I was never the type to be that way, he said. I was never the type to cry. James, why are you crying? You need to do it, James. It doesn't matter if one of us gets hurt, it's you that matters. You and Lily and Harry. You need to do it, James, for them and for us.

And then the next day he had come, pale white. James, I can't, I can't. They'll suspect and they'll break it from me. No, listen. Use Peter, use Peter. They'll never think to - I know! They'll come, but I can go to Dumbledore, I can - yes. Don't say that. It is him, James. I know, I don't want to believe it either, but it's not me, and I know it's not - oh, James. You need to do it.

I tried to plead with him. I cried again, and he hugged me, and called me brother, and told me that if I hated him he'd understand, but I'm doing it for you, James, everything for you. I could never hate you, Sirius, I had said. You're a good person. You'd be surprised, he'd said. I never told you everything I said.everything I did.

I embraced him, but he pulled away. Don't, James. Don't do that to me. We have to. We have to change to Peter. It's Remus, James. Who else could it be?

I am crying again. I can hear Harry screaming from the next room, and Lily crying, running and crying. HE is standing there. HE is right in front of me. HE is smiling. James, why are you crying?

I stopped, and blinked away my tears. Goodbye, Lily. Goodbye, Harry. I might be able to get away. But I'd be leaving you. And if he killed me.I want to die human, not this stag, this stag with the silver eyes. I love that form, God knows I do. Peter. It was Peter. No, Sirius, don't cry. It wasn't you. It was Peter.