New Shores


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Chapter one

The past never forgets


Report Ranma Saotome:

I looked out of the glider, as it neared the space port of the terran fleet in Terrania. And it was drawn by one ship, which dwarfed every other ship on the space port, with the exception of the 'Crest IV', a replica for a museum. It was even larger than the ships of the Discoverer-class super dreadnaughts, each one a sphere of 1.8 kilometer diameter. This ship was my ship, the 'Marco Polo', build and named after the most famous ship ever build by humans. Only two ships where more famous than the first 'Marco Polo' and they still existed, the 'Sol' and the 'Basis'.

The 'Marco Polo' is a ship that was build after the war with the Inquisition of Reason, twelve years ago in 1312 NGC. A 2.5 kilometer diameter ultra dreadnaught, with a ring around the equator, specially builds for warfare behind enemy lines. She is able to support a small fleet of twenty ships over more than three years. I have to say that the 'Marco Polo' is not the first ship under my command. First I was the commander of the 'Yamato', an Odin-class battle cruiser, of the planetary home fleet of Azura. Sometimes I miss the 'Yamato' but a least I have to say that she is part of my small fleet. Together with another ship from Azura, the heavy cruiser 'Hayabusa', and three ships from NewPreussen, the battle bruiser 'Graf Spee' and the two heavy cruisers 'Gneisenau' and 'Scharenhorst'.

To command a space ship was my dream, ever since I first awoke in this universe. You see I wasn't born in this universe, but in another. 54 years ago I was thrown into this universe by Sailor Pluto, a woman I thought would be my friend. But she tried to kill me with a magical attack. Only because I held a magical device, the Nanban Mirror in front of me to catch the attack, I was able to survive. But I awoke in a medical center after a coma of nearly three month, with one arm lost.

Since than I lived here and found my happiness. Well, until my wife died and left me and our daughter behind. Sometimes I want to kill the guy who killed her in a glider crash, but he died in the crash.

I sighed. I'm not really over her death, but I can live with the pain.

The glider neared the 'Marco Polo' and flew into one of the many hangars. I got of the glider and went to my first officer, Ian Zarkov, a terran born in Moscow. He snapped to attention. I had to suppress a groan.

"Captain on deck!" he screamed.

I sighed. He had seen to much of these old cheesy trivid movies.

"Ian, forget that whole crap. You know that I don't like it."

He grinned.

"I know. Why do you think I do it?"

I glared at him.

"Everything okay?"

He nodded.

"Everything is okay. We are ready to leave Terra and go on our small tour."

Again I had to suppress a groan. I hate to do public relation operations. Land on one of the main systems of the LFT, the Hunhay'Tussan or the Forum Ranglund, do diplomatic work and so on. What would I do for a nice fight to find the limits of my ship.

"When do we start?"

"When we reach Command. We have permission for lift off."

We entered one of the many transmitter rooms in the ship and stepped into the black nothingness of a transmitter. We where ripped into atoms and set back together on the receiving transmitter. The pain of the de- and rematerialisation was something the body gets used to and could be ignored. We stepped into Command, the bridge of the 'Marco Polo'. It was a semicircle with a height of eight meter and a diameter of fifteen meter. In the center of Command it had a small platform, with the seat and console of the commander, the first officer and the first pilot. In our case, we had three emotionauts, specially trained pilots, who could link directly with the ships computer and control it directly with their mind.

We went directly to the platform and I smiled, when I looked around. I saw into the faces of my command crew. I sat down and smirked at the first pilot. Nadja McIntrey smiled back.

"Bring this baby into space."

"Yes, sir," she said and I had to laugh at the 'Sir'.

There is nothing like a command chain in the past nowadays, but the efficiency of the fleet has increased since than. I looked at a hologram that floated in front of me. It showed the 'Marco Polo' from the outside. I like it to watch the lift off of a ship from an outside perspective.

The bulk of the ship was slowly lifted off the ground by gigantic antigravity drives and floated into the sky with a moderate speed, which had to stir the air around the ship. As the ship was five hundred meter over the ground, the hydraulic landing gear slowly retracted. Than two kilometer over the ground, the atmospheric drives in the ring activated and the ship accelerated. We only needed four minutes to reach the outer rim of the terran atmosphere and enter free space.

