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XXIV. Epilogue: Home

Brock's heart threatened to beat out of his chest. He could swear it beats his ribs from the inside with how fast it's beating. He estimates his heart is beating around 130 beats per minutes. And being the doctor he is, he knows very well this is not a healthy heart rate.

Right now, Lucy is in front of him, sitting on the hospital bed, and she is getting ready to take her shirt off. She blushed hard when Brock managed to say it to her so he could check her heart rate. It's not the first time he is doing this, but usually, the ill people who show up in his office are elderly. Having this exotic girl right in front of him, knowing she has a thing for him, it is very hard to control.

„You can keep your bra on," Brock added out of nowhere.

„I don't wear one." Blushing Lucy said.

Are you kidding me?!" Brock's ears released large steam as his face turned even redder. What the fuck should he do now?!

„W-well. I guess... you will have to be bare." Brock gulped loudly before he said the only solution to the situation.

In one swift movement, Lucy pulled her shirt over her head, and she revealed her firm chest to Brock. It happened so fast, that Brock dozed off when he saw her breast right in front of his face. They are just enough to be cupped in hands with perky pink nipples. Arceus she is perfect all around. Lucy suddenly covered her breast, which brought Brock back to reality.

And he immediately panicked. „I am sorry! I- I didn't mean to stare! It's just... You stripped really fast that I... I am sorry." Brock frantically waved his hands in front of him.

Lucy, however, was very pleased with the reaction. Exactly the reason why she went braless today. Well, he seems to like them, so that's a step in a good direction. Though he didn't do anything like him when she entered his office. No confession, no crazy flower giving just a polite greeting.

„It's alright." said blushing Lucy. She did some rather bold photoshoots for charity so she isn't really embarrassed about her body. But if her crush looks at her like this, it does bring some more blood to her cheeks.

The next few minutes were very awkward. Brock was afraid to even touch her, which for a doctor, is kinda problematic. With trembling hands, he put the stethoscope slightly above her left breast and checked her heart rate. The fact she was more beautiful naked caused his pants to tighten. She even moaned when the steel cold stethoscope touched her skin. Rather erotically. Brock shut his eyes, trying to somehow calm down. „Don't get an erection. Don't get an erection. It's an old lady with saggy tits in front of you. An old wrinkled lady that needs your help. It's not a beautiful pale-skinned beauty with red eyes and perfectly round breast. And a flat stomach... COME ON! BRAIN, I NEED YOU TAKE THE CONTROL FROM THAT DICK IN MY PANTS! LITERALLY! Think about an old lady. Old lady... Old lady... Old lady..."

And it didn't work. Brain refused to function. Knowing that she can take notice of this, he quickly checked her breathing with a stethoscope and ordered her to put a shirt back on. He only hoped she didn't notice the slight bulge in his pants. He nearly forgot to really check her heart rate, as he was focusing to not get more aroused by the situation.

„That was... very fast," Lucy said, still sitting on the hospital bed with her top off. Brock was now looking away from her.

„Well, you seem healthy to me. And your heart rate and breathing confirm it. There was no need to prolong this." Brock found some quick reasoning. His voice thankfully lacked any stuttering, so he came out like he was unfazed by her naked figure. Well, to a certain extent since he dozed off when she took her shirt off.

It bugged Brock. When they acted like this was perfectly normal. He already checked the Seviper, and he was fine. Now Lucy, and they still acted like they don't know each other. And since he already checked her, she will leave soon. If he wants to act, he has to do it now.

„Lucy, why did you come here?" Brock asked when he sat back to his chair to write a record. Thanks to his studies, he can control his emotions very well, so the question came off as a curious doctor asked why would someone go so far for this check up. Even though Brock's intention behind the question are very different.

Lucy pulled her shirt back on and sighed. „I am afraid the truth may scare you," she said.

Brock had to chuckle. „That's the first time patient tells this to me and not the other way around." Brock put the new Lucy papers in her file and looked at her. And seeing that she had a dead serious face he asked. „I would prefer if I would have known the truth."

„I wanted to see you."

Oh, Arceus. It's happening. IT'S HAPPENING! CALM DOWN, BROCK! CALM DOWN!" Brock's thoughts raged.

„Oh. I am glad to see you too, Lucy." Brock said, and for the first time, he dropped his formal doctor tone, showing his emotions. Okay, he is nearly there. Just don't fuck it up. It all points to the fact Delia was right. Just don't do anything stupid.

„You were on my mind for a very long time," Lucy said as she walked to Brock's table, sitting across the table from him, crossing her legs. And Brock had a hard time to not look at Lucy's chest where 2 small pointy nubs showed through the shirt. He should have put the heating on. This is not helping at all.

„Oh. Is that so?" asked Brock, now the nervousness was clearly showing. What the fuck is he doing? She is basically telling him to finally go for it! „You have a green light! For what am I waiting for?!" Brock's brain got into turmoil. This is the first time a girl is showing an interest in him, so why did he froze?!

„I didn't know why, in the beginning. But I know now." Lucy again confessed. Lucy herself wanted Brock to finally do his usual thing. It's kinda silly, but even when he would drop on his knees and proposed right here and right now, she would say yes without hesitation. It would be very funny to see Brock's reaction to that. Why it is so hard to force that confession out of him?! Wait... does he... does he have someone already? Is she too late?

Come on Brock! She is basically saying she is into you! You have the tickets right inside your pocket! Ask her out. It isn't that hard. You did this thousands of times expecting the rejection. Breathe in an go for it." Brock's mind panicked. And then he finally breathed in and let it out.

„O-oh. Alright. Okay. Hmm... well. Do you want to go somewhere to talk about it? I have these two tickets for Sensesational Sisters performance and I have one spare ticket. Do you want to go?" Brock finally managed to stutter out.

Asking a patient out is a big nono for doctors. But hey, she isn't technically his patient yet. This is her first check up here after all. If he changes dates in her records, the problem is gone.

Lucy's lips formed a big relieved smile on her face. She began worrying that her hints weren't really clear. She hoped that when Brock always asks girls out, he can take a hint. And it seemed like he indeed did. Though she still doesn't know if he is single. But she can ask that later, she doesn't want to be too on the nose here.

„Gladly! I always wanted to see them! They are labeled as one of the best swimmers in the Kanto region!" Lucy excitedly replied. And at that time, both of their hearts dropped this boulder from them.

