Hello! So if you're here and you haven't read Delusional Dreaming you'll need to know a few things before reading this... God is dead... Amenadiel is currently in charge of heaven, Hell is frozen over and still rulerless. Chloe is now immortal with a new 'saint' status and... Chloe, Dan and Trixie are all in the know of the 'divine' world they truly live in. :) Enjoy!

Those who have read Delusional Dreaming thanks so much for coming to check out the sequel :) This takes off a few days or so after the last chapter.

The sounds of a softly rumbling kettle and the gentle buttering of toast filled Chloe's kitchen that morning as a sense of normality seemed to have finally crept back over her life.

Trixie was getting ready for school and Chloe for work. It was almost like nothing had changed at all.

Aside from the demon lurking round the corner, a threatening thumb tack in her hand posed and ready to strike.

Chloe rounded the corner of the kitchen, plate of toast in hand and she yelped in shock when Maze jumped out and stabbed her in the arm with her thumb tack.

"Ow! Maze! What the hell?" Chloe demanded, nearly dropping her plate and grasping her arm where a small pinprick of blood had bubbled over her skin.

Maze's face fell dramatically. "What the hell me? What the hell you!" she said in disappointment. "I thought you'd be… you know invulnerable now."

"Couldn't you have just asked to test that?" snapped Chloe, rubbing her arm and moving around Maze. "Rather than jumping out like that and scaring me out of my skin?"

Just at that moment, the front door swung open. "Mazikeen stop attacking my paramour…" Lucifer smiled as he strode inside, the word 'paramour' rolling off his tongue in a most sensual way.

Chloe's eyes shifted to him immediately and a smile instantly touched her lips as she took in his impeccably dressed form. She knew it was ridiculous the way her heart sped up and everything somehow felt brighter as though he himself was a breath of fresh air flowing through the doorway.

She tried to keep a lid on these reactions, holding her smile back to just a small one. "You're early," she said simply.

"Of course," Lucifer crooned, gravitating toward her before wrapping an arm swiftly round her waist and sweeping her against him. "All these rules you've given me to abide by in your silly work place…" he continued, looking warmly down at her, his brown eyes smouldering. "I'll have to get my fill in of touching before we get there…"

Chloe couldn't hold back a most embarrassing snort of laughter and she blushed furiously. But, Lucifer merely smiled endearingly, leaning down to capture her lips.

And the very touch of Lucifer's lips made it easy to forget where she was, to loose herself in the moment and become engulfed by every scent, touch and sound that came from Lucifer… or it would have been if Maze hadn't of been making retching sounds behind their backs.

Or if Trixie hadn't chosen than moment to appear, squealing Lucifer's name and barrelling into their legs.

Chloe had to laugh at the disgruntled look on Lucifer's face as he peeled Trixie off them and she turned to her daughter. "Do you have everything ready for school?" she asked in what Lucifer called her 'mum' voice.

"Yes," sighed Trixie. "I've been ready for ages; Dad's late."

Lucifer smirked smugly, but Chloe sighed. "I'm getting worried about him," she murmured to Lucifer as Trixie trotted off again. "I think he's really beginning to struggle with… you know, everything," she gestured vaguely to the air.

Lucifer scoffed lightly, "Oh he'll be fine," he brushed off swiftly, shifting his full attention back on her once more. One knuckle trailed up her spine, sending a shiver down her body till those fingers came to rest at the nape of her neck, curling through her hair, while his other hand traced it's way beneath the hem of her shirt, moving up to hold her bare waist firmly before pulling her flush against him. Then his lips were on target for hers once more, Chloe's heart thumping too fast beneath her ribs and she held back a strangled gasp before stopping him swiftly this time before she forgot her self-control.

"Lucifer," she breathed too quickly and too raggedly. "Not in front of people!" she gasped, "Especially not Trixie," she added quietly, jerking her head to her daughter over on the couch.

Lucifer groaned in irritation as Chloe forcibly moved his hands, leaving one wrapped around her on the small of her back on top of her shirt. "This is appropriate in front of company," she told him sternly. "And this," she kissed his cheek, and then pecked his lips before leaning back down with a small smile. "You'll get used to it."

"I won't," Lucifer groused immediately. "You however should stop caring what people think. One of the perks of immortality."

"No matter how long I live I won't forget about common courtesy," Chloe chipped back.

Lucifer rolled his eyes, but wasn't able to respond for at that moment Dan finally came flying through the door looking highly-strung.

"I know! I'm late!" he gushed immediately. "I'm sorry. Come on, Monkey, let's go!" he went to grab Trixie's hand, but Chloe moved over to him immediately.

"Hey wait a sec," she said frowning in concern. "Dan, are you alright?"

