[The scene changes to an image of Hiccups face. There are a few bruises and scrape, but they are almost completely healed. Toothless hovers above him, whining and grumbling, snorting impatiently. Hiccup stirs, opening his eyes and smiling.

Hiccup: Oh, hey Toothless.

[The Night Fury wiggles and excitedly nudges Hiccup, covering him in slobber.

Hiccup (cont.): Okay, okay! I'm happy to see you too bud. Now just- AUGH!

[As Toothless steps on his midsection, Hiccup jolts forward and yelps. Suddenly wide awake, he takes in his surroundings.]

All the males in the rooms grimaced. That had to hurt.

Hiccup (cont.): I'm in my house. You're in my house. Uh, does my dad know you're here?

[Brimming with happy-dog-energy, Toothless bounces around the room, knocking quite a few things over before jumping up onto a beam and glancing at Hiccup.]

Stoick turned to his son. "If that Dragon is going to be in the house, we're removing all breakables from the walls." Hiccup grinned at his father before turning to Toothless and scratching him happily.

[He shifts into a sitting position and stops. Toothless watches him, tilting his head slightly. Something is off, and as he lifts the blanket off of his bed, his face drains, overwhelmed.]

A look of understanding dawned on Queen Mala and the rest of the Defenders faces. So that's how it happened. Meanwhile, the Vikings were looking at the screen anxiously, Stoick was unconsciously wringing his hands.

[He puts his right foot down, then places a prosthetic leg next to it. Made out of wood and metal, the spring compressing slightly as he puts weight on it. Hiccup looks up at Toothless, a pained look on his face.]

Everyone was silent in shock. Finally, Gobber spoke.

"Oh, lad." They all turned to Hiccup, waiting for a reaction.

"Well, it could have been worse. I mean, I like my leg and all, but I'll manage." He smiled at Gobber. "You're missing an arm and leg, I've just lost a leg." Gobber shook his head.

"I lost mine as an adult, you're just a boy." He looked at the child sadly, but Hiccup just grinned ruefully.

"Come on, imagine if I'd lost my head!" The hall laughed, the tension mostly gone.

"At least you'd shut your mouth!" Stoick laughed, and Toothless chortled. Finally, the laughing died down and the movie resumed.

[Approaching slowly, Toothless sniffs the contraption, then raises his head to gaze at Hiccup. Pushing agains the bedpost, he stands, taking a deep breath. He steps with his injured leg, limping badly. As he takes another, his leg gives out and he falls onto Toothless, who props him up.]

Gobber sighed and looked at the boy. "I'm not gonna lie, it's gonna be hard. But you'll make it through." Thork nodded.

"He seems to deal with it quite well in the future, though it's a bit different." Hiccup grinned at him and nodded.

[He put his weight on Toothless, using him as a crutch. As they make their way to the door, Toothless' tail and Hiccup's prosthetic are highlighted.]

Queen Mala smiled slightly. "A matching set." She whispered sadly. How had they not noticed their similarities, they trusted the Dragons judgement, yet they had ignored the Riders Dragons judgement because of their own prejudices and traditions. They were no better than the Vikings were back before this happened.

[Hiccup opens the door, but at the appearance of a Monstrous Nightmare, he slams it shut once more. His eyes are wide, gasping.

Hiccup: Toothless? Stay here, bud.

[He cracks the door open once more and peers out. The Nightmare is still there… but Snotlout was riding it!]

Snotlout: Come on guys, get rSneady! Hold on tight, here we go!

Snotlout grinned. "Look at that! I got the Nightmare! Obviously the best one!" Hookfang snorted and nudged his rider who gave him a good scratching.

[A few people on their dragons follow as he takes off. The village is filled with Vikings and Dragons alike, with a few of the latter eating fish out of feeding stations. Stepping forward, Hiccup meets his father in front of the house.]

Hiccup: I knew it. I'm dead.

[Stoick chuckles.]

Stoick: No, but you gave it your best shot.

[He places a had on Hiccup's shoulder and gestures to the village. It's filled with brightly colored dragons and Vikings happily interacting peacefully.]

Stoick: So, what do you think?

[Hiccup shakes his head, grinning. Below, the plaza, villagers take notice.]

Viking 1: Hey look! It's Hiccup!

[They rush over, surrounding him with a hero's welcome.]
Viking 2: Hiccup, how ya doin' mte?

Viking 3: It's great to see you up and about.