A calm evening loomed over the Mount Coronet. Both Ash and Richard got here a while ago. Not much happened since they got here. Ash let his Gardevoir and Lucario teleport to Mewtwo's room at the hospital to keep an eye on him so he wouldn't be alone when if he wakes up. Even though he doubts it. It will take some time for Mewtwo to wake up from such a battle.

Right now, many of Ash's Pokemon are already sleeping in their rooms. And Ash is still up with his father, at a campfire, eating a salad. Quietly. Ash wondered about what person his father is. The black haired Aura Guardian told his father his whole story on the cemetery. But his father didn't utter a word. He just listened, with a saddened expression on his face. He knows that he feels regret thanks to Ash's aura powers. But regret of what? That is a mystery to him.

„Dad, did I do something wrong when I brought you back?" the question that was on Ash's mind for a while was finally voiced.

Richard lifted his head from the food. „No, Ash. No. I am very glad that I get to see you and Delia again. It's just. I now realize what I missed when I went to Pokemon Rangers. Missed you growing up into such a spectacular man that I couldn't be more proud of. Knowing that I let the burden of being a parent only on Delia I feel bad because of that. I always thought that I was doing the right thing when I tried to help people by being a ranger. Now, I am not so sure." Richard told Ash.

Yeah, Ash knows very well what Richard is talking about. The decision to help other people at the expense of hurting your loved ones. Seems like that theme is in their family.

„I know what you are talking about." Ash quietly said looking at the burning campfire before them.

„So. I heard your incredible tale, now tell me what you want to hear from me." Richard lifted his head from the salad and smiled slightly on Ash.

So many questions he has. What it was like to grow in the Kingdom of Rota. Why was he Champion only for a few weeks? Why hasn't he trained to be an Aura Guardian? Why did he leave them? What it feels like to be dead? Is there something after death? And many many more. But there is this one that bothers him from the time he started his journey and he decided to start with that.

„What does being a Pokemon Master mean?"

Everybody wants to be one, yet, no one knows how to acquire that title. No championship, no tournament ever gave that title away. And it was his dad who told him he will one day become one. So what does it take to become one?

„I don't know." Richard replied in a quiet cave where the only other sounds are the burning of dry wood.


„Ash, being a Pokemon Master isn't something you acquire with one win. Or maybe you can. There wasn't a Pokemon Master before, so it's hard to tell. It's a title that hangs in the air and waits to be given to someone. You can't decide that you will be a Pokemon Master by winning some tournament. The people around you will decide who will become one. It's the hardest title to acquire, because of every man's view on the title differs. And to me, it's someone who lives in both worlds and understands the world of Pokemon better than our world. I personally think that Pokemon Master is someone who will become one with Pokemon, and can understand them all on the emotional level others can't even comprehend." Richard explained.

„And you think I will become one?" Ash asked and Richard chuckled.

„The one and only. I am sure of that. I can sense it in my veins. You are very close. You, my son, will be the very best like no one ever was." Richard said with a big smile on his face.

A pregnant silence followed and the two were again quietly eating their food opposite of each other at the campfire. Richard waited for Ash to mention her, but he didn't really talk about her much. And he didn't know how she is doing right now, so when he couldn't take it anymore, he asked.

„Ash, how's mom?"

To Richard's displeasure, Ash sighed sadly. „To be honest? I think last month was the worst time of her life. I was the only one she had left when you died. Then I was proclaimed dead. And then even Cynthia. And from what I know, Cynthia was like an adoptive daughter to mom. I only hope she will forgive us when we will get back. I want to be home as soon as possible." Ash's voice dropped low talking about his mother.

And Richard could only agree. He wants to get back to his wife as soon as possible. Especially when he knows what Aura Guardian's wives go through when their loved one dies.

3 months later


Christmas came and Delia was decorating her house for the occasion. She just hanged a misleltoe on the chandelier in the kitchen. The weather outside was calm, not snowing, but there was a large layer of snow already. The Oaks, Cynthia, and Brock are coming for dinner and to spend time with her. She is very glad that they are coming. They are like a family she lost. Although they feel like a family, the void created by Ash's passing and Richard's passing was never filled.

At least others are happy. Daisy, Gary, and professor have everything they need, that being their laboratory and a ton of Pokemon to research. Tracey is of course always happy to sketch a few Pokemon and examine their behavior, so the life at the lab is a pretty joyous one.

Cynthia... Aw, how happy she was when it was reported she is back. She threw a party for her and invited Cynthia's friends and even Carolina. And even when everyone wanted to get something about the Aura Guardian from her, she was quiet, saying it's a surprise.

The Ice Queen of Sinnoh began acting a little weird since the time she got back. There were times when she was perfectly normal. And then there were the other times where she was just out of her ordinary behavior. Red in cheeks, blushing constantly, rubbing her legs together and more. When this time came, she usually stayed home, not bothering to visit Delia at all.

Delia eventually found out why Cynthia acted like this. When she reached for sugar on the top shelf in a kitchen, as they were baking a chocolate cake, she noticed a mark on her abdomen. Very familiar dark blue mark. Piecing it together with the fact she spent time with an Aura Guardian and she knew that the blonde champion fell in love.

She already knows perfectly how he looks like from the interrogation that took place after she found out. And she had to laugh at the fact that he separated with her for so long, and left her with just a kiss. She knows very well how frustrating it was when Richard was elsewhere. And knowing she got just a taste of what the love life with an Aura Guardian involves, the sexual frustration must be off the charts for Cynthia. She is sure that as soon as her lover shows up, she will ride him there and there and nothing will stop her. She just hopes he shows up to her in private, she doesn't need to see that. If Cynthia has a similar drive as Delia had for Richard, then it can get very... wild.

Then there were the last guests, Brock, and his new fiance, Lucy. Yeah, fiance. Not even a week after the time Lucy visited Brock at the doctor's office and Brock was already on his knees with a bouquet of flowers and a ring in his hands. It didn't surprise Delia, Brock was... Brock. She wouldn't be surprised if Lucy already carried his baby. When it comes to love, Brock works faster than lightning.

However, Brock and Lucy will stay only for a moment. They are expected in their home for a big family dinner with Lucy's sister joining in. She is very glad that everything is working out for the young doctor. Delia was slightly worried for Lucy, fearing Lucy doesn't know what she gets herself into when dating with Brock. Judging by the fact she said yes to his early proposal, it pointed to the fact she is more than ready to accept Brock's over the top affection and a very fast pace in their romantic relationship. Lucky for Brock.

