Hi, my name is Lily. Yes, like the flower. No, it's not my favorite flower. I don't even like flowers.

But anyway, I'm a princess. I have a prissy older sister, who thinks very highly of herself even though I'm obviously better than her. I also have twin younger brothers who are nothing but trouble.

My father never seems to have time for me, but I suppose that's understandable.

My mother always seem to have time for me, giving lessons on how to be more ladylike, though I'm struggling with all this "manners" stuff. My sister is her "star pupil" as she always reminds me. I'm obviously NOT her pride and joy, that's my sister's job, but hey, at least I'm not as bad as my twin brothers!

She's always giving me"gifts" that are supposed to help me in my path to becoming a lady, but usually all they do are making me want to lock myself in the smallest closet and die. This stupid book(no offense stupid book)is another one of her"gifts". She says it's a diary, but I'm calling it a journal.

But anyway, more about me. I'm 15 years old, and I live in a castle *cough* prison *cough*.

I own a Barn owl named Luna. I found her in the castle gardens with a broken wing. I think she fell out of her tree, and her parents just left her there. She kind of reminded me of myself, so I took care of her. She's been staying with me ever since.

I hate living in the castle; mostly because I can't leave, ever. I haven't been able to since the attacks. Which started when I was about 2. The attacks are on the outside villages. My father tries to keep order, but it doesn't really help when his brother is the one leading the attacks. My uncle hates my father. He is also an evil magic user. Which is why the attacks are so deadly.

But anyway, yeah, I can't leave. I kind of like writing in here. I like writing.

Oh no, my mom is coming. I've got to turn the page to look like I haven't really been writing anything and look really bored.