"I'm fine, Chlo," Dan muttered absently, his eyes drifting from her to Maze to Lucifer then back to her. "Gotta get this monkey to school!" he added, grasping Trixie's hand. "See you at the precinct!"

Not a moment later he was dragging Trixie with him as she waved enthusiastically to them as she left.

"He is about to crack," Maze chuckled in amusement, then she turned to the others. "See you later love birds," she added, now moving for the door herself. "All the shit that's been going on has me way behind on my bounty quota."

The moment the door snapped shut, a grin of lewd excitement crossed Lucifer's face and he immediately turned to grasp Chloe.

What he wasn't prepared for was to have Chloe more than ready for him as she practically pounced at him the moment he turned.

"Now its fine," he heard her whisper moments before her arms wrapped round his neck, her body pressing flush against his own while her lips were drawn to his like that's where she was meant to be.

He made a sound of strangled surprise that immediately turned into a moan the moment Chloe kissed him. She was like fire and desire engulfed in one and she wrapped Lucifer within that passion by the mere touch of her tongue seeking out his to dance beside.

And Lucifer was suddenly putty in her hands.

"We don't have much time you know…" Chloe murmured against his lips, her breath coming in quick, heated gasps.

Lucifer made a sound of desperate yearning, his hands chasing the touch of her skin and heat pooled below his belly. "I can make anything work…" he told her huskily, his eyes hooded with this desire.

A smirk hooked the corner of Chloe's lips and she moved away from his mouth, kissing his jaw to his ear with a type of sexual confidence that kept growing the more time they spent intimately together. "You're always so hell bent on bringing me pleasure…" she whispered, her lips grazing his stubbled jawline. "What if I want to watch you fall apart with what I do…"

She felt a responding shiver shoot through Lucifer's body and she sank down his frame, dragging her hands down his chest as she knelt before him.

And Lucifer gaped open mouthed at her, falling back against the kitchen bench and grasping the stone tightly as he stared at Chloe's blonde head hovering by the buckle of his belt. Shock and a deep, hungry desperate desire scorched through him, causing him to make some kind of strangled sound at the back of his throat as he attempted to form words but couldn't.

Then Chloe was undoing his pants.

"Nghhn…" some kind of sound made it past his lips and Chloe's piercing, lust filled eyes flickered up to look at him, that sly little smile still tilting her lips. And Lucifer's desperately hard bulge in the front of his pants twitched against the fabric. "Chloe…" he moaned desperately and Chloe watched his face as she brought her hands up to his belt, undoing the buckle and moving to his zipper.

He twitched again and suddenly his hand moved to grasp the hair on top of Chloe's head. "You don't have to-" he tried to gasp, but Chloe's delicate fingers and soft, heated breaths brushing his skin stopped the words in his throat ending them with another gurgled moan.

And Chloe was enjoying this in ways she could not describe. The look on Lucifer's face was enough to drive her desire deep within her core and a burning heat was throbbing between her legs, but all she wanted to do was continue work on him.

But, right at that moment Chloe's alarm went off on her phone; reminding her that now was when they needed to leave to get to work on time.

She nearly jumped out of her skin with surprise, grasping her phone from her pocket and turning off the alarm as fast as she could. "We have to go," she looked up at him with wide eyes, her heart still beating too fast.

Lucifer stared at her. "This is a cruel joke right?" he spluttered through still desperate breaths.

Chloe smiled, feeling guilty. "Sorry," she murmured quietly, standing back up. "Looks like you'll have to wait till later," she smirked at him.

Lucifer still just stared, looking positively scandalised. "You can't leave me like this!" he spluttered again. "That is too mean."

"We have all the time in the world, remember?" Chloe did feel guilty, but she couldn't stop smiling. "Come on," she added, reaching round him to grab her things of the kitchen counter. "And don't forget," she added, smirking down at her badge as she attached it to her belt. "No touching," she looked up at his desperately aroused face. "Our relationship is on the down low until everything's settled back down and we can formally inform them of it, following all the protocols. Got it?"

She turned to the door quickly, trying to calm her own heated body as she walked outside.

"This is a beyond cruel," Lucifer growled, trying to do up his belt as he hurried after her. "And there's no hiding this," he added, gesturing to his crotch.

Chloe bit her lip as she slid into the car, watching Lucifer struggle uncomfortably to get seated. "Just think about… children with sticky fingers or something," she chuckled, turning the car on and swinging out.

Lucifer huffed at her angrily. "Nothing is going to make it go down. Not after what you just did in there," he informed her gruffly, his eyes still sparked with lust while he uncomfortably shifted in his seat.

"Do you want me to apologise for that?" Chloe asked innocently.

