012. Tea



"This is bollocks…"

Ginny's murmur is a little too forceful in the classroom, encouraging several giggles.

She would much rather be in Study of Ancient Runes — her worst subject currently — than trapped in the Northern Tower, perspiring through her robes. Professor Trelawney drones on about prophecy and misfortunes, tapping on student's shoulders to correct their readings on their leaf dregs, frightening them with her own.

The beads to her decorative, hand-sewn scarf capping Professor Trelawney's frizz quivers in indignation.

"Now who said that!" she barks out, narrowing her eyes through her enormous glasses. "You must respect your teachings—"

Ginny feels another sarcastic remark rolling on the back of her tongue, but clenches her teeth around it, until she feels a twinge of pain. Without Luna here, it feels like her impulse control has gone down into the negative digits.

Without Luna, she feels lonely.

Ginny moodily sketches a doodle with her quill, keeping her head down 'til class ends. She grabs her things and hurries into the trapdoor, elbowing past Michael Corner, running through the corridors to reach the Ravenclaw Common Room.

One of the younger girls gestures her in after solving the riddle, calling to her friends for their attention away as Ginny ducks past them.

Midnight blue, bronze, white marble — it surrounds her underneath the domed, starry ceiling.

But the most loveliest sight is that of Luna's yellow, soft curls swaying in her face and to her lips. Ginny's tummy sways as well, comforted.

"Hello, Ginny," Luna murmurs sleepily, as soon as the other girl tosses her books onto the carpet and jumps into Luna's arms, waking her fully. "Breaking the rules again, I see—"

"You slept through a lesson."

"I did," she agrees, petting Ginny's bright red hair. Luna burrows in her airy, white blankets as Ginny does the same, cuddling fiercely against her.

Nothing else matters.



Harry Potter isn't mine. I completely forget to put an A/N in the last fic, sorry! RaeStar is one of my fave ships ever. BUT TODAY'S FIC... I'VE BEEN IN LOVE WITH LINNY FOR FAR LONGER. BLESS THEM. Hope everybody loves this INCLUDING YOU EMILY! Any thoughts/comments appreciated! :D