(Cue Coop's battle theme)

Presses a few buttons to control MEGAS to attack the Grimm, firing a few missiles at the first wave of Grimm that were taken by surprise of the coming missiles, blowing them up to pieces, however one of them missed and took a different direction. Coop took a mental note to fix on the glitch on the guidance system but no time for that, not giving them a chance to recover and steered the mech to leap over and threw it into a body slam into the horde with its arms and legs spread out, flattening them by its immense weight and caused the ground to shake.

With the Grimm distracted by the giant robot, Limburger thought things couldn't get any worse. Well, it just did. "Oh, and if you think that's bad… I brought a few friends who want a word with you." Penelope pointed her finger towards a number of racers who arrived, all so keen to take part of the action, driven straight into the battle to aide and deal with the unfortunate Plutarkian for causing the mess in the first place.

"AH!" Limburger was in a panic to discover all the racers have survived and seem to be ready for payback. "Battle stations! Battle stations!" Ran about with his hands waving frantically. Getting every abled merc to take care of them and think of an escape route to flee. In a panic Penelope decided to plan a little trick of her own while everyone was busy. Greasepit and Control Freak were set up to keep close watch on her but no idea what she was up to.

A Deathstalker approached MEGAS to attack it, but the robotic hand reached out and grabbed the tail, stood up and used it smash the smaller Grimm like a Whack-a-mole game until it was torn from its tail and flew straight to the ground until the body was torn to pieces.

"TIME TO ROCK AND ROLL!" Coop shouted and pressed his foot down on the gas. Megas rushed forward, starting off by kicking a Deathstalker like a football, sending it screeching into the air.

Coop smirked as he watches the Grimm fly up high and make a great distance like a football. "And it's a hard fly to the left field everyone, he's going...going..." The Deathstalker hit the ground and exploded into a black mist. "GONE!"

Coop then pressed down on a number of buttons, having Megas preform a dozen combos that flattened a dozen Grimm that tried surrounding and attacking it. A King Taijitu busted out from the ground and wrapped around the giant robot's legs, causing it to fall face forward into the ground.

"Coop!" Kiva shouted, detecting the Grimm climbing onto Megas' back.

"I'm on it!" Coop replied as he pushed a button labelled 'He's on it!'.

Saw blades sprouted from knees and traveled down the legs, cutting through the snake Grimm and freeing the legs. However a pair of Beringels had climbed on the surface, trying to make their way to the cockpit.

"Coop, they're going to get to us!" Kiva shouted as they were coming close and started bashing the car.

"No one hitches a ride on Megas!" Coop replied as he tried to grab them.

The Beringels easily dodged, tearing at the armor as they continued to climb. "Come on! I just got this waxed!" Coop said as he pushed a button labelled 'Total Shocker'. Causing the Grimm that climbed on the Megas to be zapped by its defence mechanism, electrocuting them. Giving Coop and Kiva the chance to bring Megas back up to help get rid of the rest. A flock of Nevermores flew towards the Mech as a greater threat to them, flapped their wings directly at their target using their razor shape feathers.

Coop had to shield them with Megas' arms, hardly made a dent against the and notice one of the King Taijitu that tried to slither away, getting an idea he reached down and grabbed one to be used as a whip, spinning so fast and swatted each of the Nevermores that were too slow to react. The entire flock was taken out by robot, those that survived were shot down by the Crimson Haybailer who flew around shooting down the avian Grimm. Coop made some k

"Sweet, that robot knows some moves." Vinnie couldn't help be feel impressed and watch it in action.

"Vin, no time for that, we gotta deal with this first." Charley told him as she fired her weapon at the coming Grimm.

"Come on Maniacs! We're not letting a giant robot have all the fun!" Tork said, getting a total agreement with his crew.

The Wrecking Crew arrived, eager to take on the huntsmen and racers as they were paid to do. "Alright, boys lets' trash those worthless junk pile." The leader said as he pointed.

