Hunting Ghosts in Gotham

Holidays. In theory, a time of joy for a high school student. Not so for half-ghost high school students who had to follow their parents on wild ghost chases across America.

The Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle was parked overnight in a Walmart parking lot in Gotham. That didn't sit right with Danny — Gotham's nightlife was, well, infamous — but his parents claimed they required the more sensitive equipment on the RV to do their tests.

Danny groaned and slumped down, cheek resting on his palm, as he gazed at his parents. They were excitedly chattering about something. He was supposed to be engaging in their crazy ghost talk, but he couldn't be bothered. His sister was sitting next to him, tablet on lap, researching something. She got to bring it along because she was a college student and had study to do. Danny was supposed to be being sociable.

He didn't want to be sociable. At all.

There were probably ghosts escaping back home…

His parents were blathering on about a graveyard. Danny looked towards his sister, hoping to share a look of disgust and disquiet, but Jazz Fenton had wireless earphones in and was frowning in deep concentration at the screen in front of her.

"— must be Wayne Manor." He caught the tail end of his mother's impassioned speech. She was pointing dramatically at the ghost radar.

"Alright, up and at 'em!" Jack yelled.

Danny jumped. Jazz leaned further over her tablet. Jack plucked out her earphones.

"We've found the source of the contaminant! You two can take the—"

"Are we about to go grave-robbing?" Danny asked.

"Our methods are strictly non-invasive, dear. The Fenton Tomb Radar will let us know if any coffin contains trace ecto-energy with the press of a button," Maddie answered, showing off the small box. Danny grunted, unimpressed.

Jazz folded her arms and leaned back. "I'm gonna take that as a… sort of. You two loonies can go do what ever you like, but leave us out of it! Besides, I need to interview Danny for my paper on disturbed youth."

"What?" Danny mouthed at her.

"Well, next time then Jazz," Jack said, as both parents swept up their tools and slipped out of the RV.

"Oh no," Danny sighed.

Jazz leapt up with a strangled yell. After a moment, it became coherent. "Wayne Tech owns some of the best security companies in the world! They're going to get caught and spend the night in a cell because of this stupid ghost business. We've got to stop them."

Danny raised an eyebrow. "And how should we do that? Phantom is not going near them right now."

He'd gotten more cautious about that, lately.

"Wasn't going to suggest it," Jazz said. "Hey, you wouldn't happen to have that plastic batarang anywhere around, would you?"

Danny did. He passed it to her and watched as his sister turned on the Fenton Specter Spotter (a green searchlight) and climbed onto the roof. She stuck the batarang on top of the searchlight. In the sky, the clouds turned green and a black bat flew in its centre.

"I hope he gets here before my batarang melts," Danny muttered peevishly.

"Hopefully!" Jazz said and clambered back down the RV's ladder.

"So… what will we say to him?"

"We'll say our parents are harmless nutjobs and if he could wrap them up and return them, then that would be nice."

Danny had a bad feeling about this, but he shrugged and nodded.

Tim took his binoculars away from his eyes rubbed them. He held them up again and peered through. Yes — yes he was right the first time. There were two people in bright spandex carrying some sort of vaguely familiar bright green tools up the path towards Wayne Manor. He watched carefully to see if they moved towards the road that would lead to what he suspected was Batman's secret lair — but instead, they moved out towards the lawn and grounds on the opposite side.

Tim weighed his options. They were probably going to get caught, which meant that if he went after them, he'd get caught.

Curiosity, or caution?

Curiosity it was.

Danny and Jazz sat in fold-up chairs outside the RV, waiting for the mysterious Batman to appear and hopefully save their parents from a night in jail. A dark shape swooped down, catching the air in its cloak before it landed atop the Fenton Family Ghost Assault Vehicle.

Both kids nearly fell out of their chairs.

"Hi!" Danny squeaked.

The Batman wiped the now very misshapen batarang off the surface of the Fenton Specter Spotter.

"I'll go… turn that off," Danny said and left Jazz outside to deal with the now rather large, rather dark, rather caped, symbol of justice. That hopefully wasn't as batty as their parents.

"So, our parents are kind of crazy? Normally they're great but sometimes they get attached to a conspiracy theory, I mean. And I think—"

Danny put turned off the spotlight, put his hands over his ears, and quietly turned invisible.

Later, Jazz poked him with the Fenton Ghost Fisher. He opened his eyes, saw it was her, and let himself back into the visible spectrum.

"Uh, how'd it go?"

Jazz grimaced and gestured back outside with her thumb.

"Well, they're back, but we'd better get going. I don't think that Batman was very happy to see them."

Outside, Maddie and Jack were tied securely back to back with rope. Maddie was somewhat bruised — she'd clearly put up a fight. Maddie was fuming, and Jack looked put out and sad. "I can't believe some vigilante stopped us from doing good, honest science!" Maddie spluttered.

"Maybe you should try the official channels next time?" Danny asked.

Tim watched the small box where it had fallen. After Batman had left, he crept out of the bushes and looked it over. It had two dials and a large screen that encompassed most of the bulky device.

"Fenton Tomb Radar" was written across the top. Across the middle, the screen seemed to represent a graph. The x-axis was measured in seconds. The y-axis… Ektos/Liter.


Tim made himself, and the tomb radar, scarce.