011. Odds and Ends



After all this time, nobody should be allowed passage into the depths of Raven's mind — let alone her bedroom on the top floor of Titans Tower. It's as private and secluded and dark as her entire being.

Until moving day.

Starfire thrusts open the billowing velvet curtains to Raven's windows, letting in all of the sunlight to hit her golden-orange features. "Ah, yes! This is much better!" she chirps, beaming at her dearest friend wincing and blocking her face with one, gray-hued hand. "Now we may do the packaging of your belongings!"

With a short, exasperated breath, Raven glances away, rubbing the bridge of her nose. The early morning hurts. There's several, already paid trucks waiting outside. Her teammates all argue with each other.


"I really don't need help, Star…"

A dramatic, shocked gasp flies out of Starfire's opening mouth. "Of course you do!" she insists, brandishing Raven's knitting needles to the point where the other girl backs up. "You are the only who has not finished!"

"Okay, sure," Raven mumbles, eyeing Starfire's hands. "Just as long as you put the needles down… slowly…"

Unable to push out the emotions this time, relief and amusement soars through Raven as Starfire squeaks and drops them into a cardboard box already stacked with various spell-books and occult paraphernalia. A glowing green tinge of a flush appears on her cheeks.

"Y-yes! I'm very sorry, Friend Raven!"

Raven hands her the little, stuffed raven-bird, watching the delight grow in Starfire's eyes.

"No need to be," she says reassuringly, accepting the tender, mutual hand-hold.