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The Void
The cold air bit at the weather worn face as it approached its destination. Merry Brandybuck had
been seated atop his pony for several hours now and the frigid winter air should have made him stop
many miles back on his long journey.

The numbness he felt inside made him oblivious to the temperatures around him as he continued on.
It won't be long now, he thought.
He could see the end of his long travels. The warmth an comfort of the Great Smials of the Tookland
was close.
He needed to be there. It was the only way he would find solace.
As he drew nearer to the grand wooden door guarding the home of the Tooks he paused to run his
tired fingers over the detailed carvings on the ancient door. He stopped to wonder at the many tales
his mother had told him of her life growing up in the smiles. It made his heart break at the thought
of simple times and happy memories. Even if they were only borrowed from his beloved mother
whom he missed more now than at the time of her passing last Spring.
He began to ring the brass bell to signal his arrival, then paused. He knew that he would have to
explain his visit, though he wished that he did not. He knew that it would be difficult to explain his
situation to those he loved when he refused to belive it himself.
She is gone, he thought to himself once more, she left and she isn't needed back. The thoughts
were harsh and he did his best to push them from his mind.

"Stop it this once, Meriadoc." He scolded himself. " You have seen the most foul things that this
world has to offer, you can do this."
He did his best to wipe the tear-stained cheeks of his now wind
chapped face. When he was satisfied with the results he reached up and rang the bell.
"All will be right again once I talk with Pippin."