1. I've decided to keep posting on here, after all! Super short and kind of old, for a crackship I really like. :) A non-profit story, like always.

One, two, three and he moves his arm. One, two, three and this time he moves his leg to his left. His movements are stiff and clumsy, the gypsy thinks, he obviously has no prior dancing experience - after all, he is a man of science, not of dancing. The obvious discomfort on his face suggest that, despite his best effort, he isn't getting the desired result.

"Need a bit of help?"

"N-no!" he yells at her, his voice slightly shaky from embarassment. "I mean - I can do this, just watch me, Trentini!"

One, two, three and he tries again, but no matter what he does, he just can't get the moves right. One, two, three and he falls to the ground, and onto his face. She doesn't hold on her laughter - rather, it's loud enough to be heard across the floor, and she laughs so much she's nearly in tears on the ground. Flamel, of course, isn't impressed by this, but Trentini quickly gets her composure back and extends her hand to help him to stand up, biting her lower lip as if to finally shut up. I'm sorry, Emu, but you can be so funny sometimes, is what she thinks for herself.

"How do you do such move? I can't do it!"

"Just watch." and she winks at him. His cheeks start to flush red as he sits on the ground.

One, two, three and she moves her hips smoothly. One, two, three and she shakes her legs rhythmically to the sound of a imaginary song, her pink hair flowing with each move she does. Flamel is hypnotized - how beautiful she is, how lively she looks when she allows her body to go wild with each step.

She's the most beautiful dancer he has ever seen in his life. No doubt on that.

"Your turn." Trentini moves her index finger, as if saying 'come to me'.

One, two, three and he shyly imitates her moves. One, two, three and she holds his hands. One, two, three and they start to dance together.

One, two, three, she whispers.