Some minutes later the five other ships lifted off and met us one thousand kilometer above Terra. I heard the voice of the operations officer of my crew, May-Lin'Hay, a terra-born kartanin. Sure she is a feline, but I had an intensive psychotherapy to help against my problems with cats and other felines.

"Terra Control, this is the 'Marco Polo'. We await permission to leave the solar system."

"'Marco Polo', Terra Control. You have permission to leave the solar system and accelerate with 200 kps² until you reach the velocity to enter hyperspace."

"Affirmative, Terra Control."

She nodded towards Nadja and in the sub light drives awoke to life to accelerate the ship towards half the speed of light.

The ship was six minutes into the acceleration and on one fourth of the speed of light, when it happened.

"Emergency broadcast from Venus," I heard May-Lin scream.

A Hologram appeared in front of me. It showed the face of a young human. His face showed fear.

"This is freighter FX-345. We are attacked by unknown forces. We request help."

A second hologram appeared and showed a sensory diagram of the solar system. The position of the freighter was highlighted. Near the ship there was an energy signature that looked like a small back hole. I zoomed in the diagram, so that I could see the exact surroundings of the freighter and the energy signature. Than it happened. Other energy signatures where pouring out of the black hole. Each signature had an energy output that looked like that of a dreadnaught.

With that the command center of the system security went to system wide alert and every ship of the fleet that was in the system speeded towards the position of the ship. At the same time the pouring out of the black hole stopped by a ship count of unknown 2000 ships and one of the weapons satellites that where orbiting Sol had the first optical image of the ships.

I think I was the only one who was able to compare the ship to ships I had seen in an anime in my home universe. Well, maybe the Azura are able to compare the ships too, since they are the descendants of Japanese colonists. The ships looked like Zentraedi ships from Macross. And we had 2000 of these ships in our system. And every ship had the image of a crystal on the hull. I swear that I had seen that crystal somewhere.

"Nadja, we change course towards the position of the freighter. Accelerate to 800 kps² and enter hyperspace."

Nadja nodded under the hood of the SERT system, which she needed to connect to the ship as emotionaut. The other ships of my fleet followed. After only 1 minute and 36 seconds the 'Marco Polo' entered hyperspace and fell back to normal space in a short amount of time that only computer where able to measure. We where on the other side if Sol and surrounded by other ships of the terran fleet. The freighter was history, blown out of space by the weapons of the unknown ships. One of the ships in the terran fleet was the 'Leif Eriksson', the flagship of the LFT.

Our ships tried to contact the unknown ships but they simply didn't answer. I don't know why, but something in me said that this would be a changing point of my life.

Than the unknown fleet began to move towards Terra, surrounded by 12.000 terran ships. We had the superior forces with six to one ships.

Than the fleet disappeared and reappeared on the other side of the sun. They used hyperspace like we do, but at a slower pace. We followed them and let them enter orbit around Terra. I knew that every ship had looked the unknown ships with their targeting systems, together with the defensive satellites in terran orbit and heavy cannons on the surface of the planet. Terra was target of many assaults in the last decades, so that the defensive systems where upgraded.

As all of the ships had entered a specific orbit and seemed to be in some kind of position, all ships began to jam radio and send a transmission.

"People on earth," a voice said," Praise, as for the age of absolute peace and happiness will come to thee. This planet will be the first to receive the gift of my queen."

I felt my jaw hit the deck. That was impossible! I looked at the hologram that showed the image of a man I hoped never to see again. The man on the image was Ryoga Hibiki, one of the traitors, who had done nothing to prevent Pluto from her attack. I could feel that my old hatred form them came back.

"Praise, as for you will be the first ones that will receive the ultimate gift of the gods."

"Cut the transmission!" I screamed," Give me a connection to the 'Eriksson'."

I tried to suppress my hatred and my anger, as a hologram appeared in front of me. It showed the Solar Resident Perry Rhodan. He was some kind of prime minister of the League of Free Terrans, LFT. I knew him from my duty on the 'Eriksson'.

"Perry, we need permission to fire."

Rhodan looked bewildered and stared at me.


I stared back.

"Do you want that every single individual on Terra becomes a mindless drone? That is what Hibiki wants."

"How do you know?"

His stare intensified.

"He is from my home universe. He stood on the sidelines, when I was sent here."

While I was talking to Rhodan, the 2000 ships of Crystal Tokyo began to emit some kind of energy beams that connected to every neighbor ship. Between the beams a milky white glow appeared.

