Welcome! Thought I'd do a crossover inspired by Corruptmonk!

Thank you Corruptmonk for the inspiration and reigniting my love of Transformers!

SUMMARY: What if Fem-harry was rescued from a life of loneliness by Remus and Sirius when they saw the fame going to their friend's heads? What if they snuck her away and gave her to a family friend of Remus? Well, Sam Witwicky will grow up with a big sister that is for sure!

WARNING: Messing with Timelines! I'll be twisting them and ages to fit my story. Also, small amounts of genderbending and OOcness. I will not be doing Dark of the Moon, or any of the movies after that also Quintessa does not exist and you'll soon see why.

Timeline. (Note: I have changed it again, since everyone seems to be nit-picking at it!)

1973- Rosalina Potter is born.

1980- Rosalina is 7 when the Dark Lord attacks and her baby brother becomes the Boy Who Lived.

1981- Remus and Sirius take 8-year-old Rosalina away from her now famous and ignoring family to the Witwickys a family friend of Remus.

5 months later she is adopted by the Witwickys and takes up the name Nova Witwicky.

1989- Samantha Witwicky is born. (Technically Samual was born 1990 but like I said messing with ages and timeline!)

2007- Sam is now 18 and Nova is now 34 years old.

(Note: I've fixed Nova's age a bit after reviewer Sakura Lisel pointed out I got the age wrong (again!), thank you by the way! After a bit (A LOT) of re-calculation I got the age 34 instead I guess when I was going the timeline I was more focused on the years instead of ages. Also to answer your question, the Potters are too 'busy' look after her 'savior' brother to bother looking for her)

Sakura Lisel: Does this timeline satisfy you now?

I DO not own Harry Potter or Transformers! Only my Oc's that I make and my story idea.

Also, the information I got said that the Witwickys live in South Gate, California so I'm gonna go with that.

Off we go!

Chapter 1: Sammy meets car.


Ron Witwicky chuckles as he sat in his car waiting outside of his youngest daughters school, he leaned back as he turned the radio on letting the classic music play. He was proud of his family.

He had a wonderful and loving wife with a temper to boot and two beautiful daughters, both who were growing up so quickly. His youngest daughter was doing a presentation on the history of the Witwicky's and how they traveled to the Arctic, he could see her from where he was parked. She was gesturing towards the slideshow she had going.

Samantha or Sammy Witwicky was an 18-year-old girl with shoulder length dark brown slightly wavy hair with light brown natural streaks, olive skin tone with a toned runner build from martial arts and doing the gym with her oldest sister over the years. Her height was 5'11" thanks to a healthy diet and keeping fit she also had an impressive D-sized chest though she kept it hidden under her clothing to avoid perverts. Her light blue eyes shined as she gave a confident smile, her clothing consisted of a white T-shirt with a floral blouse over it and blue jeans with white and black Nike shoes.

Ron looked back down at his car radio as it changed to the news, he was proud of his daughters'.



Samantha grins as she finished her presentation about Archibald Witwicky, she loved history but there was a certain fascination with learning about one's own family.

She looked up as the bell rang signaling that class had ended, she looked around the classroom as everyone left she sent her cousin, Mikaela, a wave as she left with her 'boyfriend' Treat. Who hopeful was gonna become EX-boyfriend if Mikaela's plan worked, Sam was hoping it would work since she really hated Treant he was nothing but a jerk and playboy! Ugh!

Shaking her head Sam went over to her teacher who was grading her work right now, she sat down and waited while thinking about how her life has been so far.

She grew up in a wonderful family, her mother while overprotective at times was brilliant with a baseball bat and had a temper when set off she was the best role model a girl could ask for! Her Dad was a bit of a cheapskate at times but he meant well and helped her when she had problems with money management and maths, he also had a wicked sense of humor and was helping her get her first car today! If she got a third A that is.

Then there was her older sister, who was at the moment was babysitting for a friend of their mother who was at a hospital appointment. Her sister was...not normal per say, but, magical. Yes, her dear older awesome sister was a witch! But not the kind you see in movies or books, no, she used a Ring as her focus to cast magic instead of a wand allowing her to blend in better. Sam was still amazed that there was another world hidden alongside the 'normal' world.