"Hey!" The trio turned to see one of the Metal Maniacs, Porkchop. "Nobody calls our cars worthless." Gritted his teeth and surprised them by pulling out a rusty chain that was connected to an anchor.

"Where'd he get an anchor?"


Porkchop picks up a small bone that was tied around his neck and softly bite it with his teeth, running straight at them, swinging the chain in his hands for a fight. The Wrecking Crew ran at him, but the one with the wrecking ball took the lead and swung it against his but it instead slammed into the ground and caused a soft tremor beneath them. Repeated the same thing, forcing the Maniac to dodge it and try to get close to him with his anchor.

"Don't think so." He grabbed it, giving him an opening to the side and taken the hit by the wrecking ball. He thought he had a shot as the large muscled trucker was pushed back a few feet. Only to find the ball didn't leave him and tried to pull it back. He could see the dark maroon red glowing around Porkchop

Porkchop lifted one leg up and with a hard thrust into the earth caused a rupture, streaking towards the his opponent who was taken by surprise and lost his footing. Giving Porkchop the opportunity to charge towards the member of the Wrecking Crew and made a body slam with his elbow straight into the midsection, knocking the wind out of him and barely able to get up by the body weight. Porckhop put one foot on the unconscious crook's chest and raised his fists in triumphant like a wrestler winning the match.

"Yeah! PORK CHOP!" Threw both fists in the air, noticing a camera drone watching and gave a loud cheer. "Now for round 2!" However, his moment was cut short when the last two who would've come for their bud's aid when a bluish blur that took the two by surprise, he could see a man swinging a sword in his hand, dodging, jumping and ducking in such acrobatic skills, even doing a fencing duel with the leader against his jackhammer.

"I hope you don't mind me dropping in, but thought a whole group against one didn't seem fair." Without even looking he punched a coming crook from behind.

Porkchop snorted and felt it ruined the mood. "Grr, was having a good time." Muttered under his breath, however to take his mind off it he sees a bunch of thugs coming at him and decided to come at them, realised who they were up against and made a run for it.

"Coop, keep it steady. We don't want to accidentally step on anyone by Megas." Kiva said, she became suspicious of the way the Grimm seem to ignore a certain group who appear to be responsible for the mess. "I'm going down there for a little investigation."

"Sure thing, want me to drop you off somewhere? Just watch out for the Grimm since you rarely fought them." Coop said to her.

Kiva gave a confident smirk at him and stepped out of the car. "Don't worry, we've been trained to fight and the Grimm are not much to us in the 31st century." She took a great leap off of Megas and dived in the combat, she was not without any weapons and made a small poll extend into a fighting poll. Landed gracefully on the ground and immediately swatted a few Beowolves, Ursa and tossed a spinning Boarbatusk with her pole to another group. It was thanks to her training to know as many types of Grimm to fight and while Coop was good of his mechanics, he was helpful to teach her about them. Least she doesn't see any Manticores or griffins she studied as one of the deadliest species of Grimm. The redhead aimed her right arm and fired energy bolts at the moving targets from her wristband. With the path cleared she sprinted off before it could close again and snuck up behind the large overweight male in the purple suit and his pals.

"Karbunkle, I believe its time we leave immediately. We can't risk staying any longer if more reinforcements arrive to prevent our escape." The large male spoke to the one in a lab coat, but as she came closer behind one of the vehicles her heightened nose picked up a foul oder, using her training methods to resist making noises and find out whats going on.

"Of course, your supreme devious. We just begun loading the cargo ready to depart and send them to Plutark."

Kiva raised one eyebrow and in wonder where she heard the name before. 'Plutark? Where have I heard that name before? Of course, the homeworld of the Plutarkians.' She mentally exclaimed and knew it sounded familiar. She studied some bit of history and alien cultures to know they were no good in this part of the galaxy in this part of the time period. A Plutarkian could easily pass off as a Mobian but can easily breath for long periods of time, even create a foul smell from them. Its likely to hide their appearances should anyone recognise their alien origins. She noticed a young blonde woman who was kept a close watch by a grease covered brute and a trench coat wearing male with an advance weapon. But she noticed something in her hands and as both noticed each other, Kiva nodded to her and keep up the charade.