"Perry, we have to, before it is too late."

He seemed to think about it. The glow intensified. Than he ended the connection and reappeared on another, where he gave the order to fire at will.

A blue glowing sphere appeared between the planet and the glowing field, as Terra activated its planetary paratron shield. Black rifts began to open between the glow and the shield as if the shield would throw energy into hyperspace. The glow only intensified. Than the first ship fired its weapons onto the first enemy ship, followed by all other terran ship, the satellites and surfaced weapons.

The main weapon of every terran ship is the transform cannon, since more than 3000 years. They are a kind of projectile weapon, which used an external inducted teleportation to materialize a projectile in an enemy's ship or in the shielding of them. In most cases these projectiles are heavy thermonuclear bomb with up to 4000 GT, other types of bombs have up to 10.000 GT. The only problem is that these calibers are damaging the space-time-continuum. And near a planet we can't simply fire with these calibers. It would destroy the planet or change its orbit.

The other problem was that the bombs where not materializing. Every salve of the transform cannons simply disappeared. Every other weapon was simply swallowed by the enemy's shields.

Then the enemy shoot back. Every single salve from them slammed into the paratrons of our ships and penetrated them like nothing. That has to say something since a ship with activated paratrons can fly into the corona of a star and under the surface and survive. One terran ship after another was destroyed by the enemy.

Only the 'Marco Polo' and the other five ships of my fleet where able to shrug the weapons energy off, since we had a new shielding system that was a hybrid of the paratron shield and the energetic paradim armor, the paradim shield. Five minutes into the fight the enemy had lost one single ship and we had lost over 1500 ships.

"The PDP-cannons!" I said and gave the permission to use the most powerful conventional weapon.

The Paradim Penetration cannon was a weapon designed to penetrate the paradim armor and was able to penetrate every other shielding system up to date. The two PDP-cannons awoke to life and fired. Two ultra short energetic shock fronts, focused by a paratron like energy tube slammed into the shields of the targeted ship and penetrated the shields without problem. The shock fronts shook the ship and disintegrated parts of the hull and engine section. Where the enemy ship was hit, a small sun lit up for a short amount of time, as the reactors of the ship where blowing up.

Other ship with PDP-cannons where following our example and fired their weapons. After other five minutes only one ship was left and fled towards the black hole. I didn't wait and the 'Marco Polo' speed after the ship. I suspected that Hibiki was on board that ship.

Before his ship could enter the hyperspace, the 'Marco Polo', the 'Yamato', the 'Hayabusa', the 'Graf Spee', the 'Scharenhorst' and the 'Gneisenau' where in hyperspace and fell back into normal space in front of the enemy ship. We fired multiple salvos to the suggested entry point of the ship, but Hibiki's ship fell back to normal space only 10.000 kilometer away from the black hole and entered it, without a scratch.

"We follow the ship," I said.

With that my six ships entered the black hole and that was the beginning of a command operation in terran tradition. We go in, without to know what to expect, make plans on the way and still survive without a scratch.

The transit through was surprisingly short. As we reached normal space, the black hole collapsed behind us and we where surrounded by thousands of enemy ships. A short check for our position showed us that we where in the solar system of this universe. I heard several people swallowing.

"May-Lin, massage to the other ships," I said," Everyone for himself. We meet at point 'Kartago's fall'."

With that the six ships spread and began to fire at the enemy ships. We seemed to have a surprise bonus as we exited the black hole. The enemy ships needed several seconds to register what happened. Than they fired back. I don't know why, but it looks like their weapons where calibrated to penetrate our paratron shield, because they where not powerful enough to penetrate it under normal circumstances.

But the sheer number of ships was enough to get the shields up to a strain of 99 percent. The shield would be able to take a strain up to 150 percent for one minute and than collapse. I continued to give commands in a speed that surprised myself. Even with a maximum acceleration of 990 kps² we had problems to reach half the speed of light to enter hyperspace, since enemy ships where flying directly into our course and Nadja had to avoid them. We had destroyed nearly 50 ships when the 'Marco Polo' had reached half the speed of light and entered hyperspace.

"Damage report," I said.

The computer of Command created a hologram where I could see the damages. Nothing out of the ordinary. Some destroyed energy nodes, one short-circuited paratron and other minor damages. And no serious injuries on the crew, with the exception of bruises and scratches. I inhaled deep.