Cynthia and her Aura Guardian. Lucy and Brock. Having so many love couples around, she wonders what it would be like to have Richard here. Or at elast Ash.

And I think about them again... It really is a curse." Delia sighed as she hanged a mistletoe under the chandelier in the living room. She lightly rubbed her side of the abdomen. The side where her faded mark is.

She looked into the corner of the living room where Mimey was decorating the Christmas tree with a big smile on his face. She smiled. At least she has him here.

It was very early in the morning, she woke up not even twenty minutes ago as it was still dark outside and most people were already sleeping. The widow still felt a little sleepy. So imagine her shock when she spotted two men under her kitchen window, looking at the tombstones of Ash and Richard. There was a Pokemon beside them. She guessed it was Charizard, but she is never sure with Pokemon. Seeing them through the passage into the kitchen, she climbed off the small ladder and went into the kitchen. However, before she could reach the kitchen, the two men slammed their hands into the tombstones, sending the stones flying, and some even hitting the window. They destroyed the tombstones. Her eyes widened as she gasped.

Furious at those disrespectful people, she stormed outside of her house and went to the back of her house to give those guys a beating they deserve. She didn't even care that she wore her usual pink shirt and blue skirt and that it will be freezing out there. Storming from her doors, she was behind her house in a second. And as soon as she saw them she immediately began screaming.

„WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU ARE DOING?! HOW DARE YOU?! DO YOU UNDERSTAND WHOSE THOSE TOMBSTONES WERE?!" she walked up to them with fury in her voice and steps.

Charizard's tail lightens the two men in front of her, standing in snow, and slowly turning around. Both men wore dark green cloaks. Suddenly from one of the cloaks, Pikachu popped out with a big smile on his face. The Pikachu immediately jumped at Delia's shoulder and nuzzled her cheeks with a cute ‚chaaaaaa'. Delia looked at the Pikachu.

„W-what?!" she exhaled not knowing what to make of this. He was friendly despite the fact she was clearly angry at the two figures. Then her attention shifted toward the two figures staying in the snow, with destroyed tombstones behind them.

„You will catch a cold, darling." The first man said in a voice she nearly forgot after so many years. He slowly approached the frozen Delia, took off his cloak, and wrapped it around Delia.

Messy black hair. Tanned skin. Brown eyes. And a voice that always sent butterflies to her stomach. „No..." she weakly said.

Then she spotted the other man taking his hood off. Revealing long black hair, black beard, and blue eyes. „We are home, mom." The other man said weakly.

„Not again..." Delia weakly managed to say. For Ash and Richard, it looked like she is about to break at any moment. This is not how they imagined their reunion. It feels... foreign.

Delia then began sobbing. Richard who put his cloak around her, hugged her tightly, not knowing what is happening right now. He hoped for the response „I am so glad to see you." Or „You are alive!", not the „Not again" response. Delia began crying uncontrollably on Richard's chest as Ash walked to his mother and father. Both men did not know what was going in Delia's head. Even Ash's Aura senses were confused. A plethora of emotions such as appreciation, happiness, sadness, and helplessness are present. You shouldn't be happy and sad at the same time, but both emotions were felt strongly and equally.

„Arceus please, don't do this to me again." Delia desperately spoke, with tears in her eyes, heartbroken.

„Please... I don't even remember how my own son looks like now." Delia sobbed into Richard's cloak, soaking it with her tears, dripping his cloak tightly, with a grip as he could disappear in any moment.

Ash sadly watched as his father petted Delia's head trying to soothe Delia, as he kept repeating they are back. That it's them. And that they are not going anywhere. Only thing Ash could do, was put his hand on Delia's shoulder, the only place which wasn't embraced by his father's bear hug.

„Not again. Arceus, I beg of you, don't take them away again. Please, let this dream last. Let me dream of them forever. Please..." Delia's legs could no longer support her, and she dragged Richard onto the snow, both kneeling in the snow, as Richard sadly watched his wife cry her heart out. Even Pikachu on Delia's shoulder tried to wipe her tears away, but even when he tried, more and more of them came.

Ash's head fell low and his eyes closed when he realized why this is all happening. How many times did she dream about them, only to wake up alone at home, knowing they were both gone?

Both Richard and Ash released a few tears themselves. Just how much she suffered?

„Delia, we are real. Do you feel this hug? It's a real hug, we are back. We returned home. To you." Richard rubbed his hands against Delia's back, trying to reassure her this is very real. But the response was a small scream between her sobs.

„That's what you always say." Delia mumbled. „Please. Please. Please, not again. I don't want to wake up without them in your world Arceus, have mercy and let me be with them forever. I will do anything." Delia's sobbing and tears were still flowing. Ash and Richard thought that there can't be more water in her body, but somehow, more tears flowed.

Richard and Ash both were at loss on what do do. They both were crying themselves and sadly looked at each other. What can they do? Nothing they will say will make Delia believe this is real. Even when she can feel Richard embracing her, and as she is holding him tightly as he should disperse in any second. So they waited. They let Delia mumble, begging Arceus to let her dream of this moment forever. The torture of watching his mom cry was far worse than being locked with Domino in that godforsaken room. They had to watch until Delia's weak state reached its peak and she fell asleep in Richard's arms.

Ash gave his mom a kiss on her forehead and Richard began carrying her back into the house.

„We are back mom. Hopefully, when you wake up, you will believe us." Ash said and the two men slowly made their way into the house, hoping that the next time Delia sees them, the outcome will be different.

Richard looked around the room, looking for changes. Yet, everything looked the same. The whole house in fact. Even the photos of them were placed on the same spots. He grabbed the photo of him, Delia and Ash on the dresser. There wasn't a sign of dust on them, but he could swear this photo was lying on the dresser for more than 10 years on the same spot.

The corners of his mouth went slightly upwards when he looked at the photo. How happy they were when he was in Pallet Town. He should have stayed. He wanted to stay. But, there was this need to help others inside of him. He knew that's because of the lineage he has. Even though he left the order, in his heart he knew that he had to continue to help others in another form. It's not the first time this is happening. Being torn between your own family and protecting the families of others. Knowing you have the power to preserve what you have with your own family, was what pushed him towards the Pokemon Rangers.

He now knows, being a fighter for justice isn't for him. He did his part, and nobody can say he didn't. He gave his life in that profession.