"We must move now, I don't want to risk becoming the Grimm's next meal if something happened to the wrist bands." Limburger told him, unaware that he just revealed his intention to her.

"I don't think the Grimm would like the taste of a human with disgusting body odor." The group suddenly heard a woman's voice and turned around to find a woman aiming some sort of weapon at them. "Maybe I should rephrase that to Plutarkian? Least the Piscciss Volann have a more decent smell."

Limburger didn't take her tone well and didn't let it get to him. Decided "Well, aren't you a clever human. And I'll have you know that to a Plutarkian, it is considered a compliment." Snickers and gave a good whiff from his armpit as if it were fresh to him, causing Kiva to mentally gag. "But would appreciate not being compared to our more aquatic relatives, thank you very much."

"Can't blame them, they don't steal natural resources, especially what you did on Mars." Kiva restored. "I bet a bunch more like you are on this planet despite it being under the protection of the United Stellar Alliance."

"In times of war you have to make desperations to be one of the top, my dear. And the Confederation couldn't let such a strategic value such as this to fall into the wrong hands." Limburger responded.

"You're going to go back empty handed, I'm afraid." Penelope easily took care of the idiot cosplayer villain's foot, causing Control Freak to yell in pain and hopped on one foot. "YOW!"

Greasepit tried to grab her but she ducked in the stomach before throwing an uppercut to his large chin. A little dazed until he shook his head and glared at her. "You made a big mistake, blondie." Gathering a lot of grease in his hand and make it into a ball.

Control Freak was about to jump on her until he stopped when someone tapped on his shoulder. Confused and turned around, until he realised the female red head was behind. Quickly drew his quadsaber into its rifle mode. "You got some moves, red, but I have tricks up my sleeve." Aiming his weapon at her and ready to surprise her with his new semblance should he miss.

Limburger chuckled and rubbed his hands together. "Oh, I'm sorry you have to see the end of the race. Any words you like to say?"

Kiva pulled her wristband and walked by Penelope as they had to think of something, then Kiva noticed something peculiar about those wristbands, remembering what they said about those devices that somehow keep the Grimm away from them. An idea popped in her head and smiled. "Follow my lead." She whispered to her blonde companion who nodded. Learnt from a trick during her time in the 21st century.

"Not to be rude, but... your flies unzipped."

Both the boys who were so focused on them they suddenly dropped what they were doing when they fell for it and concealed themselves with their hands, felt very embarrassed with their faces flushed.

"Da whoops! Sorry!" Greasepit apologised shyly.

"Yeah we... wait a sec." Control Freak suddenly realised something as they fell for the oldest trick in the book. But by the time they found out, they each see a fist or a boot come straight at them and knocked the fools off their feet.

"I think the tables have turned on you, Mr. Limburger." Penelope said.

"And best make a run for it while you can." Kiva added, bringing up a holographic board above her wrist and started hacking into their tech, in just a few seconds the wrists to suddenly short circuit and explode.

"What happened?!" Limburger was shocked and removed his band off as it broke up.

Karbunkle gasped in fear and tried to fix it. "The wrist bands have suddenly malfunctioned, your foul oderessness!"

The Plutarkian suddenly got a mental idea and turned to the red haired human who was somehow responsible for it. "YOU! How DARE you ruin such a brilliant scheme of mine and averted certain doom!" He bellowed, pointing his finger at the smirking Kiva and Penelope. "I will make you rue the day you crossed path of Lawrence Limburger!"

"Yeah, I think you have bigger problems then us, I'm afraid." Penelope said, pointing at the growing pressence of Grimm.

Greasepit, Karbunkle and Control Freak shivered in fear as the Grimm had got out of their restrains and slowly making their way towards them. "Uh, b-b-boss?" Greasepit tapped his shoulder.

