Carrick and Grace come out and are introduced to Ana. I stand there and watch her. Her and her little tiny, tight body. Even with those stilettos, she only comes to about my chest. What would I do with a tiny thing like that? A tiny thing with a tight, round ass and a pair of tights that can make a grown man cry. I wonder what shade of pink her nipples are. Or are they red like a ripe cherry?

Just then my mom compliments her on how pretty she is, and she blushes. Not only does she blush, but she giggles. Did her blue eyes just sparkle as she giggled? And that pink blush across her cheekbones caused me to almost choke on my Cristal. It's a good thing she's not my type. Good thing indeed because if she were my type, I'd take her hand, walk out of this house, go to my penthouse where I would take off those tight pants and spank her ass for dismissing me. Then, I'd make her get on her knees, tie her hands from behind, and shove my cock down her throat. Then I'd fuck her from behind, pull out before she can orgasm and come all over her red ass. I'd then send her on her way and never think about her again.

Good thing for her, she's not my type. I'm not into waifs.

Especially not waifs with clear blue eyes. Who blush. And giggle. And have a perfect little tight body. With boobs that are just begging to be touched. Nope.

"Ana, dear, what do you do for a living?" Carrick asks as he hands her a glass of champagne. Mom puts out a fruit platter.

"She's just brilliant. She's a real estate agent but she's also a writer. Ana's writing a book," Krystal chimes in. I roll my eyes, and Ana catches me doing it. She gives me a dirty look before looking away from me. A realtor and a writer? And that makes her brilliant? Puhleeze! I run a billion dollar conglomerate. If anyone here is brilliant, it's me, yet this little woman won't even look at me.

"What's your book about?" Elliot asks

"It's still a work in progress, but it's about a woman who gets dumped by her fiancé. He leaves her for her best friend. The book is really about her journey into finding herself." This time I resist the eyerolling. How original. Half of those Lifetime movies that Mia watches has those plots.

"That sounds interesting, dear." My mother. Always the polite one. "Excuse me but I hear my phone ringing. Unfortunately, I'm on call tonight," she says before excusing herself. My dad follows behind her. He's always following behind her. It's almost like he can't be away from her for too long. That will never, ever be me. Fuck that.

A few minutes later, mom comes back and informs us she has to leave for an emergency at the hospital. Carrick decides he's going to drive her. Now what the fuck are we supposed to eat? I had my mind set on eating steak tonight, but mom takes off before she can have time to cook. I can't cook and neither can Elliot. I doubt Krissy even knows how to turn on a stove, and her little friend looks like she only eats about once a week. She better eat more than that. I'll have to find way to have food delivered to her.

Now that the old people are gone, I need to find the path of least resistance into this woman's panties.

"You should come out with us tonight, Steele," Kandace says to her.

"Not gonna happen. Don't want to be a third wheel, and I don't do Valentine's Day. You two have fun though." I guess I shouldn't be surprised that the girl dressed all in black doesn't care of this holiday. Now I need to figure out why. That might be my way in. Literally and figuratively.

I walk closer to her.

"I'm not into the hearts and flowers bullshit either," I tell her as I approach. Think about all we have in common, sweetheart. "We should have a drink and commiserate about our dislike for all things St. Valentine." And when you're crying on my shoulder about how some guy dumped you on Valentine's Day when you were in the tenth grade, I can go in for the kill.

"I'd rather set my own eyeballs on fire than go anywhere with you," she says without even looking at me.

So, that wasn't a no.

"Now I feel bad that mom left without cooking us dinner. We can go out or Ana can cook the steak," Elliot suggests. Little Ms. Waif cooks? This I gotta see.

"No way will we be able to get a table now," I say, which is total bullshit. Christian Grey can get a table anywhere, anytime. I can even get restaurants to open just for me, but I want to see her in action.

She looks around my parent's humungous kitchen. I see the admiration in her eyes.

"I'd love to cook here. If your parents won't mind, that is." She's acting all shy. So cute. I think I see the blush again.

