"Crap, crap, crap, crap!" I was running as fast as I could, occasionally looking behind me to see the amaznonian anajath still giving chase, easily gaining on me. I had to lose her, had to out maneuver her somehow despite my larger form.

In my haste to get the fuck away from her, I shoved down a tree, barely feeling the impact. Then it hit me, just like I hit the tree. "I'm a fucking barroth." Not only that, I was a hunter once. No, am. I'm still a hunter! My mind says so! My body is different, yet I remain the same! I turned around, ready to face that anjajerk.

"RRAAAGGHH!" My roar wasn't human, but it was that of the hunter! I wasn't gonna run, I was gonna fight! I was gonna-

"Ggargh?!" The anjanath stepped right onto the vines and got trapped in the most ridiculous looking way possible. The vines actually wrapped around her full form, oddly reminiscent of a style of Kinbaku bondage. I couldn't help but snicker at her struggling form, large lady bits jiggling to and fro as she struggled on her knees.

"Fuck her in the pussy!"

"What?!" I yelled. Someone else yelled at me to fuck her and I didn't see who until I looked up at the trees, jagras looking at us with lustful anticipation.

"Fuck her while she's down!"

"Fuck her face!"

"Tell her she's scum and make her eat cum!"

"Kiss her on the lips!"

Man, the encouragements were getting more raunchy by the second. But I wasn't gonna listen. "Hey!" I shouted. "You want her?!" They all looked taken aback. "Happy nuttin'!" I yelled as I walked. Whether they knew what that meant or not, I had no idea. Bout I assumed so, as I could hear the anajath increasing her movement's to escape and jagras of both sexes run down to have their way with her.

Curiosity got the better of me and I turned around to see the jagras going fuck wild on her. I saw few play with her breasts, licking and suckling on the teats, two go to her nether region to eat her out as her juices flowed, and one insert his shaft in the tight warmth of her anus. One of these fuckers got real confident and started to make out with her. Pretty sure it was the guy who told me to do that.

"Fuckin' jeez." I muttered. I bet the researchers back home would soak their panties from a description of the sight alone. Whatever, good fetish, wrong species. Now if it were that cute handler girl or that girl with the books... "hehehehe."

So I walked off, pleasant thoughts in my head and a bit ignorant of my surroundings. Could've sworn I heard a vine snap somewhere.

'Where the hell would I go exactly?' I thought to myself unsure of where to go from here after walking for a few hours. Perhaps I could find a nest somewhere or make one? Somewhere I could recuperate for the night. I couldn't just sleep out in the open. I'm clearly not an apex predator, and even if I was, sleeping out in the open could still be considered a suicide attempt. Or booty calling.

"Hahahaha!" I heard laughter just around the corner. If I could, I would've walked away, but I was not gonna go back the way I came. Too risky considering what I heard behind me. May curiosity not kill me.

So I turned the corner found a tropical looking wyvernoid standing over a great jagras. She had a stocky build, a gray underside and breasts akin to C-cups on her chest. Her upper limbs were standard for flying wyvernoids, wing skin on her arms beginning from the pinkies and ending on her elbows. Her ass was very plump looking, plushy and ripe for squeezing. The only thing really off putting about her was her eyes. Almost like a chameleos but still in her sockets. The rest of her face was soft looking, especially her lips.

Below her was the same great jagras that drew the anajath on me and ran out earlier. How did I know that was the same one you ask.

I'm a hunter. That's why.

"So let me get this straight. After she spotted that barroth, she let your dumbass just run off. Oh, to live the life of an expendable jagras." The colorful wyvernoid laughed, clearly mocking the jagras she was standing over, foot on his dick and tail twirling in her hand like a dominatrix with a whip.

"I-I'm not expend-dable." He growled back weakly, wincing as she increased the pressure.

"Sure you aren't. It's not like your species breed more than rodents and are barely killed off just as fast." She replied with harsh sarcasm. She slapped him across the face with her tail. "And to think a gutless reject like you thought it was okay to wander into my territory. You're gonna have to make it up to me, wretch. Seeing as how you apparently skipped out on lunch and I'm feeling generous." She grabbed him by the head and shoved his face between her legs. "Get eating."

I was fairly a bit miffed from earlier, but to be fair, I had some sympathy for this weak bastard. He was clearly not a strong large monster and given how this goofy looking peacock-qurupeco fluke baby was treating him, he must be a beta boy by situation, not choice.

Call me sappy, but Xavier's heart went out to betas like that.

"Hey, ease up on this poor guy will ya!" I yelled as I walked out from the corner as assertive as could be. "You're not being a proper dom, you're just being a jackass."

Both of the wyvernoids turned to me, shock on their faces that slowly turned into fright as their eyes drifted down my body. Not sure if I should be proud or not.