Richard put the photo of them back and looked at the wardrobe behind him. Since everything is still in place, he has a bad feeling that he will find the wardrobe in the same state. He opened the wardrobe and looked through Delia's clothes. And eventually, after a few dresses on coat hangers were pushed aside, he found his own.

His own old tuxedo. The only tuxedo he ever owned. Yeah, he was not the most fashionable person and didn't like them very much either. How old is that black suit and trousers even? He got married in this thing! Fifteen? Sixteen years? Yet, even when it is so old, the suit looks great. He pulled it out and looked at it carefully. Clean. Again. It was like he never left this world. „Delia, why did you keep all of it when it hurts you so much?"

He turned towards the bed where Delia was lying. He cursed himself for doing so much harm to her. He should never have fallen in love with her, to begin with. After all, he ran away from the kingdom so he wouldn't have to live with a broken heart like his brothers. He shook his head. That's in the past now. Now, he has to make things right.

Richard let Delia sleep and he moved to Ash's room. It was right next to them, so when he gently closed the door, he was right next to Ash's room.

And Ash let the door opened. He walked in, and as with their bedroom, everything was cleaned up. Ash himself was lying on his bed with hands behind his head looking at the ceiling. The bed is very small for the man like him, his legs hanging out from the ends. Not a boy, a man, Richhrd corrected himself. After the stories he heard, there was no way he was still a boy. He may be just sixteen, but he was forced to grow into a man much earlier than even that.

„She cleaned your room too, didn't she?"

„Yeah. Clothes, new sheets, cleaned trophies, all of it is here, prepared for me like I should come back tomorrow." Ash sadly sad looking at the ceiling.

„Her mind probably couldn't process we were gone completely. She never had any hobbies or goals other than having a baby, be a mother and have a husband. A silly goal for some, but for an orphan, it is the only thing that matters. Having a big family where everyone can laugh and be happy. Destroying that dream is one of the many regrets I have. She deserves better." Richard walked to the shelves in the room, looking at the trophies of Ash in his room. So many memorable moments are held inside those. And he missed them all...

„What do you mean by destroying that dream?" Ash asked as he raised up with a raised eyebrow.

„Ash, mom can't have more children. When she was young, your mom was very slim and she has very small hips. That resulted in very troublesome childbirth, that nearly killed not only you but her too. Her dream of a big family was shattered that day, and it is because of me." Richard walked to Ash's bed, with a saddened face.

So he nearly killed his own mom. Great. He just has to make her suffer, didn't he? „So that's why I never had a sibling..." Ash mumbled quietly. It made sense now. Everyone always in Pallet Town was surprised that Delia had only one child, despite the fact that everyone knew that she dreamed of having a couple more.

„Yes. I am sorry, Ash." Richard said and sat beside Ash.

„Well, you said mom always wanted children. So it would probably happen regardless. It's not your fault." Ash said.

„She wanted kids, but she didn't expect them to be with an Aura Guardian."

„There's a difference?"

„A big one. Ash, you have to understand you are not completely human. Simply put, Aura infused reproduction systems work differently. Instead of 9-month long pregnancy, your mom was pregnant for 11 months. It takes time to make a human being like Psychics and Aura Guardians. And it takes a lot of effort and pain to bring an Aura Guardian to this world, especially when you have a small build that mom has. Add it all together and you have a recipe for disaster." Richard spoke quietly.

Ash could only look down sadly. Gosh, his mom didn't have it easy. And he didn't help her in that regard at all. When Gary bullied him and when he saw him and Daisy happy together as brother and sister, he asked several times if he can have a brother or sister too. He didn't understand why it made her sad, but now, he finally does.

„She always wanted to give you a sibling. It pained her so much, seeing everyone around with siblings, and you all alone. I even asked her if she wouldn't want to adopt someone, but she feared that she wouldn't love the other child as she would have loved her own. This should help you understand why she was always worried about us and is overprotective. We were the only thing that was left from her dream of having big family dinners at holidays."

Ash took a deep breath, looked at his father and said. „Well, it's Christmas. Let's do our utmost best to give her a big family dinner."

Richard's lips formed a faint smile. „Yeah."

Then silence filled the room. Ash scanned the room more with his eyes. And it brought a small smile to his face. „It's great to be home." He quietly spoke.

„Couldn't agree more. The cave was pretty boring." Richard said.

„Finally a nice bed. I can't wait to sleep in my own bed again." Ash gently squeezed the mattress on which he and Richard were sitting. Damn, such softness.

„Isn't it too small for you? And I thought you would crash at Cynthia's place," Richard said. There wasn't even some ulterior motive behind it. Or... maybe there was. But that is beside a point. Watching Ash squirming in his sleep from nightmares was another painful memory and regret he had. If he had stopped Giovanni before, none of this would have happened. He should have stopped him.

„Are you crazy?! After what you said to me about Aura Guardians and this mark, I can not be left alone with her in the same room. And especially not in bed!" Ash exclaimed.

„Hey, it's your own fault. You teased her so much and then left her hanging for three months. What did you think was going to happen?" Richard asked in a teasing tone.

„I don't know! Maybe something along the lines that she will wait for me kind of like wives of soldiers waits for their husbands from war and a normal welcome back. Not the fact she rapes me as soon as she sees me!" Ash yelled out.

„Rape is such an ugly word to describe what she would have done... I guess I have to teach you a thing or two about this kind of stuff." Richard sighed. He was thirteen when he left for his mission so it's understandable he doesn't know much about sex and stuff that comes with it. Seems like they will have to have the talk. And it will have to be very soon, especially when his girlfriend will be literally hunting his cock as soon as her eyes catch him.

Richard quickly shook his head. Better not think about it too much now.

„Yeah, that would be actually welcomed." Ash sighed.

You have a visitor, Ash." A voice from the doorstep said. Pikachu appeared there with Mr. Mime who was smiling ever since they came here.

„Me? Nobody should know we are here!" surprised Ash raised from the bed and went to Pikachu at the doorstep. Richard joined Ash and the two were now in front of the yellow rodent.

I don't think she knows. I guess your blonde mate heads this way to help your mom with decorations for Christmas. She has a box full of Christmas lights with her." Pikachu announced with a smirk and as soon as he finished his sentence. A doorbell rang.

Ash gulped loudly. „Is there any chance we can go back to the Haven?" blue-eyed trainer with a horror in his voice, to which Richard chuckled.

