"I expect to you see tonight, Christian. I'm pulling rank as your mother and ordering you over to the house. I want all of my children home. Do you understand me?" Mom is serious since she's using her don't you dare argue with me mom voice. Maybe I need to remind her that I'm a twenty eight year old adult who runs his own company. I don't have time to be at my mom's beck and call.

"Yes, mother," I say. I'm such a wimp when it comes to Grace Grey. Grace and Mia are the only two women on earth who can get me to do anything. There will never be another woman who will be able to get me to do anything. It's pathetic enough watching my brother being lead by his dick by that girlfriend of his. What's her name again? Kelly? Kim? Kylie? Whatever the fuck it is, he's pathetic. Spineless jellyfish! All of that so he can get some pussy? The same damn pussy every night?

I call bullshit! He's the biggest whore around. He's had his dick in every practically every blonde in the state of Washington. No way is he going to settle down with just one woman.

Not when there is so much pussy around. I can't walk ten steps without some woman throwing herself at me. It offers no challenge, but I have frequent one night stands. That's all I can offer a woman right now. If your panties get wet when you see me, I can offer you a one night stand in a hotel room. Be prepared to be blindfolded and handcuffed. I don't need you touching me, looking at me or developing feelings. That will only lead to you getting your feelings hurt.

If you can't handle me hitting it and quitting it, keep walking, sweetheart. All I can offer you is one night with a guy with a really big dick. I'm too busy making billions to deal with a woman and her emotional bullshit.

Just then my secretary walks in.

"Andrea, do you have my mom and sister's Valentine Day's gifts?"

"They're at my desk as we speak. Also, the flowers to your mom and sister have already been delivered," she tells me. I thank her for her efficiency and she leaves my office. I love knowing that my mom and sister are probably smiling like school girls over the flowers I sent them. Well, the flowers Andrea sent. I don't even know what the fuck kind of flowers they are, but I did pick out the bracelets I got them myself. I even accompanied Taylor when he went to pick them up.

I spend the rest of the afternoon researching a new company and discussing the pros and cons of it with Ros. Soon, Ros informs me that she has Valentine's Day plans with Gwen and leaves to go home. I roll my eyes at her. All of this romantic hearts and flowers bullshit. What's the fucking point, and who has time for all that nonsense? See, that's why I have staff to do everything for me. Not that I would ever do all of this love shit for a woman. I hit it and I quit it. That's it. And lord help the woman that develops feelings because those feelings will get hurt. That's why I limit my fucking to just one night stands. There's no time to develop feelings if all I can give you is one night.

I check my watch and decide to make my way over to Bellevue. Thankfully it's a Friday night and I don't have to come in tomorrow. I need to find a woman to fuck sometime this weekend, and this little family thing is getting in the way of that, but mom has been having these family Valentine Day dinners with the family for the past couple of years. I think she started it so that her single kids wouldn't be alone on the most romantic day of the year.

I roll my eyes at that. Grace Grey, ever the romantic. You'd think she'd want to spend the night with Carrick alone, but she uses every opportunity to get us together as a family. I happily comply to make the best mom on earth happy.

"Honey, I'm home!" I yell out when I walk through the front door of my childhood home.

"We're in here, darling," I hear my mom yell out. I walk into the family room and see it decorated with nothing but pink balloons and roses in all colors of the rainbow. I wonder if I sent some of those. I know better than to ask. I'm sure mom thinks I order those flowers all by myself. I snicker to myself at the thought.

"You're the first to arrive son, your brother should be here soon, but Mia had some last minute plans. Have some champagne." Dad hands me a glass of Cristal. Only the best stuff for the Greys. I go over and kiss my mon on the cheek. How the fuck did Mia get out of this little family gathering and I didn't?

"Happy Valentine's Day, baby," she says hugging me. Sheesh! This is such a bullshit holiday. She's treating us like we're still in elementary school.

"You know your father proposed to me on Valentine's Day," she says wistfully. Yes, mom. I know. Everybody fucking knows. You tell the same story every February 14th. And proposing on Valentine's Day? Very original, dad, I think sarcastically.

Just then Elliot and his current blonde walked in and mom goes to hug them. I smirk and Elliot catches me and shakes his head. He'd flip me the bird, but is being on his best behavior in front of this woman. What a pussy! I'd never change my behavior for a woman. That's why they only get me for one night. I cut them loose before anyone gets any ideas. Christian Grey cannot be contained.

"Hey, Elliot. Hello, Kim," I say to the blonde.

"It's Kate, asshole," Elliot grumbles. Whatever. I don't give a fuck what her name is. It's not like she'll be around much longer.

"I'm surprised you two don't have plans. Isn't this supposed to be the most romantic night of the year, or some shit like that? What are you two doing here with us?" I ask.

"Don't worry about us. We have plans later." I bet they do. Probably an all night fuckathon. I'll bet a million dollars that I never see Kami again.

"Where's Mia?" Elliot asks.

"She won't be joining us. She went out of town for the weekend with some friends," dad answers. Mia was smart enough to get the hell out of dodge and avoid this forced family function.