Sam, herself, was shocked when she discovered she had magic but could not use it externally like her big sister which if she lived in England would label her as a 'Squib' a person who had magic but could not use it. No, she was known as an 'Invert' a person who uses magic internally.

She quickly discovered with some help from martial arts that she could make herself stronger and faster when pushing magic into her limbs, she could pack a mean punch when she wanted to. Plus she could push magic into her eyes allowing her to see things others would miss, or give herself night vision which was a really fun trick to have.

Sam was snapped from memory lane as her teacher said "There you go Ms. Witwicky, you're grade," He handed over her grade making her smile.

"Thank you, sir! See you next week," Sam said getting up to gather her stuff and head out.


Ron looked around as he saw students exit the school, he began to wonder how long it would take before his daughter came running out to greet him.

"Dad!" A yell made him look over to see Sammy exit the building and run over to his car.

"Hey, sport! What grade did you get?" Ron asked as Sam jumped in the car with a big smile.

"I got an A! See," Sam handed over her papers letting her dad look them over.

"Let me see," Ron said taking a closer look at the paper as Sam asks "Am I good?"

Ron grins with a nod saying "You're good,"

"Yes!" Sammy yelled as her dad started the car and drove off.

Sammy clapped with excitement as she thought about her first vehicle, oh! She couldn't wait! Truthfully she wanted a truck but it was best to start off small with a car first, she just hoped she could find a nice decent car.

"You excited?" Ron asked making Sam nod.

"I am! I just hope I can get one for a decent price and its a bonus if it looks good too," Sammy said with a grin making her Dad chuckle as they drove past a car dealer before pulling up at a place called Bobby.B with a clown guy out front holding a sign.

Ron parks up before getting out as Sammy easily jumped out of the car, she looked around while checking out the cars.

"Hmm, these cars are quite old Dad," Sam said as she walked over with her dad towards the front of the dealers.

"Hey, when I was your age I was happy with fours wheels and an engine," Ron said making Sammy chuckle.

"I know, you've told me all about that. I was just making a statement," Sammy said as the owner walked over to them.

"Gentlemen and lady," The owner said walking over to them making the father and daughter turn to him.

"Boddy Bolivia," He said holding out his hand to Ron who shook his hand as he said "Like the country, except with the runs," He gave a laugh at his little joke.

'He has an...interesting laugh' Sammy thought watching the man.

"How can I help?" Bobby asked looking between them.

"Well, my daughter here is looking to buy her first car," Ron said making Sammy nod saying "Sure am,"

Bobby held a hand to his check asking "You come to see me?" Sammy nods making Bobby smile saying "That practically makes us family, Uncle Bobby.B, baby, Uncle Bobby.B!"

He held out his hand letting Sammy shake it saying "Sam or Sammy,"

"Well, Sam, let me talk to ya," Boddy said before clapping her on the shoulder making jolt a bit before relaxing as he leads them over to the cars that were parked up.

"Sam, your first enchilada of freedom awaits you underneath one of those hoods," Boddy said gesturing to the cars before them as they paused to look at some of them.

"Let me tell ya something, little lady, a driver doesn't pick the car. The car'll pick the driver," Boddy said making Sam look at him confused before nodding.

"Okay," She said as Boddy nods saying "It's a mystical bond between man and machine,"

Bobby then turned serious as he looked at Sammy before saying "Lady, I'm a lot of things, but lairs not one of them. Especially not in front of my Mammy,"

He then turned and pointed over to where two old ladies were chatting and knitting away. "That's my Mammy. Hey! Mammy!" He yelled over waving.

She must have heard or seen him because what she did next had Sammy biting her lip to smother her chuckles, cause the lady lifted her arm and gave Bobby the middle finger.

"Oh, don't be like that. If I had a rock, I'd bust you're head in, bitch," Boddy muttered before looking back at Ron and Sammy.

"I tell you, man, she deaf, you know?" He said before breaking out into chuckles before calming down and patting Sammy on the back before leading them over to where some cars were parked up.

