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Chapter four

The Hidden Republic


2017 AD, Solar System

Slowly, the last shuttlecraft made its way toward the 'Odyssee'. Every seat in the new transathmospheric craft was occupied by a refugee. Almost 250.000 people where already aboard the 'Odyssee', filling every free space on board.

The small ship looked almost like the „Sänger II", which was projected to be build in the last 20 years of the 20th century by a german corporation. The surface of the craft looked battered, thanks to a rogue pilot of the US Air Force, who tried to shoot it down shortly before it reached orbit.

The refugees were lead to their place for the trip towards Epsilon Eridani after it had docked with the 'Odyssee' and the shuttlecraft itself was moved into the small hanger of the refugee-ship. Some Kilometers in the distance were two other ships, the 'Prometheus' and the 'Perseus'. They were only one year older than the 'Odyssee' and other than it not designed to carry any refugees.

All three ships were fitted with an experimental Warp-drive, a fusion-reactor, fuel tanks and a few VASMIR-plasma-engines.

The reason, this ships where built, was a comet on it's way to Earth – Loki, as the astronomers had called it. Their calculations prophesized a 99,9 percent chance to directly hit the earth and cause the end of human civilization by nuclear winter. The 'Prometheus' and the 'Perseus' had been build and fitted with the Warp-drive, to fly to Loki and either change his course or destroy him. But they failed. Noone had an explanation for it, but the nukes detonated in his way or even on his surface never did anything to him. No change of course or partial destruction of the nucleus.

When Loki wasn't destroyed the 'Odyssee' was build in a unparalleled cooperation of nations and companies. Together with bunker-systems everywhere on earth, they became the only hope of mankind.

Now the ship carried the refugees, enough resources to build a colony and the whole knowledge of humankind to a planet, the scientists hoped to exist in the Epsilon Eridani system.

An hour after the last refugees had gotten to their places, the three ships left earth with Warp two and accelerated to Warp four when they left the Kuiper belt. They would need two days to Epsilon Eridani.

But fate had other things in mind as the three ships encountered a spacial anomaly, a wormhole, which transported the ship to another part of the galaxy. During transit, the electronic systems of the ship where damaged and the ship crashed on a desert planet.

Only 150000 of the colonists survived planetfall and had to struggle to survive. Nobody really knew who had the idea for the planets name or its real meaning. But Higaara became a synonym for exile and a new beginning.

Seven light-years distant to the planet an inhabitant of a small village of kangaroo-like sentients discovered the procedure to create steel from iron with the help of coke.


1065 AKD, 2891 AD, Sola

Neral slowly climbed down on the small ladder, which connected the cabin of his Lander with one of the legs. Everything happened in complete silence, the only sound he could hear, was the soft whine of the air-recycler and his own breath.

"I'm on the last step," he said into his microphone.

He jumped the last few centimeters from the last step of the ladder to the small disk that prevented the leg of the Lander to sink into the dusty surface. He looked down and bend his knees a bit to look at the upper part of the disk he was standing on. His long stiff tail went up to hold the balance.

"Control, there is a bit dust on the disk."

"Roger that, Neral."

He took a deep breath. All of his training in the last few years had happened for this one moment. He lifted up his right leg and made a step forward, away from the Lander. His foot sunk just a few centimeters into the dusty surface and Neral let go of the breath he held.

"This is just a small step for me, but a big step for all Naali."

A thought went through his head. His superiors would dress him down for that, since they had expected some kind of nationalistic bullshit. Again he breathed in deep, knowing that 1.25 billion Naali were watching TV and witnessing that he was the first of them on Nasar, the inner of the two moons, and the first Naali to ever take a step on another celestial body. He turned around and looked at the red-brown-green marble just a bit over the horizon of Nasar.

Time seemed to slow down for him as he just looked at the beautiful scene. Nasar in the middle, the Lander half left, the outer moon Miral, as a crescent, just a bit right of the day-night-terminator on Naal and the sun as a small dot on the upper left corner. He just pressed the trigger of the Hassel-camera mounted to the chest plate of his suit.