Lucifer glared at her, but a very lewd smirk was growing over his lips. "Well," he crooned suddenly. "We'll just have to see how you like it when I return the favour."

Chloe's eyes flickered to him, his words making her stomach flip with excitement and she loved the way he smiled when he saw her reaction.

"Perhaps I could start now in the car…" Lucifer added huskily, leaning over to her seat, his fingers running tantalisingly over her thigh.

Chloe cleared her throat quickly. "You're not helping the situation in your pants," she told him in an attempt to sound stern, but her voice was far too breathless.

Lucifer chuckled darkly. "Nothing will help that when I have my own personal aphrodisiac beside me…" he crooned lowly, his fingers trailing dangerously close to her nether regions and she clenched her legs shut, trying to concentrate on the road while sensations were shooting through her body.

"Lucifer!" she scolded him, but it did nothing to stop his smirk.

"Especially when you're insisting I can't even touch you all day…" he continued in that same, rumbling sultry tone. "Pull over, Darling… let me have one taste before we get there…"

Chloe struggled to ignore the sharp bolt of heat that hooked southward inside her. "Car sex is always uncomfortable," she forced out quickly. "And we can't be late on the first day back from my 'personal leave'."

Lucifer chuckled quietly. "Darling…" his tone was both affectionate yet patronising. "This is me you're speaking to… no sex with me is uncomfortable," but he took his hand back from her leg with a heavy sigh. "Your insistence to be on time to this job that will one day be a very distant memory is remarkable, love…" he told her smoothly. "But, I assure you one day you will realise how little it all matters and that you should take advantage of the moment."

Chloe's face sobered slightly and she stared ahead at the road for a moment. "Perhaps…" she said quietly. "I just want my life to be… just my normal life for now," she murmured. "I want… things to matter."

Lucifer's eyes softened immediately, his gaze becoming very caring. "Chloe I didn't mean it doesn't matter," he said quickly, earnestly. "It still matters it's just… you're going to have a very… very long life," he gazed at her carefully. "But, I understand. I'll… be on my best behaviour," he offered her a charming smile. "You have the Devil's solemn promise on that."

Chloe smiled again, releasing a very small laugh. "I'm not sure you know what good behaviour even is," she teased.

Lucifer chuckled glad to see her smile back on her lips. "I didn't say it wouldn't be hard," he told her and she rolled her eyes at his pun. "Which, by the way it still is. You are the definition of temptation. It's maddening."

Chloe threw him a smirk, her eyes lingering on his lap as she pulled into her parking space in front of the precinct.

"Stop looking at me like that," Lucifer nearly groaned. "Do you want me to be able to leave the car or not?"

Chloe laughed again, "Do you need a minute?" she teased.

Lucifer gave her a thoroughly disgruntled look. "Yes, actually I do."

Chloe's eyes twinkled mischievously and she leant over to his seat, placing her hand quite high up his leg and kissing his cheek softly. "See you inside then," she breathed against his skin before pulling away and hopping out of the car, which was another sight that gave Lucifer zero relief.

He closed his eyes, banging his head against the car seat as he attempted to think of the least arousing things possible. It ended up taking a good 7 and a-half minutes before he could follow her inside.

But when he did, he strolled through the doors like he owned the place. But, his free, untouchable demeanour shifted to one of fury quite quickly when he overheard two male officers near the entrance.

"Looks like Decker's back," one murmured to the other.

"Who?" the second quipped back.

"You know, the hot one. Showed her tits in that movie…"

"Ooh, yeah. Damn. She's got a kid though, doesn't she?"

"Yeah, I'd still hit that though…"

Lucifer couldn't control his anger. In one swift movement he was standing right in front them, evil smile in place. "Hello," he crooned darkly. "Fans of Detective Decker, are we?"

They stared at him, then realisation dawned on one. "Oh you're that Lucifer guy, huh?" he smirked.

"I am that Lucifer guy," Lucifer said dangerously. "And if I hear you talking about Detective Decker in such a way again… you'll see what 'that Lucifer guy' really means," his eyes flashed red for the briefest of moments, not long enough for anyone to be sure of what they saw, but certainly enough to make both of them scream with fright.

"Lucifer!" Chloe was behind him. "What the hell are you doing?" she hissed, grabbing his arm and pulling him away.

"They were rude, Detective," he told her simply, brushing an invisible piece of lint from his sleeve.

"You made them wet themselves!"

"Let me be more specific," Lucifer looked at her. "They were rude about you. They deserved it."

Chloe sighed slightly. "Lucifer, you can't just go flashing your eyes about like that," she told him quietly. "I don't care what they say about me."

Lucifer eyes narrowed. "Well I do."