"Reentry of normal space in six seconds," the voice of the computer said.

I tensed. I hope every ship made it to the point 'Kartago's fall'. It was a historic retreat point, where the solar fleet gathered after the fall of the solar system in 1303 NGC, as the arkonians invaded Terra. Later they left Terra, after the war ended.

The 'Marco Polo' fell back into normal space and stopped. The sensory systems where scanning space around us. A new sensory system was scanning hyperspace and waited that five signals where entering the maximum scanning range. We didn't had to wait for long.


Interlude 1:

Ryoga Hibiki left his flagship and went directly into the throne room. He wasn't thrilled to went to the Queen and state that his operation was a failure. He and Mercury had planned this operation for more than a century and it still went wrong. He stood before his Queen.

"My Queen," he said and bowed.

Queen Serenity leveled a glare at him.

"Do you have to say something?" she asked.

"No, My Queen. I can't think about one reason that my operation was a failure."

Sailor Mercury stepped forward and looked at the still bowing Hibiki.

"What went wrong?"

"The terrans activated their planetary shielding, like we expected. But they opened fire before we where able to penetrate the shield with the 'Cleansing'. Rhodan reaction didn't match with his psychological profile. Than they used a new weapon to penetrate our shields. The modulation of our shields was ineffective to repel the new weapon."

Mercury nodded.

"We had to expect that, since it was more than fifteen years ago, that we were able to send our agents into their universe."

"Continue," the queen said.

"And like we expected our weapons where able to penetrate their shields and destroy their ships with one or two shots, but there were six ships that had a new shielding. And they had two new classes of ships. Ships with a diameter of 1.8 and 2.5 kilometer."

He stopped for a short time and continued.

"The six ships with the new shields where able to follow us here."

Queen Serenity glared at Hibiki and than at Mercury.

"Your operation is canceled," she said and the two looked at her strangely," until these ships are destroyed or in our hand. I would prefer to can get them in one piece."

The two nodded.

"Than we would be able to understand their technology," Mercury stated," crush the Resistance and bring absolute peace to the other universe."


Report Ranma Saotome:

My other ships where in a desolate condition. While the 'Marco Polo' had fled without any damages, the heavy cruisers had hull breaches and destroyed shield generators and other destructed systems. The battle cruisers left the battle in a better condition, but they where still in a bad condition. It would need some time until the ships where back to full operational.

I gave my orders and the five ships where landing in special bays. These bays where one of the systems of the 'Marco Polo', since they consisted of energy that was condensed to matter. The repair crews and the internal factories of the 'Marco Polo' where working full time to repair the ship as fast as possible.

I looked at a hologram with the causalities of the other ships. 102 men and women wouldn't return to their families. And I knew one or two of them from my command of the 'Yamato'. I closed my eyes.


Than I heard the door chime of my ready room.

"Come in," I said.

The door opened and an arkonian and a terran came in. They sat down in front of me. Benjameen da Jacinta, a minor arkonian noble, who choose to take LFT citizenship, and Tess Qumisha, a terran physician, who was his wife. They were both VIP's and took part in the most major terran operations in the last fifteen years.

"And again we are somewhere, where we shouldn't be," Ben said.

I groaned and looked at him.

"And again we have a typical terran operations plan," he continued," 'Butt in, find out what I wrong and correct it, with a minimal effort.'"

That comment resulted in an elbow into his side by Tess.

"You have to complain, Ben," I answered," As if you had no part in the operation that was the beginning of the end for the Inquisition, you booty terran."

He grinned.

"So? What's that to you?"

He got a second elbow into his side. I had to chuckle.

"I know exactly what awaits us. This is my home universe."

The two stared at me. I shrugged.

"It's true. One of the people, who initiated the attack, had sent me into my new home. And the guy on the hologram before the battle. He was some kind of friend for me, before I was sent away."

I raised my left arm. You could hear the low whining sound of servomotors in the arm.

"Because of them I lost my arm."

The door to my room opened a second time and a second set of two people came in. My chief scientist and my chief engineer.

The chief scientist was a tall woman. She was my daughter Tijana. She had the body and face of my female side and the white hair and red eyes of her arkonian mother. She was wearing a white tank top, white jeans and white sneakers. It was something of a trademark outfit, like the red and black outfit I wore in the past. She was one of the best scientists in the LFT.