"They won't mind," I say quickly. I guess that's all the encouragement she needs because she approaches the kitchen and takes everything in. Elliot pulls out the steaks from the fridge. Before I know what hits me, she's donned an apron and has pulled various spices from the cabinet. She pulls out cutting boards and a heavy skillet, and just goes to town. I'm entranced. I never cared about how the food was prepared before. All I cared about was eating, but this little half pint fascinates me.

I pull out a bottle of red wine, and pour her a glass and set it next to her. She doesn't even look at me or thank me, but she starts drinking it immediately. I see her pause after she takes her first sip, and she slowly swallows, moaning as it goes down. I'm immediately aroused. She enjoys the finer things in life, I see. This is a two thousand dollar bottle of wine.

Elliot announces that he's going to give Kate a tour of the house, and I just wave them off. A tour, my ass. They're going to get in a quick fuck. How romantic.

Now I have her all to myself. I take a seat that the kitchen island and I look at her ass as she bends down. Good lord, this woman is going to kill me. It's a good thing she's not my type, I remind myself.

"You like to cook?" I ask.

"Obviously," she says back as she starts to chop an onion.

"What's your problem with me? You've given me nothing but attitude since you walked into my parent's house?" I've had enough of her crap. Women throw themselves at my feet, not treat me like I'm dirt.

She stops chopping and looks me right in the eye. I can't look away even if I wanted to.

"I know your type, and I'm not all that impressed," she says before she looks away and resumes her chopping.

"What type? The type who comes over and spends a Friday night with his family? Yeah, I'm horrible," I say.

"The type who thinks he's some gift to women. You're not that unique. I see a hundred like you day," she says without even looking at me. What the fuck is that supposed to mean? She meets billionaires everyday?

She starts cooking the steak and the aroma fills the kitchen.

"Do you want to warm up the mac and cheese your mom made?" She asks. Does she know who the fuck she's talking to?

"Um, no. I don't do shit like that," I say to her.

"I forgot I was speaking to such an important man," she snarks back. I give her a dirty look and stand up from my seat at the island. All I've done is try to be nice and she's been nothing but a bitch. Well, fuck her. I'm done being Mr. Nice Guy. Any other woman would be on her knees right now sucking me off in this very kitchen, but I guess she's too good for that. Not that I would even let her. She hasn't earned the right to have access to my cock. She wishes!

"Oh, fuck," I hear her say. I look over and she's running her thumb under the water in the sink. I run over and grab her hand.

"What happened?" I ask, examining her entire hand for any signs of injury. I see a red welt on her left thumb.

"Just a little burn," she says as she tries to pull her hand from mine. I don't let her. Instead I hold her hand under the cold water for several more seconds before I pull it out to examine again.

"It feels better," she says, trying to pull her hand from mine again, but I hold on to her hand. I look into her eyes and this time her eyes lock with mine. I get this unfamiliar feeling in my chest, and before I can recognize what I'm doing, I take her hand and kiss the welt on her thumb. I'm expecting her to pull away, so when she doesn't, I kiss it again.

I take her other hand in mine, and I press my body into hers, pushing her into the counter. Our eyes lock again, and just as I lower my head to find her lips, but she yanks her hands from mine, puts her hands on my chest and shoves me hard. Unfortunately for her, I'm six foot five and I don't budge when she pushes me. She shoves me again and I continue to just stand there. I make like I'm going to lean in for a kiss and watch as her blue eyes widen, but I then I turn and walk away from her. I walk to the freezer and quickly find what I'm looking for.

I walk back to her and she's still standing there staring at me. Without saying a word, I grab her hand and put the ice pack on her burn. I hold it in place but I use that opportunity to stand as close to her as possible, trapping her little body between myself and the sink. She stands there like a deer caught in the headlights as I tend to her injury.

This time I lean down intending to kiss her but I see her bring her uninjured hand up in an attempt to slap me. I grab her wrist, and now I pull her into me as I take a step back. I hold both of her hands behind her back.

"What are you going to do now, Ana Steele?"

"Let me go," she says while looking into my eyes. I hold her for a second longer, enjoying how good she feels in my arms. I let go of her hands and I let her go. She looks at me for a few more seconds, panting as if she just ran a marathon. She turns back towards the sink, but I stand behind her, grab her injured hand again and examine it. The welt has gotten less red and I give it a quick kiss before letting her go.