"Beautiful," was all he could say and he just whispered it.


1179 AKD, 3005 AD, Sola

Soral looked down the tube his team had melted into the ice of Miro. Miro was one of the three big moons of Colar, the biggest planet in the system, named after the Guard of the Dead in the Naali pantheon. Amongst the gods and heroes, Miro was the daughter of Colar and the mother of life in the water.

Soral looked up and out of the icy dessert of Miro's surface. It was only been a matter of a few billion Sur to come here in the behalf of an eccentric multibillionaire who was obsessed with alien life. And Miro was the best candidate in the system. The gravitational forces of Colar were enough to melt the core of Miro and with that some of the ice to create a giant lake beneath the ice shell.

Now, it was just a matter of time until the small sub found what they were searching for. He looked on the monitors and the blackness of the water. There was nothing that could reflect the light of the spotlights, yet.

The door to the surveillance room was abruptly opened.

"Doctor Soral," screamed a totally surprised assistant," We found something!"

Soral turned away from the monitor and looked at his assistant. Alaf was a fairly normal Naali, even if he was a little bit on the short side and had a fur in a light red color. He anxiously waved his two arms around, while his tail bounced on the floor like an elastic ball.

"What is it?"

"You should see this!"

Soral shook his head and followed Alaf into a small laboratory. The assistant gestured frantically at a microscope, making Soral suspicious. This didn't stop him from looking into the small device.

After a few seconds, he looked up, rubbed his eyes and looked again through the ocular.

He flipped a switch on the microscope and a monitor displayed the picture of the object under the microscope. It showed a multitude of transparent spherical, elliptical and tube like one cell lifeforms.

"You tested them?"

Alaf nodded.

"They are not related to anything in our database. We found alien life."

One room away, the monitors of the small sub showed pictures of a swarm of molluskoid creatures. Their transparent bodies glowed in many varying colors and patterns. One of them moved closer to the sub and used two of it's tentacles to touch the sub. Its tentacles began to feel around on the sub and its body glowed in other patterns as before, answered by the other mollusks.


3245 AD, Higaara

Martin Smith breathed in as his dessert-buggy shot over a dune. He really liked to drive this little bugger more than anything else. He was said to be the best driver in Kushan. All he needed to be happy were four wheels, a week supply of water and fuel, the dessert around him and a bit heavy metal music.

Even with him being only a few hours away from the oasis of Kushan, the desert looked like it continued to the horizon. Two days further was Taidan, the nearest oasis to his home and their best trading partner. Kushan exchanged their high-end electronics with the fuel and water of Taidan. And ever since the people of Taidan begun to send small satellites into orbit, they where in dire need of the electronics. Higaara had become smaller since then.

A streak of white went into the clear blue sky.

'A new satellite from Taid,' Martin thought, 'I wonder when they send a person into space.'

Ramstin was on full volume as Martins looked after a sandrunner herd. The group of one meter long, eight-legged and rod-like creatures were about to cross his course. The sudden static electricity in the air was enough to tell Martin that the herd was fleeing from a pack of sanddiggers, three meter long wormlike creatures that hadn't much taste for humans, thanks the ghosts of the dessert.

A small flash of light in the distance let his trained eye wander. He saw something in a dune some hundred meters distant. Something reflected the sun and had caught the electricity of a sanddigger. Martin raised an eyebrow.

'Maybe some adventurer who got lost in the dessert.'

It didn't happen often, but sometimes dessert-junkies like Martin found missing people and their buggies or sandracers. In most cases they were dead and their bodies mummified, but the families paid good money to him, when he brought them back.

He turned around and drove to the reflection. He stopped some meters away from it, shut down his buffy and jumped out. Slowly, he walked towards the reflecting object and spoke a short prayer to the ghosts of his ancestors. He hoped they kept the desert calm. Then he begun to brush away the sand of the visible parts of the object, he just found.

After some minutes he was positive that this wasn't a buggy or a sandracer. It was just too big. He went back to his buggy, got a shovel and began to dig. Some time later he got away from the thing he dug free to get a good look.