The chief engineer was a normal ferron male. His people where, like most humanoids including terrans, of lemurian descendant. He had the copper colored hair, light blue colored skin and stocky build of his people. His name was Jakus and he had a grumpy personality. He was the best engineer that I could imagine for my ship.

"Dad," Tijana said," We are in deep shit."

I shot her a glare.

"Don't tell."

I looked at Jakus.

"How long, 'til the ships are back to full operational?"

He sighed.

"Three days at most. All of my crews are busy to repair the most needed systems like shielding and propulsion. And even for that we will need up to one day."

I slumped down a bit.

"Damn, I need them."

I thought a bit over it.

"Could you raid the light cruisers? Or at least the corvettes?"

"Hm, I think we could speed it up that way to at least one third of the normal time."

"Than do it. I need them back ASAP."

He nodded and took out a PAD. The 'Marco Polo' was a carrier ship. The hangars are holding 60 light cruisers with 100 meter diameter and 60 corvettes with 60 meter diameter, with several hundred Space Jets and other small ships.

I looked at Tijana.

"And what can you say?"

She breathed in deep.

"Only that I have absolutely no idea where I should begin to look. We simply have not one sensory system that was able to get a good scan of the enemies shields and some of the weapons. Every scan is indicating some energy in the higher bands of the hyper-dimensional spectrum. And we don't have the necessary systems to get a scan in these bands."

I raised an eyebrow.

"Can you build one?"

She laughed like I had made some silly joke.

"We don't have the necessary crystals and systems to build these systems. The only thing I could do would be to raid one of the PDP-cannons to get the right crystals."

I shook my head.

"No. But do what you can."

She nodded. I let my head fall a bit.

"Go back to your stations. I have to think."

They nodded, rose and left the ready room.

Damn, what can I do? This is nearly like in the old days. I got myself involved into something I have absolutely no idea how to get through.


Interlude 2:

Hotaru Tome, aka Sailor Saturn, looked over the city of Crystal Tokyo and sighed. She had helped to build this city and the beginnings of the Solar Empire. But after the first two hundred years after the founding of the Solar Empire and the first cleansing of earth, something had changed her old friends. Usagi, Queen Serenity nowadays, had changed the most. Gone was the airhead of her youth, to make place for a Queen. But a what cost? After the founding of the first colonies in other systems, the humans in these colonies where looking for independence from Crystal Tokyo. Serenity had answered with a cleansing. Not like the first one that only had made the humans a bit more happy and destroyed the means of genetical diseases, the second cleansing had made the humans in the colonies more like happy zombies. Okay, they had something of a independent streak, but it was no real independence of thought. They had become two dimensional beings that where happy every time in their lives.

After the cleansing of the colonies, she had cleansed earth again. That was the first time, where Hotaru got the first doubts on Serenity's sanity. The years after that only made the doubts grow slightly. Even at the time of the first Crusade to bring 'absolute peace' to the galaxy, she had thought that Serenity had done the right thing. But than the first genocides on alien species had begun, with the excuse that the non-humanoids where evil, and the first projects to genetically alter humanoids to resemble a human, she had thrown away her believe in the sanity of Serenity.

About the other Senshi? Or the others? Pha. They where not exactly insane like Serenity, but they where faithful in her. She no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil. They simply didn't believe that the big Queen could NOT do the right thing.

Herself? She was only playing a role for the others, waiting for the right time to leave the Empire for ever and begin to work against it with the Resistance. But she wasn't able to do it. If Sailor Pluto would be able to warn Serenity and the others, she would be dead. But since the fight near Venus with the six ships from the other universe her hope was rising. And she felt that something had come back to her that she had lost a long time ago.


Report Ranma Saotome:

Four hours. Four hours in my home universe and I have no idea what to do. The repair of the other ships was going according to schedule and in two hours the repair of the shields and propulsion systems where finished.

I had my head lowered into my hands.

"What should I do? What CAN I do?"

"Well," said a voice in front of my desk," At the moment nothing more than think."

Startled I looked up. In one of the seats I front of the desk sat a male terran. I stared at him. He looked exactly like Falo Gause, a soccer star who died 1303 NGC some month after his last game. He had been a mutant and some kind of Martin Luther King for the mutants. Some soccer fans where setting him onto one level with the 'light figure' Franz Beckenbauer of the 20. century.

