness to Dyspo's Light Bullet technique"

Back in the arena, as Dyspo pulled himself up, he grunted, then he charged in with Light Bullet, and, combined with his Afterimage technique, started to dominate Android 17. Android 17 tried to hit, but missed, and was hit. Swinging back, he missed again, and was hit a second time. Android 17 detected where Dyspo was going to strike next and managed to block it. Dyspo jumped back, then struck again using Light Bullet, although it had no effect on Android 17 since he had braced himself for the attack.

With Universe 11, Cocote asked "How has that guy taken so little damage?" to which Kunshi replied "This guy's tough, does he even have a limit to his stamina?"

Back on the arena, Android 17 catches Dyspo again, grabbing his foot. However, Dyspo was ready this time, and shot energy blasts at 17 to try and let him go. It worked after 10 energy blasts to Android 17's upper arm, but the instant that Android 17 let him go, he was blasted by a Android Cannon, sending him flying into a rockface.

"Give it up, you can't win Dyspo" Android 17 said. Dyspo pulled himself up, and said, "The words Give it up don't exist in the Pride Trooper's dictionary" and he shot at Android 17 again. However, he used the Afterimage just as Android 17 swung at him, then kicked him from behind. Android 17 didn't attack, which initially puzzled Dyspo, but then the intention was made clear as Android 17 fired an Android-Shield like ball at him, an Imprisonment Ball, which Dyspo had to kick away. This gave Android 17 the opening he wanted to fire a powerful energy blast at him, intending to knock him off. However, Dyspo managed to narrowly avoid it, and use Light Bullet to deliver another punch to Android 17.

In the stands, Beerus asked "How is Dyspo still fighting after all that he's taken?" to which Belmod replied "His speed is not the only thing that's big. His durability is another notable trait of his, even amongst Universe 11". Android 18 then called "Focus Android 17, take him down. Remember his weaknesses"

Back in the arena, as Android 17 is hit again with another Light Bullet, he seems to brace for another hit. The intention, however, is soon made clear. As Dyspo charges in for a fourth Light Bullet, Android 17 unleashes another Kiai blast, blowing Dyspo away. Android 17 then charges in and gets another punch on Dyspo. However, any additional hits were impossible once Dyspo used Afterimage. He attempted to strike Android 17 again, but he blocked it.

Soon, Android 17 and Dyspo are standing opposite to each other again. Android 17 said "Not bad, you're able to keep up" to which Dyspo replied with "I'm the fastest being in the Omniverse". Android 17 smiled, then said, "We'll see about that" and charged in, and Dyspo barely blocked one of Android 17's punches. They engaged, but soon it became clear that, despite Dyspo increasing his speed, Android 17 was just too powerful. Dyspo tried combining Afterimage and Light Bullet again, but Android 17 was ready. Feinting a punch at Dyspo to make him use Afterimage, he sensed where Dyspo landed, and stuck him with a kick. Dyspo got back on his feet but had no time to use Afterimage before he was hit again by Android 17. The third time Dyspo managed to dodge Android 17's kick with an Afterimage, only to discover, to his horror, that Android 17 had continued to spin, and was hit by the kick, and shot into a rockface. Android 17 then fired many ki blasts at the area Dyspo had just crashed into, and soon the area exploded.

In the stands, Belmod yelled "DYSPO!" as everyone in Universe 11 looked on, shocked. Beerus then said "That's it Android 17, not finish this"

Back on the arena, Android 17 landed near the area where Dyspo was and said, "It's about time that I knocked you off now". Dyspo then pulled himself up, and a purple aura appeared around him. Android 17, puzzled, asked "What's this? A new powerup he has just to fight me?". Dyspo's eyes then open, and he said "Let's see how you handle me at my maximum power"

The narrator then finished with "As Universe 7 struggles against the might of Universe 11, Dyspo, on the ropes, unleashes his ultimate technique, the Super Maximum Light Speed Mode. How will Android 17 fight this? The moment of fate approaches one second at a time. Which Universe will survive? The time until the Tournament of Power ends is five minutes"