"Stay away," she whispers. I just stand there shocked by what just happened, by this strange feeling that has just taken over me. It's not just a physical feeling, it's something more; something foreign. Something I can't articulate.

I try to figure out what the hell that was as I watch her walk back to the stove to tend to the steaks.

But what I do know, is that she is attracted to me. She doesn't want to be, but she is. Before I can call her on it, Dumb and Dumber come into the kitchen laughing at god knows what.

"You're back from your tour already, Kate?" Ana asks. She's acting as if nothing happened between us and I'm irritated by it.

"I'm sure the tour was over the minute Elliot showed Karen his old room." I have to throw my two cents worth. Kate just sighs and walks towards where Ana is, and Elliot slaps me upside the head.

"What a prick," I hear Ana say and I smile to myself.

She finishes cooking our steak, along with some sautéed veggies. She plates everything for us, but puts the mac and cheese and separate bowls. I hear her mutter something about not liking her food to touch, and I smile at her little quirk. She gives me a dirty look when she sets my food in front of me.

I make it a point to sit across from her, but she refuses to look at me.

We all dig in and this is the best steak I think I've ever had. It's cooked perfectly and the flavors are incredible. I wonder if she would ever agree to cook me steak and eggs for breakfast. I have a huge kitchen too. Judging by how she took over this kitchen here tonight, she'd probably really enjoy cooking at penthouse.

Calm down, Grey. Who says anything about breakfast? And since when do you bring women over to your house? You go to a hotel where you fuck and duck. You don't bring your one night stands home.

I watch her as she eats. She takes little dainty bites, but she eats everything on her plate. There's nothing I hate more than some woman who barely touches her food. Case in point, Katniss is sitting there pushing her food around on her plate. I roll my eyes as she dabs the sides of her mouth with a napkin. You'd think that since her friend cooked this meal, she'd show her appreciation by eating it.

Once dinner is over, we bring all the dishes to the sink. Again, I watch Ana and she on auto pilot cleaning up the table. Elliot and his useless girlfriend are in the corner doing god knows what as their guest cleans up. I never ever do this. Ever. But I help clear the table and help Ana load the dishwasher. I even wipe down the counter. Pretty soon, mom's kitchen is back to being immaculate.

Before I know it, it's time to go. Elliot and Kirstie hug Ana goodbye before they all turn towards me.

"Later Elliot. Kristine," I say.

"It's Kate, you fucking asshole," she says before she stomps to the car. Someone should really wash her mouth out with soap.

"You're a real motherfucker, do you know that?" Elliot says as he runs after his woman. He's such a pussy whipped idiot. I thank Jesus, Joseph and Mary that that will never be me.

"Good night, Ana," I begin but before I can say any more she turns away from me and walks to her car.

She gets inside what looks to be a relatively new Toyota Camry and drives away without a word. Well at least she didn't give me the finger before driving off.

I shake my head and get inside my BMW Gran Turismo. Tonight was a fun little diversion, but that's all it was. Tomorrow is February 15th and I'll be looking for someone to sink into. Little Ms. Waif will be a distant memory by tomorrow.


Why can't this woman just leave my mind? I can't stand it. I can't barely do anything besides think of her. Why am I consumed with a five foot little woman? I've been with more beautiful women. I've been with more sophisticated and worldly women. Hell, I've never even been with this one. For whatever reason, she can't stand me. I don't understand why. I was nothing but a gentleman that entire night.

Now she won't leave my mind. It didn't help that I did a background check on her and now I know every detail of her life. She's a small town girl, who left her hometown for college. She's an only child and her parents are divorced. Actually, the man who raised her is her stepfather and her mother lives in Georgia. She's listed as single now, but she had a boyfriend about 2 years ago. He's some limp dick who went to college with her, but who's married to someone else now. How could he let her go? Not that she's my type, but come on!

She's been working at Keen Realty for about a year now. She's an average realtor, but she's still new and is building up her client base.