"Who are you?"

Gause smiled a bit.

"No, I'm not really Falo Gause. I only took on his shape, so that I can talk to you. I'm so what of a observer. But even I have my limit. I will tell you something about your old home universe."

He smiled a bit more.

"You know what a super-intelligence is?"

I glared at him.

"Yes, a super-intelligence is a higher being. The next step on the evolutionary ladder. In most cases a collective of multiple millions of consciousnesses of a species that left behind their mortal existence."

He smiled a bit more.

"That is correct. I tell you a bit. In this galaxy there are three beings not unlike a super-intelligence, but something completely different. All three are calling themselves 'goddesses'. Their names are Tsunami, Washuu and Tokemi. Tsunami is the goddess of the Jurians. Before their home world was integrated into the Solar Empire, they where one of the major powers of the galaxy. Washuu doesn't really remember much of her 'goddess hood' since she renounced it to live as mortal as possible. And Tokemi, well, she is a being that stands behind the Solar Empire. Be careful, when you work on a plan. Tokemi is more powerful than her sisters. At least at the moment."

With that the fake soccer star faded away, the smile was the last to fade.


Interlude 3:

A man stood on the bridge of the 'Throne' the mightiest ship of the Resistance. Once it was the flagship of the jurian home fleet, once it was one of the mightiest ships in the galaxy. Like the man was once the Emperor of Jurai and now the head of the Resistance. The 'Throne' was backed up by nearly thousand ships, some of them where old jurian vessels, other where vessels of the Oni and again others where the last remaining ships of the Galaxy Police or the Holy Republic of Zephyrus. All these ships had only one directive.

Search and find the ships that where coming from the other universe. That was one of the best chances for the Resistance to go against the Solar Empire.

His eyes where falling onto the shape that was standing near the tree in the middle of the bridge. He shook his head. This shape was only a part of a being that helped Tsunami the ships of the Resistance when navigating in Omega Centauri, the biggest star cluster of the milky way. Four Million stars, many of them old red giants, in a 120 light-year diameter sphere. And it was the only place of the whole galaxy where the Empire had no chance to get a hold on.

Omega Centauri was a hazardous place for someone who didn't know it. And only because the stars where creating higher dimensional shockwaves that caused most technology to run amok. Only ships of the Resistance where able to enter and leave Omega Centauri, because Tsunami had created gems that where creating a calm zone around the ship. The only FTL-drive that could be used was a system that caused the ship to leave normal space and jump through hyperspace to the destination.

He looked out into the blackness of space. Tenchi Masaki, former Emperor of Jurai and leader of the Resistance, hoped that he would find the six ships and give them a save haven.


Report Ranma Saotome:

I sat in my chair on the bridge and looked at the hologram in front of me. Around me Control was bursting with activity. In several points holographic projections where indicating that the whole ship was on Condition Red. Several minutes ago, a fleet of ships had been materializing some million kilometers distant.

"How many?"

"Two thousand. Heavy battleships. Energy profiles are matching with the ships we encountered back home."

Damn, they had found us. Only the 'Yamato' and 'Graf Spee' where in the condition to fight. The heavy cruisers still needed to be repaired.

"We won't fight. Nadja, set a course to the galactic center. Mai-Lin, set up secured uplinks to the 'Yamato' and the 'Graf Spee' and synchronize our movement."

I could hear the light humming of the field drives that where accelerating the 'Marco Polo' with 990 kps² towards the speed of light. Three minutes would be needed to enter hyperspace.

"One of the ships is trying to communicate."

I nodded and a hologram with Hibiki's face appeared in front of me.

"To the commanders of the LFT vessels, surrender your ships. I swear on my honor as Knight of the Empire that you will be treated fair."

I frowned. At this time we where only receiving the transmission. One movement to a small control table in my command chair opened a transmission channel back to Hibiki.

"You mean that we will be 'cleansed', become happy zombies and do everything Usagi said? I don't think so, Hibiki. By the way, you are sounding like Kuno."

Hibiki lost every bit of color in his face. Every corpse looked healthier than he at the moment. He stared at me. It is so what satisfying to see an old 'friend' with an expression of utter shock and panic on his face. It makes me feel really good. At least now.


I also could see him shaking. Now I'm a bit worried. What am I? The anti-christ? Satan himself?

