Spider-man's Harem

Author's Note: This is something that just came to me. I thought to myself that if any of my favorite superheroes deserved a harem it would be Spider-man. So that's that.

I own nothing.

List of Harem:

Mary Jane Watson

Gwen Stacy

Felicia Hardy/Black Cat

Carley Cooper

Debra Whitman

Jessica Drew/Spider Woman

Greer Grant/Tigra

Angelica Jones/Firestar

Kitty Pryde/Shadowcat

Songbird/Melissa Joan Gold

Barbara "Bobbi" Morse/Mockingbird

Jean Grey


Alison Blaire/Dazzler

Carol Danvers/Miss Marvel

Wanda Maximoff/Scarlet Witch

Emma Frost/White Queen


Wanda Wilson/Lady Deadpool

Julia Carpenter/Arachne

Cindy Moon/Slik

Patsy Walker/Hellcat

Silver Sable

Ava Ayala/White Tiger

Chapter 1: A splash of pheromones

Spider-man was swinging around the skyscrapers of the big apple. It was something he always enjoyed doing and it was better than the subway. Spidey was on his way to meet up with his now girlfriend Gwen Stacy. It was amazing that he has now gone from no girlfriend to one of the most beautiful girls he had ever known. All of the sudden Peter's Spider senses went off and he swung over to what looked like a robbery at Oscorp Labs.

Peter comes in through the window of the nearby laboratory and sees what looks like members of the terrorist group A.I.M. or a group of bee keepers as he like to call them.

"Hey guys I didn't know that there was a bee keeper convention in town, but I never really got into bee keeping, I just don't see the appeal of dealing with angry bees. Then again I am a Spider."

The A.I.M. soldiers turned their attention to who said that, to their surprise it was the wall crawler himself. They aimed their weapons at him and before they could fire Spider-man used his webbing to snatch away their guns. The A.I.M soldiers were stunned for a moment and that was all it took for the A.I.M soldiers pull out what looks like advance stun sticks.

As they attacked Spider-man's spider sense made sure that it was as if they were moving in slow motion. He dodged the first few strikes and blocked the next one then struck the man in the face with a straight punch. The man stumbled back and fell down while Spider-man laughed.

"Float like a bee and bite like a spider!" As he is gloating he failed to see an A.I.M soldier behind him rise. Spider-man was hit with the stun stick and felt a jolt of pain from the shock. He threw a back kick at the guy in response but couldn't react as another soldier shoved the stun stick in his face.

Spider-man wobbled a bit from the hit and saw that one of the A.I.M soldiers got his weapon back. Before he could react the weapon charged up and blasted him through the wall. Before he knew it he landed into a vat of pink goo, which was thick and glowing.

"Aw man, I feel like I just took a bath in the river of slime from Ghostbusters 2. It's not a bad movie, just not as good as the first one."

He's knocked out of his thoughts when a stray laser blast almost hit him. He saw that the A.I.M soldiers were standing in the hole in the wall pointing their guns at him. As they are firing at him, he swam as fast as he could. The thick liquid soaking into his suit and skin, he picked a hell of a time to go commando.

He hoisted himself out of the vat and jumped onto the walls matted in pink goo. He found out, to his surprise, that the goo didn't cause him to slip. He looked at the A.I.M members and shouted,

"You guys better pay for my dry cleaning! I only have the one suit."

He shot webbing into their visors; they dropped their weapons and started to pull at the web. Spider-man shot two strands of web in different directions to the slingshot at the bad guys; he pulled back further and further until it looked like his web was going to snap at any moment.

"Alright time to line'em up."

He let go of the web and felt like he was being shot out of a cannon. He flew right into the two in the front and knocked them down. To no one's surprise it hurt a lot, he picked himself up and saw the last two A.I.M Soldiers and decided to finish this.

He upper cut one of the men trying to tear off the web from his visor. As soon as Spider-man hit him he went flying into the air and he used his web to cause him to be stuck to the celling.

The last guy got the web off his visor and raises his gun. Spider-man in the heat of the moment backflip kicks him and lands right on a table with a crash. The A.I.M solider picks himself back up and Spider-man looks at him with amazement.

