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-The Meeting

The day was sunny, Foxfire was in full swing, and Sophie and her friends were enjoying the nice lunch break before their next round of Sessions. It was the most "normal" that Sophie had felt in a long time. With her parents safe, she could finally calm down a little. Grady and Edaline had suggested that Sophie try to take it easy. She'd protested initially, saying that there were still tons of problems to solve, and more trouble was sure to be around the corner. Now, though, she was happy she'd eventually broken down and agreed.

"You know, Goblin-man," Ro said casually, causing everyone else to perk their ears. Even Tam and Linh, who had recently joined them at school, quieted and waited with small smiles. "You could try to be a little looser."

Everyone bit back laughter as Sandor retorted, his posture stiffening further. "You know, Ro you could try to act a little bit less like a spoiled brat."

"Me? Spoiled?" Ro said lazily, checking out her bright-pink painted nails. "I have no idea what you're talking about."

"No idea what I'm talking about? You're always strutting around and acting like you're a-" Sandor faltered and looked away.

Ro grinned in response. "A what?"

"A princess," Sandor grumbled, and laughter finally broke through the mouths of the rest of the elves and goblins at the table.

Grizel wiped tears from her eyes. "Sandor, you should know by now not to mess with us ladies."

"She started it!" Sandor cried to his girlfriend.

"Jease, Gigantor," Keefe said with a smirk. "You're starting to sound like us."

"You're the one that's complaining all the time, Keefe," Sophie countered, smiling.

"If you weren't all the way across the table, I would tickle you."

"Ugh, Sokeefe," Dex gagged. "Kill me now."

"Hey!" Ro shouted, "Don't mess with my ship!"

"Ship?" Sandor asked innocently. Grizel whispered a few words in his ear. He turned his fury on Ro. "HOW DARE YOU!"

"Chill." She continued to inspect her nails, unconcerned. "See, this is what I'm talking about. You're so hung up."

"He's always been that way," Sophie sighed. "It's rough to deal with."

Sandor crossed his arms. "Being your bodyguard hasn't exactly been a picnic either."

Sophie gave him an impish grin. "I never said it was."

This is what Sophie was talking about. How long had it been since she'd been able to laugh like this, and enjoy the bantering between her friends? She knew it probably wouldn't stay like this, but she was hoping for at least a few months (she'd even take weeks) of peace.

"Attention prodigies," boomed Magneto Leto's voice over the speakers, "I have a special announcement to make."

The noise of the cafeteria died down, and Sophie and her friends shot each other curious looks. It was the middle of the semester, what could be going on? For some reason, a cold lump settled in Sophie's stomach.

"Something unexpected has recently come to light. Starting today, a new prodigy will be joining us. He is, to put down the rumors I'm sure will spring up, from the Forbidden Cities. For certain reasons, he has only been discovered until now. His name is Evan Jones, and he is a confirmed Mesmer. We hope that you welcome him to Foxfire with open arms."

Immediately after Magneto Leto's voice was cut off, the cafeteria burst with noisy buzzing.

"What the heck is this?" Dex cried. "How, all of a sudden, are they finding a elf from the Forbidden Cities?"

"Yeah," Linh said in her quiet, soothing voice. "I thought that Sophie was the only one."

"She's supposed to be," Sandor answered, eyeing Grizel.

"In any case, we'll figure out the answers soon enough," Keefe said, crossing his arms and smirking. "And we'll be sure to give him a nice, Lost Cities Gang welcome. Or maybe just a Keefoster welcome. Right, Sophie? Sophie?"

All the others looked at Sophie, first curious, then with concern. Her face was white and her eyes were out of focus.

"Sophie?" Biana said from next to her, lightly shaking Sophie's arm.

Sophie turned to Biana slowly. "Evan...Jones..." she stammered. "I...I know that name." She seemed to regain her senses, and burst out of her seat, running to the doors. But before she could reach them, they swung open, revealing a tall figure standing in her path.

The figure, a boy of about 16, had raven-black hair that fell all around his head and reached his ears. He wore a blink-182 T-shirt with blue, faded jeans. He already stuck out among the other students like a sore thumb, but what really set him apart was the brown guitar strapped over his back.

He blinked a bit at the girl in front of him. When he spoke, his deep voice resonated across the room, plunging it in to silence again. "Sophie?"