Gabriel dodged back as Thor flung his hammer, barely succeeding at his avoiding the large object as he threw himself to the other side of the field. "Loki!" The god bellowed as he manifested four constructs, each one of them backing away in the same moment that he did, all moving in very different directions. The angry god whipped his head from side to side, long red hair whipping around as lightning thrummed beneath his skin.

"Come on, Thor." They all said in unison. "I know you're smart enough to figure it out."

"You whimpering coward! You had sex with my wife! Fight like the god you claim to be!"

"Ah, but I am." Gabriel responded, speaking in unison with himself and causing thunder the crack across all of Asgard as Thor's anger grew stronger. "I'm being the Loki you know, and the Loki you know would never dare go into hand to hand combat with you." The words echoed with his clones, his voice reverberating across the area around them.

"Thor, please." Sif tried pleading again from where she was at the other end of the field, still clad in her thin silken robe that was almost enough to distract Gabriel from his illusions. "Let it go." Except it didn't seem like she really meant it, in fact, if he didn't know any better… oh she wanted this. The little nuisance.

"Go inside, Sif! We will discuss this later." Thor ordered his wife and Gabriel rolled his eyes, instantly regretting the action when Thor's gaze locked on the correct version of him, hammer slamming right into his back as Thor summoned his hammer back. With the impact he was sent falling flat on his face with a pained shout -because archangel or not- that hurt. "I should rip your flesh off piece by piece." Thor started in on him as he Gabriel fumbled to his feet, body healing a hell of a lot slower than it should have. "I put up with a lot of things from you- but my wife?"

"It takes two to tango, Thor." Gabriel jibed, backing off and glowering at him. "She seduced me."

Lightning crackled through the air and Gabriel took a step back, eyes narrowed as Thor charged his hammer. "I would never believe a lie like that, Loki. Surely you didn't expect me to."

"Thor." Hela's voice broke the air, lightning draining from the atmosphere in a moment.

"He slept with my wife. I am not in the wrong."

"There are greater issues than your wife sleeping around. I need to speak with my father."

"He deserves punishment!"

"Should I punish your wife as well, then? After all. As my father so elegantly put it, it takes two to tango. Let it go, Thor. You saw past his illusions and struck him down."

"This is not over." Thor spat before disappearing along with his wife. Gabriel turned around slowly as Hela approached him.

"What's wrong, Hela?" Gabriel asked suddenly, concerned at the distress on her face.

"I received a message." She responded solemnly, turning and cutting a door into the air that she stepped through. Hesitating for only a moment before following her inside, coming out in his daughter's bedroom where a valkyrie was scurrying out frantically.


"You have no place to judge me for my choice of bedfellows, Father. Did you really have to sleep with Sif?"

"I was being serious. She approached me! Why-"

"You know better. I can't say I expected more from you, but I wish I could. Creating drama with Thor again? That isn't what we need right now."

"What would you have me do? Refuse her and be blamed anyways? The moment I was in her sights it was going to blow up in my face. Might as well-" Gabriel stopped dead when he caught sight of the figure in the corner of the room. Angel.

"Gadreel?" Gabriel blurted, stiffening slightly at the sight of the angel that had singlehandedly allowed Lucifer to corrupt the human race. What in the ever-living hell was he doing there?

"Gabriel." The angel responded, eying him with a look that he couldn't quite comprehend. It was too old, too ancient. A look that Gabriel had never thought he would see again. And Gadreel? Of all of the angels in Heaven, Gadreel was here?

What in the hell was an angel doing in Helheim? More importantly, Gadreel. Gabriel remembered God ordering his death, actually it was him that delivered that message to Michael. Why was he still alive? Even if he'd been alive, in Heaven's prison no doubt- wouldn't Gabriel have seen him? Unless Metatron banishing all of Heaven's angels had knocked him out of the prison.

"What the fuck are you doing here?"

"Metatron has sent me." Gadreel responded stoically and Gabriel shuddered slightly.

"We had a deal, I've held up my end so you can fuck right off."

"Father." Hela interjected sharply. "Listen to what he has to say."

Gabriel ground his teeth together but shut his mouth, not for his sake but for hers. "Fine. What are you doing here?"