"What are you the terminator?"

Spider-man hits him with some high impact web which causes him to fly up against the wall. For good measure he continued to spray him with web until only his head could be seen.

"Now you stay there and think about what you've done and maybe the cops will let you watch TV after lights out."

With that he jumped right out of the window and started to swing away from the lab.

It was sunset by the time Peter returned to his loft he took off his mask and took off the top part of his costume. Before he could take off his pants his phone went off. He grabs his phone from his utility belt and opens it up.

"Oh, what do you know? It works. I better patent this." He answers the phone and a video feed appears on the screen.

"Hi Aunt May."

"Hi Peter."

"Oh, you made it to your cruise!"

"Yeah, one year trip around the world. Maybe I'll meet someone new. I'm still young, did you know some people thought I was Marissa Thomae."

"That's great, you deserve it Aunt May."

"Oh, you know my friend Anna, Anna Watson?"


"I was talking with her and I think you should meet up with her niece."

"Is this a blind date?"

"Don't look at me like that."

"It's not that, its just Gwen and I are kind of together now. You know, that girl I told you about."

"Gwen Stacy? Have you told her yet?"

"That I'm Spider-man? Someday maybe, but now is not a good time."

"You told me."

"That was four years ago and I didn't tell you, you found my costume."

"You need to hide it better Peter."

"Just see Anna's niece and have coffee with her. It won't kill you."


"So anything good happen today?"

"I foiled a robbery today. I even fell into a vat of pink stuff. But my phone still works, I made it myself at my new job."

"The one at Horizon Labs?"

"Yeah, I have my own workspace and I can make some pretty amazing stuff."

"You do so many amazing things. I hate it when they slander Spider-man on the news. You deserve so much better."

"I know, but I'm making charity appearances and I'm doing a few endorsement deals. Thanks to the checking account Mr. Stark set me up with, I never have to reveal my identity. Things can only get better from here."

"Peter, you and I both know that life happens fast. Whatever life gives you, make it work."

"I love you Aunt May. You have fun." He then ends the call. Afterwards he takes off his pants and get into the shower to prepare for his date with Gwen, when all of the sudden he hears a knock at the door. He grabs the towel from the bathroom and throws his suit and mask into the nearby laundry basket as fast as he could and then closed the top without noticing that one of the gloves is sticking out from the basket.

Peter is walking through his loft as he reaches the steel door that leads to the hallway. He opens the door to reveal Gwen Stacy dressed in a black strapless dress and a white fur coat with gloves to match. Above the bangs on her forehead was a black hair band that helped her golden blonde hair stand out.

Peter got a good look at her cleavage and something primal had awakened inside of him. It made him wants to her rip that dress off and take her body and soul, he snapped back to reality. What came over him, sure like all red-blooded males he had those same feelings but they were never that strong before.

He hoped that Gwen would not see his erection that he was hoping to hide with his towel. He moves out of the way of the door so as to let her in.

"Come in. Let me take your coat."

"Thank you." She walks in and he takes her coat. She looks around the loft with amazement.

"What are you doing here? I'm not supposed to pick you up for at least an hour." Peter said as he draped her coat on the sofa.

Gwen turned to look at him.

"Well I decided to come early, since you've been late to every one of our dates."

"Oh come on, I've only been late for two."

"Peter we've only had two dates and you were almost an hour late last time."

"Ok fair enough. I got to take a shower and get dressed. Then we'll get going, I had to get these reservations 3 weeks in advance. Oh make yourself at home." Peter said as he went into the bathroom. Gwen followed not too long after once she sees him close the bathroom door. She gets a good look at his bedroom. She notices that the window is open and she goes to close it.

After she closes the window she see something that catches her eye sticking out of the laundry basket. She is about to get closer and sees what looks like a red and blue glove with a black lining. She walks over and grabs it to pull it out. As she is dragging it out;

"What do you think of my place?" She jumped at the question coming from the bathroom. Gwen turned to the closed door forgetting for a moment what was in the laundry basket. She gets her thoughts back together and decides to ask Peter after he got out of the bathroom.