„Come on. I can't wait to meet her. You said she is a real beauty and intelligent girl so I am intrigued. And I am sure you too want to meet her again." Richard smiled. Though he didn't blame Ash. Both of them know that women can be very, VERY scary.

„I do, but I am scared. You said she will be more ferocious. And I am not ready for that. She was always bashful around me, and so... teasable. Now? What do I do? Run when she gets too... excited?" Ash paused at the last word. Gosh dammit, this mark destroys his whole control over this relationship. What can he do against Cynthia if what his dad told him is true? Maybe tie her up? That worked before, so maybe she would calm down when he would do that... Sounds reasonable. Worst case scenario, he will run. Yeah, he has plan A and B if plan A would go south. Control restored.

„My advice is to succumb to it. Trust me it is much easier that way. We tried to resist when the mark appeared, but it didn't last long. It's pretty pointless if you ask me." Richard put a hand on Ash's shoulder.

„You are not helping dad." Ash sighed. Then a doorbell rang again. Ash turned back towards the doorstep to his room, only to find Pikachu there. Without Mr. Mime.

„Where is Mimey?" And as to answer his question, his slightly enhanced hearing heard the door opened downstairs.

This is gonna be good..." Pikachu thought with a twisted scowl and curled lip.

Pikachu jumped onto Richard's shoulder, and Richard had to push his scared son out of the doorway. He himself kinda looked forward to this. Richard, like Ash, is a very curious man. And seeing that he gave Cynthia only a taste of love when they last saw, this should be very interesting. Of course, he knew how... passionate his own wife could be when he came to visit home in his breaks from his job with Pokemon Rangers. Every month he came. And boy did it get wild then. He can only imagine what Cynthia will do after 3 months. He didn't even see any records of this when he was learning about these things in Rota.

„Dad, you will pull her off me if things go downhill, right?" Ash reluctantly went with his dad to the stairs that lead downstairs, to the kitchen and living room

To Ash's horror, Richard only released a weird and uncertain chuckle. As soon as Ash heard the chuckle, he immediately tried to get back into his room. But it was too late. Ash was already at the staircase downstairs, and Cynthia already caught a glimpse of him. „Let's hope dad exaggerated this phenomenon a little bit." Ash thought.

Today, Cynthia wore her former Champion attire. Winter came, so warmer clothes were needed, and her black coat with black fur around her neck is just an outfit she needs. The only difference in her attire is a red and white Christmas hat on her head.

And as soon as she saw Ash standing there, the box with Christmas lights was dropped to the floor.

„Hi, Cynthia." Ash said with a weird chuckle.

Before Ash could say anything else Cynthia was already upstairs and tackled him to the wooden floor, near the staircase. Lying on top of him, she didn't waste any time, she grabbed the sides of his head with her palms and pressed her lips on his.

Ash could swear he didn't even see Cynthia ran upstairs. She appeared in front of him. And before he knew it, his mouth was invaded by Cynthia's tongue, surprising him even more. „Where is that bashful girl from before?!" Ash yelled inwardly.

Ash tried to gently pull her off him, but she was holding his head with a firm grip, and her lips refused to part. There was this part of him that very much enjoyed this, but his brain kept telling him to cut this off before even he loses control.

Cynthia eventually pulled back slightly, just so their noses touched. „Finally. Gosh, you have no idea how I missed you." She said in a sultry tone he didn't hear her say before. She pecked his lips and leaned towards his ear and whispered. „You have no idea what I am intending to do to you for the stunt you pulled on me." And the seductiveness in her voice raised to new lengths when she sweetly whispered this into his ear.

Cynthia pulled back, sat on Ash's lap and began unbuttoning her black coat, with a coy smile, licking her pink lips.

For a second, Ash came back to his senses when he heard Pikachu's unintentional laugh from behind them.

„WAIT! My father and Pikachu are here!" Ash quickly reasoned and tried to stop Cynthia from undressing right in front of them.

Cynthia lifted her head slightly and looked at Richard. „Ou. Mr. Ketchum. Nice to see you. Soo... Do you want to watch how I will make a man out of your son, Mr. Ketchum? I don't mind, but please, don't interrupt us. I waited far too long for this."

Ash's eyes widened to the extent that they barely stayed in his head. „CYNTHIA!" He yelled out. This is bad. Very bad. Wasn't she shy about being seen naked before?! WHAT THE HELL IS HAPPENING IN HER BRAIN?! Isn't there anything that can stop her? Cynthia knows his father was dead, and she didn't even pay attention to it! If not even a literal resurrection can stop her and ask questions instead of jumping at him, then what can?!

Lying on his back, Ash with Cynthia on his lap tilted his head slightly upwards so he could see his dad upside down. And to add horror to the situation, his dad was heading back to Delia's bedroom.


Richard again only chuckled. „I can, and I will. I am not stupid enough to stand between a woman in heat and her lustful desires for her man. Enjoy you two." And with that, Richard disappeared into Delia's room. „That was very fast. Faster than I thought, it would go." Richard thought as he shut the door behind. Hopefully, the two of them won't be too loud. He does NOT want to hear that.

„PIKACHU? BUDDY, A LITTLE HELP HERE?!" Ash desperately tried to find any help. Cynthia, on the other hand, had enough and threw her black coat away, leaving her in a white shirt and black trousers. She immediately went back to kissing Ash with unbridled passion.

Hmm... I wonder how humans mate. There sure are some differences. Seems like I am about to find that out." Pikachu put his paw under his chin, tapped his foot on the floor, deep in thought, not minding his trainer is at the mercy of one very lustful blonde.

As saliva was exchanged between the long-bearded Aura Guardian and the Kanto Champion, Ash tried to pull Cynthia off him. But his brain was not working as it should, and his cock between his legs was taking a wheel for thinking. He really will not hold out too long before he himself loses control. He feels his will getting weak and his manhood waking up, getting stronger. Why does he even kiss her back?! Why is it so hard to resist?!

Cynthia is pressing her entire body onto him making sure he feel every curve, and her gentle hands were sneakily undoing the knot that holds his cloak together around his neck. With the remaining brain cells that stayed in his head and did not travel between his legs, he shouted in his mind.

Mewtwo! Come to me and get Cynthia off me! No questions asked!" Ash tried to contact him.

Something was clouding his mind more and more. His right hand was on her hip and he couldn't bring himself to push her back. Thankfully, Mewtwo teleported just in time into the Ketchum household.