Limburger looked over his shoulder and felt the colour on his face turned pale. "Oh my." With his forces defeated, no grimm and equipment trashed by the meddlesome racers and vermen. Limburger could tell when he was in a bad situation and thought of a plan. It became worse for him and his goons when the last remaining Grimm that survived were set loose, and looked very eager to get back at the ones who caged them. The Plutarkian gulped nervously and not looking good for them. "Gentlemen, perhaps discretion is the proper part of valor." Limburger offered a solution for them to use.

"Huh?" Greasepit wondered what did the boss had in mind.

"RUN!" The group watched him make a run for it, and they didn't need to be told twice so they joined him to make an escape from the angry horde chasing them.

"Serves the Big Cheese right for messing what he doesn't know." Charley laughed and watched Limburger and his cronies' misfortunes as they continued to run now the Grimm were now completely taken cared off. The racers approached the Mice and Maniacs after their help in the battle. Peter extended his hand to them. "On behalf of us all, I like to thank you for your assistance."

"Just doing what any citizen would do." Throttle shook his hand.

"Those are some moves, you fellas pulled." Rufus chuckled and patted both Porkchop and Monkey, only the smaller male lost his balance by a strong pat.

Charley and Tork turned to their old teammate and were glad to see him again, but seems he had a new ride. "So, any chance to tell us about your new ride?" The leader of the Metal Maniacs was interested to know.

Coop smiles and chuckled. "Well, lets just say I bought it from Goat for 2 bucks. Neat huh?"

Charley blinked her eyes. "Goat? How'd he get his hands on a giant robot?"

"Long story, tell ya guys later back home if you like? I'll order some grub, popcorn, chicken and pizza wrapped in ham."

Tork laughed by his friend's love of food. "If you haven't trashed the place from the rumours I heard."

"I know the boys would love it, except for the cheese." Charley said.

"I'll show you whose the better racer!"

The trio turned to see Wylde challenging the Big and his vampire friend, Little. "My SpineBuster can take on anything, especially Grimm and your monster truck!"

"Oh really? I like to see you try." Big said.

Sgt. Blast stepped in to bring the group to a calm state. "Now, now, civilians. No need to start a fight after all, we just stopped some criminals from ruining the race and saved lives."

"Can it, old man. That scrapheap of yours could hardly stand a chance against them." Wylde pointed his finger at the soldier.

Blast blinked his eyes and turned red. "SCRAPHEAP?! Alright, sonny! You wanna challenge, you got it! MEEKLY! GET THE ENGINES RUNNING!"

"I'll take that challenge!" Vinnie joined in.

"Vin, don't encourage them. Guys tell him to knock it off. Guys?" But Charley was too late to realise the others got on their motorcycles. "Oh come on! Tork!"

Even Tork got into the Hollowback and Coop ran up to his MEGAS. "Sorry Irons, wish I could race, but on the bright side there are some Grimm to smash. Plus, Kiva would get mad."

Penelope went to her and sighed as if everyone was now dead set to take each other on. "Boys, right?"

"Tell me about." Charley sighed and might as well join in. "But, might as well have fun then."

During the Grimm battle, Zilly and Klunk had made it out in one piece with Zilly's semblance to hide underground with their dormant drones still in one piece. The two popped out of the ground and discover the racers were still in one piece and making their way towards the track, Zilly grabbed the scroll to contact Dastardly and inform him of the latest events. "B-Bad news, chief, the r-r-racers are back on t-t-track!"

"WHAT!? How'd they survive? No maytter. Launch the Sky Divers!" Dastardly ordered his goons through the scroll.

"W-W-We need to get on the-"

"NOW!" Screams through the scroll at the top of his lungs, causing the frightened Zilly to jump to action to activate the Sky Divers, launching them to seek out their targets.

"You s-s-sure this w-w-will work, Klunk?"

Oh FRRER, Goyahaha. Nope."