The object looked like some part of a nuclear train engine like it was used for oasis to oasis transport. But it seemed to be older and it had some kind of satellite dish on it. And he had never heard of something called UN, NASA or ESA.

He scratched the back of his head. Maybe he should get back to Kushan and get some help. Yes, that sounded like a good plan. He went back to his buggy and drove towards home.

Behind him, a drift of sand broke loose and a large name was to be seen on the object. 'Perseus' was to be read.


3291 AD, Higaara

"All systems are working within nominal parameters," said the voice of the chief engineer of the 'Kuun-Lan'.

Daniel Nokayashi breathed in deep, his gaze locked on the main monitor. It showed the brown-yellow sphere of his homeworld. He had to smile a bit as he thought about how many Higaari watched TV at exactly this moment.

"Pull her out," he told his navigator, who nodded and began to work on his console.

Nokoyashi loked around the bridge of his ship. Everything had a light beige color, since it helped soothing the nerves of the crew. And everything was relative new for them all. Just 56 years ago the wreck of an old space ship had been discovered near Kushan and this led to several changes on Higaara. Now they knew, that their ancestors came from the stars, but they didn't know why they had choosen a planet like Higaara to live on. The discovery caused the single communities to come together in a big assembly, to explore the ship of the ancestors and engage in the biggest project of Higaaran history – the step back to the stars.

The first part had been the development of a one stage shuttlecraft, that/which could bring man and equipment into space. The building of a station in orbit was the next step, followed by the exploration of Karak, the small asteroid moon of their planet. In the following years, it was slowly changed into a shipyard for smaller ships.

The 'Kuun-Lan' was just the first. A relative small cylindrical ship of 250 meter length and 40 meter diameter with four warp pylons in a X-shape and two warp cores. It simply was ingrained in the psyche of the Higaari that you had to build everything with at least double redundancy, in case your buggy died on you in the dessert. And because of this every nuclear train engine had two separate cooling circles.

Nokayashi breathed in deep as the view switched back to a frontal view of the docking port. The clamps had moved back and the 'Kuun-Lan' pulled free from the port.

"Maneuvering thrusters only. When we are in a save distance, full power on the main engines."

The sublight engines where a somewhat sore spot to the Higaari engineers. … They where only powerful enough to accelerate the 'Kuun-Lan' to two Gravos and they used way too much fuel. When using full power, the hydrogen-tanks of the ship where empty after four hours. If the ship had the external fuel-pods attacked, it might add up to one day. He offered prayers to his ancestors and hoped that the rumors about an 'impulse-engine', developed by the Kushan engineers where true.

The 'Kuun-Lan' had reached a distance of one kilometer to the port and had turned around. Seven opening in the stern of the ship began to glow blue, as stream hydrogen plasma shot into the vacuum of space, leaving a blue glowing cone of hundred meter length and two hundred meter diameter behind.

"Everything looks normal."

Nokayashi nodded.

"Once we reach a distance of 1000 kilometer we go to Warp one."

"Course, Commander?"

Nokayashi smiled and pointed at the view screen.

"Second star to the left…"


1466 AKD, 3292 AD, Sola

Serak looked a bit fearful at the cylindrical shape that just appeared near his freighter. He just wanted to get his freight from an asteroid mine back to Naal. He just hoped that those weren't pirates. He hated pirates. They would shoot at his ship, cut a hole in it and steal his freight. He closed his eyes and activated the new Laser-defense-grid he bought when he last was on Naal. If the other ship wanted to attack him, they where in for a rude surprise.

Only a small part of his psyche wondered if that ship was maybe a top secret military project. He had to shut his eyes as a powerful spotlight shone on his ship.

What were those guys on that ship? Blind? He had all marking-lights the law stated. Why would they need a spot light.

'Is something the matter, Captain?' a telepathic voice asked.

Serak closed his eyes again. The passenger. He had completely forgotten that a Nendo-Kata floated inside a bubble of water in his only passenger cabin. It seemed like she had sensed his worry. He even could hear the bubble of water behind himself. He turned around.