Just at that moment the woman from the evidence room desk walked by, giggling when she saw them. "Hi, Lucifer," she waggled her fingers at him.

Lucifer threw her a very brief glance, "Hello," he muttered before looking back to Chloe.

Chloe barely had the chance to open her mouth before a patrol officer walked right up to them. "Hey Lucifer," she crooned sweetly, her hand running down his arm. "Detective," she quickly nodded at Chloe before turning her attention back to the devil. "Glad you're back. Busy later?"

Lucifer breathed a quick, dismissive laugh. "Fraid I am, dear. As well as right now, do you mind?"

The woman seemed quite affronted, but she backed off, shooting quizzical glances between the two. Chloe watched her go shaking her head in disbelief. "Do they have no shame?"

Lucifer raised an eyebrow. "Does it bother you?" he queried lightly.

Chloe frowned at him for seeming amused by it. "A little bit, yeah," she admitted gruffly.

"Yes well, it bothers me when men talk about you like they did," Lucifer merely told her snobbishly.

Chloe sighed roughly, "Yes, but I don't go shooting devil eyes at them!"

Lucifer shook his head, opening his mouth to retort, but right at the same moment an excited squeal sounded behind them.

"Oh my gosh!" Ella ran up to them. "Finally!" she hugged them both suddenly. "Ack, I've missed you guys! Where the hell have you been, huh?"

"Oh, personal stuff…" Chloe muttered quickly. "How have you been, Ella?"

"Super good," grinned Ella. "Got an awesome case for you guys," she sobered her smile suddenly. "I mean, awful. But, you know… you know what I mean," she grinned again. "Wanna see?"

"Sure, yeah," Chloe sighed. "I just have to go meet with the Lieutenant first. Meet you in there?"

"Great!" Ella chirped grabbing Lucifer's arm and dragging him to her lab. "The Lieutenant will be happy to see her, anyway. That dude's totally got the hots for her."

Lucifer seized up immediately. "Excuse me?" he demanded.

Ella stared in surprise. "Whoa, where's that coming from?"

Lucifer clenched his fists, unable to stop this instant reaction and his head whipped round suddenly to search the blinds of the Lieutenant's office. Oh if he even looked at her the wrong way there would be hell to pay. "Horny bastard…"

Ella raised her eyebrows, but a slow, enormous smirk crossed her lips. "Oh. My. Goodness," she squealed suddenly. "It's happened," Lucifer stared at her. "Hasn't it?" she begged. "Oh please tell me it's happened. Please."

"What on earth are you talking about, Ms Lopez?" Lucifer demanded of her, concerned for her sanity.

"You and Chloe!" Ella stated like it was obvious. "When did it happen? How long? Oh this is too cute!"

Lucifer looked alarmed and he nearly clapped his hand over Ella's mouth. "How… what… quiet down would you!"

Ella practically danced on the spot.

"She doesn't want the office to know right now," Lucifer sighed. "And would you stop jigging like that?"

"I'm just so happy for you!" Ella smiled the largest smile Lucifer thought he'd seen yet. "Oh you must be just mental. I mean you've been in love with her since like day one, huh?"

Lucifer bristled uncomfortably. "Is there actually a case or not?" he demanded rudely.

"Oh yeah, there is…" Ella said dismissively. "But this is way more important. So-"

But, at that moment, there was a loud kafuffle in the main precinct. They turned to see Dan had arrived and he was throwing some kind of fit with another cop.

Lucifer raised his eyebrows and both of them went to investigate.

"You don't even know how the world works!" Dan was shouting at the traffic cop. "Try to book me for a speeding ticket? I was in pursuit you idiot!"

"Wow… I've never seen Dan so mad," Ella observed curiously.

"I didn't realise you were a Detective!" the cop defended. "As soon as I saw the badge I didn't fill out the ticket. Would you calm down?"

"No actually, no I can't!" Dan fumed madly. "And you know why? I don't want to and I'm probably going to Hell anyway. And yeah it's real, so-"

"Daniel," Lucifer swooped in quickly and Dan stared at him in surprise. "Why don't you come with me, hmm?"

Dan bristled, but let him take him away from the eyes of the precinct.

"What's going on?" Chloe demanded, hurrying over to them when she left the Lieutenant's office.

Lucifer looked at her quickly. "Did he try anything? If he said anything I will-"

"Lucifer!" Chloe cut him off in irritation. "What is your problem? You've never been like this before!"

"Well men are pigs, Detective. It's my duty to protect you from them now," Lucifer informed her dutifully.

Ella stifled a laugh, while Chloe just stared at him in disbelief.

"Oh and Ms Lopez knows," he added offhandedly.

