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"You did what!?"

Rose waved off Bella's shrieks. "Calm your tits, B. We both know you've humiliated yourself in front of way more than twenty-five men. Hell, you've embarrassed yourself in front of more than that in one day!"

"That was not my fault. I told Coach I had the shits and couldn't perform the routine."

"Tell that to Jane. She was the one spotting you while you were on top of the pyramid when it all came gushing out."

Bella sighed. "But going on The Bachelorette just screams to the entire world that I can't find myself a date."


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For anyone who happens upon this little diddy by happenstance, here's the dilly... The four of us (Hot Tot (shellshock or shell taylor), I Da Ho (born on halloween or Kaye P Hallows), Momma Russett (kitkat cullen or Kate Best), and Crinkle Cut (Name to be revealed)) decide ahead of time on a general topic, name, and summary. That's it. Then we take turns writing chapters of 100 words each. Not 101. Not 99. We also try to make the story as ridiculous as possible.

Can we say crack fic?

This fly-by-the-seats-of-our-potato-skins type of writing allows for a lot of mistakes and lack of continuity, but it also allows for a lot of laughs! But we for realz won't be offended if this just isn't for you.


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