"So, it's just us?"

"Kate invited a friend. Hope you guys don't mind," Elliot says. I get this friend is some vapid, blonde bimbo. Birds of a feather and all that shit.

"Not at all, dear. The more the merrier. Dinner will be ready soon. I'll cook the steak once Kate's friend gets here. I'll set up everything in the kitchen and everyone can just serve themselves," mom says. Serve myself? Fuck that! Fat fucking chance of that happening. I look around and don't see Gretchen anywhere. Fuck! I'll just act helpless and mom will do it for me. Problem solved.

Elliot helps Kandace with her coat and I see she's wearing a red, fitted dress. Red on Valentine's Day. How original. He sure knows how to pick them.

"So, C. Any plans tonight?"

"Just spending quality time with my family. Don't want to give some woman hope by going out with her tonight of all nights."

I look at Kandi and she gives me a look of disgust. It's the truth, sweetheart. Before I can say anything, the doorbell rings.

"Can you get that, honey?" mom says to me. "You're closest to the door." What the fuck?

"Where the hell is Gretchen?" I ask.

"I don't make her work twenty four hours a day, Christian. It won't kill you to get the door, sweetheart." I stomp over to the door and yank it open. I'm greeted to someone's backside. Whoever this person is has her back to me as she looks towards the front yard. I see she has long, shiny brown hair, styled in loose curls. I look down to see the rest, but her body is covered by a long, black trench coat, but I see black stiletto boots and what looks like a pair of tight black pants. I'm intrigued, and I haven't even seen her face yet.

She still has not turned around. This woman must not know whose time she's wasting. I clear my throat and she finally turns and faces me. About time, sweetheart.

Our eyes meet, about two seconds I'm lost in a pair of blue eyes. I shake my head and break eye contact. Her face is flawless, with what looks like almost porcelain skin. I don't see a single blemish on her face, and that's saying a lot because I don't think she has on a stitch of makeup. I look at her eyes again and they are a clear, blue. Cobalt is the word that comes to mind.

"Excuse me. I'm here to meet Kate and Elliot," she says to me. I'm waiting for her to react to me, but she doesn't. She doesn't even bother to attempt to flirt with me. All women flirt with me. What the fuck? What makes this one think she's so damn special that she can just ignore me? In fact, she looks around me to look for Kathy, I assume.

"And you are?" I need to know your name so I can run a background check.

"I'm Ana," she says. I need more than that.

"I'm Christian Grey," I say waiting for the penny to drop; for her to finally know just who the fuck I am. As soon as I drop my name, women usually just drop their panties.

"Is Kate here?" She asks, sounding a little annoyed, as she looks around me again. I step aside to let her in. She walks in like she owns the damn place, and doesn't even give me a second glane.

"Steele! You made it," I hear Kady say. Krissy takes her coat and I get a chance to look at her body for the first time. She's definitely not my type. She's too small; too petite. I prefer tall, leggy brunettes. This one will probably need a stepping stool just to reach my dick. No, not my type, but her ass looks amazing in those tight, black pants. She definitely squats on a regular basis. Even though she's not my type and I'm not even remotely interested, I text Taylor about getting a background check on an Ana Steele. I'm just doing this for Elliot's sake, not because I'm interested. I have to make sure my brother doesn't associate with any riffraff.

Not only is she wearing black pants, she also has no a black fitted sweater, which showcases her tits. They look to be about a C cup; just enough to fit the palm of my hand as I fuck her mouth. I see Kate whisper something to her and they both look at me. I stand there, giving her ample view of my body. Look at me, baby. Undress me with your eyes. I know you want this, because who doesn't?

She looks at me briefly, looks back at Kate, whispers something to her. They both turn to look at me and they both laugh. They both fucking laugh at me.

"Is something funny, Kaylene?" I ask, arching one of my eyebrows.

"Very funny, Christopher," she says as she takes her friend's hand and leave me standing in the middle of the foyer.

Bitches! It's a good thing this Ana chick is not my type. A good thing indeed.

I follow them to the living room, where Elliot has his arm around what's her face.

"C, did you meet Ana? Ana, this is my younger brother, Christian."

"No, Kasey did not introduce us," I say to Elliot.

"It's Kate, asshole. Four fucking letters. Kate!"

"Like it matters, but Kate, did not introduce us," I make sure to enunciate her damn name.

"It's ok, Elliot. Carl introduced himself when he opened the door," this Ana has the audacity to say. You'll know my name soon enough, sweetheart. If you were lucky enough to be my type, I'd have you screaming out Christian in no time.

"It's Christian, not Carl," I say looking her in the eye. She looks at me up and down, assessing me.

"Ooops. I guess I just forgot. That usually happens when someone doesn't make much of an impression," she says before she turns her back to me and starts to talk to Elliot. I see Kadence over there smirking at me. I stomp over to where the champagne is and pour myself another glass.

Right. You know you want this.

A/N = Just a fun little story about a little couple. As you can see, CG has quite the ego on him. This is going to be a two or three shot if people are interested.

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