"Your secret's safe with me!" Ella said quickly, looking panicked when Chloe turned her irritated gaze on her.

"Oh who gives a shit!" snarled Dan. "Nothing matters anyway. Everything's planned or not important! Just a side event…"

"Dan," Chloe frowned at him, but before she could say another word, her phone was buzzing in her pocket. She sighed, taking it out. "Trixie's school…" she murmured. "Back in a sec…" she sighed taking the phone away.

Lucifer watched her go before turning back to Dan who was looking more and more highly strung. "I mean what's the point in life? You fuck up and you go to hell! We're all just toys for bigger bosses…"

"Aw man, Dan don't look at it like that," Ella tried to reassure him.

"Don't go preaching your bible shit to me Lopez!" Dan snapped back. "Your God is dead anyway."

"Daniel," Lucifer snapped, a hard feeling rising in his chest at his words. "Would you pipe down? You're alarming your co-workers. It's embarrassing."

Ella looked quite shocked by Dan's words, but no one got to say anything else, because then Chloe was back.

She sighed heavily, hanging up her phone. "I have to go into school to see Trixie's teacher," she told Lucifer wearily, she glanced at Dan who didn't seem to care about anything. "Would you just… help Dan before he has some kind of mental break down?"

Lucifer looked extremely put out. "Now you want me to babysit your ex?" he moaned. "This is a terrible first day back."

"Could you just do it, please?" Chloe tried not to snap, but she was beginning to get a headache. "Sorry…" she muttered. "Just… you know what he's going through," she continued quietly. "Help him. For me?"

Lucifer exhaled roughly, frowning at Chloe. "Fine," he relented. "I hope the infant is ok…" he added in a mutter.

Chloe smiled slightly. "She's fine just… take care of this infant for me," she nodded her head at Dan, then went to kiss him, but stopped herself quickly, her cheeks flushing slightly when Ella clapped excitedly. She cleared her throat. "See you later," she sighed, before swiftly leaving again.

"Right, well Ella. Case later I suppose," Lucifer grabbed Dan's arm. "Babysitting calls."

Ella looked thoroughly deflated. "Just when you all got back…" she sighed.

Lucifer waved one last time before dragging Dan to his car.

"Where are you keys?" demanded Lucifer.

Dan threw them at him. "Don't steal it and leave it abandoned at a pier this time," he muttered. "And where are we going?" he added demandingly.

"Don't know," sighed Lucifer. "Let's just drive and start with why you're so," he gestured vaguely to him, "wacked right now."

Dan sighed heavily, leaning back into the passenger seat before launching into a spiel of all his worries and concerns over Heaven and Hell, God being dead, what the meaning of his life was, and just everything to do with the divine world he was now involved in.

"Then I took this from a perp," Dan added woefully, now pulling out a bag of weed from his jacket. "And I haven't turned it in yet. It's like I'm on some kind of self-destructive path!" he continued, now thrusting the bag about in the air as he gestured wildly with his hands. "I mean my ef-wife is a saint who's dating the Devil, I used to sleep with God's wife, now God's dead, my friend who is an angel is ruling heaven and my daughter is best friends with a demon! I mean… sometimes I think does weird shit like this happen to everyone? But, then I realise no is doesn't! Because this shit is crazy!" Dan finished his rant with a violent huff and Lucifer had to stifle a laugh.

He cleared his throat quickly, "Sounds like you're having quite the dilemma, Daniel," he said quite soothingly, though not without a note of condescension. "Is it an identity crisis? Because your whole world has been turned upside down you don't really know who you are anymore?"

Dan stared at him for a long moment, his eyes wild. Then, "Yeah," he huffed, falling back into the car seat. "I guess that's what spurred on the…" he shook the bag of weed in the air again.

Lucifer chuckled, grabbing the drugs and inspecting it as he drove. "Well I have an idea for you Daniel," he said lightly, giving an approving nod to the pot before thrusting it back to him. "One sure to make you relax…"

He turned suddenly, thrusting Dan into his door as he spun the car off into the direction of Lux.

"What?" Dan grabbed the side of his seat to steady himself. "I can't smoke this. I'm a cop, Lucifer!"

"You just said how the whole world isn't as it seemed," Lucifer said idly, still heading for Lux. "It's just a little bit of pot, Daniel. I promise there's nothing wrong with it. Test the boundaries of your new eyes…"

Dan stared at him. "And now I'm literally being tempted into doing drugs with the Devil."

"Oh come on, Daniel," Lucifer smirked wickedly. "Live a little…"

Dan sighed roughly, leaning his head against the window and staring out onto the passing streets. "Whatever…" he muttered. "Why the fuck not…"

Lucifer grinned with triumph. "Now this is how you babysit…"

Two hours later back at Lux Lucifer may have been reconsidering his decision.