The clone Pokemon was awake at the Haven and waited for the right time to teleport everyone to the Ketchum's, and right after it, go to Professor Oak so Ash can get his license back and leave his Pokemon at the lab again. The last thing he expected was Ash to desperately yell to pull Cynthia off him.

With shrug of his shoulders, he teleported to Ash's location. Initially, he was surprised to see Ash pinned on the floor by Cynthia. After all, Ash is more than strong enough to push her off himself, so asking him to do it is rather strange. The fact they were kissing indicated that he should probably not interfere. Just to be sure, he read Cynthia's mind, to see if everything is alright.

Finally! Ash is all mine! I will not let him out of my grasp for even a second! That cock is MINE! MINE!"

Mewtwo's eyes widened and blinked a few times in quick succession. That... is not what he expected. Especially the crazy possessive nature in which she thought about this. And seeing Cynthia shredding Ash's dark green cloak and his black shirt, he already spotted her crazy thoughts projected into her behavior.

No questions asked

Yeah, now he sees why. Deciding to listen to Ash, he trapped Cynthia in Psychic, just as her hand was sneaking her way into Ash's trousers, and lifted her up.

Come on Mewtwo! I was on the verge of the greatest Pokemon discovery!" Pikachu yelled out at his friend. So the yellow rodent is here too. Why didn't he help, Mewtwo thought.

And what is that discovery?" Mewtwo cocked his eyebrow.

The way how humans mate!" Pikachu frowned, still mad at Mewtwo.

I believe they mate the same as Pokemon. Penis goe-„

Forget I said anything." Pikachu facepalmed.

Meanwhile, Cynthia got really mad. She eyed Mewtwo with an angry face and deadly aura could be felt all the way to Haven from her. Mewtwo caught wind of it and turned back to the blonde woman, who was now levitating above Ash, who was trying to recollect himself and his thoughts.

Ash blinked a few times. That was... intense. For a moment he even forgot he called Mewtwo here. „Thanks, Mewtwo." Ash slowly got up. The Aura Guardian looked at the Cynthia who was giving both him and Mewtwo a death glare.

How am I supposed to calm her down?! How am I supposed to calm MYSELF?!"

He found out from Richard that Aura Guardians tend to marry before they will jump to bed. It wasn't that surprising since the order of Aura Guardians is ancient and they tend to stick to traditions. And since his father doesn't want to be one, he is the only one who can restore the Aura Guardians with all the proper steps to take. But if this goes on, she will be riding him before he could even think of how it happened. Let alone propose to her and marry her.

So, what's the solution?

Ash got an answer from his father later on. It involved Cynthia tied up on his bed, and him... let's say massaging her body in the right parts. Apparently, this way he should calm her down at least for today. Thankfully for him, it wasn't that hard to bring Cynthia over the edge. That was thanks to another thing he found out from his father. The mark causes her body to be very responsive to his touch. Add to the fact Aura Guardian's spouses in heat tend to be more sensitive, he didn't even need to undress her. Few rubs over her panties coupled with passionate kiss did the trick.

He nearly lost control there. The sight of Cynthia tied up on his bed squirming was burnt into his brains, with her pleading to finally touch her. The only thing that was stopping him was Pikachu, who he could sense behind the door. For some reason, she seemed even more excited when he tied her up, which got him more excited too. And especially her ear-piercing scream when she was finished. He is sure his father had to hear this, if not their neighbors. Thankfully, Cynthia has some clothes here in the house, so she changed from her soaked underwear, and got back to Ash's side almost immediately.

So now, Cynthia is relatively normal. She shows her affection with a chaste kiss and clinging to his arm. And for Ash, this was more comfortable, so he gladly returned the affection.

Ash, Cynthia, Pikachu, and Mewtwo were outside, decorating the house with Christmas lights and Richard stayed in the bedroom with Delia. Seeing him immediately after she wakes up should make her believe that what happened behind the house, is indeed real. They came back.

Time moved slowly, but Richard was patient. He waited for this eleven years. Man, eleven years. That's a long, long time. Yet, those eleven years are not even present on his wife. He truly looks the same as when he died, but that was understandable. HOwever she should be different. There were some signs of maturity on her, but he could swear she looked the same as she did eleven years ago. Except for the signs of tears that were still present on her face.

After what felt like an eternity, Delia was finally moving. Richard, sitting on the bed beside her, didn't know what to say to her when she was slowly lifting her body from the bed. What can you say to this? So he did what he did before.

As soon as she sat down, Richard hugged her tightly, before Delia could even rub her eyes from tiredness.

„It's real Delia. The hug is real. We are back. I know it's a lot to take in, but please stay with me and I'll explain."

Delia's tired eyes widened when she heard that voice. And felt that hug. „Delia, don't believe it. Don't believe it. This is another dream. Don't get attached to this world, because you will wake up into the world without them again." But despite that, her heart couldn't refuse. Even if this is a dream, she missed this so much. The brain was telling her to let go, but her heart stayed in her dreamland. She tried to fight this dream off in the dream behind their house. But right now, she just didn't want to deny the dream, but embrace it.

„Richard..." she mumbled.

„Delia, I will explain," Richard told her hastily and pulled her away so they were face to face. Richard then began his long explanation on how this came to be. He didn't want to waste any time because if he did, he was afraid that Delia would again cry herself to sleep if he didn't explain quickly.

He started with the way he was brought back to life. And shortly after, he explained what Ash did, and why he is alive. And that he is decorating the house with Cynthia right now.

„Delia, it's real. All of this is reality. Please, believe me." Richard tried to reason with Delia.

Delia sat awestruck on her bed. This all isn't helping to convince her this isn't a dream. Arceus summoning Ash so he could deal with Team Rocket. Three-year training. Ash getting tortured. Ash getting his hand cut off. Basically kidnapping Cynthia. Falling in love. It all seemed so impossible.

But somehow, this felt different from her dreams. Richard or even Ash tried to reassure her they came back, but never to this extent. Or maybe it's her hope for things to go back as they were that caused her to start to believe this whole ridiculous story.

Suddenly, Richard kissed her. Briefly. Her eyes widened in surprise for a single moment. „Do you believe me now?" Richard asked, with a tone full of hope.

„I... I don't know anymore." Delia managed to say. It happened so many times already, she has trouble differentiate reality and a dream.

„Just come with me and you'll see." Richard stood from the bed, offered Delia's his hand. Delia hesitated, but in the end, she grabbed his hand and he leads her outside of the house.