Her office is located just outside of Seattle, so I can't just randomly show up where she is. Besides, with the type of job that she has, her schedule varies from day to day. My first thought was to have Sawyer follow her and report her every move to me, but then I thought better of it. I might be a straight man, but I know a good looking guy when I see one. No way am I going to have Sawyer follow around the woman I want to fuck. She might take one look at him and fall into his arms instead, and I'd have to kill him. Or have Taylor kill him. I'd hate to get blood on one of my Armani suits. No, I'd kill him myself. No one takes what's mine. Except she's not mine. She can't stand me.

Instead of Sawyer, I assign Ryan to shadow her. Ryan's face looks like he went 10 rounds with a professional boxer, so I don't have to worry about him too much.

I know she goes to the gym each morning before work. She arrives at work around 10 before doing any showings with customers. And her job is a real problem for me. I don't feel comfortable having her showing homes to strangers. Isn't that just inviting danger? And my anxiety only increased when I read an article claiming that being a real estate agent is one of the most dangerous jobs. Good thing Ryan isn't too far away.

A few days after we met, I sent a bouquet of wildflowers to her job from a secret admirer. The day after that, I had two dozen roses delivered to her apartment, this time signed by me. I even included my business card but she didn't so much as send me an email to thank me. How fucking rude!

The day after that, Taylor and I jogged by her gym, but I didn't see her. I did see her car parked outside though.

When Ryan told me she was having lunch with some guy near GEH at some place called Capital Grille, I ran out of my office as if it was on fire. I felt this rage take over my entire body and I had every intention of going to that restaurant and beating the shit out of that guy, whoever the fuck he was.

When I told Taylor what my intentions were, he tried to talk me down, but I didn't want to hear shit he had to say.

I bent over backwards to be nice to this woman last week and all she did was give me attitude. Now she has the nerve to be with another man? Fuck that! As soon as Taylor parks the car, I jump out ready to pounce.

"What the hell are you doing standing outside? You're for her protection?" I yell at Ryan. I can't believe his incompetent ass just left her in there with some man.

"I wanted to intercept, sir. The gentleman Ms. Steele is with is her father. I ran the plates and the car belongs to a Raymond Steele. He matches the description and looks to be about the right age." I'm immediately calmed when I hear that. I think god that I'm not too late and I haven't lost her to another man.

Now all I have to do is get her to like me.

I'm fucked!

"Shall we go back to the office, sir?" Taylor asks.

"Fuck no." I say right before I yank the door to the restaurant open. I tell Ryan to get back to work and I get a table for me and Taylor. I'm finally going to get to see her in person again for the first time in a week. I pray that I've only imagined that flawless face and those cobalt blue eyes. Maybe she's not as beautiful as I remembered and one more look will confirm that. That way, I can purge this woman from my mind and go back to my life before she cast this spell on me.

As soon as we sit down in our booth, I spot her immediately. She's at a table in the middle of the restaurant and I get the perfect view of her face. I'm not so lucky because she's even more beautiful than I remembered. Once again, it doesn't look like she's wearing any makeup, not that she needs it. She's just perfect in everyway. Well except for her evil ass attitude.

She's sitting there with her little hand holding the water glass, and all I want to do is go over there and join them, but I know I won't be welcome.

I watch her the entire time, and I see that she eats the chicken dish she ordered. I even ordered the same thing she got just so I can feel closer to her.

It looks like she's talking a mile a minute to her father. Maybe she's telling him about the flowers I sent her and he's advising her to go out with me. Yeah, right. I don't know what he says to her, but she laughs and covers her face with both hands while shaking her head.

At one point, she looks up from her plate and sees me sitting there. I see her looking at me, making sure she's seeing the right person. I wink at her and she just looks away. I get up and make my way towards her table just as I see the waiter bring them their check. Her father grabs it and gives it back with her credit card.

"Ana?" I ask trying to feign surprise.

"Hi, Calvin," she says to me dismissively. She actually waves me off. No chance, sweetheart.

"Christian." You know my name. Don't pretend otherwise.

"Whatever. Are you ready to go, dad?" She asks.

"Christian Grey, sir," I say extending my hand. He gives me a firm handshake and introduces himself as her father.

