Date: 10/30/2018

Summary: The trio are adults, around the age of 21-22. Our girl Charlotte, is the Queen of repressed feelings and Henry's hopelessly in love with her but thinks she doesn't want him as more than a friend. An undercover mission that forces them into close quarters and a little bit of alcohol pushes things into motion. Poor Jasper is probably somewhere out there sighing a huge sigh of relief, imagine being in the middle of all that sexual tension and stubbornness.

Charlotte's made a mistake. Like a really, really fucking huge, friendship-ending mistake. She'd broken the most basic of best friend rules. But… she's only human and it's Henry. Her best friend since the third grade, when she'd joined Henry and Jasper's duo, effectively turning their group into a trio.

And… and maybe, just maybe, she's fantasized about him once or twice (maybe thrice) but she's never ever let any sort of feelings develop beyond a sense of close friendship, never wanted to jeopardize her friendship with him like that.

It's been 13 years since she's met them and they've gotten involved in a shit-ton of misadventures (thanks to Henry's side-gig as a hero) that have cemented their odd friendship and there are very few other people that she cares about outside the two of them. She'd fight tooth and nail to keep their friendship dynamic sound and unaltered.

But… she's pretty sure that sleeping with Henry fucking Hart because she's drunk and hasn't had a good lay in months will ruin it.

OK, maybe she isn't that drunk (she doesn't want to cheapen what happened between them no matter how much she regrets it) but she definitely doesn't have an excuse for what she's done.

Charlotte's known for her level-headedness for fuck's sake. She doesn't make stupid mistakes like this.

So, why, exactly had she found herself in her hotel room letting Henry press her against the door he's closed behind them and kiss her neck in achingly slow nips and caresses as his hand moved daringly up her bare leg which has somehow, someway found itself around Henry's waist.

This is so, so stupid and very un-Charlotte like. She should have never have agreed to be his date to this fancy party, even if he needed one to be a plausible guest in this undercover mission.

And, shit, Ray's expecting them to call soon with an update an-

He sucks on her pulse gently, rendering her thoughts null and void, then presses his fingers against her panties and upon seeing how wet she is, fucking groans.

"Fuck, Char. You're so-"

His deep, husky voice filled with such desire (for her!) sends a sharp, swooping feeling down her belly and she cuts him off by pulling him up by his thick brown-blond hair and pressing her lips against his soft ones.

He sighs into her lips and flicks his fingers just so against her bundle of nerves and she practically keens against him, arching her back. It's kind of embarrassing at how close she is but at this point in time, she really doesn't give a damn and she attempts to push her hips back against his hand.

Attempt because the irritating bastard has pulled his hand away.

"Henry!", she practically whimpers. "Don't stop". The needy tone of her voice is as close as she'll get to begging because Charlotte Bolton does not beg.

He has the nerve to laugh gently at her as he nips his way up her neck. "Patience, Char. I'm taking you to bed."

His breath blows gently at her jaw as he says this and she sighs as he wraps her other leg around his waist and lifts her easily, making his way to the queen sized bed on the other side of the room. There's something very sexy about a man who can lift you like you weigh nothing (even if he does have super-strength. In fact that may make it sexier since she doesn't need to worry about being too heavy like she does with other boys).

She rolls her hips against his hardness and he mutters, "fuck!", before placing her gently on the bed, pressing her against it, his weight settling nicely on her.

"Char", he moans against her lips, his hands taking gentle care to not entangle her wild curls too thoroughly (Later, if she could say when exactly she realized she was in love with Henry, it would be in this moment when she realizes he remembers that she hates untangling her curly hair after sex because a partner was rough with it, just because she's complained about it in front of Jasper and him).

Charlotte bucks her hips against his again, eliciting another deep groan and he breaks apart to look down at her with dilated amber eyes and red, kiss-swollen lips.

"Charlotte, please, please tell me if you wanna stop, because I won't be able to soon", he says in a carefully controlled voice.

She pauses for a moment. This would be the best point to stop, to try and salvage what was left of their friendship. This could all stop, if she wanted it to.

Looking up at him, she sees him school his face into an expressionless mask as he awaits her answer and makes her decision.

She presses her hips against his hardness in a sharp, rolling motion that makes his head fall back and a groan erupt from his throat. "Don't you dare stop, Hart."

He recovers and shoots her a bright grin, one that has charmed many a girl (and boy)- and tugs her panties down her hips.

She's pretty sure that stupid grin doesn't leave his face the rest of the night, especially when she throws her head back gasping his name as she explodes (not just once but three times)

And that's how she's made her stupid mistake.

She wakes up the next morning, entangled in bedsheets and deliciously sore. However, the other side of the bed is empty and Henry isn't anywhere in sight.

With a sinking feeling in her stomach, she sits up and just as she is about to start looking for her clothing (was that her bra on the window sill?) the door bursts open and Henry walks in with that ridiculously happy grin and a cart full of food.

She blinks in astonishment, he's brought breakfast. "Um, thanks. Can you-" she makes a shooing gesture with one hand, the other is holding the bedsheet tightly against her bare breasts.

"I need to get dressed."

He smirks mischievously at her. "Why?"

She stares blankly at him, her pretty dark brown skin tinged red. "What- I can't eat naked, Henry!"

He actually has the nerve to pout alluringly at her. "I don't see why you can't."

"Henry!", she exclaims and he laughs before pulling off the blue shirt he has on and tosses it to her.

She's sighs, he's now in nothing but his boxers and really it's better than wearing nothing. Besides his shirts and sweaters (she's borrowed a ton from both him and Jasper) were always huge on her, always reaching the middle of her thighs. In a way she'd be more covered than him.

Henry moves the breakfast cart by the bed and sits beside her. He moves the coffee to her (she takes a sip, just the ways she likes it) and keeps the cup of orange juice for himself.

Despite everything, they eat breakfast in companionable silence, enjoying the sun illuminating her room from the large window.

When she takes a final sip of her coffee, she decides enough is enough and takes a deep breathe.

"Hen, we shouldn't have- well, we did and it's not like I didn't want to because I clearly did! But we're friends, good friends and I don't want to ruin that, you know? I mean it felt amazing but- I mean… We probably shouldn't do-"

"Charlotte," he cuts off her rambling firmly but gently and tilts her head up towards him.

"We will always be best friends, alright? Nothing will ever change that. This-", he gestures between them. "- may or may not be a one time thing. I'm leaving that up to you, it'll be entirely under your control. I'll be honest-", here Henry looks down bashfully, his hair (long overdue for a haircut) falling into his eyes. "I've wanted this for a long, long time, Char."

She gasps in surprise, not at all expecting such a confession, and Henry seems to take it the wrong way because he winces before quickly looking up at earnestly, "But, Charlotte, I will never force you into something you're not ready for or don't want. You're my best friend no matter what. And I understand that you may not want anything more than-"

Charlotte cuts him of by grabbing his face and kissing him senseless and he responds back eagerly, his large hands gripping her waist as she straddles him on the bed.

He pulls away to look at her adoringly. "Fuck, I love you Char."

She sighs happily and kisses him again before returning those three words right back.

This was the best fucking mistake she's ever made.

Note: In my stories, Henry has flight, super-strength, and hyper-mobility. Captain Man has all of that and Indestructibility.

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