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Severus Snape had promised his wife Hermione a tree house for their children, thinking he could magic together a nice little cottage and levitate it into the tree; he had not anticipated actually building it. Hermione, however, had bet him that he wouldn't be able to actually build a tree house without the use of magic.

The terms of the bet, you ask? Let's just say, if he were to win, he would be joining a very exclusive club; the added perks would be finally getting his hands on Potter's invisibility cloak and getting his wife to "mount" his broom with him. If he were to lose… he shuddered and put the thought from his head. He didn't want to think about that!

Severus, being the consummate Slytherin he is, had allowed Hermione to place anti-magic wards around the backyard before going away for a weekend Spa holiday with Ginny Potter. He then promptly picked up the phonebook and hired a contractor to build the tree house, bribing the children with books to not tell their mother about it.

When Hermione returned home on Sunday evening, she found her anti-magic wards intact and a cozy little cottage on a low hanging branch of the tree. "Severus, it's wonderful! I can't believe it's actually built!" She walked around the tree and began to laugh when she saw the small sign on the side of the tree house advertising the contractor's name and telephone number. "There's only one problem…Severus, how did the contractors expect the children to use the tree house without a ladder?"