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Christian's POV

"I think that's the wrong piece, Christian. It says that 'A' goes to 'D', which then connects to 'B'" Ana looks at the instructions on how to set up the crib we picked. I huff angrily, frustrated with the wooden pieces surrounding me.

"I didn't pay eighteen hundred dollars to be outsmarted by a fucking crib." I growl. Ana's mouth drops open.

"Eighteen hundred dollars? Christian, what the hell? I thought we agreed six hundred max? Teddy is only going to sleep in it for a year or two." She chastises me. I never wanted her to know how much I spent on it, knowing she'd think it was too much.

"It's one of those convertible ones. It grows with him. Plus, there's a changing table attached to it so we don't have to buy one. Anyway, he's a Grey and our first child. He's going to have the best of everything." I watch as my wife shakes her head and sighs.

"But eighteen hundred dollars? That's as much as Kate and my rent when we got the apartment in Seattle. He's not even going to sleep in it for the first month or two." This confuses me. I look at her with it written all over my face.

"What do you mean he's not sleeping in it? It's his bed, in his room, filled with his stuff. Where's he going to sleep? The living room?" I run my hands through my hair, frustrated and needing to take a break.

"Christian, why do you think we bought the bassinet? He's sleeping in our room when we bring him home. We're going to be exhausted and I doubt we're going to want to walk to his room at three a.m. when he needs a diaper change or a feeding." She moves to get up out of the rocking chair she was sitting in. I rush to my feet and help her.

"What about when we want to have sex? I don't think I'm going to be comfortable doing that with him in the room. Especially if we stray from vanilla sex." Ana gives me an incredulous look.

"You do know that we can't have sex for at least six weeks after he's born right? It's going to be a disaster zone down there." She chuckles as she sees the look of devastation on my face.

"Six weeks? As in a month and a half? Ana, the longest we've gone without sex since we got together is when we were on our mini break. Can't we get you to a doctor at like three weeks instead?" Six weeks without being inside my wife? Why the hell didn't Dr. Greene tell me that?

"You do realize that our son will be the size of a watermelon, coming out of a hole the size of a lemon, right? Have you read any of the baby books?" I can tell she finds this situation humorous, I however don't. I find it devastating.

"I…But…We can't hold off for six weeks."

"Unfortunately, you don't have a choice. The only person to blame here is you and your super sperm." She shrugs and begins to walk out of the nursery.

"Me? You're the one who ignored Dr. Greene's calls and didn't get your shot! I mean, I'm happy that you did. I can't wait for our son to get here but…" Ana stops and turns. She puts her arms on my shoulders and links her hands behind my neck.

"How about we admit that it takes two to tango. We had sex and sex makes babies. Teddy is going to be perfect. Our little boy, he's going to be so spoiled and so loved. You, Mr. Christian Trevelyan Grey, are going to be the best daddy. He's going to look up to you so much, you'll be his hero." Her little speech begins to bring tears into my eyes. I bring my hands to her bump where our son is doing somersaults.

"You two…You're my everything. You made me a better man. Before you, I was filled with anger and hate but now, I am filled with so much joy. If you hadn't come into my life, I don't know what would've happened. When Teddy gets here, my love for you will grow. You're giving me the most precious gift. I know my initial reaction was deplorable and I'd give anything to react differently but now, I can't wait to hold him in my arms." I let one of my hands leave her stomach to stroke her cheek. She stands on her tip-toes and plants a kiss on my lips. Her stomach growls and we both laugh.

"We should probably feed you and Teddy. He's a growing boy." He immediately starts kicking, Ana's smile lights up her face.

"I think he agrees with his daddy." With that, we head to the kitchen.

~2 weeks later~

Ana and I sit in the waiting room of Dr. Greene's office with our hands clasped together. There are multiple pregnant women surrounding us as well as a few with small babies. It's hard to believe that my son is going to be that small and helpless. We don't wait long before Ana's name is called, and we head back to room 4. Dr. Greene comes in a few minutes later with a smile on her face, asking us how we are.

"How have you been feeling, Ana? Any Braxton Hicks?" Dr. Greene sits on the stool by the examination table that Ana is sitting on.

"I've been good. No Braxton Hicks yet but I still have eight weeks to go. He's been really active lately and it seems like when I want to sleep, he wants to play." Ana's hands go to her bump where Teddy is probably rolling around or kicking.

"He's preparing you for late night feedings. Alright, let's get down to business. We're going to take some blood to make sure your HCG levels are on track. I also want to take your blood pressure, make sure it's within the proper range. We'll do an ultrasound, see how your little boy is doing." She smiles and gets right down to the examination. Ana grasps my hand as the ultrasound starts. The moment our son appears on the screen, both of eyes fill with tears.

We watch as his little heart beats perfectly. He has hiccups at the moment and is sucking his thumb. Dr. Green tells us that he's a little big, he's about four pounds and 17 inches long. His fingernails and toenails have grown in. He may be growing hair. She also mentions scheduling us for a 3D ultrasound. We're going to start coming in every other week and once Ana gets to 36 weeks, we'll have an appointment every week. We're winding down and it's exciting yet nerve wracking at the same time. We make an appointment for two weeks from now with the receptionist, the newest pictures of our son in our hands. After the appointment, we head to a small café for lunch.

"He's going to be big, Christian. You heard Dr. Green, he's bigger than the average thirty-two-week baby. I'm never going to be the same down there." She groans as we talk about our son. I smile and hold her hand across the table.

"Ana, you could be a little farther along. Plus, isn't it a good thing that he's big? It means he's healthy. Teddy is going to be perfect." Ana smiles at me but then grimaces again.

"Dr. Greene also said that within these next few weeks he's going to basically double in size. I'm going to be so huge. I'll be a whale and you won't find me attractive anymore." Tears fill her eyes and that's the last thing I want.

