Harry Potter and Apollo's Light

Chapter 3

When your hero is needed for a trial, all need for secrecy is out the window apparently. After receiving the initial letter summoning him to a trial at some point there were a flurry of other letter telling him to be safe, stay there, Dumbledore will fix everything. Harry just stared at the growing pile of letters in trepidation as if they would merge together into a book and attempt to bite him.

In his defense, that had only happened once and boy was Hermione unhappy when it did. The Gryffindors who were there called it the Study-Stress-Scenario. It wasn't Harry's fault in any way. It was all Hermione. He was just there and so got the blame. Everyone who was asking about it was told that it was Harry's fault but that wasn't his fault. It really wasn't.

Hoping to avoid another SSS he skimmed through each letter, memorized each important bit and burned them all in the fireplace, watching with glee as they burned. He was lucky that he did as he could have sworn he saw some parchment roll up and twitch before starting to burn.

The Dursley's were left in a state of disbelief as they watched Harry start to get up and move about as if he had a mission. He did though so it was understandable. His mission was to not get arrested in any shape or form and boy was it exhilarating.

He went up to his room and his bracers chimed in a rising scale before falling once more in what seemed to be an attempt at reassurance and seemed to purr when he stroked them in thanks.

Harry packed everything in a flurry of movement and strode down the hallway before carefully lifting his trunk down the stairs. He would hate to leave scuff marks on the stairs. Those never go away. Walking up to the door he left his trunk there before turning back to the living room where his relatives were sitting now, getting used to the shock of a motivated Harry.

"So… I'll just be going then. See you next summer?"

No one responded for a few seconds before Vernon came to himself with a shake of his head and a snort. He nodded at Harry and everything he felt was conveyed in that one action. Thank you. Good luck. See you later. You've done well.

Harry nodded back and moved back to his trunk and leaving the house for the rest of the year, striding forward up the garden path with his back straight and head high. Perhaps a tad too high because he ended up sneezing quite hard and going backwards and tripping over his trunk.

He found it quite amusing and ended up just laying there, sprawled on his trunk giggling like a maniac while the few people on the streets who saw it happen just watched in disbelief.

Getting up and sitting on his trunk, Harry contemplated on what to do next. He had a general goal and no idea on what to do next. He hummed and hawed as he thought, idly tapping a finger against his chin as if it was the most difficult puzzle in the world. Deciding that this wasn't an appropriate place to think he pulled his trunk to the curb and summoned the Knight Bus.


He pulled his trunk onto the bus and fished out some coins.

"Take me to some grim and old place before 12. Thanks." Harry's back was to the conductor as he struggled to pull his trunk up the stairs so it was slightly muffled and to the conductor it sounded like he had said Grimmauld Place number 12.


The bus had taken off so fast that Harry ended up tumbling sideways over his trunk that he had just gotten onto the same level as him and boy was he regretting that decision. He wobbled as he climbed to his feet and clambered onto a bed as it made its journey up and down the bus alongside all the others.

With one final bang the bus arrived at somewhere Harry didn't recognize.

"Number 12 Grimmauld Place." The conductor announced, startling Harry as he hadn't really focused on where he was going.

'It's certainly grim and old.' Harry thought and decided that this was as good a place as any to get off and think. Thus, he dragged his trunk off the bus and watched it take off before making his way to the house that suddenly appeared out of nowhere as he got closer.

He contemplated the wisdom of his decision for a short moment. A very short moment before deciding what the hell. He walked up to the door and was stuck with the very difficult decision of whether he should ring the doorbell or knock.

Deciding on knocking he rapped on the door in three short sharp snaps of his knuckles against the aged wood and waited.

Everything was silent for a minute before he heard someone approach the door and opening it cautiously. To both their surprise He was face to face with Mrs Weasley, red-haired motherlord of the Weasley gang.


"Mrs Weasley?"


"Mrs Weasley"



"HA- No we aren't doing this. Come inside. Quickly. What on earth are you doing here?" Mrs Weasleys mothering instincts took over for a second as she seriously considered that she and Harry would continue to shout each other's names for who knows how long.

"I asked for somewhere grim and old by 12 and here I am." Harry cheerfully replied as he moved into the dark hallway.