The second reunion between Ash and Delia was quite awkward at first. Delia looked for any signs of her son in the man, but the only same feature she found were jet black hair. Not even his voice is the same. She heard how Aura Guardian bodies change, but this was a drastic change. Then there was his missing hand. When they stared at each other, Ash approached his mom and hugged her tightly. And just like his father, he tried to convince her that this is real. And when even Cynthia tried to convince her, she finally let go. Her boys are back. Hopefully. Though she still has a tone of questions.

The day went on, and the believability of the fact her boys are back was becoming more and more real with her.

And when the evening came, Delia knew, without a doubt, that her dream became a reality. She hugged both Ash and Richard as they were decorating a house out of nowhere. The two men smiled and hugged her back.

Ash received a tone of questions regarding him and Cynthia. After it, they gave themselves a break from decorating the house, and sat around the table, talking and sipping tea occasionally. Delia interrogated Ash and Cynthia and how exactly they got together.

Ash decided to tell his mom the truth. To say she was shocked when she found out Cynthia healed him in Pallet Town would be an understatement. Delia squealed several times during the story. Richard and Ash were really glad, that Delia was finally acting as they remembered her. An enthusiastic mother.

„So tell me you two, did you two had sex?" Delia asked out of nowhere. Both Ash and Cynthia spat out the tea that was in their mouth.

„MOM?! What is that question supposed to mean?!" Asked Ash, in a harsh tone. His voice got deep and kinda scary, but it didn't faze his mom. At all. Ash's mom still knows how to tickle his nerves. And blushing Cynthia, on the other hand, eyed Ash with a hungry look in her eye.

„I hope you didn't use protection." Delia continued, not fazed by Ash's outburst at all.

„Wha- WAIT! Did you say you hoped we did NOT use protection?! Aren't you supposed to hope we DID?" Ash asked with a raised eyebrow and a really confused face. Not that it mattered, since they didn't get that far, but still.

„I am not getting any younger, and I want ton of grandchildren." Delia shrugged her shoulders like it was the most obvious thing in the world.

Richard, sitting on a chair near Delia, laughed. „Like protection would help."

„Right, forgot about that." Delia chuckled.

„What do you mean?" Cynthia managed to tear her eyes of her beloved and pay attention to the table.

Richard sighed and looked at the blonde Champion. „I told Ash many times that Aura Guardian bodies are enhanced. Skin is harder to pierce. Muscles are more flexible and tougher. Bones are denser. Larger lung capacity, faster digestive system, quicker heartbeat, blood flow and more. Guess which system got enhanced the most by Aura when Aura is tightly connected to emotions, and primarily to love?" Asked Richard.

„Reproductive system." Ash quietly said.

„Smart boy. So let me clear this up for you so you won't be surprised if you two use protection and Cynthia will still get pregnant. You have to understand, that BOTH yours and Cynthia's reproductive systems got enhanced. Aura Guardian's sperm cells are enhanced greatly. They are faster, stronger, more durable and can survive for a very long time. Human sperm cells in womb last 5 days. Sperm cells of Aura Guardian's can last up to 40 days. Then there are the women with Curse Mark, who ovulate every week instead of the usual 28 days." Richard explained.

„But there are ways to prevent sperm from reaching the egg. And even ways to prevent the egg from being released from ovaries." Cynthia added.

„She really is a smart one." Richard smiled at Cynthia.

„There certainly are. But we have it tested. None works. Not even two layers of latex, pills and the fact Richard pulled out stopped your boyfriend over there from making a nest out of my womb for the next 11 months. Just a drop of that stuff is more than enough to make you pregnant." Delia said jokingly pointing at Ash.

„Wait, really?!" Ash asked in disbelief. Not the most pleasant thing to hear from parents, but when you are different from everyone else, you just have to suck it up, and listen.

„Yes. We were aware of the fact it wouldn't work most likely, but we wanted to test it so we can share what the results were with you in the future if you would want to wait for kids. In Rota there are not many methods of contraception, so when I arrived here and saw so many options, I wanted to see if there is a way to prevent the pregnancy of my loved one. Surprisingly, not even modern methods can stop Aura Guardians from reproducing with their soulmates. And since you are trained Aura Guardian with tremendous power and affinity to Aura, I have a feeling that for you this applies twice as much." Richard said.

It was truly amazing how even one Aura Guardian has approximately 9 children, they still were dying out fast. How Rota could stop those 9 children from ever finding love and continue their line. It was sad, but it is thanks to the fact that even one Aura Guardian has a lot of children that they survived for so long even under the hands of the royal family.

Richard knows why Aura Guardians stayed, but still. If he would lead them, he would take every Aura Guardian and left. Royal family can share the ugly truth about them and their origin all they want, he doesn't care. Even if the truth got out, it is still more likely they would find love outside of Rota, than in it.

This got Aash thinking. So... as soon as he and Cynthia will get to bed, a baby happens. Well, that should make waiting for the wedding night easier. Cynthia didn't strike him as the kind of girl who would want kids soon. Even though her hormones, she should still be smart enough to know this is a bad idea. Ash turned to Cynthia, and again, he was terrified when he saw her expression. She wasn't repulsed by the idea at all. Quite the opposite actually. She gave him a sultry look, licked her lips and leaned towards his face.

„Are you ready to revive your ancient lineage?" she asked seductively in a quiet sensual voice. It was like an angel was trying to seduce him. Well, not an angel. Innocent angel, she was before. Now she is more like a succubus, trying to get into his pants through any means necessary not caring his parents are right in front of them. Ash lost his composure there and leaned back, trying to get some distance between him and Cynthia. „I didn't sign up for this! This is not good! Not good at all!"

„Now that's a spirit!" Delia enthusiastically screamed.


The Oaks with Tracey got dressed up and they finally went to Delia for the Christmas dinner. Gary and professor brought their black winter coats from their wardrobes and Tracey pulled out his orange winter jacket. Daisy put her lab coat on the hook and she wore a purple jacket.

All three of them walked down the snowy dirt path leading to Delia's house. And once they were near Delia's house decorated by Christmas lights, they spotted Brock and Lucy, walking to them in the distance, illuminated by the street lamps. Holding hands they waved at the Oaks and Tracey from the distance. The group in front of the house waved back and before they knew it, the couple reached them.

„If it isn't the famous doctor Harrison and his lovely fiance, Lucy from the Battle Pike," Gary smirked at the young couple.

