Founded 7000 years ago after the defeat of darkness the Priesthood have been teachers and guides for their empires. Uniting dragons and humans hoping for long lasting peace. Being the keepers of knowledge and power they have always been out there to make sure there is peace between the two species. After thousands of years of different nations being formed the priesthood has changed into different factions with each having its own history and methods of training.


The first priesthood order was founded by Alderion (human), Argon (dragon), Mira (human) and Eve (dragon) who were known as ancient beings. Together they managed to defeat the entity darkness while unleashing new powers that has never been used or seen before. They discovered methods of how to use this new draconium mag energy and magic. Utilizing the Star dragon bonemarks which appears when a human finds their dragon partner.

They decided to share this knowledge and they became teacher's even being promoted to royal advisors. It eventually became a life of responsibility when the Golden City was being built. Dragons and humans were not used to living with each other and the priesthood showed them of how they could work together.

This seemed to have worked fine for the first few thousand years. But many have decided to leave the priesthood to start the movement, as settlements left the city to discover the world. However the world started to change and mutations of draconium had begun to manifest. With dragons being enslaved and bred for these new purposes. This began a whole new set of problems as these mutations had different powers and mind altering abilities. Green, Red, Black, Blue, Grey, Purple, Orange, Light Blue, Light Green, Turquoise and Brown.

Through time many of these draconium mutations started to take over and gold was becoming an endangered breed. Terrified the priesthood decided to go underground and preserve the gold dragons and ancients from there.

Fifteen years ago what was left of the gold priesthood was wiped out by the black draconium empire when they caught the royal family.


Leader: Priestess Etna

Founded when the empire was created these priests have helped made the volcanoes livable. Focusing on Red draconium they help preserve the ancient power that can make beings immune to fire. Skilled in martial arts and mag skills they still have some knowledge of golds original teachings.


Leader: Priest Idris

Very powerful but yet easily corruptible many of the teachings of selflessness is gone. Money speaks well in the priesthood as the royal family loves bribing them for many indiscretions when it comes to slavery.


Leader: Priestess Jiao

Focusing on military training and mag techniques this priesthood has kept its honorable traditions of discipline. They still provide education for the royal family, some are generals and do have a say in the council. This one of the nations where the priesthood can be seen normally in public as they are not afraid of any enemies and are proud to become a priest.


Leader: The Shadow Emperor

The priesthood rules the nation and is one of the most important human and dragons. Taught ancient knowledge and powerful fighting techniques it was like the priesthood of old has never changed. The only difference is that they worship the darkness that once plagued their world. One day hoping that it will return to destroy their enemies and grant them more power.

Light Blue

Leader: Priest Evian

Not the most powerful priesthood in the world but they are important advisors for the royal family. They took Iolene in as a student to protect her from danger and to prevent other people suspecting that she's a princess. Mostly pacifists they do not like to spread the idea of violence so much of the fighting techniques has disappeared over the years. With so much violence now they regret not training fighting techniques as much as they used too.

Light Green

All murdered


No such priesthood but have worked together in the past and was rumored that they were once priests and dragons who went missing thousands of years ago.


Priesthood was casted out years ago when the president vowed to get rid of them. Many returned to the golden city.


Leader: PriestGable

Is mostly known as a noble title in this Empire. Only a few priests have actual knowledge of the ancient arts and much of it falls on deaf ears. Many of the poor citizens try to become priests as it is known to transcend society's laws in this nation.


Leader: Priest Azzam

Consisting of dragons only this priesthood is the one responsible for the human enslavement doctrine and the supremacist regime. Controlling their human partners with mind gear and convincing their leader to enslave the humans. They know mag techniques and have knowledge of the ancient ways where they rubbed humans out as if they never had a part in it.