"It looks great! How did you get this place?" She asked. She heard the shower stop as Peter's voice answered through the door,

"My friends pulled a few strings and the short of it is that this is my place now." The door to the bathroom opened and a puff of steam exited into the room. Peter is standing the doorway with only a towel around his waist. He is drying his hair with another one but Gwen couldn't help but stare. He was much more toned and muscular than she expected for a scientist. Her eyes raked over his abs and trailed up his chest. She couldn't help but watched as the water as it beaded up and rolled over his skin. His wet hair was messy and stray strands stuck to the side of his face. Was it getting hot in here or what? Peter looks up at her,

"Oh, thanks for closing the window. I forget to do that sometimes." Gwen snapped out of her trance.

"Oh, yeah, no problem."

"Why don't you go in the living room, sit down on the couch and I'll be ready before you know it." As Gwen was about to leave she notices the laundry basket again.



"What's that?"

"What's what?"

"That, sticking out of your laundry basket." Peter looked over and sees a part of his costume sticking out. He felt a brief moment of panic and forced himself to act natural.

"Oh, that. It's nothing. No need to worry."

"Oh, come on tell me. I'm curious, you know how we scientist are," Gwen asked.

"Really, it's nothing. Now get out of here while I get dressed." He tries to gently push her out but she wasn't going to listen.

"What? Is it embarrassing? You have show me then."

"No, I promise I'll show you sometime, just not now."

"What is it some big secret?"

"It's nothing Gwen, could you please leave?" He starts pushing her out again, but this time with a little more push. She breaks from his grasp and makes it for the laundry basket.

"Gwen, no!" She pulls out the top half of his suit smirking in victory. She holds it out in front of her and her smile fades as she realizes what she is looking at.


"Gwen, I can explain."

"You… you've been faking all those pictures you take of Spider-man! Peter, this is fraud! My dad's a cop! You could get in trouble!"

"I'm not faking anything. I didn't want you to find out this way, so I might as well tell you. … I'm Spider-man," Peter says with a straight face. Gwen shakes her head,

"This is no time for jokes. This is serious."

"I'm not joking, here. Watch this." He walks to his wall and places one hand on it; then the other. Then his feet as he starts scaling up it. He maneuvers so that he is on the ceiling of his room and starts walking upside down towards. She stands in shock and awe as he moves closer to her till they are face to face. His upside down and hers right side up.

"Gwen, I was going to tell you one day. I just want you to know, that I care about you."

"Peter…" He cups her cheeks and leans in for a kiss; she leans in and returns it. When they break apart and both are panting.

"What now?" Gwen says as her cheeks become flush, her body filling with anticipation. Peter's towel drops to the floor from above her.

"I have a few ideas." He jumps down from the ceiling and takes her into his arms.

He puts his hands on her waist and gives her butt a nice squeeze. She gasps at his actions and he smiles wickedly. He gives her an open mouth kiss with his tongue dominating hers; while he is kissing her he removes his hands from her butt. His right hand is behind her head and his left hand is going to the zipper on the back of her dress. Gwen wraps her arms around his neck and as Peter deepens the kiss.

Gwen's dress drops to the floor and they break off the kiss so that Peter could get a good look at her. To his surprise she is only wearing a pair of black lace panties. He looks at her breast and sexy figure with a wicked look in his eye.

Grabbing her breast with his right hand and gives her a nice squeeze. It felt so soft in his hands and he squeezes a little harder. She moans as he kneads her breast soon he moves to pinch her nipples. His other hand slips into the front of her panties. His fingers find the lips of her pussy and he rubs the outside with his middle finger. She moans as he works her and then starts to stick his fingers in when she is ready.

Feeling her soft wet folds with his finger, it felt warm and she responses with another moan. Peter kept moving his fingers back and forward until he felt his hand so wet with her cum as she organism. She gasps as he removes his now wet fingers from her panties.

He starts sucking his wet fingers and sees her painting after the foreplay. Peter finishes sucking his fingers; he picks her up by her butt. She wraps her legs around his waist and even with Peter's super strength it would have been no trouble to carry her.