A bubble of water hung in the air behind him, containing a transparent, in all colors glowing shape with ten tentacles.Even after all these years of contact with the Nendo-Kata, he was scared every time he saw one of these female mollusks for a moment. He breathed in deep.

"Sorry, you surprised me, that's all."

He could see the Nendo-Kata moving around to look out of a view-port.

'You are surprised about that ship,' she stated.


'Don't worry. Those are no pirates.'

Serak blinked.


Had the Nendo-Kata been able to smile, she would have done it.

'The people aboard that ship are curious, that's all.'


3341 AD, Planet Tramp, 13 Light-years distant to Higaara

Samantha Nadir breathed in deep as her gaze went over the dunes and small hills around the base. It was like on Higaara, but at the same time felt scary for her Nendo-Kata part. She had crossed over a few years ago, when an accident with a hovercar would have cost her life –instead she was offered a second chance.

She looked around. The two ships, the Higaaran ship "Ferin Sha" and the Naali vessel "Sorbal" entered orbit of the planet. They where busy building a small, scientific station to explore the planet – a prerequisite for colonization, even if the athmosphere where a little bit thin. The station would check the planet for hardous life like viruses and bacteria.

A movement somewhere behind a rock, combined with a slight emotion of curiousness, caught her eye. She smiled. Maybe it was a native life-form? She walked over to the rock and the feeling remained. As she looked behind it she could only say one sentence.

"Oh, how cute!"

The life-form behind the rock was about one meter in height and had brown fur. The face and ears looked like that of a mousse, but it had only one gnaw tooth. The tail was flat and looked like a ladle. It sat there on its hind-legs and looked at her with two curious black eyes. All in all it was really cute.

But said life-form just now fumed. It hadn't understood a word of what Samantha said, but it had been able to interpret her thoughts, as it was both intelligent and telephatic.

'What?!' It thought,' I'm cute? Cute? Plofre, the manliest man in the group, cute?'

But before Plofre could do anything, Samantha was down on her knees and acted like a young girl. She hugged him and started to scratch him behind his ears.

'What is she doing? I should…'

He mentally stopped, because the scratching started to take effect.

'… just sit here and enjoy. Ahhh, this feels good…'


3390 AD, Mining Colony 112, 50 Light-years distant to Higaara

Slowly the 'Koon Lan' made its way towards the colony. She was a long distance freighter, able to transport up to 500 million tons of any material with Warp 6 over the 50 light-years to Higaara. She may have been only a freighter, but that didn't mean that she was defenseless. Two 'Buster' fighters and the three duo disruptors packed enough firepower to fight back most pirates. The tour Colony 110 - Colony 111 - Colony 112 – Higaara was the normal for this vessel and now she transported four additional Busters to Colony 112, since the administrator of the station, a Naali, had requested backup because of several pirate ships in a neighbor system.

"Colony 112, this is the 'Koon Lan'. We request docking permission for Pylon Alpha."

"Roger that, 'Koon Lan'. You have permission to dock on Pylon Alpha. Good to see you."

"Thank you 112. 'Koon Lan' out."

Colony 112 was one of maybe 150 mining colonies throughout known space, a sphere of maybe 60 light-years diameter, with only four intelligent races. The Higaari, the Naali, the Nendo-Kata and the Ilt, a recent addition from the planet Tramp.

Colony112 was built into a large asteroid of about 25 kilometers length and nearly 10 kilometers height. It could house a crew of 15.000 miners, technicians and their family. Most of the personal worked on some of the other asteroids, mining their resources. As the "Koon Lan" arrived to supply the colony with essential supplies, it was always a reason for the people to throw a party to break the boring day-to-day life of the next few month. On the way back to Higaara, the shop carried refined metals and a few dilithium crystals, the miners had found.