"Well…" Dan's voice was sluggish and he stared at the ceiling, "how can you be the Devil if you're not the Devil?" he asked slowly, his face scrunching up.

Lucifer frowned at him. "I am the Devil, Daniel."

"Yeah but you're not though…" Dan shook his head slowly. "The Devil rules Hell… and you left Hell… so whoever runs Hell now would be the Devil wouldn't they? And… and you're like the ex-Devil…"

Lucifer huffed in irritation. "No well that's not… there's no one running Hell right now. I just… left. And I am the Devil. It's not a title that's passed on. There's only ever been one. Me."

Dan looked at him, his brow still pinched but his eyes clear. "Well yeah so far, you were the first. But, I mean… you live forever so why can't you just be… you know, the first in the line? It has to start somewhere."

Lucifer stared down at Dan for a long moment before rolling his eyes and looking away. "You are high off your tits right now, Douche," he told him haughtily.

Dan laughed languidly. "High with the Devil…" he murmured musingly. "Holy fuck…" he slapped his hands to his face, dragging his palms over his skin. "Am I going to Hell for this?"

"For this?" Lucifer repeated with a smirk. "Certainly not," he chuckled, picking up Dan's joint as he'd finished his own and taking a puff.

Dan was silent for a moment. "Am I going to Hell?" he asked in a different voice, low and quiet.

Lucifer heaved a weary sigh, leaning forward on his knees and observing Daniel. "Well do you feel guilty about anything in your life Daniel?" he pacified him. "And I mean properly guilty. A moment you can repeat over and over again in your mind to this day thinking you'd do anything to change it, that feeling of sick, heavy guilt weighing on your chest.

Dan looked at him slowly, his gaze rather panicked. "Yes…" he said lowly. "Malcolm… the whole palmetto case… lying to Chloe…"

Lucifer's eyes narrowed slightly at the 'lying to Chloe' part as that still irked him to this day. "Yes well… that may be, but you've redeemed yourself since then. Confessing for the crime and all that…"

"Then why do I still feel guilty…" Dan muttered, staring at Lucifer like he held all the answers.

Lucifer sighed, throwing him an irritated glance; he'd thought this would be a fun way to baby sit him. He didn't expect it to go like this. The things he would do for Chloe… "Then you need to forgive yourself, Daniel," he huffed quietly. "We forgave you," he added with a roll of his eyes. Dan still stared at him and Lucifer made a noise of exasperation. "Look, I'm the Devil, remember?" he sighed at him. "I'd hardly let you get tortured. For Chloe's sake at least," he added idly.

"You'd… you'd do that?" Dan sounded truly shocked.

"For Chloe," Lucifer urged insistently. "Now would you brighten up already? You're really ruining my buzz."

Dan laughed oddly. "You'd do anything for her wouldn't you…" he mused in a strange voice.

Lucifer eyed Dan narrowly, but didn't respond; taking another puff instead.

"I dunno that she'd want you to get me…" Dan continued quietly, though in a tone like he'd just worked out how everything worked. "She'd be more concerned about you. She loves you way more than she ever loved me…"

Lucifer rolled his eyes to the ceiling again. "It's not a competition, Daniel," he scoffed at him, though he couldn't stop a slightly smug smile forming on his lips. He cleared his throat, hiding the smile. "And you know she wouldn't want you left in Hell. You're just… fishing for reassurance."

Dan was chuckling again, rolling his head to look at Lucifer. "Seriously man…" he said listlessly. "I hate admitting this… but even though you and her are like total opposites… you just… seem to fit. Like… yin and yang… you know?"

"I should be recording this…" Lucifer muttered with an amused shake of his head.

"Are soul mates real?" Dan asked suddenly.

"How am I supposed to know?" Lucifer sighed, "With my Dad there's every possibility for either option."

"Well… do you think Chloe is yours?"

Lucifer stared at him. "I am not anywhere near high enough to be having this conversation with you," he told him simply.

"Just… just come on man…" urged Dan sluggishly.

Lucifer pinched the bridge of his nose as though this babysitting was managing to actually age him. "If I believe soul mates are real," he said stiffly, "Chloe would be the reason I believed," he relented quietly.

"So that's how you made her fall for you…" Dan put a hand in the air in triumph. "Saying romantic stuff like that to her when normally you're so crude and annoying. Shows your layers."

"Crude and annoying?" Lucifer repeated in offense. "Are you trying to make me kick you out?"

Dan chuckled again. "You won't. Cause Chloe would be mad."

"Right," Lucifer stood up suddenly, grasped Dan by the collar of his shirt and yanked him into the air.