"Are you two friends?"


"Yes." We both say at the same time.

"Well I'll let you two figure it out. I'll be right back, Annie."

"What the hell are you doing here, Coolidge?" Coolidge. Calvin. Calvin Coolidge? Very clever.

"I saw you here and thought I'd say hi," I say as I grab a seat.

"I didn't invite you to sit," she says. Why the hell is this woman always so hostile?

"How's your hand?" Before she can respond, I grab it and look for the burn. There's no sign of a burn anymore. I give it a quick kiss before she can think to pull her hand away. As soon as I kiss it, she pulls it away and wipes her hand with a napkin.

"Keep your lips to yourself."

"It's Friday night tonight. Do you want to go out?" I ask her.

"With who?"

"With Calvin Coolidge! With me, of course!" God, this woman is infuriating.

"I kinda can't stand you, so no," she says. So she kinda of can't stand me, which means she doesn't totally can't stand me. I have a chance!

"Well I find you absolutely fascinating, so I'll pick you up at seven. And don't tell me you have plans. I know that Elliot is taking Kira away for the weekend. Wear something sexy."

"Not gonna happen. You act as if Kate is my only friend, but I'm spending the weekend with my dad. Good bye now," she says waving me off again. Never in my life have I been treated this way by a woman, and it's starting to piss me off! All the times Grace told me any woman would be lucky to have me and this one treats me worse than gum stuck on her shoe. This ends now, sweetheart.

"Did you get my flowers?"

"I did get flowers twice this week. One was from a secret admirer and the other was from a Christian something or other. I have no idea who sent either bouquet," she says as she sips her water. She's looking at me with those big baby blue eyes, and I get tongue tied for a minute.

"They were both from me," I say through clenched teeth. Does she know how many women would be thrilled to get flowers from me?

I see her try to hide a smile, and I smile back at her and for a moment her blue eyes sparkle with humor.

"I thought your name was Charlie?"

Before I can respond, her dad comes back, and Ana jumps out of her seat. This is the first time I've gotten a look at her body today. She's wearing a simple black sheath dress with pair of animal print stilettos. Even with the heels, she's still a tiny slip of a thing. God, what I wouldn't give to take her out of here and take her home. We could start our weekend early. I'd keep her at Escala the entire weekend so that I can get to know that little tight body of hers better. Maybe after I've had my fill for a weekend, I can break free of these feelings.

"Are you ready to go, daddy?" She asks him. He nods yes and turns around to shake my hand. Ana, on the other hand doesn't even give me another glance. I quickly grab her coat and help her to put it on.

"See you later, Chester," she says as she's walking away without a backwards look.

"I thought you said his name was Calvin?" I hear Ray say to her.

Fucking sexy little minx!


"Sir, Ryan is about to take off for the weekend. I took the liberty of having Sawyer take over his post until he gets back," Taylor says to me. Fuck! The last person I want is Sawyer, but he's supposed to stay covert. He better make sure she doesn't see his pretty face.

"Where is Ms. Steele now?"

"She's at the Starbucks down the street from her apartment building, sir."

"Is she with her father?"

"Mr. Steele left hours ago. Ryan saw them hug before he drove off."

Little Ms. Steele is a big fat liar, and I'm an idiot for believing her. Here I am alone on a Friday night because of her ass, and she's out drinking coffee at eight o'clock at night.

"Is she alone?" She better fucking be alone.

"Yes, sir." I dismiss Taylor for the evening and go in my room to change. I put on a pair of dark blue jeans and a simple light blue button down shirt. I grab my favorite leather jacket as I begin my journey for some coffee.

Luck is not on my side tonight because the elevator stops on the 11th floor and Bridgette Burns gets in with her little labradoodle, Jewel. Bridgette lives in the building and has been trying to get in my pants again for about two years. We had a one night stand when I first moved into Escala and she's been begging for more ever since. I make it clear to these women that I can only give them one night, but I might make an exception for little Ms. Liar Liar Pants on Fire Steele if she would just give me the fucking time of day.

Bridgette looks at me up and down and licks her lips. I fight the urge to roll my eyes. I don't think so. I'm no longer on the market.