Molly stood there, stunned at the most absurd explanation at how he got past the fidelius charm cast on the house before remembering where she was and checked outside to see no one was watching before closing the door.

She hustled him down to the kitchen and heated up some soup which she placed down in front of Harry before moving to fetch some meat and bread.

Harry was grateful for the food as it had been a while since he had last eaten. He looked around the kitchen and watched in fascination as food and cutlery seemed to fly around of their own accord, fetching his bread and meat that he devoured as soon as it landed in front of him.

Harry had just finished his second plate of food when Sirius came barging into the kitchen looking panicked.









"Don't you dare continue or so help me…" Molly hissed out in annoyance. Both males closed their mouths with a snap as they had certainly been about to continue. That might have been because of the metaphorical aura of fire that they were feeling. Neither was very sure at the moment.

Sirius turned back to Harry to ask how he had gotten there but all that was left was a faint outline of Harry's body shape that seemed to hold itself in place before coalescing into a shower of sparkles. He turned to Molly to ask where he had gone when they heard shouting from upstairs.









That one stopped everyone short and Hermione looked vaguely hurt that he had called her that but Harry was looking adamant.

"Where. Is. She." He was practically hissing at her, wanting to see his beloved owl and making sure the evil owl catchers hadn't harmed her.

Hermione's body language was meek and she merely turned and led him to the room that she and Ginny were apparently sharing. Harry heard a cage open and rushed forward with his arms out when he saw Ginny exiting the room.

With the sight of Harry rushing forward with his arms out at her, Ginny lost all rational thought and held her arms open as if it was a fantasy. Said fantasy crumbled to dust when he blew right past her, almost as if he didn't even see her and when she turned, with arms still outstretched she saw him cuddling Hedwig and nuzzling her with his face. Said owl had an almost smug grin on her face even though it wasn't physically possible for said owl to grin.

Ron coughed after a minutes silence and awkwardness that involved a Hermione almost in tears, Ginny blushing furiously with arms still outstretched and Harry nuzzling his owl. He caught Harry's attention and gave him a pointed look at Hermione. It said a lot when he was the mature one. For all he knew he would be civil to Malfoy next.

Harry caught said look and nodded in understanding before clearing his throat.

"Hermione?" Harry thought he had nailed the tone and delivery and Hedwig seemed to agree as she had flown to sit on top of the cage she had been in.

"Harry?" Hermione's voice on the other hand was trembling and unsure.





The second repetition of the cycle had her voice growing stronger as she became surer that he wasn't angry at her and by the third she rushed forward to envelop him in a bear hug that he happily returned.

"How on earth did you get here Harry? I know they were planning a rescue mission in a few days to go and get you but then you just showed up on your own?" Hermione's voice was muffled as she still had him in a bear hug and he hadn't ended the hug. She tried to wriggle her way out but his grip was steadfast and strong so she merely sighed and relaxed into the hug, figuring that she wouldn't escape until he decided to let her go. Being friends with Harry was such a pain sometimes but he was worth every second.

"I'm here to think about what I'm going to do next. I figured somewhere grim and old would help."


Then almost as if they had rehearsed beforehand, everyone except for Harry sighed and shook their heads which was quite eerie for said boy as it felt like he was in a room full of bobble heads in an earthquake.

"Oh and I'm getting married."

With that cheery final blow Harry whistled for Hedwig to fly to his shoulder and he went looking for a bed to crash in, leaving a stunned group of 5 witches and wizards, the final 2 being the twins Fred and George who had arrived just in time to hear that Harry was getting married.


The days flew by as the date of Harry's trial loomed ever-closer. Everyone was rushing around trying to get him prepared for his defense while Harry on the other hand was merely relaxing and lounging on wherever he felt comfortable at the moment. It was a common sight for Harry to be sitting on a chair or a landing of the stairs with his rings out and simply playing a tune, watching as the notes flew around him in a veritable storm of color.

Hermione confronted him one day, when she got tired of listening to the admittedly soothing music.