He brought her over to his bed and gently lays her down in with her blonde hair spread over the pillow. He starts kissing her neck and goes to her breast; he takes her right nipple into his mouth. While he is kissing and sucking her breast his hand goes to the helm of her panties. He slides her panties down her legs and as soon as it is off one foot she kicks it off.

Peter removes his mouth from her nipples and looks to see her now naked body. Peter positions his cock at the entrance of her wet pussy. He enters her nice and slow to get the feel of her pussy.

Gwen gasps at him entering her, Peter plunged all the way into her and lets out a scream as she is penetrated. He felt pure bliss as his cock inside of her and he starts to move in and out of her. He moves slowly at first to get a feel of Gwen. She moans at every thrust and Peter is now going faster. Gwen feels herself explode in an orgasm as Peter comes inside of her womb.

Peter and Gwen are breathing heavily from their first time. Peter got his second wind before he knew it. He changed position to where Gwen was now on top of him, she yelps in surprise.

"Want to go again?" Peter said with excitement in his voice. Before Gwen could respond he starts to move his hips up and down. Gwen just went with it and she moves her hips with his.

Gwen and Peter lay naked together underneath his covers. Her head was lying on his chest and his arm was around her waist. His head was leaned towards her and she smelled of lilacs. He takes a deep breath.

"How did you become Spider-man?"

"I was 15. I had heard about an amazing science experiment happen at OsCorp Labs. During the tour, I got separated from the group and found a room with genetically modified spiders. In my clumsiness I knocked over a container when I tried to leave and one of the spider's got loose. I tried to pick it up to put it back, but when I did it bit me. That spider transformed me into what I am today."

"Why be a hero though?" Peter looks away trying to blink a stray tear out of his eye.

"If it's too hard, you don't have to tell me."

"No, I want to tell you. After I got my powers, I thought I could use them to make money. I made the suit so that no one could recognize me and for added fun I made the web shooters. I thought that if I was going to call myself the amazing Spider-man I was going to needed to sell it. I signed up for a pro-wrestling match, which I won of course. But it was in the locker room afterwards that a robbery took place. I had a chance to stop the robber but chose not too. A few days later I was returning home and found the police there. The police told me that there was a home invasion and that my Uncle Ben tried to stop the robber but was killed. I saw the man they arrested from the house. It was same one from that locker room. If I had stopped him then, my Uncle would still be alive. I remembered what Uncle Ben once say; that with great power comes great responsibility. From that moment on, I would help people as Spider-man, no matter how hard it gets."

"… Peter, I need some time to myself." Gwen looks away as she moves from Peter's arms and the bed. She stands up and starts to put her underwear back on.

"Gwen, please I know this is a lot but I'm sure we can work through it." Peter sits up in the bed and reaches towards her but his hand is stopped by her words,

"Peter please, I need some space. I'm sorry." She quickly puts on the rest of her clothes and leaves his room. Hears the door to his loft shut two moments later. He stares at where Gwen retreated then falls back onto his bed. He rubs his hands on his face in frustration,

"I royally screwed up that one." His phone then lights up gives a ping. He grabs his phone and see's that he has a text message from Aunt May. As he read's the message he says out loud,

"Mary Jane Watson."

Before Peter could call her all of the sudden the Spider-man app goes off. Peter created the app with the purpose of letting him know of crimes too far away that his spider sense could not detect. He opened the app to see that the supervillain Overdrive was back in town working as a getaway driver to a jewelry heist. Peter jumped out of bed to grab his suit and as he is putting on his paints there is a rip sound.

"That can't be good," Peter looks to see that the dried chemicals from Oscorp labs caused the costume to be caked in the goop that he was knocked into. He went into his closet to see if there was a replacement or a needle and thread. But he soon found a bag with a note attached to it hanging in the closet. Peter tore off the note and began to read it.

"Dear Peter, I looked over your suit and thought I would make you something a little more hi tech. Enjoy, Tony."

Peter opens the bag and sees that it is a brand new spider suit that is red with a gold spider in the center and golden eyes. He grabs the suit and puts it on to revel that it fits as good as his first costume. With his new Iron Spider costume he opened the window and jumped right out into the chaos that is New York City.