"Whoa! Hey man put me down!" Dan practically squealed.

"You're going home," Lucifer told him simply. "Existential crisis averted. You won't go to hell. You're still Daniel Douche Espinoza. Stop freaking out and freaking Chloe out so that I then have to baby sit you."

They were in Lucifer's elevator by the time he finished his sentence and Lucifer shoved him back to his feet. "I'll call you an Uber," Lucifer added with a charmingly devilish smile.

"What? N-no I'm way too fucking high, man," Dan pleaded.

"You're a big boy, you'll be fine," Lucifer said patronisingly.

"Can't you just… fly me?" he gestured wildly to Lucifer's back.

Lucifer raised his eyebrows at him. "You think I'm so irresponsible as to fly under the influence, Daniel?" he crooned condescendingly with another smug smirk. "Uber's on the way," he added as the doors slid open. He pushed him out of the lift, hit the button to return upstairs and grinned rather evilly one last time at Dan before he disappeared.

"I don't get it…" Trixie was saying in the car to her mother. "Lucifer's not a baddie. Why am I in trouble?"

"You're not in trouble, Monkey," Chloe told her gently. "You just can't say things at school like you love the Devil because other people… don't understand."

Trixie huffed heavily. "They tried to say he's evil," she said grumpily, crossing her arms. "I said he's not and he's better than God and it doesn't matter cause God's dead anyway."

Chloe tapped her fingers against the steering wheel, eyes wide as she tried to work out how to respond to this. "Yes well… we're the only ones that know that sweetie. And I know it's hard and annoying, but… maybe just try not to talk about the Devil… or God with your friends, ok? It makes people upset, and you don't want to do that do you?"

Trixie frowned, her arms still crossed. "No…" she muttered, but she didn't sound happy.

"You can't make other people believe," Chloe explained gently as they pulled into their driveway. "Just be happy that at least you know the truth."

"It's not fair," Trixie muttered back grumpily as they hopped out of the car. "Why are they allowed to say stupid things that aren't even true and I'm not allowed to say things that are true."

Chloe sighed, feeling her phone buzz in her pocket. "Cause the world is not always fair, Monkey," she said wearily, pulling out her phone. "Come on, inside," she added, leading the way while answering the phone. "What's up, Dan?"

Chloe had to take the phone away from her ear for a moment. "Dan, slow down," she hissed, watching Trixie go inside before closing the front door and remaining outside herself. "Did you just say Lucifer got you high?"

Dan blurted a number of responses.

"Ok, where are you now?" Chloe demanded, listening to his reply. "Well if you're home why the hell are you calling me?" she rolled her eyes when Dan spoke again. "I'm not here to listen to you whinge about Lucifer. I'm sure he didn't make you smoke the damn pot. Just… drink some water and get some rest, ok?"

With that, she hung up the phone, shaking her head in irritation before going back inside. She was beginning to feel ludicrously exhausted.

"Maze," she said abruptly, feeling the demon lurking round the corner. "Don't even think about it."

Maze popped her head around the corner innocently. "What? I'm just coming to welcome you home. Can't a good housemate do such things?"

Chloe rolled her eyes. "The thumbtack didn't work this morning, so it's not going to work now. Just face it; my only power is not aging."

"I'm pretty sure people can pray to you, Ol Saint Chloe," Maze teased, flipping the thumbtack between her fingers as Chloe walked passed her. "What's got you so riled up, anyway?"

Chloe shook her head, heaving a sigh. "The whole day has…" she muttered. "I haven't actually gotten to do any work because of it either."

"Right…"Maze muttered, "Lucifer around?" she asked abruptly.

"What? No, I think he's at Lux," sighed Chloe.

Maze grinned, and then very suddenly she launched her arm out, stabbing Chloe once more with the thumbtack.

"Maze!" Chloe cried, but this time… there was no pain.

Chloe stared. So did Maze.

"Ho-ly fuck!" Maze grinned with glee. "Well you might not be strong enough to beat me in an arm wrestle, like at all, but you're invincible Decker!"

"What…" Chloe breathed, staring from her unblemished arm to the bent pin. "Then-"

"Lucifer must make you vulnerable," laughed Maze. "Like you do for him. Man God is such a sick fucking bastard. Why do that?"

Chloe shook her head, grabbing the pin from Maze's fingers and pressing it against herself again. "That's insane…" she murmured in disbelief.

"Insanely awesome," Maze grinned.

Chloe was starting to feel dizzy. Then her phone buzzed for the third time that day and she huffed roughly. "I swear if this is one more thing about to- oh…" she broke off, frown fading.

How's the child?

The text was spelled out under Lucifer's ID.