A few minutes after the freighter had docked at one of the pylons and the first of the fighters was being unloaded, a gravitation spike hit the asteroid. Two million kilometers from the asteroid, a large ship materialized. It had a length of nearly 1.5 kilometers and looked like some kind of freighter. It didn't seem to have warp nacelles – at least neither the normal sensors nor the optical systems of the station could detect something. What they found was a large, glowing hole at one side of the ship. Somehow, it looked as if a big asteroid had hit the ship. A Pirate raid was also a possibility.

The reaction from Colony 112 was a standard procedure. All Busters left their hangars and flew towards the freighter to identify the vessel. They were followed by some shuttles after the fighters had identified several docking-points.

The reaction of the freighters crew was alarming. As they saw their first helper, a Naali, they ran away screaming.


3451 AD, debris field GP-HQ, 4500 Light-years distant to Higaara

Several wings of Busters flew perimeter patrol around the debris field, that had been the Headquarters of Galaxy Police and it's defensive fleet just a few hundred years ago. Near the center of the debris field, warships secured a second perimeter. It was the largest collection of military hardware ever leaving republican space.

After the 'First Contact' with the Solar Empire freighter sixty years ago, the loose federation of Higaari, Naali, Nendo-Kata and Ilt had grown closer and formed the Republic, a democratic interstellar state. The sole purpose of the Republic was to stay hidden from the eyes of the Solar Empire and to form a defense fleet to defend the citizens from genocide or worse.

In response to their obvious xenophobic counterpart, the fleet doctrine had changed tremendously. Gone where the small ships and fighters to fend off poorly outfitted pirates. Instead, new types of vessels had been developed by the Higaari and Naali in their races typical design. Large battleship with a cylindric body, equipped with four warp-nacelles for the Higaari and flat, boxlike ships with internal warp-engines for the Naali.

Two Naali carriers floated near the main ship of the fleet, a large Naali mobile dock. Two large battle cruisers, five destroyers and thirty frigates of both Higaari and Naali design secured the inner perimeter. Jamming and scanning probes floated near large pieces of debris to further secure the fleet. A fleet of shuttles moved to and from the biggest piece of the former Galaxy Police Headquarters. They shipped hordes of scientists and engineers between the wreckage and the dock of the republic vessels.

General Gregory Sandoval looked out of a large window at the dock into the main bay, where the wreck of a GP cruiser was held by tractor beams. Surprisingly, the ship was almost intact and had suffered only minor damage. Some movement from behind alerted him to the presence of one of his few close friends and his Adjutant.

Without turning around, he said: „Somehow, I have the feeling that we need to get away from here as fast as possible."

The Ilt walked up and looked out of the window.

"And you want to know what I think about it?"

Sandoval nodded.

"I think we should follow your feeling," the Ilt said," It had never been wrong in the past. Remember the ship graveyard near Tarsonis? We got away before an Emire patrol stopped there. I wonder if they found out that one of the wooden ships was missing?"

Sandoval nodded again. That had been a close call. He'd rather been eaten by a sanddigger than be caught by an Empire patrol.

"Give out an order to the fleet. We pack up and leave ASAP."

The Ilt just nodded and disappeared with a 'Plop' as he teleported to the comm-center of the dock. Sandoval just looked out of the window at the wreck. He hoped that this piece of technology would help the republican armament.

Half an hour later the battle ships were gone into a defensive pattern around the dock. They accelerated as slowly as the dock and engaged their Warp-drives as their speed was half the speed of light. With a flash of light the ships were gone, flying to Higaara at the fleets current best speed. Only five minutes after the ships entered Warp a patrol of ten Imperial ships left hyperspace.


3631 AD, somewhere in deep space

Brigadier General Dirk Zarek looked at his Datapad. The ship under his command was monitoring one of the many patrols of the Solar Empire. Using its Transwarp Drive and the Hyperspace Radar, it was an easy thing to do. Even the current speed of 5 million times of the speed of light, there was no problem, to keep track of the enemy ships.

His ship was the pride of the whole Republican Fleet. The up-to-date only Stealth Battle Cruiser, named 'Shadow Warrior'. The ship was specially designed to be as inconspicuous as possible, while remaining powerful.

