Main Characters

Iolene Summers:

Age: 15

Height: 5'7

Draconium: Gold

Weapon: Priesthood Staff

Skills: Talking to the planet, fluent in many languages, first aid, Draconium Magic (Mag pull, push, barrier, healing)

Favorite Food: Chicken Soup

Special: Hates beans and offal, curious, terrified of future prospects, naïve, sweet but can be snobbish, know it all, loves wearing royal regalia outfits and make up, loves playing the harp, fears rats and mice.

The wonders of the ancient world never cease to bore this bookworm. Hidden in secret by the priesthood since her birth she has been training with ancient magic as her ancestors once did. Strict regime of learning how to use draconium efficiently without causing harm.

She is frequently visited by her relatives King Marlowe and his family but with the kings urging he took her for an adventure down south of the nation to the smaller city of Watersgate to give her a bit of a holiday.

At the age of nine she first met Aaron who was working as a kennel hand and they became immediate friends. Iolene escaped her priest guard and met Aaron on secret occasions. As Iolene had no child aged friends that she could talk or play with, she connected to Aaron who was also lonely. She loved reading to Aaron as Aaron himself could not read it gave the two lonely children with some solace. She tried to say her farewells to Aaron and left him his favorite book, but she realized that he was sold to slavery to the orange draconium empire. Begging King Marlowe he opened an investigation and apprehended the slave trade bosses but Teryn Caspian his father was found not guilty of slavery trafficking. She never got to say goodbye to him as they could not find him.

When she came back to Aquarius city she was getting more rebellious and kept on escaping the temple. Eventually they made a compromise that she can learn nursing and work in a hospital a few days a week so that she can be out of the temple while making use of her intelligence, skills and learning life lessons.

She has inherited her father ancestor's traits of gold draconium in her bones and golden eyes. Soft round feminine face, large eyes with long and wavy golden hair.

She wears traditional female priesthood outfit which is white and yellow with the helmet. However in public she wears the Light Blue priesthood outfit.

Note: Her last name Summers is a noble births bastard's last name of what season of the year they were born in, Spring, Autumn and Winters.


Age: 18

Height: 6'10

Draconium: Light Blue

Weapons: Sword and Shield, daggers, Great sword, Bow and Arrows, poisons, spears and martial arts.

Favorite Food: Most Cakes

Special: Loves dogs, suffers from PTSD, loathes dragons, shy, has a sense of humor, can't read or write, loves to fight, fears giant moths, centipedes and being alone.

Born in the outskirts of the Orange Draconium Empire in the small city of Ramel, Aaron had a difficult life to begin with. Tattooed chains on his wrists at the moment of his birth symbolizing his bastard status his life had already dealt a bad blow to him. As it is a symbol of no worth and prepared him for future slavery.

His mother Amara is an exotic beauty who was once a noble lady shamed and exiled from her home now works as a prostitute. She tried to keep her job away from her son as she purchased a small hut near the whore house. Reading him stories of the adventures of the Noble Knight Dominic in which he desired to become a knight. Aaron lived small and reasonable life with his mother. He had an idea of what kind of job she had but he didn't care, as he knew she loved him. This all changed when his mother died of an illness when he was 8.

Kicked out of his home with everything taken from him and with enslaver dragons trying to catch him. He decided to head up north to Watersgate where his father lived. But to no avail he was not welcome there, as he looked like his father Teryn Caspian and he was shamed. Caspian was going to cast him off, but after convincing from his advisor he was sent to the kennels to look after the dogs.

Aaron met Iolene Summers as she travelled from Aquarius City they immediately became friends. He was smitten as she has shown him kindness that others have not. But their friendship did not last as his father sold him to slavery as illegal dealers came into town.

He was bought for cheap by dragon master Isil who is in charge of the Iqhosha human warriors. Brutally beaten, trained and tortured he managed to successfully complete his training after four years. Forced to wear the warriors slave mask and armor he worked as soldier and lover for hire. He quickly became Master Isil's favorite pet and it took much payment to loan Aaron.

Under service he was sent to escort dragon Lord Asrilis to the Black Draconium Empire when they got attacked by bandits. Aaron being the only Iqhosha there he managed to kill most of the bandits as many of the other soldiers and dragons were killed. With lord Asrilis dying and most of the group dead, Aaron took his chance and raced to freedom.

Aaron has short wavy black hair, chiseled face, tanned skin, muscle toned body, blue eyes, scars and around his arms, legs and back.

Beaucephalis (Beau):

Age: 19

Draconium: Black

Skills: Fighting, basic mag skills, communicate with humans

Special: fears heights, has a sense of humor, sarcastic, courageous and despises humans.

Born as a wild dragon he was raised as a dragon separatist along with his family east of the Black Draconium Empire. His father invokes a strict no human lives policy in his herd so no communication or trade with humans.

He has never lived in a temple, stable or any human populace cities.

Wanting to free his enslaved brothers and sisters he has helped killed many humans and even in some cases dragons who tried to get in their way.

He has a close relationship with his only surviving brother Auron. Terrorizing human towns and enjoying their jobs. Until the elusive dragon eyes tracked them down and captured most of his herd. Auron abandoned as fast as he could while Beau fell down the cliff during the quarrel and was presumed dead.

