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Chapter 4: Meet the Autobots


Sammy was a bit nerves as they arrived at what she could only guess was the meeting point, she felt her chest warm as her throat changed slightly to accommodate her slightly tight throat as a small cough escaped her. This also had the side effect of making smoke escape her mouth, she quickly waved it away as Mikaela, Nova, and David joined her at the front of the car.

"What happens now?" Sammy asked when the sound of engines was heard from both behind and in front of them.

"Meeting time, I'm guessing," David said as his ears twitched under his fedora.

Looking around the group saw four vehicles altogether, one was a Pontiac Solstice hardtop, the second was a GMC Topkick truck, the third vehicle was a Hummer H2 rescue vehicle and those ones were coming up behind them.

And in front of them came a vehicle that had Sammy grinning cause it was a Peterbilt 379 it was one of Sammy's favorite trucks it had been modified but the Peterbilt was stunning to see, that pain job was brilliant as well.

The truck came to a stop in front of the group making them back up a bit, Nova held her breath before gasping in awe as the truck began to transform. It got bigger and bigger until a huge robot stood before them! But this one gave off a kind aura making Nova relax and the others as well.

The bot then knelt down looking the group over before spotting Sammy, the female in question tensed up.

"Are you Samantha Jane Witwicky? Descendant of Archibald Witwicky?" The bot asked as Sammy gulps while a tingle went up her spine.

'Whoa! What a voice!' Sammy thought before saying "Yes,"

"My name is Optimus Prime, we are autonomous robotic organisms from the planet Cybertron," Optimus said answering the four's many questions about the robots.

"Bet ya, you can't say that five times fast," David said to Mikaela making her crack a chuckle.

"But you can call us Autobots for short," The medic looking bot said.

"That will make things easier to say," Nova said holding her hip.

Optimus looked at the older human female, she was relaxed and looked quite confident.

"May we have your designation?" Optimus asked making Nova blink a few times.

"Designa? Oh! You mean my name? I'm Nova Witwicky, Sammy's big sister," Nova said as she nodded her head towards Sam.

"I'm Mikaela, their cousin," Mikaela said with an unsure wave, but it was only polite to introduce yourself.

"David, a friend of Nova's family and local hacker," David said with a smirk as he tipped his hat slightly at Optimus in greeting.

Optimus nods before a silver smaller robot behind them decided to speak up.

"Whats cracking little bitches?" The bot said making the group turn to him as he did a flip and landed in a crouch holding his chin while looking around.

"My first lieutenant, designation Jazz," Optimus said as Jazz moved and jumped back landing on a rusting car crossing his arms looking very relaxed.

"This looks like a cool place to kick it," Jazz said a visor flipping down over his eyes.

"Awesome, but a little word of warning most female don't like being called a bitch," David said making Jazz look at him.

"Thanks for the heads up," Jazz said with a smirk as David gave him a thumbs up.

"Where did you guys learn to talk like that?" Sammy asked bemused by Jazz and his antics.

"We learned Earth's languages through the World Wide Web," Optimus explained making the group nod while David whistled very impressed.

"Gangster bot did not expect that," Nova said before feeling something brush her mind.

Carefully lowering her mental shields she felt the minds of Sammy, Mikaela, and David.

'; Should we show them? They're risking a lot showing themselves like this;' Sammy sent on her end.

'; It would be a great sign of trust between us;' Nova mentally said as David adjusted his hat.

'; Once they finish introductions and I'm guessing the medical bot will pick up David's felines stuff and Sammy's higher core temperature;' Nova said before putting her shields back up.

"My weapon specialist, Ironhide," Optimus said gesturing slightly behind the group making them turn around.

Only to meet face to face with a bot and two very large arm-mounted weapons, cannons to be more precise. Mikaela felt her jaw drop as the bot said one of her favorite movie lines.

"You feeling lucky, punk?" Ironhide said as the weapons glowed.

"Easy, Ironhide," Optimus warned not seeing the look of awe on Mikaela's face or Sammy's eyes changing to slitted pupils before returning to normal.

Ironhide shrugs saying "Just kidding, just wanted to show them my cannons,"

"My god," Nova said running a hand through her hair as a sniffing noise made them look for the source only to see the medic bot...sniffing the air?

"Our Medical Officer, Ratchet," Optimus said as Ratchet hmmmed.

"One of the females has a higher core temperature than the others and the eldest seems to be highly stressed," Ratchet said while eying Sammy and Nova who blushed.

"It's a hot night, what do you expect?" Sammy muttered she was sweating a little from the night air and her inner fire while Nova coughed into her first and shot Optimus a pointed look.

He seemed to get the hint and moved on from Ratchet to Sammy's car.

"You already know your guardian, Bumblebee," Optimus said as Sammy turned to her car as his radio played and he did a few boxing moves.

"Check on the rap, yeah! Second to none!" The radio played as he did a few punches before stopping to look at the three females and one male.

"So, you're my guardian?" Sammy asked getting a nod a chirp from Bumblebee.