[Stoick turns to Hiccup, looking him over.]

Stoick: Turns out, all we needed was a little more of… this.

[Hiccup shifts his weight, rolling his eyes and smiling.]

Hiccup: You just gestured to all of me.

[Gobber walks up to the pair.}

Gobber: Well, most of you. Tha' bit's my handiwork. With a little Hiccup flair thrown in. You think it'll do?

Hiccup: I might make a few tweaks.

The Defenders chuckled. "It is a bit different, but not by much." Thork commented, and Gobber grinned.

[Pushing through the crowd, Astrid comes up to Hiccup and punches him in the arm.]

Hiccup turned an annoyed glare to Astrid who grinned at him.

Astrid: That's for scaring me.

Hiccup: What, it it always going to be this way? Because I-

[Astrid kisses him, cutting him off. Looking stunned, Hiccup continues.]

Hiccup: - could get used to it.

The crowed hoots and hollers as the two teens blush, glancing at each other.

[Gobber hands him a new saddle and rigging, with a bright red tail fin for Toothless.]

Gobber: Welcome home.

[Leaping out of the house, Toothless starts to pounce on the heads of the Vikings in an effort to reach Hiccup.]

Viking: Night Fury! Get Down!

{Scene cuts to Hiccups prosthetic locking into the new pedal with a click, he flexes his foot, testing out the new rigging. The red tail fin with white Viking painted on it opens and closes with ease. Hiccup looks at Toothless, both of them eager to fly.

Hiccup: You ready?

[Toothless snorts and wiggles impatiently.]

Hiccup (v.o.): This... is Berk. It snows nine months of the year… and hails the other three.

[They take off, Astrid and Stormfly close behind.]

"And it's always so, so cold." Snotlout shivered and Fishlegs nodded, but both grinned when Hookfang lit up his tail and wrapped it about a foot away from Snotlout, and Meatlug spat some lava in front of Fishlegs. The two gave their dragons a good scratch.

Hiccup (Cont.): Any food that grows here is tough and tasteless. The people that grow here are even more so.

Ruffnut gasped. "We're not like food!" Tuffnut nodded in agreement.

"Do I look like a fish to you?!" He grinned and started flopping around.

[The riders and Dragons race through the village, over houses and under bridges.

Hiccup (cont.): The only upsides are the pets. While other places have ponies, or parrots, we have…

[The other teens on their respective dragons join in, and the group rockets upward. Hiccup and Toothless break away from the group, soaring and spinning into the sun.

Hiccup (cont.): DRAGONS!

[The screen fades to white.]

Shade appeared once more, and the barriers that separated the three groups disappeared. "So, any questions?" She asked, and Queen Mala raised her hand.

"The giant dragon, the Queen, what was up with that? I'm still confused." Shade smiled.

"All of the dragons follow the alpha, but every nest has a queen. The queen of a nest can force her will on the dragons under her control, a good queen will not, just as the current Alpha does not, however this Queen did. She wanted more food so she forced the Dragons under her control to attack the Village closest to her to get it. When Hiccup bonded with Toothless, and the other teens with their dragons, they broke the control of the Queen. When the pupils of a Dragon are slits, they're acting on instinct or under the control of their queen or the alpha." She smiled at Mala. "Does that clear some things up?" The queen of the Defenders of the Wing nodded, along with several Vikings.

"When we get back, we're getting that Dragon and the rest of them and we're heading to the nest. We need to take that Queen out. Hopefully this time, without Hiccup losing a leg." Stoick said, and Shade cringed.

"Actually, I have to send you back without your memories until the events of this has happened. However, if you wish I can show you what happens in five years, then maybe I'll show you what's happening in the Defenders' time?" She gave a nervous smile, and Hiccup looked at her.

"This is your first time doing this, isn't it?" Shade nodded.

"I was accepted into the Fate Changers about a month ago, so this is my first showing." She grinned. "I think I'm doing okay. So, do you guys want to see what's happening in five years, or what?" She asked, and everyone cheered and nodded their assent.

That's it! By the gods it's finished! *Screams* Look for the sequel! It'll probably be something like "How to Watch a Movie 2." Yes, this will end up being a trilogy. One book (this one) for this movie, one for Dragons: Race to the Edge, which I'll only do certain episodes, I'll probably jump around a bit too., and one for HTTYD 2. Maybe 3 when it comes out, if I like it and feel like it. The Sequel will be out soon!