hello this is my first time writing a fanfic so tell me what you all think. Sorry in advance for any grammars errors, and for any misspellings in this.

I do not own Katekyo Hitman Reborn only the plot and the OC's.

In the dead of night a young princess could be found hunting in the thick woods for food. Completely unaware of the fact her life will change in the next few days.

The young princess was trying to find new hunting grounds when she came upon a clearing with what she could only assume was the circus that the nearby town was talking about. The young 14 year old princess was hesitant to step any closer to the tents and instead decided to observe the place from her position behind the bushes of wild berries. The girl stayed there for several hours before she had gathered enough resolve to go and ask if she could join their circus.

As the young princess approaches a group of performers talking to someone that could only be described as the Ringleader of the circus; she felt eyes staring her down with curiosity but did not waiver in her steps. Once a few feet from the group she cleared her throat and bluntly stated that she would like to join their circus. There was silence after that as the performers stared and allowed that statement to sink in. The silence was then broken by the Ringleader's amused chuckle.

"Welcome young one, to the our circus. If you would like to join us what would your name be or would you like it if we choose for you?" the ring leader, Maximum, said to the girl patting her shoulder good naturally.

"M...my name?" the princess asked tilting her head in confusion.

"Well yes, what will we introduce you as to the audience," he explained further.

"...Skull...," she murmured.

"What was that," Maximum asked curiosity evident in his tone.

"My name... is Skull de Mort," the young girl said louder.