"Well, over here, every piece of car a man or lady might want or need," Bobby said as he leads them over to car which had Sammy grinning.

It was a yellow and black 1970s Camaro, it was a little rusty in some spots. Its paint had faded in places but other then that the car was in good condition, Sammy hoped it was either 4 thousand or below that since it was her budget.

"This ain't bad," Sammy said as she walked over and gently touched the hood only to feel a small shock go through her system.

'Whoa! What was that?' Sammy thought as she stared at the car.

There was something strange about this car and she was gonna find out what it is! She just hoped she could buy the car.



Judy Witwicky smiles as she tended to her garden, she was proud of her flowers and how wonderful they looked! She pulled out a weed as the family dog a Chihuahua named Mojo sat in his little doggy outhouse with his cast on for his damaged leg.

"Mom! I'm home!" A yell made Judy look up from the flower bed to see her oldest daughter walk into the yard.

Nova Witwicky was a 34-year-old with shoulder length red hair and stunning emerald green eyes, her body was toned with a swimmer build and a decent C-sized chest that fitted her build. Her height was around 5'7 with slightly tanned skin, she had on a white T-shirt with a denim jacket and gray knee-length jeans with white and black Nike shoes.

"Welcome back Nova! How were the kids?" Judy asked as Nova walked over to the house.

"They fine, I just made them dinner when Brianna got back, I'm just gonna make myself something to eat," Nova said as she went inside.

Judy grins as she went back to her flowers while Mojo followed Nova inside.

Nova chuckles as Mojo barked at her while wagging his little tail, bending down she scratched his head making him give a pleased growl before turning and bolting towards Sammy's room.

"Don't pee in her bed Mojo! Remember what happened last time!" Nova called after the dog.

The last time Mojo peeded on Sammy's bed, due to being 'wasted' as Sam puts in on pain medication, Sammy had almost sent Mojo flying across the room.

Nova chuckles as she went back to make herself a sandwich, she looked up when the fluttering of wings reached her ears. Looking over she saw a Golden Eagle resting on a perch.

"Evening Hedwig, how was the flying?" Nova asked her familiar.

Hedwig screeched ruffling her feathers up showing that was she happy, she then began tending to her feathers as Nova finished making her sandwich. After putting the butter away and knife to be washed, Nova picked up her food and went to sit outside to eat her snack.

Half-way through her snack, she heard the sound of two engines pull up, looking over at the garage she saw her Dad arrive with another car. A black and yellow 1970's Camero, Nova grins as Sammy got out of the car looking pleased with herself.

"Nice car Sis!" Nova said as she looked the car over.

'Why does it feel...strange?' Nova thought before shaking her head.

"Thanks! Also, check this out," Sammy said as she pulled out her phone and held it up for her sister to see.

Nova leaned over and saw a text on Sammy's phone, it read 'Help pls! Stuck at a party, gonna dump Trent need quick escape' it was from their cousin and sister in all but blood Mikaela.

Mikaela Banes was their cousin through Judy, she like Sammy was an Invert and packed a punch. She and Sammy would get into some mean spars and end up bruised for days after, along with a few broken bones every now and then from magic enhanced punches.

Nova grins saying "Well, time for a rescue dear sister of mine,"

"I'll go and freshen up while you finish eating," Sammy said as she took her stuff inside.

Nova grins as she ate the second half of her snack, she then got up and went inside to put the plate to be washed before going outside and over to Sam's new car.

A few minutes later Sammy exited the house wearing a pair of skinny jeans with black combat boots, brown belt, black fingerless gloves with tiny seals sown into them to limit her strength and a white T-shirt with a brown jacket.

"Let's go and rescue Mikaela!" Sammy said as she ran over to the car while ignoring her Dad's half-hearted yells of 'stay off the grass' behind her.

Both girls climbed into the car and quickly drove off to rescue their cousin, but first, they had a friend to pick up.

Done! I hope you guys like it.

In the next chapter, Mikaela gets rescued and things start to get strange.

Until then, SaberbladePrime signing out!