„Nice to see you too, Gary." Lucy smiled.

„Hi, Gare-bare." Brock teased. And it worked, Gary released an angry grunt. Daisy, Tracey, and professor greeted the couple with a normal hi. With the introductions over, they all headed to the door, not having a clue about the big surprise waiting for them inside.

All looked normal when Cynthia opened the door for them. Seeing Delia cooking in the kitchen, everything was still normal. However, the surprise came when they reached the kitchen and saw two unknown men sitting at the table. For the most part, they were unknown. Samuel recognized one immediately.

„No way." He quietly said when he saw the man with black hair, red jacket and brown eyes at the table.

Hearing the professor, Richard turned his head to the right and gave the professor a big smile. „Long time no see, Samuel." Richard stood up from the chair and walked to confused people at the doorway. "And you two must be Gary and Daisy. Damn, you sure grew up. You are a spitting image of your father, Gary." Richard examined the two younger Oak's.

Richard then shifted his attention to the remaining 3 people. And seeing a couple and a single man in front of him, he quickly pieced together who was who. „Tracey, Brock, and Lucy. Nice to meet you too." Richard said and extended his hand towards them.

„Uhm... Excuse me, but who are you?" Lucy asked unsurely. Brock, however, spotted the similarities immediately. It was hard to not to when he traveled with Ash for so long. He looked like his grown-up version.

„Ash?" Brock whispered. In response, the man in front of him chuckled.

„Not quite." He said and he turned to the second unknown person at the table. The other person raised from the spot and walked up to the visitors. „I am Ash, Brock. Nice to see that you finally found someone." Ash said to the visitors, extending his hand towards Brock and Lucy.

„WHAT IS GOING ON?!" Gary yelled out. There is no way this is true. The guy in front of him looks 30 years old with an unruly beard and long hair. And who the fuck is that Ash clone? It's a grown-up version of him. If anyone is Ash, it's this guy.

„Excuse me, but who are you?" Daisy was first to recover from her shock, and she looked at the man who looked like a grown-up version of Ash Ketchum.

„Where are my manners?! Richard Ketchum. Nice to meet you, Daisy." Richard extended his hand towards the only female Oak.

Great chaos unfolded shortly after. Gary was yelling all over the place on WTF is going on. Daisy remained wide-eyed and silent. Tracey was already running through scenarios to explain this situation. Brock and Professor Oak immediately showered the two men with a ton of questions. Lucy only watched everything unfold.

At the end, when everything calmed down, the others sat around the table and had a dinner. The atmosphere at the table was... interesting to say at least. Brock was catching up with Ash upon the things he missed with a big smile on his face. Brock even offered Ash to be his best man on the wedding. Of course, Ash happily accepted. Though Cynthia, who was clinging to his arm even at the dinner, was much happier and whispered something into Ash's ears that made him lose his composure for a moment and choke on the wine they were drinking.

Gary was demanding answered during the dinner. But not to the questions you would think, like why did he change so much, where did he lose his hands or those type of questions didn't leave his mouth. His main concern was how Ashy-boy could land such a chick as the Kanto Champion herself.

Tracey didn't ask much during the dinner. He only exchanged a couple of words with Ash and Richard. But most of the time he was seen talking to Daisy about things regarding the research at the lab.

Cynthia was usually whispering something to Ash's ear which caused the young Aura Guardian to do a lot of unusual things. He shattered his glass with his grip when Cynthia whispered something to his ear, then he cut through the plate and more clumsy behavior was the result of Cynthia's whispering.

When Cynthia wasn't seducing Ash with naughty whispers, she conversed with Lucy and how Lucy is excited about the wedding. Thankfully for Ash, the girls coversed a very long time about the wedding, sparing Delia's plates and glasses from more accidents.

The oldest people at the table, Delia, Samuel, and Richard all were catching up on things. Richard shared his experience with Ash at the Haven, and the hunt on Team Rocket.

Even Pikachu and were present, eating with everyone at the table. The rest of Ash's Pokemon are already at the lab thanks to Mewtwo, and he intends to go to them after the dinner to wish them Merry Christmas too. He would invite them into the house, but... they wouldn't fit in. So they stayed at the lab, for now.

All in all, the atmosphere at the table eventually became great, and everyone was enjoying the family dinner. The television was playing during the dinner, and in the middle of eating, a broadcast that caught their attention began playing.

And it's here boys and girls. The winner of Unova championship is known, and his name is Alder! This middle-aged man swept through the conference with his Buffalo, leaving everyone surprised at the strength of the bull Pokemon. The next championship is happening in Kalos, and it's in just a month. But I am worried it gets overshadowed by the event that happens only two months after Kalos conference. The Omega Championship. It is reported that already over 1000 participants are signed up for the biggest tournament in history..." the TV reported continued speaking, but most of the people at the table already paid attention to Ash.

„So Ash. Are you gonna enter?" Brock asked his friend.

„I don't know." He answered truthfully. A tournament. Could he go back to regular Pokemon battles? For the last three years, everything, every battle was the matter of life and death. Battling for enjoyment again, it's something he can't even imagine.

„Really, Ashy-boy? If you won't be there, it will be pretty boring. And I want a rematch for a Johto league." Gary confidently said.

„You are entering?" Ash asked.

„Of course. This is an option to quit my Pokemon trainer career with a bang. And I intend to take it." Gary said, puffing his chest.

„Me and Cynthia are entering too." Lucy informed the others. All eyes were now at Ash, silently forcing him to answer. Cynthia looked at Ash, and her mind came with another naughty idea.

„Come on, beloved. Show the world who is the best and conquer everyone." She said with a coy smile. She leaned towards his ear and whispered. „And then you can conquer ME in bed. In every way you see fit." And this sensual whisper caused another wine glass to be shattered by Ash's grip.

„That's the fourth one! What in the hell is she whispering to your ear?!" asked annoyed Gary.

Ash didn't listen to Gary and only thought about what Cynthia said. Why is she even doing this?! Is she that horny again? With a quick shook of head he shook off those thoughts to spare him from uninvited erection.

Instead, he thought about the tournament. Well, his Pokemon always were eager to fight. They shared his dream after all. If his Pokemon want, he will enter. Maybe this can rekindle his passion for Pokemon battles. And his Pokemon are always up for battles, to show the world who is the very best. The decision was made. He conjured a smile and asked.

„So. When exactly it starts?"

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