"Ladies and Gentlemen, we now seem to have good news of the Grimm crisis is now over and have yet to tell if the racers have made it out. We can only pray that… Wait a minute! Turn the camera over!" The camera moved to a cloud of dust coming towards them. "It.. can it be?…It is! The racers are OK! And Dastardly is in the lead!"

"This is… is amazing! And seems we have extra competitors joining, bikers and huntsmen. Ladies and gentlemen they appear to be catching up to Dastardly and Mutely and giving it all they got! This is incredible. Astounding and fantastica-AAHH!" He was too excited to realise he was leaning too far on the edge of the copter but his camera crew were fortunate enough to pull him up by his pants.

"Better get back to your seat, Crashman." One of the pilots told him. They flew to get a closer look and see many of the racers and unknown heading straight towards the finish line. Determine to get a close up and get a scoop of the action.

"Seems Dastardly's luck just ran out as they are closing in. " Indeed the racers were catching up and getting a close look of what was happening. "And we appear to have some extra racers that joined up, uncertain who they are yet. Oh and it seems the Slag Brothers are bashing their clubs on MK6's engines!"

The two cavemen were tackling the military vehicle, trying to gain a step further.

Wylde was neck and neck with Modo and the Creepy Coupe coming up behind them with its monster truck mode. "The Creepy Coupe is coming up behind two unidentified racers who seem to be trying to beat it each other!"

Then sees the professor's Convert-a-car suddenly sprang into the air, overtaking several racers and catching up to Throttle and Red Max, propelling wings form the sides to over take them. Blubber pulled out a bag, blowing it up with air and using it to increase speed with the released air like a jet.

Taro, Monkey and Porkchop were forced to split by the numerous bullets fired by the Ant Hill Mob. "The Mobsters are giving a beaten, wait, someone in a car is pulling out…an anchor? Am I seeing things?"

"No, we're seeing it too." One of the camera crewmen told him, and watched Porkchop swinging it by holding the heavy chain and threw it towards the Bulletproof Bomb's back tire. Gave one strong pull, but to his amazement and others, it pulled the upper half of the car, along with the drivers in it. The lower half with the tires was still going and they made a dash to catch up and resemble the vehicle.

"Talk about a… cutting edge." Brick gave a chuckle over a joke he made. "They're all getting serious as we reach the finish line! But it appears much to everyone's surprise, Dastardly could be the winner."

The professor was getting to the finish line, but his radar was picking up three heat dots coming towards the group and fast. "Hmm, seems I better take care of these." Pulled out a trigger to fire three flares to draw them away from racers, the Flyers took the baits, only two hit them and exploded but one of the flares accidentally landed on the Mean Machine's thrusters.

Dastardly was closing in on the finish line and actually going to win the race and all thanks to his double-dealing and cheating ways. "This is it Muttley! We are about to be the winners of the Wacky Races! Nothing can ruin this now!"

The Mobian smiled and looked back at the racers behind them, but then something caught his eye and uncertain what it was. Seeing a better view he suddenly became all worried. "Uh ho."

"What is it?" Dastardly pondered what was wrong with his partner until he heard a buzzing noise. "What's that sound?" But it was too fast for him to realise one of the drones built by Klunk came at them like a speeding dart. "OH NO!" By the time he realises what it was, it was too late. The Sky Diver from their attempt to target the racers was coming towards the Mean Machine, making a direct hit and blew it to bits, pieces of metal scattered everywhere and while the two members of the Vulture Squadron were lucky to survived, but their car was destroyed before they could even FINISH the race by a few feet.

"Drat. Drat. And DOUBLE Drat!"

"The Winner is…. PENELOPE PITSTOP!"

The crowd that seen it from outside and the shelters cheered and congratulated her on a job well done.

Brick continued on as more racers passed through the line. "Second place goes to Professor Pat Pending. Then third are Slag Brothers." More racers pass through the finish line and completed the race as the crowd cheered for them.

