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Christian's POV

Anastasia lays on her side, naked sans for the light sheet draped at her waist. Her stomach shifts slightly as our baby moves inside her. She's thirty weeks pregnant. Only ten to go until Blip arrives and throws us into a tailspin. I reach my hand out and gently caress her extended abdomen. The kicks pick up and Ana groans, bringing her hand to rest on top of mine.

"Christian, it's too early. Don't get him started." She pats my hand and then pushes it off her stomach.

"He's ready to start his day. What's that? I think he's saying that he wants some breakfast." I see a small smile form on her face. Her stomach growls and she rolls over onto her back with her arms over her head.

"Well, maybe you should tell him that his mommy wants a little more sleep." She sighs and struggles to sit up.

"I don't think he's going to listen, he's not even here yet and he's quite demanding." I lean down and press a kiss to her stomach. The baby inside her moves around. Her hand goes to the spot his little hand or foot is jabbing. I get out of bed, naked, and make my way to Ana's side. I help her get up, seeing as she hasn't been able to do it on her own for a few weeks, and we head to get a shower.

Of course, we fool around a little bit but we don't have time to take it any further. Gail calls us down for breakfast, French toast with fresh strawberries and whipped cream. Ana moans in approval as the first bite hits her tongue. It makes me impossibly harder and I just want to hurry through breakfast and take her back to our bedroom. We sit through breakfast in a comfortable silence, just reveling in each-other's presence. We leave our plates on the counter once we're done, knowing Gail will clean up.

We head back to our room but instead of having sex like I thought we would, Ana starts getting ready for work. I sigh and run my hand through my hair. We both showered last night after three amazing rounds of love making.

"Can't you play hooky? We both can and just stay in bed together all day." I walk behind her and kiss her neck, letting my kisses travel to her shoulder. She's wearing nothing but her panties. Strapped to her garter belt are black thigh high tights. I push my erection into her backside and I can feel her jaw shift as she bites her lip. I quickly spin her around, originally planning to just attack her mouth with my own. However, I'm stopped when our son comes between us, kicking at my stomach. For a moment, I'd forgotten how big Ana's bump has gotten, how big our little blip has grown. I rub her stomach, momentarily forgetting what seems to be my constant aroused state.

"He's getting so big. It seems like yesterday that you barely had a curve to your stomach. Now though, you can definitely tell he's in there." Our son kicks my hand and my smile is automatic.

"He's around three pounds now. Oh, that reminds me. I was thinking maybe tonight we can get a jump start on the nursery. The paint is dry, the border has settled, so maybe we can start assembling the crib." Ana cups my chin and presses a chaste kiss to my lips. I feel my heart race. She's far enough along to build the crib, the crib our son will sleep in for the first year or two of his life.

"Yeah, definitely. Now, back to the original topic. Stay home with me. We can occupy ourselves for a bit before we start on Blip's nursery." I plant a kiss between her breasts. She lets out a pleasurable sigh and her hand makes it's way to the back of my head, her fingers weaving through my hair.

"I have a meeting with Boyce Fox today, we're supposed to talk about his manuscript and go over a few changes. I can't play hooky today." She pushes my head back lightly. I push my bottom lip out and childishly pout.

"What time is the meeting?" I curl a lock of her hair around my finger.

"Eleven o'clock. It should be done by one, and then I have…" I press my index finger against her lips, effectively silencing her.

"I'll pick you up at one thirty. We can go to the baby store a few blocks from Grey Publishing and pick out a few things we need." I know it's wrong, but one thing she loves doing is shopping for Blip. So, I use it against her. She'll never be able to resist leaving work to buy things for our unborn son.

"That's so wrong Christian. You're using my weakness to get what you want. But, I suppose Blip does need a few more toys and outfits. Oh! We need to get the bedding for the crib. We also need to go to the craft store, I want to pick up a shadow box for his first outfit and hospital bracelet, things like that." She gets so excited and rambles when it comes to our son, it fills my heart with indescribably joy. "Now, I need to get dressed. Are you going into GEH at all today?" She turns away from me and puts on a lacy black bra, covering up one of my favorite parts of her. I of course pout.

She chooses to wear a beige sweater dress with nude flats. Heels went out the window at the eighteen-week mark. I threatened to burn them all. Pregnancy has made her clumsy and with the death traps she wore, a fall was imminent.

"No, I already texted Andrea and told her to reschedule all my meeting. I was hoping a certain brunette would stay home with me but alas, she rejected my idea." Ana rolls her eyes at me and I feel my palm twitch. She smirks a little knowing exactly she's doing.

"I'm sorry Mr. Grey but it's a tad rude to reschedule meetings last minute. I need to get going. I'll see you at one thirty." She kisses my lips lightly and walks out of the room. I watch as she leaves with Taylor in tow.