"Metatron has requested your presence, Gabriel. If you fail to comply, then he will destroy all of the Norse realms."

"He's breaking our deal?" Gabriel asked, tone leaking with anger while he remained completely relaxed, sharp gaze on the angel that was smart enough to flinch, looking down at the marble floor.

"I'm just the messenger-"

"The messenger of the new god delivering to the messenger of the real God? I hope you understand the immense level of stupidity of that statement. No, not just stupidity, mind-numbing idiocy. I mean, I knew you were probably dropped as a fledgling since Luci manipulated you into Falling. I still can't believe you've Fallen this far."

"We have all Fallen, Gabriel."

"Not like you. How did you get someone to consent to your possession? Any level-headed Christian knows your name. No one would say 'yes' to you just like no one would say 'yes' to Luci without deception. Don't come here pretending to be on the side of good when I have no doubt you lied to get that Vessel."

"I did not-"

"I'm sure there's some sort of rational explanation to the reason why he's sleeping then? No. I know you're a lot of things, Gadreel but stupid is not one of them. You claimed that body by lying. You did the angelic equivalent of a rape, and now you're standing here as though you're better than me."

"That is not what we're discussing." Gadreel retorted stiffly. "Metatron wishes to speak with you."

"I'll come talk to him. If he touches our realm, though. I will destroy him."

"You seriously underestimate him, Gabriel."

"And you really underestimate Winchesters, Gadreel. Trust me. I've been down that road and it's going to end badly for you. Once they figure out how to take down Metatron, you're going to get caught in the crossfire. I can feel the lingering of his soul on you, at some point you stupidly possessed Sammy, and that? That's going to blow up in your face. They'll kill you."

"You have no idea what you're talking about." The angel responded rigidly before backing up, disappearing through the realm wall. It took all of his willpower not to chase after the arrogant little angel. No, he'd let Winchesters deal with that problem. They always found a way, and they'd gone plenty of time without his help.


"You should not go." There was an air to Hela's words, a quiver of something he couldn't quite place but he knew the cause of. "Ignore the summons."

"Then what?" Father help him he hated the way his voice broke with that question. "Metatron's a dickbag that I should've smote into the deepest pits of the Empty but I didn't. He doesn't make idle threats and if I ignore him-"

"You said the angels Fell from Heaven, right?"

"Yeah, their wings are all shredded to bits. As of this moment, Metatron and me are the only angels on Earth with wings."

"Can he alone attack us, Father? We could-"

"We're not having this discussion." Gabriel cut in suddenly, turning a stern look on his daughter. "Do you understand, Hela? We are not discussing this. I'm not pitting a war against the strongest angel in Heaven and the rest of the Norse pantheon. I-"

"You are the strongest angel, Gabriel."

"No. I'm not, not anymore." Gabriel responded, suddenly unable to look at his daughter as guilt and shame clouded him. "Do you remember what I told you about Metadick?"

"He is the ruler of Heaven."

"Yeah, well it's more complicated than that. He's juiced up on the Angel Tablet. That crap channels God's power. I know you like disregarding His legitimacy, but it's true. He's using my Father's power now. I can't fight against him and win without destroying the Tablet. You know the story of what Lucifer did to Odin, to the others. Metatron is at least twice that right now. I'm going to stand before him because if I don't, if we try to stand against him, he will destroy us. All of us. You're my family, and Metatron is a dick. But he's powerful. I haven't been afraid of someone since I fought The Darkness, but he's a threat."

"But, Father-"

"Hela, I'm not doing this with you. The answer is no. You're not declaring a damned war on Heaven. Is that clear?"

Huffing a breath of irritation his daughter crossed her arms over her chest, defiance in her expression.

"Is that clear?"

"Fine." Was the petulant response from the Goddess of the dead.

"What are you? Two again?"

"Coming from the god of childish behavior. I'll leave it for now, but this conversation isn't over." His daughter's gaze was wary, searching, and he knew she had every intention of bringing it back up again. Hela was just as stubborn as he was.

"It really is." Gabriel responded, giving his daughter a hard look before snapping his fingers, transporting himself through one of Heaven's many back doors.