"Well, let's just say that the Nanban-Mirror had at least one good point. I hope we will meet again, my old 'friend'. And when we do, I will blast you and your ship out of the universe."

I cut the connection and the 'Marco Polo' jumped into hyperspace.


The observer sat somewhere in a plain white void and looked worried into something that looked remarkly like the Time Gate. Well, it was the Time Gate, because Sailor Pluto came behind and frowned at the observer. He still wore the body of Falo Gause.

"What do you want," she asked with a voice that was able to freeze Helium.

The observer smiled at her.

"The same I do every time, observing. That is my job."

He waved with his hand and the picture in the gate disappeared. It had shown the 'Marco Polo' fleeing from Hibiki's ships.

Sailor Pluto snarled and pointed the Time Staff towards him.

"Leave and never come back."

The fake Gause simply smiled.

"You know that I'm neutral. I won't interfere with the pity little plans of the little rabbit, that thinks it is faster and better."

With that he disappeared without a trace. Pluto swore. She hated the observer with her soul. He was one thing she couldn't control, couldn't say what he would do. At the same time she was envious for his power. If she had his powers she would be able to help her queen better and spread the peace to the whole universe and into other universes.

She needed some time to get herself together and search for the LFT vessels. It would be childs play to find them and say what the commander would do next. So they would run directly into a trap that had to be build to capture the ships.


In a higher plane of existence, Tokemi frowned. The LFT wasn't reacting like she had planed. The ships and the commander of them would cause a major drawback for her plans to be set free from her prison and her rise to absolute power with the help of the Solar Empire.

Unseen to her the observer smiled. Than he disappeared.


The observer materialized in a small apartment that was located in the center of a big city. The city itself was located in the center of a platform of 8000 kilometer diameter and floating in the vastness of space surrounded by a field that hid it from the eyes of Sailor Pluto and other higher beings.

He chuckled. He liked the humans and their sayings.

"No plan survives initial contact with the enemy," he said.

A shape materialized beside him. It was looking exactly like him.

"You had fun," the other fake Gause asked.

"Yes," the observer answered," To tease Pluto is the best fun I can have."

The other fake smiled.

"Like Rhodan back home. I only hope that Saotome is helping here."

"Me too, old friend. Me too."



NGC: New Galactic Century, Timetable introduced in 3588 AD

LFT: League of Free Terrans, interstellar union of nearly 2482 fully member systems in a USA-like nation with 1866 associated systems, tendency increasing. Terra/Earth is the main planet, with Terrania as capital. Because of recent assaults by varoius extra-galactical invaders the number of military ships was increased to 350.000 ships. One of the mayor players of the galaxy and the one with the most political influence.

Hunhay'Tusan: arkonian for 'Godly Empire', interstellar Empire with more than 12000 directly controlled and over 22.000 economical dependent systems. With more than 650.000 ships of various classifications the military and economical most powerful mayor player of the galaxy. They had the technological edge for a few years, before the LFT surprassed them again.

Forum Ranglund: Loose federation of more than 30.000 different world in the east and northside of the galaxy. The Forum was founded as reaction to the arkonian expansion course after 1230 NGC. The only problem is that the species in the Forum are constantly fighting over bagatelles. That is preventing them to become more powerful than the Hunhay'Tussan.

Ship classes: terran and arkonian ships are generally of a spherical base form, with different diameters. The classification of ships in the LFT is based on the diameter.

Diameter Class Ship-type (Example)
60m Corvette Corvette
100m Light Cruiser Vesta
200m Heavy Cruiser Protos
500m Battle Cruiser Odin
800m Battleship Nova
1800m Dreadnaught Discoverer
2500m Super- Galaxy
Dreadnaught Neo-Galaxy

Space Jet: terran spaceship design, the most popular design for smaller space ships under the size of a Corvette and a discus design. The size of a Space Jet can range from 8 meter to 60 meter diameter. Some Statistics are showing that the Space Jet is THE number one space ship in the galaxy with more than 25 million sold units for military, private and economical use.

Kps²: Kilometer per second squared, measure for acceleration

Hyper-dimensional spectrum: Is the hyper-dimensional equivalent of the electro-magnetic spectrum with the same subdivisions. The used measure is Kalup. Some physicians claim that 'real' hyper-physic is starting in the UHF-area of the hyper-dimensional spectrum.


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