"Aaaaaiiieee!" The female screamed. "You can have him! I ain't gettin' torn open tonight!" She took a running start and flew off as fast she could.

"Guess she was one of those standard bully monsters." I said, stroking my chin before turning my attention to the jagras. "You alright, beta-boy?"

"I'm fine. And I'm not a beta." He said weakly, trying his best to glare at me. "I could've taken her."

"I doubt it." I said offhandedly. I'm fairly sure I could pimp slap this guy into submission if I wanted to, but luckily for him, I didn't. "Hey, since I saved you just now and am currently not holding a grudge over what happen earlier today." He visibly flinched over mentioning that. "Why don't you fill me in on the territory of the jungle. Tell me of a safe place to rest perhaps?"

"And why would I do that?" He asked, trying to stand up act menacing. Oh, the poor child.

I decided to play the intimidating route and walked right up to him authoritarian style. He shrank back down like child about to receive a spanking. "Because I'm bigger than you."

He looked me over yet again then himself and visibly deflated. A bit harsh on my end, but a necessary evil. "Okay well, I can tell of where you should rest and where you shouldn't." He said reluctantly.

"Alright. Hit me." I told him as I sat down. He looked at me a bit weirdly before shrugging. He tail slapped me. "Ow! What the hell." I barked, getting up to grab him by the shoulders.

"You told me to hit you!" He said, panicked from my reaction.

I forgot I was technically speaking to an animalistic creature. I calmed down before speaking again. "I meant tell me what you know."

"O-ok." So I listened to his words. He gave me some info of the geography and told me the best places to rest my weary head.

These words stuck in my head. "Whatever you do, avoid the caves at night and seek the high tops of the trees and vines for safe rest. But don't go too high, for that is where the king and queen lurk. They have no patience for the trespassers."

'This looks safe.' I found a clear bed of vines. Secluded, high above the ground, and good escapes routes just in case trouble comes my way, it looked alright to sleep in. So I did. I set myself down on the soft surface of vines and began to drift off to sleep. Doing my best to ignore the wild sounds of night.

You know how nature generally sounds calming and peaceful because of the natural beauty to humans. Imagine that turned into the sounds of your neighbors having a distant orgy.

Yeah, I'm sleeping to that tonight.

"Mmmm." Damn, I felt good. Real good. "Oh, unf!" I felt a weight on my pelvis and I could hear the sounds of soft slapping growing in intensity. "Fuck." I heard someone gasp out.

My vision grew and I found myself being ridden by a cute girl in a small bed. A really cute girl with a heart shaped pillow of an ass. Her hair a rich chocolate color. She was so warm, burning really. Her insides were so slick and hot, her love juices soaking my crotch. "That's right girl." I couldn't help but chuckle. "Who's your daddy?"

I reached out to grope that delectable ass. I stopped when I saw my arm. It belonged to a barroth. I blinked. My body, it was that of a barroth. I blinked again.

The girl she was. "You are!" She moaned with a slight growl. No longer human! A nargacuga!

"Oh, frisky fruit baskets!" I yelled as I shot up, finally awake as morning came. "(Sniff sniff) ugh." And apparently from an intense wet dream judging from the smell and the rather moisturized vines next to me.


I heard a loud thud somewhere next to my position and my heart nearly stopped. "Grrrrr." It was the anjanath again, her hand around the throat of an aptonoth corpse, freshly killed and partially eaten. "You again. In me bed." She was peeved, very peeved. She was smiling. "Gonna pay you back for before. Crush your pelvis."

I tried to stand up as best as I could, but I was sent stumbling when the anjanath stomped on the vines, sending a vine wave through the bed.

Distracted by trying to stand up right, I couldn't stop her from pouncing on me. She slammed into me full force, her hands holding my arms down and her fat ass on top of my pelvis. Oh god, my mini me was rubbing against her! "Hahaha! What's wrong?! No fight in you?!" She roared with laughter.

How wrong she was for I was more than ready to put my head to use. Lucky for me, her head was low enough to be in striking range and close enough for me to bash with my own cranium, making her reel in pain. This made her grip slack and gave me an opportunity turn the tables on her, by literally turning her over.

It felt real good being on top. I was lined up perfectly to - to wait, why was I erect and why was I lining up to penetrate?! "Ggarrr!" She was thrashing and doubted I could physically overpower her, but I had to try. She angled herself and got my body in a leg hold, her powerful muscles squeezing my midsection. I tried to stand up and slam her into the vine bed. It worked and another problem arose.

With our combined weight crashing down on the vines we nearly fell through. I say nearly because now we're being held up by the vines, tangling ourselves even further. I had to do my best too avoid her claws and tail, given how she was struggling like a fish in a bag. Somehow, she actually got herself tangled position where we we're both face to crotch.