"Why aren't you more worried? You broke the Statute of Secrecy!" She demanded, practically spitting those words out at Harry who had a mouth full of bread. Quite literally as he and Ron had been having a contest about who could cram the most amount of sandwich into their mouths. Sirius and the twins were cheering from next to them at the table and Ginny was stuck between obsession, disgust and a desire to join in.

"I'm not worried because I haven't broken it." Harry's relaxed, almost callous response had Hermione's hair rising, almost like a cat.

"You cast magic in front of a muggle!"

"I cast magic in front of my cousin. Who has known about magic for quite a long time, why about 4 years in fact." Harry pointed out after wiping any crumbs from his face with a napkin while Ron was choking in the background with the twins thumping him on the back, trying to dislodge the food stuck in his throat.

"Oh." Harry took that as a victory and got up from the table and cast a triumphant smirk at Ron who had finally stopped coughing. All that got him was a tongue stuck out at him and a grin afterwards.

"Don't worry. Everything will be fine." Harry crooned at Hermione, causing everyone to give him weird looks.

"What if it ends up like the SSS-" She was cut off from continuing by 5 hisses and a confused stare from Sirius.

"That never happened. NEVER!"

Hermione looked around for support but all the other current Gryffindors had their eyes closed and were shaking their heads, trying to suppress the incident from their minds.

"What about your upcoming marriage then? Aren't you going to do anything about it?"

Harry gave her an odd look for that.

"Why would I try? It's nigh on unbreakable, the girl in question isn't that bad and if she enjoys it then she can say that she was forced and trying to make the best of it. Problem solved." He then proceeded to skip, SKIP, out of the room, leaving one knowledge deprived Hermione and 5 others shocked. It was then that Molly came back inside to start another round of cleaning.


The day of the trial arrived in a wave of heat and clear skies and Harry was up and dressed before anyone else in the house woke up. Idly tapping his rings, he watched the notes rise and fall before deciding on a course of action. He ghosted out the door before anyone heard him and called the Knight Bus.

Asking for the Ministry of Magic he sat down just in time before the bus went hurtling forward. A short ride later Harry was left standing outside a plain red phone booth. Deciding that it was as good a point as any he went in and picked up the receiver.

He looked at the receiver blankly, realizing that he had no idea how to get into the ministry itself and decided what the hell. He dialled 6-2-4-4-2 and was startled when it actually worked. He was prompted to state his reason for visiting and he replied truthfully.

"Harry Potter, here for a trial."

He received a badge that stated his name and reason for visiting before the booth started to sink into the ground. The booth slowly dropped to the ground and showed in its all its chaotic glory, the administrative side to the British magical world.

Harry walked up to the visitor's desk and asked for directions to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement while registering his wand. Thanking the secretary for his assistance, he breezed past before the person at the desk could realize who he was. Following the directions he ended up in an elevator that closed behind him that shot backwards and down.

Whistling cheerfully, he made his way through the bullpens until he reached the office of Madam Bones, Head of the DMLE. Knocking twice before he entered the room without waiting for a reply left him standing in front of one of the most powerful witches in the Ministry.

"Hello Madam Bones, my name is Harry Potter and I'm here for a trial apparently. Also, does the muggle in question being my cousin who knows about magic matter in any shape or form?"

Amelia Bones was flabbergasted at the brazen entry of the Boy-Who-Lived and thought that her niece's assessment of Harry was absolutely spot on. Bold and unique, uncaring about propriety yet undeniably polite. She blinked and shook her head before clearing her throat when she caught on to what he had just said.

"What. If he knows about magic then you haven't broken the Statute. Why do you ask?"

"The muggle in question was my cousin. Does that mean that I don't need to attend the trial? Great. Hopefully I won't have to see you again. Nice to meet you and all that jazz. Well bye." With that Harry pirouetted on the tips of one foot and walked back out of the office and striding back to the elevator that would take him back up to the surface.

Madam Bones merely sighed and facepalmed, both at the confidence of Harry and the amount of paperwork she would have to file over this. She pulled out a file that cleared Harry of all charges and filled it out, thinking that Fudge was way over his head when trying to deal with the Boy-Who-Lived. She prayed that she wouldn't have to deal with him too often as she felt like she needed a drink and she rarely ever drank.