Eranrel stared blankly at the bland scenery of the ruins if Geffenia. He was bored. Bored to death! Death might be even better than roaming around that garbage of a land.

A long time ago, he joined the army of demonic race and entered ruins of Geffenia. Their main purpose is to cause havoc at the land of the mortals. Their plan was to use Geffenia as a passage and then, into Geffen.

However, they failed to enter the Geffen thanks to the seal that the Wizards had set up and ended up trapped in Geffenia. So now, he was there along with the other idiots who loved to get on his nerves. He was no longer sure how long they've been there!

He let out a sigh. "I'll do anything just to leave this hell hole."

Comodo, a lively place of non-stop party and enjoyment. The place was where the Dancer and Bard Guild we're located, so it was no wonder Comodo became a place of entertainment.

In contrast of the lively scenery outside, the house of grandma Tiffania we're gloomy.

The old woman was on her bed, weak and dying. On her bedside we're two girls. One was crying while the other one silently stood, having accepted that it was time for the old lady to leave.

"Astrild, deary, don't cry," granny Tiffania said as she tried to smile despite of the pain she was feeling.

"Please don't leave us, grandma," the young woman sobbed.

"I really want to stay, darling but I have reached my limit," the old woman raised her hand a little. Astrild took it and held it tightly. "Astrild, you're a very talented dancer. I want you to keep dancing and lighten up the lives of everyone. As a dancer, that was your job."

Astrild nodded her head. "Yes. I'll do my best."

Granny Tiffania smiled in satisfaction and turned to the other woman. "And dear Estelle. Take a good care of yourself and your sister."

"Don't worry, grandma. You can count on me," Estelle assured her.

The old woman closed her eyes. "We we're not related by blood but the two of you are very previous to me. You two filled the void that 'he' had left in me," she sighed and opened her tired eyes. "I never regretted anything on my life except of my failure to give him that love letter," she chuckled.


The old lady turned her eyes to her grandchildren. "Before I leave, my advice to the of you is to fight for the man you love. Because if you don't? Well... You'll die with regrets in your heart just like me."

That night, old woman Tiffania, died with heart full of regrets at the age of eighty five.