It had the general shape of a Higaaran ship and with a length of four kilometers and a diameter of 640 meters it was the biggest ship that ever left the Tanis space-dock.

Thick protection screens, doubling as armor, held every single particle and radiation from the ships system inside. An energy-hungry Gravimetric Drive was used to accelerate the ship during stealth-mode, while a normal, high-powered Impulse drive moved the ship at normal mode. Six Warp-cores and twenty fusion reactors powered the ships driving, weapon and shielding systems.

For defense it had three layers of multi-spacial shielding, ablative armor over the radiation screens of the stealth system and multiple Phalanx-defense turrets against missiles or torpedoes. The weaponry consisted of multiple Phasor and Disruptor banks, four heavy Ion-beam-turrets and several Torpedo-launchers.

But the most sophisticated system was a biological computer; R&D had developed using biological material from a tree that grew inside one of the wrecks they had researched. The computer had even developed its own personality. It was named 'Jason'.

His orders where simple: Follow the Imperial patrol and monitor their movement.

And they did it now for the second month. The enemy ship went through the same route the third times and nothing had happened, beside a stop of an depot to get new supplies.

A Naali Lieutenant burst into the room.

"General, Sir, the patrol had just changed course."

Zarek raised an eyebrow. That was unusual. Normally the patrol would get through their route with the punctuality of a computer. Something big had happened.

"Did Captain Novik give order to follow them?"

"Yes, Sir."

"Then I will be on the bridge in a few minutes."

"Yes, Sir."

The Naali left his room. Zarek leaned back a few seconds later, deep in thought. He was startled back into reality a short time later, when a voice from his communications console broke his train of thoughts.

"General," the voice said," We have entered the Semarev System. It looks like the Patrol ships were expected."

Zarek blinked once. Then he stood up.

"Thank you, Jason," he said to the voice.

"No problem, General."

He left the room and entered the bridge. Captain Novik, a young Ilt, sat in his command chair. His gaze was locked at the main screen, where a tactical diagram was displayed. More than 10.000 ships were gathered around the only colonized world in this system. Republican scouts had already monitored this system a few years ago. The colonized planet, Sema, had a medium industry that was specialized in building positronic microchips for the Low-cost-segment, like other planets in the galaxy.

Zarek wondered why so many ships were needed here, when the answer came to him. Ten ships of an unknown configuration just appeared from nowhere. Every ship was loosely cubic with a length of two kilometer. Hundreds of ledges and depressions covered the ships and gave them a chaotic appearance. Not one ship looked like the other.

The Intel and scientific departments immediately started to gather and analyze the data streams they got from the passive scans. Just as the battle between the unknown ships and the Imperial started, the first analysis was displayed in a small window on the tactic diagram.

The appearance of the ships was accompanied by a large burst of chonotronic particles, indicating that the ships seemed to have use some kind of temporal field. Even now it was activated, leaving the ship in a state of temporal flux, making them virtually indestructible.

Another analysis displayed everything they could gather of the weapon the cubic ships used. A dual durst of hyperdimensional energy indicated some kind of hyperjump system that was used to deliver a thermonuclear bomb through the targeted ships shields.

Two hours later the battle was over and the cubic ships laid waste to Sema. Zarek reacted pragmatic like usual. His mission had just ended itself and the R&D-departments back home needed to get the data, they had just gathered.


3843 AD, somewhere in the Lesser Magellan Cloud

The 2nd Recon Fleet of the Free Republic waited just outside the Enemy System, as it was called by the Empire. One hundred ships of different classifications were part of this fleet, but all had one thing in common, the highly sophisticated passive stealth-system that had been developed from the older systems of the 'Shadow Warrior', a little more than two hundred years ago.

The job of the 2nd Recon was simple. They just had to monitor a battle between the 'Time Police' and the Empire, gathering more and more data about Imperial ships, development and tactics.