Ratched moved and raised his arm which changed into a scanner of some kind before shotting a red beam at Bee's neck as he said "His vocal processors were damaged in battle, I'm still working on them,"

When it stopped Bumblebee coughed holding his neck while Nova winced, she hated getting magical scans never mind what Ratchet just did! She then sighs as she looked at her sibling, cousin, and friend. Sammy was stood tense as her eyes kept flashing between dragonic and human, David's hat was moving slightly and Jazz had taken note of it due to him currently eying David up in a curious manner and Mikaela was looking around very alert.

"This is a lot to take in and a lot of trust too," Nova said making the bots look at her.

She then sighs before smirking at the bots before asking "What do you guys know of magic?"

"That it is mostly a fictional power," Ratchet said as the group shared a smirk.

"Well, that's where the internet is wrong," Nova said as she turned to David.

"You can take ya hat off now," Nova said as David sighs in relief.

"Finally!" He said reaching up and took his hat off to show his panther ears as his tail unravels and waves around.

Behind him Jazz's optics went wide in shock as did the other bots when David threw his hat at Nova who caught it using her magic she changed the hat into a pen, she grins as she turned to Ratchet while twiddling the pen.

"Magic is real it's just hidden away, perhaps a full introduction is in order?" Nova said as her prankster side kicked in.

"Nova Witwicky, local warlock and big sister to Sammy," Nova said as her ring glows a bit.

"David Ravenwood, hacker, technomage and resident Neko," David said as he gave a little bow with a grin showing his sharp canines.

"Sammy Witwicky, dragon born at your service!" Sammy said with a wave as Mikaela chuckled.

"Mikaela Banes, cousin to Sammy and Nova plus a Demigod," Mikaela said as the bots looked both confused and shocked.

"Dragon-born?" Ironhide asked as Sammy nods sharing a smirk with Mikaela.

Then without warning they changed, Sammy growls as she grew into her dragon self. Her wings and tail burst free as her horns sprouted and scales covered her body, she breathed out smoke when done as her tail swished behind her.

Mikaela groans as she grew taller and her second pair of arms came from her shoulders, her skin changed as her eyes glowed. Her clothing grew with her but grew an extra pair of sleeves for her second arms and made room for her growth.

"You're not the only ones who can transform," Sammy said her voice with added gowl in it now.

"Impossible," Ratchet said as he ran some scans while Optimus eyed them with interest.

"It is possible, you've trusted us with your secret now we trust you with ours," Nova said as David yelped.

"Hey!" He yelled as Jazz held him before scratching behind his ears making David purr.

"I can't resist, he's too cute," Jazz said as David melted into a puddle of goo in Jazz's hand.

"I see, thank you for showing us," Optimus said understanding the gesture of trust that had been shown.

He was at first shocked to witness magic since according to the internet it was a fake power created by humans only to see it first hand, he was even more shocked by the change of Sammy and Mikaela. Though he did take note of how powerful each looked, mostly Sammy and how deadly she looked.

He was then snapped from his thoughts as Mikaela spoke up.

"Why are you here?" She asked her voice with its echoy tinge.

"We are here looking for the Allspark and we must find it before Megatron," Optimus said making a chill run through the group.

"Mega-who?" Sammy asked why did that name not sound good?

Optimus reached up to his helm and touched near his optics making twin beams project out, the group jumped as everything around them changed to show a destroyed land with metal towers and bodies everywhere.

"Our planet was once a powerful empire, peaceful and just until we were betrayed by Megatron, leader of the Decepticons. All who defied them were destroyed, our war finally consumed the planet and the Allspark was lost to the stars," Optimus said as the girls looked around it was not a nice sight to see.

Sammy let out a low keen of sadness at the sight, her heart went out to the bots. They had lost their home to the war they were in, she hated to think what would happen to her if she lost her home.

"Megatron followed it to Earth where Captain Witwicky found him," Optimus said making the girls perk up.

"Our grandfather," Sammy said as Nova nods.

"It was an accident that intertwined our fates," Optimus explained as the scene changed to the Arctic where it showed Captain Witwicky and his crew.

It showed a group of husky dogs running off and finding where Megatron was buried, only for Captain Witwicky to fall through, right into Megatron's frozen hand.

"Megatron crash-landed before he could retrieve the Cube, he accidentally activated his navigation system. The coordinates to the Cube's location on Earth were imprinted on his glasses," Optimus said as Sammy looked at David who was recovering from his Jazz attack.

"David, your updating my E-mail security when this is over with," Sammy said making David salute her.

"If the Decepticons find the Allspark, they will use its power to transform Earth's machines and build a new army," Ratchet explained making David pale.

"Shit, so my microwave could kill me? Damn!" David muttered making Jazz chuckle despite the situation.

"And the human race will be extinguished, Samantha Witwicky, you hold the key to Earths survival," Optimus said as the bots gathered around while David jumped down from Jazz's grasp.

"Sammy you better have those glasses," Mikaela said as Sammy nods.

"Back at the house, yeah," Sammy said as she grunts before changing back to her human self with Mikaela.

"Well then, let's get going," Nova said as the bots transformed back to vehicle mode.

Sammy and Mikaela quickly went to Bumblebee while David joined Jazz who had some questions for him, Nova went over and joined Optimus she had some questions herself for the leader.

The group quickly left the alleyway and started the drive back to the Witwicky household.

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