Such a good position. Man was I feelin' hungry - Sorry, fazed out for a moment, where am I? "Ngh?!" I could feel a warm and slimy sensation glide against my cock in a long but rushed motion. "Yeah, do it again." What did I say?! Nevermind that, the anjanath was starting to blow me and my goddamn lower head was thinking for me because of the stimulation. "Wait! Penis lie! Stop licking! Oh!"

I angled myself as I said that and I think her face morphed into slight bewilderment over my words, but my pleas were ultimately ignored like last time. Now she was licking it thoroughly into a ready position. My little Xavier was up an ready at the full mast of... well, for easy comparison, the human equivalent of nine inches for barroths.

It's not I've taken the time to actively measure myself or the size of monster cock. Just seen 'em and read about 'em in research books.

Shit, I was practically melting in thanks to her tongue. She was aiming to subdue me orally. I have to stop her. Gotta show her who's boss.

Maybe... maybe... Maybe I just help myself to a meal too. "I guess we both needed a little breakfast." I chuckled. Without another word, I dug into the moist hotpocket. My tongue began to slurp her up eagerly and I reached around her legs to grab that athletic ass, the beautiful mass malleable yet firm in my hands. I barely heard her low rumbles of pleasure, so caught up in my morning dining. Her love juices, sweet primal nectar on my tongue.

I could feel her tongue run down my hard length, trying to taste every last millimeter of my throbbing mass. She was so sloppy and I love it. I was even considering stopping my feasting for a moment just to watch her sloppy mouth go to work as her saliva coated my stiff length. But alas, she was to tasty and I was feelin' so hasty.

I dug my tongue even further down her warm snatch, trying to lap up all of her as I played with that jiggly ass, shaking and slapping it whilst I dug into her more and more. I felt her body shudder and my intake of sexual fluids increase as my tongue movements increased, her moans starting to get louder despite me muffling her.

I was starting to feel my baby cream dispenser ready to blow off myself, the anjanath woman engulfing my appendage in her extra warm and wet mouth. Her felatio skills were quite commendable as she made sure to lick and jostle me in her mouth, giving my sensitive head extra care and attention. It was only a matter of time before we both let loose and the question would be who could recover first and take the lead. Call me cocky, but I think I had a good chance. I've been meaning to have a good rut for a while now and this fine lookin' beast mama couldn't come at a better time.

"Rrrrrgh." I heard her growl and moan. Apparently, I was already taking the lead now.

"Mmmrrrrgh." But just barely. I was eager, but lacked experience. Nothing time, patience, and practice couldn't fix.

"Rrrrrgh!' She was practically squealing now, haha! I couldn't relent now! I went to work, licking and nibbling her folds without remorse. If we were upside down right now, I might have had to worry about drowning. "Rrrrrraaagh!" With a barely audible pop, she opened her mouth to squeal as she went like a volcano, her sex fluids bursting into my mouth. Delicious.

I followed her example not a moment later, grunting as I had a little eruption of my own, probably covering her face. I turned so I could take a look.

(Snap! Snap!)

Are the vines breaking? I think those are the vines breaking. (Snap! Snap! Snap!) "Fuck me." I breathed. How I wish I meant it in the hot way. (Snap!) First she fell, being the heavier of us and then I fell. "Oh shit!" I yelled. "Aagh!" Luckily, basic falling damage doesn't hurt. And I landed onto two soft pillows. "Hehe, nice." I said, nuzzling between this dazed anjanath's warm bosom. Now all I had to do was... was... was... was figure out why my mouth tasted weird and I was nuzzling wyvernoid titties! We were up there! Now we're down here! Why?! What's going?!

She was dazed from the looks of it, her face covered in a sticky white substance, and I had time to escape with my body parts in tact. I swiftly got up and ran like a pebble in the wind. Somewhere, anywhere away from her. I didn't need to fight her and as a hunter, there's nothing wrong with avoiding unnecessary fights. In fact, it's generally encouraged. No point in fighting a battle I had nothing to gain from. "But that ass though." What was I going on about again? Oh yeah, escape!

AN: Oh boy, Xavier may have Schizophrenia or something! Whatever will he do?!

First set of smut scenes! How was I?! When I do scenes like these (starting now), I try to use good word choicing and be more "show don't tell"-ish with the characters. Little fact about me, I get annoyed reading characters always going "Fuck" and "I'm cumming" and all that basic stuff in smut scenes. Especially if it has to do with romance. "Oh fuck yeah I'm cumming" just doesn't feel romantic to me. But whatever, odd mini spiel. Especially in a smut parody no less.

Anyway, here's sex system for mah story~

A simple fuck: Pleasure is all that matters.

Sex: Someone acquainted with or on friendly terms, about physical pleasure but more close.

Love making: Nothing matters to the partners except each other and few words need be said if at all.

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