General Don Fraiser sat in his seat and stared at the hologram in front of him. He swore as he saw the sheer number of ships the Empire would throw into this one and last battle of the war against the 'Time Police'. He knew that High Command feared that the Empire would gather the technology of their enemies and integrate it somehow into their own, like they had done, to a small part, with the Posbi's technology. They were especially glad that the Empire never had bothered to copy the Posbi Transition cannon.

"Can I get a magnification of Quadrant Beta-Four-Nine?"

The Intelligence of his ship reacted and the quadrant in question was magnified in another hologram. Fraiser looked at the new holo display. It showed a part of the Imperial fleet, more exactly a part of the fleet that consisted of several thousand contacts that hadn't been identified, but emitted imperial IFF-signals.

"I want one of the fast scouts to get high-resolutions scans of those ships."

One of the communications technicians nodded and one of the ships separated from the fleet and accelerated to warp. It was a small vessel that mainly consisted of passive high-resolution scanners that used the active scanner beams of other ships to scan. While in Warp, it activated its cloaking device and moved slightly out of phase, enough to not be noticed.

Only ten thousand kilometer distant to one of the new ships it dropped out of warp and started to scan. Just as it had finished its scans the ships started to move and the battle began. The scout warped back to its fleet and transmitted the data to Fraiser's ship.

Just a few moments later the data appeared as a hologram in front of Fraiser. The new ships were higher developed than other Imperial ships. They were developed from the Imperial Heavy Cruiser and Fraiser knew that this were just the first production models. Several of the systems were adapted from the Posbis, but they still lacked the Transition cannon.

Fraiser looked back at the other holograms. The battle was going on with full force. The weapons of the 'Time Police' pulled at the space-time and opened rifts into hyperspace where several hundreds of the imperial ships cased to be, ripped apart by the energies of hyperspace. Other ships were simply reduced to dust as their shields started to vibrate with such force that the ships acted as resonance body.

Fraiser idly wondered if there would be any wrecks that could be used to study the weapons and shield of the 'Time Police'.


Present, 1324 NGZ, 4912 AD, Sola

Duty in one of the central systems of the Republic was one of the most laid back jobs in the Republican fleet. Nothing happened beside the occasional ships hit by asteroids.

"Freighter 'Varn Kun', you are cleared to land on Naal. Control out."

"Roger that, Naal-Control. 'Varn Kun' out."

Freighters and private ships entered and left the system every minute, while they were monitored by defensive satellites and stations all over the system. It was normal for captains of Republican to be controlled everywhere. They remained their rights, but the fear to be found by the Empire was everywhere, from the democratic government down to the small time employee or worker.

"This is Battle Cruiser 'Soval', requesting vector for leaving Miro Central."

"Battle Cruiser 'Soval', use vector zero-zero-one to leave Miro Central."

One percent of the whole Republican fleet, twenty-five thousand ships of all classes were stationed in the System and a tenth of the system fleet was always on patrol through the system. The rest of the ships were stationed near the rest of Republican Space. With 250 systems, 600 planets, some of them terraformed, and countless colonized moons, asteroids and space stations the space of the Republic had a spherical shape with a hundred light years diameter.

Everything was in peace, but like always it was to end some time. And this time was now, as a spherical ship of one hundred meter diameter left hyperspace just outside the orbit of Colar. The whole system fleet was alarmed and every vessel on patrol left their patrol-routes to enter warp and appear right in front of the unknown ship. Everyone in the fleet knew that this ship wasn't an Imperial cruiser, but it also wasn't a Resistance vessel.

A few minutes nothing happened, besides ships dropping out of warp. Than a communication was established, showing a nervously sweating human.

"This is Michael Schneider of the 'Vesta'-cruiser 'Unna'. Uhm… We come in peace?"

A few hours later the 'Unna' left the system with a delegation of the Republic aboard, speeding towards Omega Centauri.


Authors Notes:

The forms of the space ships:

The Higaari ships look like ships from 'Crest of the Stars' and the Naali ships look like the Higaari ships from 'Homeworld 2'. ^_^

The Transition cannon is the same as the Transform cannon, it's just another term for the same weapon.

BTW, I have the permission to use the Nendo-Kata.


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