Ju-Long Lei:

Age: 19

Height: 5'8

Draconium: Blue

Weapons: Spear,shuriken and sword

Food: pan fried dragon blue fish with chilli sauce and rice

Skills: Cooking, martial arts, painting and sketching,

Special: Fears snakes, takes everything seriously,

Youngest son of Empress Ju-Long Zhen and Ju-Long Zhong Jian he is third on line to inherit the Lightning throne. Shy and introverted he is very much like his father personality wise. Even though he is more of a pacifist he has learned martial arts for self-defense.

As a job he travels as the family ambassador to different cities and villages around the Blue Empire. Known to be extremely close to his personal bodyguard Zheroh many other noble families who hate the royal family try to outcast him. In which his family immediately protect him.

He loves art, painting, travelling, reading, learning ancient history and cooking. He has a close bond with his youngest sister Fen who has similar interests like he does.

While travelling to a new settlement being built he was kidnapped by bandits who want to hold him for ransom.

He has short black hair in a ponytail hairstyle,

Olive skin, narrow eyes, chiseled face with long eyeshadow and lashes.


Age: 17

Draconium: Blue

Skills: Seeing things that others don't see, empathy, best hearing and smell

Special: Blind, can be clumsy, gentle, kind, sweet, loves chicken

Born blind and wild Ponderrah had a difficult pup-hood as he could never play with the other dragons or hunt. Being looked down upon for most his life by dragons he was eventually abandoned by his family since he was too much of liability. Heartbroken he almost died from starvation and injuries until Prince Lei and his older brothers came across him. Lei became his eyes and took him into the royal palace and became his personal dragon.

Well known to be a gentle little boy he was well loved by the family and he felt like he was a part of it.

Lexiana (Lexi) Acosta:

Age: 20

Height: 5'10

Draconium: Red

Weapons: Flame axes, flamethrower, maces, swords and shield

Skills: Martial arts, dancing, gear repairing

Special: Sarcastic, headstrong, stubborn, loves to dragon race, fears of drowning,

Born in the city of Pyre her family are wealthy owners of pineapple, and coconut farms. She received a good education and like her older sister's she was learning how to run the family business. But in her heart learning to dragon race became one of her biggest passions dreaming to one day race in a proper competition.

Hearing the town crier early morning, the day after her fifteenth birthday that the war between Red and Green Empires were once again at war. She immediately wanted to volunteer and was refused by her family. After a week of annoying her parents to go they eventually accepted and she was shipped off to Vulkania next day.

She trained in the army for four years with Iympetus and then her squadron was sent on their first mission to the northern outskirts of Red Empire's border. They fought for Green Empires fort Straaghold which is on the border between red and green. They failed taking it as it was too heavily fortified as they didn't receive enough supplies. She and Iymp just managed to escape the offensive and reported the failure to her colonel.

Feminine face with a pointed chin, large expressive brown eyes, light tan skin, short brown hair, small lips.

Iympetus (Iymp)

Age: 22

Draconium: Red

Skills: extremely fast, basic mag skills, communicates with humans

Special: Humorous, Hot tempered, prankster, Loud,

Born from a family who specializes in racing he is made for speed. However the protests and the war has stopped the racing industry in the main city. Since he has never been mistreated by the humans he commits himself to the war against the Green Empire. He was put together with Lexi and they hit it off immediately. They fought for Straaghold with him and Lexi being the only survivors they make it back to their military camp.

Prince Frederick (Fred) Brutus Kaiser

Age: 22

Height: 6'12

Draconium: Green

Weapon: Giant Warhammer

Skills: Boxing, brawling and hammering (fighting or banging)

Special: Womanizer, stubborn, spoilt, arrogant, gets seasick, known to be similar to his father, fears of any true commitment emotionally and spiders

Born as the tenth son from Empress Arlene he strives for attention and idolizes his father Emperor Arman. Raised in prestigious wealth he has no qualms in showing it off in which causes many the citizens disliking him. Never truly having a care for the world he enjoys fighting in rigged tournaments (he is always the winner) and loves hanging around the lovers cave.

Although he shows much arrogance he is close to some of his brothers and does help them out on the odd occasion. As they asked him to travel to Schnarat to have a human royal family representative to see the result of the mining agreements there.

It goes awry as the miners demanded for their needs to be met and were refused. He and Duryss managed to escape into the forest completely lost and need to find their home.

Tall with huge muscles, bright Green eyes, brown skinned, dark blue tattoos of elaborate dragon designs over his back and arms.


Age: 30

Draconium: Green

Skills: Bulldozer, can carry huge amounts of luggage and gear

Special: Eats as a hobby, Arrogant, makes fun of all beings, loves jousting and entering in tournaments,

Born as a protector for the royal family his charge is for the arrogant Prince Frederick. Both share similar interests and loves gambling in the casinos as the Prince goes on his own business. He makes it frank that he doesn't care for the plight of dragons in his own empire. It's just as long as he's with Fred and gets paid well.

Nocturne Axis Sombra

Age: 19

Height: 6'5

Draconium: Black

Weapons: Has the Shadow Booster armor, various whips, Great sword and daggers

Skills: Control mag energy, pick locks, poisons, martial arts

Special: Hates hot weather, loves oysters, cocky, has a sense humor, loves to fight.

Born in Ozul from the noble family Sombra he was chosen at a young age to become one of the Shadow Kings royal guards.

Trained with discipline and knowledge of mag techniques he quickly went up the ranks however he lost the tournament for the official guard. Disappointed of himself he asked if he could be stationed elsewhere and discover the world to prove himself.

He was immediately signed to Armageddon in Dragon City in which he was happy to leave. But when he finally met Armageddon and Vysox everything changed.