"I'll love you and I'll find you attractive no matter how big you get. Seeing you round with my child…It makes me want you even more. You're carrying my baby and it's incredibly sexy. I'll never quit wanting you, needing you." I tell her with as much passion as I can in public.

"I love you, Mr. Grey." She squeezes my fingers.

"Not as much as I love you and Teddy, Mrs. Grey." I signal to the waiter that we're ready for the check. Once I pay and leave a decent tip, Ana and I head home. I head up to the nursery and start working on the crib again.

I finally get the crib built, it does however take over an hour. Ana helps me get the bedding on the mattress. I set up a few shelves, we put his ultrasound pictures on them, along with a few decorative helicopters and cars. We plan to get the 3D ultrasound and we'll add that to the rest of them. Above his crib is a wooden script is his name, Teddy. A rocking chair sits in the corner, and a dresser that matches his crib is along the wall. The top of it has a few little baskets containing diapers and wipes. There's a diaper genie next to the changing table attached to his crib. There's a toybox next to his dresser that's filled to the brim with toys he'll eventually be big enough to play with.

Around the house are various baby items. Bouncers, swings, playmats and a bassinet litter the main family room. There's a high chair in the kitchen. In mine and Ana's room there's another bassinet and nursing pillows. Ana and Teddy's hospital bags are packed, all his clothes and blankets are washed. We're ready for him to come into the world.

"Christian, I was thinking, I want us to drive Teddy home from the hospital. I don't want Taylor to do it. If he wants to follow us, that's fine but I want us to bring him home. I love our families, but the day we get back, I don't want them to be here. I want it just to be the three of us. Lord knows that we'll have visitors in and out of the hospital but I want to relax when we get back." I can tell Ana is nervous about the subject. While I want to object about Taylor not driving us home, I understand and respect the fact that she wants it to be us.

"Okay, if that's what you want, we'll do it. I one hundred percent agree with it just being the three of us when he comes home. However, I think we should wait to tell our families that until we get closer to the birth. Have you given any thought to whether you want a natural birth or not?" I ask. I'd prefer it if she did, just because I'm against drugs. I don't even like taking Tylenol.

"I want to try. If it becomes too much, I can always ask for an epidural." Ana runs her fingers through my hair, and I lean into her touch. Her lips attach to mine. I run my tongue along her bottom lip and she opens her mouth, letting me in. I bring her as close to me as I can without crushing Teddy, who seems to have fallen asleep.

"I need you, Ana." I whisper against her lips. She nods her head in agreement. I tug her hand, she follows me back to our bedroom. I pull her shirt over her head and let my lips travel to the tops over her breasts. She bites her bottom lip and her breathing gets heavier. Ana tugs at my shirt, and I comply with her wishes, taking it off. Her hands start at my should, she slowly and lightly lets her fingertips train down my chest to my abdomen. I feel my muscles contract as her fingers meet the waistband of my jeans.

She pops the button on my jeans and slowly eases the zipper down. Her hands make their way into the back of my pants. I copy her actions, ridding her of her bra and making my way down to her leggings. I slide them down her legs, leaving her panties on for the time being.

"I love you so much." I tell her. I think back to the time that I could barely admit it and now the words flow freely from me.

"I love you too." She murmurs as we make our way to the bed. My pants and boxer briefs disappear as well as her panties. I move to get on top of her, but my son's temporary home gets in the way. Ana and I both laugh, and I rub her stomach.

"I think you're going to have to be on top. Or I can take you from behind." Without saying a word, Ana pushes me down onto the bed. I scoot up towards the headboard and Ana straddles my hips. I feel dick twitch and I take her nipple into my mouth, biting it lightly. I grab my erection, holding it so Ana can slide down onto me. We both let out groans of pleasure as she becomes flush with me. She leans forward and kisses me, our tangle and she begins to move. I grasp her hips, helping her move up and down.

"God, Christian. You feel so good." She says breathlessly. I suck on her neck and she grasps my hair, keeping me where I am. When she releases me, I lean back, and she braces herself on my chest, an area she once couldn't touch. Her hips swivel over me and I can't help but thrust up slightly.

I begin to feel her tightening around me. I spank her lightly and she throws her head back. My hands travel from her waist, up to her breasts. I kneed them and roll her nipples. She falls forward, her arms next my head. I grasp the back of her neck gently and pull her lips to mine. I bite her lip lightly and I feel her squeeze me impossible tight, she falls apart around me and triggers my own orgasm. We lay like that for a few minutes, when she lifts off me we both hiss from the feeling. She lays down next to me and we grin at each other. We're surrounded by the scent of sex, both of us basking in the after-glow of our love making. I play with her hair and I can see her drifting off to sleep. I shake her slightly and tell her that we need to take a shower. She insists on a bath. I run it as she rests for a little.

We take a bath together, her back against my chest. I hold her hand as we talk quietly to each other. In that moment, I fall even more in love with her. My hand caresses our son inside her. His little hands or feet push against my hand. Ana's stomach contorts slightly with his motions and I find it fascinating.

"I just realized, we haven't picked a middle name for Teddy." Ana mentions. I kiss the side of her neck.

"I picked his first name, so it's only fair that you get to pick his middle name." I tell her.

"What about Christian? We could name him after you." She suggests. I frown slightly.

"I don't know, Theodore Christian Grey. It sounds nice but…It just doesn't fit him." I say, she nods her head. Suddenly she shifts and turns to face me.

"I want to name him after my father. Theodore Raymond Grey. He's one of the most important men in my life and I think it'll mean the world to him if we name our son after him." I stroke her cheek and lean forward to kiss her.

"It's perfect, Ana. I love it. Theodore Raymond Grey, our son, our Blip." And with that, our son has his name.


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