Well it wasn't an eloquent message, but it was still sweet in Lucifer's way, as much as he had frustrated her today.

Chloe sighed, "Back in a sec…" she muttered quietly, tapping to simply call Lucifer's number.

"Detective," he seemed surprised that she'd rung.

Chloe tried to ignore the stupid warm feeling that erupted over her skin at the sound of his voice. "Did you get Dan high then kick him to the curb?" she demanded sternly.

She heard Lucifer sigh through the phone. "It was his weed that he stole. I was just helping him through the situation."

Chloe was silent for a moment. "He stole weed?" she couldn't believe it.

"Yes he's having a bit of an existential crisis, but don't worry, I sorted him out with it," Lucifer calmed quickly.

"You mean kicked him out," Chloe put in.

"No," Lucifer responded touchily, "I kicked him out after the crisis, when he became a total sack of arse. Really not good for a buzz."

Chloe shook her head in disbelief. "You're both unbelievable," she muttered.

"Trust me, Detective. If you had been there you'd have kicked him out too," Lucifer told her seriously.

"Uhuh," Chloe muttered sceptically. "Wow."

"Anyway," huffed Lucifer. "I originally just wanted to know if the child was ok."

Chloe sighed slightly. "Well you know, she's just singing the Devil's praises at school, telling everyone God is dead…"

Lucifer laughed slightly, "That's quite amusing," he chuckled. Chloe was silent. "I mean," Lucifer cleared his throat, "terribly troubling for the others at school of course. What did you tell her?"

"The right thing, I hope…" Chloe muttered quietly, sighing again.

Lucifer was silent for a moment, listening to her breathing. "Do you… could I come over?" he asked in a gentle voice this time and Chloe nearly said yes.


"Right now?" she replied stoutly. "No, Lucifer."

"Why not?" Lucifer sounded quite hurt.

"Because you're high," she exclaimed. "And I have a nine year old here. The last thing I need is a stoned Devil with my daughter who is now a Satanist in her teacher's eye."

Lucifer sighed roughly. "Well how am I supposed to stop that from happening? She's only telling the truth. And she's nothing like a Satanist."

"Yes, I know that," Chloe threw back. "I'm not angry at you for that, I'm angry at you for getting high with Dan's stolen weed in the middle of the day!"

Lucifer rolled his eyes. "Dan's much better for it now," he still defended.

Chloe huffed in irritation. "Right," she snapped. "Just, go get sober. I'll talk to you later."

She hung up the phone, shaking her head with annoyance.

"Trouble in paradise?" smirked Maze from behind her.

Chloe threw her a look. "Same trouble as there's always been," she said in exasperation. "Lucifer is as Lucifer was…" she sighed, moving past Maze and away into the house.

Lucifer on the other end however may have hung up the phone with a huff. But, as the afternoon went on and spread into evening he found he cared less about who was right and more about wanting to make sure that she was ok after the situation with Trixie's school.

When those thoughts out won any annoyance he took himself for a shower, gussying up and changing into a fresh suit. He unfurled his wings, looking in the mirror at the feathered appendages with an odd expression. He knew now that the celestial that forced these on him was gone… he'd likely be able to cut them off and they wouldn't grow back again. And yet… whether it was to do with his Father's death or not… he had not yet been able to sum up the strength to do it.

He shook his head, looking away and turning his attention instead to Chloe's place, disappearing in an instant to appear just outside her window, hovering in the air.

Inside Chloe sat on her bed, phone in hand, staring down at the screen. She'd been annoyed with Lucifer, and yet as the evening wore one she couldn't help missing him. She hoped he'd have called by now. She sighed roughly, suddenly clicking open her screen and tapping Lucifer's number.

Lucifer jumped as his phone went off in his pocket, making a lot of noise outside of her window.

Chloe looked up abruptly, seeing Lucifer hovering outside.

He blushed at being caught; but she smiled before slowly getting up and moving over to open her window. And suddenly, with her there before him; nothing else mattered.

"I'm sorry," he said quietly, his words stopping Chloe for words and she stared in surprise.

Lucifer watched her, his eyes twinkling as it reflected the night sky above.

Then Chloe's expression softened and she smiled warmly. "I'm sorry too…" she relented quietly. Her eyes slid to the huge, glowing white wings outstretched behind him that allowed him to float in the air before her out the window. His feathers glimmered and rippled under the moonlight; their beauty unrivalled. "Get in here," she added softly, smiling again as she moved aside.

And Lucifer grinned, grasping the window sill before hiding those beautiful wings away and clambering into her room; for now, all other trivial concerns were forgotten.


Worth continuing? I have soooo many ideas (some are pretty nuts). So I hope you like it so far!