"Have a date tonight?" I can't help it. I roll my eyes at her.

"Just going out for coffee." Now leave me alone.

"So am I. I'll walk with you," she suggests. Are all the women I know liars?

We walk in silence to the Starbucks until I get an idea. Right before we walk in, I tell her some lame joke and she gives a fake, loud laugh. I start laughing right there in the middle of the store. Several people look up at us, including Ms. Steele. She pulls out the earbuds and cuts her eyes at me before looking at the lap top. I see she has no a sweatshirt. How is she still so beautiful wearing a sweatshirt? I'm so fucked!

I get a coffee and offer to get one for Bridgette too. She thanks me by giving me a kiss on the cheek, and thankfully she takes her coffee and leaves. I make my way over to Ms. Steele's table, take off my jacket and grab a chair.

"Ms. Steele," I say.

"Are you following me?" She doesn't even look up a me. I decide that I'm really going to piss her off and close her laptop.


"I thought you were spending the weekend with your dad?"

"Why did you think that? My dad left hours ago," she says while trying to open up the laptop again, but my hand is holding it down.

"I thought that because that's what you told me," I say through clenched teeth.

"You must have misheard. And if you don't get your paw off my laptop, I'm going to spill my hot tea on it."

"And ruin your computer in the process? I don't think so. Anyway, I wanted to take you out tonight," I remind her.

"And I told you no."

"Why not?"

"Because I don't like you. Anyway, aren't you with that plastic Barbie that you just walked in here with? How much did that set you back? Do you pay by the hour or is there a flat rate?" As if I've ever had to pay for it!

"Are you jealous?" There's a part me of that hopes she is. That's why I walked in here with Bridgette and allowed her to kiss me.

She laughs at my question.

"Not on your life."

"We can still go out tonight."

"No. I don't like you."

"Why the hell not? You don't even know me?"

Her eyes lock with mine and she crosses her arms across her chest and says nothing.

"Is this because I can't remember Kami's name?"

She sighs in frustration.

"It's Kate!" She yells and several people turn to look at us.

"Is that why?"

"Is it possible that I just don't like you because you're arrogant, cocky and thinks the world revolves around you? You probably go through women like you'd go through a pack of gum. I heard about you though. You're the king of the one night stand right? Well I'm not on the market for a one night stand." God damn that Elliot. I know he ran his big mouth to Kaitlyn and she's run her mouth to Ana.

"Well what if I can offer you more," I say to her trying not to sound too desperate. I'd never be able to let her go after a one night stand anyway.

"I'm not on the market for more either. At least not with you," she says. As if I'll allow her to have more with someone else! She gets up and starts to pack up her stuff. I see she's wearing a pair of hot pink yoga pants which make her ass look amazing.

"This hard to get act is getting old, Anastasia."

"You should give up then," she says as she puts on her jacket and grabs her computer bag. She doesn't even give me another look as she starts to walk towards the door. I quickly follow her out. I see Sawyer's SUV and give him a quick nod. Stay away, pretty boy.

"That's the thing, I don't give up. Ever," I say as I start walking beside her. "You should just agree now."

"Never going to happen." We'll see about that. I already have a plan to see her little ass on Monday, she just doesn't know about it yet.

Before long we arrive at her building and she starts to sprint to the door. I catch up with her and spin her around to face me.

"I've been nice. I've asked nicely but you just don't respond to nice, do you?"

"I've responded nicely as well. I'm politely asking you to fuck off," she says with a fake smile.

Ok. No more Mr. Nice Guy.

"Next Friday, I have to attend a charity event. My family will be there and I'm sure Elliot and Kr.." I begin and I see her nostrils flare as she waits for me to say the wrong name. "I'm sure Elliot and what's her name will attend as well. You will be my date. I'll have a dress and accessories sent to you, so you can have something we wear. I will pick you up at seven so be ready." For once she's standing there with her mouth wide open and completely speechless. I turn to leave before she can say anything.

"Hell will freeze over first, you arrogant SOB!" I hear her yell. I smile the entire walk back to Escala. I'm done begging. Now I'm taking control.

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