The Biker Mice and the Metal Maniacs joined them to compete, but despite being unable to win they were not upset by it, although Wylde was more annoyed then the others since they didn't officially took part in it earlier to show how skilled they are.

Sanban Mansion, Tokyo

The Sunban sisters who watched the whole event jumped up in joy to see their favourite racer win the race. "YAY! She won!" They cried out and hugged each other after watching an awesome race.

Mystery Shack, Gravity Falls

"COME ON! If it wasn't for those no good Grimm, one of the racers I bet on would've won!" Gruncle Stan wasn't happy about it and had betted on the Slag Brothers, the Ant Hill Mob and even Dick Dastardly.

Uno House

"AW, I wanted one of those guys to win. But those bikers and the other races with awesome cars, they were awesome! Especially that robot!" Wally said, he had thought the Dastardly character would've won had it not been for it to suddenly explode before the finish line. But the action was worth it and he wanted to meet them racers in person.

"Looks like it shows cheaters can't win, right?" Abi said and so far glad a girl one.

"Least the Grimm had been taken care off." Nigel was glad that was over but gave new thoughts of how Huntsmen can use their skills in many ways.

Out of nowhere Control Freak appeared by the wreckage using his Semblance to escape the Grimm. "Phew! That was nuts, I almost had my hide by those racers." He wondered if the others had got out of there in one piece.

One of the officers recognised him from the cadets' report earlier. "Hey, that's the guy from the report."

The super villain flinched and realised there were officers and security all over. "Oh crud."

Dastardly and Muttley climbing out of the wreckage of what was the Mean Machine, they just happened to have been beside him. "What are you doing here?" Both said at the same time.

"You know this criminal?" One of the officers asked him.

Dick had to think of a way out of it, fortunately for his family traits, he has one. "Yes, officer." Smiles politely at them.

Control Freak thought he was coming for his defence… however.

"He's the con artist who sold me faulty gadgets for the race, which what happened in the tunnels. Isn't that right, Muttley?"

Muttley quickly caught on to his deceit and went along with it. "Yeah, yeah, yeah!"

Utterly shocked and being used as a scapegoat, his bottom jaw dropped and eyes widened. "Now hold up! You can't take words from a guy like him! He's nothing but a cheat when he pulled the trick from the starting line!" Pointing his finger at Dastardly who tried to act all innocent.

"True. But you are also a prime suspect of sabotaging the security systems, the fences and many criminal charges we just received." Stepping out of the group was Superintendent Wolverine and Chief Bogo who looked directly at the nervous Control Freak who tries to think of a way out of it.

Gulped and tugged his collar. "Oh… THOSE… hehehe. Well you see I kinda… well…"

"Sir, you are under arrest."

They aimed their weapons and Control Freak was in trouble, he took a glance as he saw both Dick and his sidekick act all innocent. Using his brain to think of an escape plan, needing to use something other then his semblance without draining his aura too much. "Oh, before you do that… SURPRISE!" He pulled out a smoke bomb at the surprised officers and made a run for it.


Control Freak was running as fast as he can from the officers who were chasing him through the stadium, couldn't believe that Dastardly put the blame on him for the attacks and with Limburger on his way back to Chicago, he had to find away out of here. "I knew I should've brought some jet boots with me! Where's an escape plan when you need one!"

Out of the corner he ran past two cadet officers who were just coming by when they saw him running. Sanders gasped and recognised the orange haired criminal. "Sanders, that's him!"

"We can't let escape! Jump him!" Giving the word, MacArthur ran ahead and the two surprised him. "Hold it right there MISTER!" Before Control Freak could react or use his semblance, it was so fast he was tackled to the ground by a large figure. And he was just a few feet away from the exit.

Sanders had to admit she did a good jump to catch the crook. "Nice tackle."

"Thanks." MacArthur appreciated and turned to Control Freak who was groaning in pain. "As for you, your under arrest. Anything to say?"

"Think you broken something." He groaned and was surrounded by cops, gulped and nervously tried to pull the innocent stunt. "Uhh… I can explain…?"

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