The hours pass slowly. I want nothing more than to pick Ana up early, but I know that she'd be difficult about it. I decide to distract myself…Opening my laptop, I type what I want into google. I immediately choose the first link. Thousands of names and meaning appear on the screen. Ana and I haven't picked a name for our little Blip yet. Names like Liam, Braxton and Henry pop up but none of them do it for me. I sigh and lean back once I've hit page 15. I click the 'x' in the corner of my screen and step away from my laptop. I call my mother, she tells me about how my grandfather is taking a trip to Chicago with my grandmother. It's then that it clicks. The name that I fall in love with. Theodore. I smile and write it down, attaching the name Grey to it. Even on paper it looks perfect. I'm suddenly too excited to sit around the house.

I jump in my fastest car and take off towards Grey publishing. I'm dressed casually in jeans, a white t-shirt and a light jacket. It's only noon but I can't wait any longer. I'm greeted as I enter. A chorus of 'Good Morning, Mr. Grey' surrounds me as I walk towards Ana's office. I see that she's alone, bent over her desk and looking at a packet of papers. I don't knock as I enter. Her head shoots up. She smiles and shakes her head as she sees me.

"Missed me that much, Mr. Grey?" she teases. I grin and sit in the chair across from her.

"Always, Mrs. Grey. I apologize for just bursting in here, but I couldn't wait to tell you." My voice holds excitement. She furrows her brows curiously, but the smile never leaves her face.

"Well, don't leave me hanging. What's going on?" She sits back, her hands go to her stomach where she is no doubt feeling our son kick.

"Theodore. Theodore Grey." Is all I say. She leans forward again with her elbows on her desk.

"Your grandfather? What's going on, is he okay?" She asks worriedly. I shake my head, my smile lighting up my face.

"He's fine, taking a trip actually. I'm not talking about him though. I'm talking about someone who hasn't seen the outside world yet and won't for another ten weeks." I watch as her face changes from worried to understanding. Slowly a smile graces her face.

"You want to name him Theodore?" She sounds so happy and that makes me ecstatic.

"I was looking on the internet for names and none of them fit Blip. So, I called my mom and she was talking about my grandfather. I want his name to be Theodor but if you don't like it, we won't name him that. It's old fashioned, I know but…It fits him." I shrug and look at the floor. I hear her chair roll backwards and her soft footsteps coming towards me.

"Oh Christian, I love it. He's our little Theodore, our little Teddy." The nickname makes my heart race and once again my smile appears. I stand up and kiss her lips with passion. She pulls away and strokes my cheek.

"I love you so much, Mrs. Grey. I love Teddy so much and I can't wait for the day I see you holding him for the first time. I can't wait to hear his first cry or witness his first smile. You two are everything to me." I rest my forehead against hers.

"Let's get out of here, I can leave a little bit earlier than we planned. I want to go buy Teddy more stuff." She giggles, and I grab her hand. She grabs her purse and phone as we walk out of her office. She let's Hannah know that she's leaving early and to take messages for her if anyone calls.

We make our way to the little baby boutique, Ana is practically vibrating with excitement. We've been here twice before but she always finds something new to get. It's here that carries the bedding we've chosen for our son to sleep on. His nursery is a helicopter and car theme. Perfect for our son. We buy a few little outfits when suddenly I find the one our son will go home in. I show it to Ana and she melts, taking it in her hands and reveling at how soft it is. I choose three sizes. Preemie, Newborn and 0-3 months. We don't know how big he's going to be and I want him to fit it.

Today has been an eventful day. Ana and I decide that we'll start the nursery tomorrow. We are both too wound up to even think of doing anything but making love all day. We immediately head to our bedroom once we arrive home. I press Ana gently against the door and attach my mouth to hers. Our tongues meet and we both moan. Our hands wander, taking each other in. I pull her away from the door and guide her to our bed. Slowly our clothing disappears, covering the floor. Her gasps and moans drive me, make me want her even more.

I trail my hand down her body. Not stopping until I'm at her wet center. She arches up and I slip one finger and then two into her. I lean down and take one of her nipples into my mouth, being extra careful since they're so sensitive. Her hand grasps my hair, her teeth trap her bottom lip. I use my free hand to pull her lip away.

"Christian, please. I need you, now." She begs. I pull my fingers from her, and bring them to my mouth. There's a fire in her eyes as she watches me suck her off of my fingers one by one. Once I'm satisfied that there's no more left, I line myself up with her entrance. Due to her stomach, she's at the very edge of the bed and I stand with my feet on the floor. Slowly, I slide into her. She gasps my name, her hands above her head and gripping the sheets beneath them. I grin and begin to move faster. It's not long before I feel her inside walls tightening around me. I can't hold off as her orgasm triggers mine. We stay in that position for a few minutes, both of us too spent to move.

"I love you, Mrs. Grey." I say as I pull out of her and lay down right next to her on our bed. She turns on her side so that she's facing me. I stroke her cheek and her eyes begin to get heavy.

"I love you too, Mr. Grey. So much." And she slowly drifts off to sleep.


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