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Chapter One

The nineteen-year-old young woman sits handcuffed to one of the police officers' desk. Under normal circumstances, she would most likely be in one of the jail cells, but these are not normal circumstances. The arresting officer just happens to know her father. So, crap, crap, crap. Her father is coming. Her father is coming to pick her up from the police station. This is not good. This is not fucking good. Especially when the charges come through. DUI, underage drinking, drug possession, attempted assault, resisting arrest, disturbing the peace. Six charges, six huge charges. Her father is going to kill her. Her father, the FBI agent, is going to kill her. She knows there is going to be a big argument once the pair gets home. She is not looking forward to it. It's not only the charges that he is going to be angry, of course, the charges are going to be the big thing that really heats up the upcoming argument, but there's also the fact that she has been lying to her father for the past year and she has lied to him about a lot of things and she knows that he is going to want to know exactly what she has been lying to him about. This is not going to be good at all. Maybe it's a good thing that she's still pretty drunk as well as still pretty high. Then again, maybe that's not exactly a good thing.

She spots her father the moment he enters the police station. He gives her a brief, pissed look before returning his attention to the desk sergeant. She watches as he flashes his FBI badge. She watches as his police officer friend walks up to him. She watches as they talk, most likely talking about all of the charges before the two actually start to make their way over to where she is sitting.

No words are exchanged. No words are exchanged when she is uncuffed from the desk. No words are exchanged when the release papers are signed. No words are exchanged when she is handed her court date and all the paperwork. No words are exchanged when they leave the police station. No words are exchanged while he drives them back to their house. No words are exchanged when they get out of the car once they arrive home. No words are exchanged when they enter the house. No, the first words don't come until the door is closed. Her buzz is starting to wear off and she's not on her high anymore. She doesn't have to be in the FBI to know that he is extremely pissed, probably even beyond extremely pissed.

"Do you want to tell me why you were so stupid?" Are the first words out of her father's mouth when he finally does speak. "Emmanuel Magdalena Leticia Guadalupe Taylor, you are unbelievable right now."

"What?" Emmanuel questions as she collapses on the couch. "Because I'm not as perfect as Danny Taylor."

"Emmanuel!" Danny shouts, his anger rising. "This is not about me, this is about you. Do you understand that you been charged for six things? Six! You told me that you were going to the library, for the past year you have been telling me every single night that you have been going to the library. Did you even go to the library or did you spend most of your nights getting drunk and high?"

"Getting drunk and high," Emmanuel responds, as she leans back on the couch. "Guess it's a good thing that my mother isn't around and my father tends to work late nights and early mornings."

"I know I don't need to ask, I know you still drunk as well as high," Danny sighs. "We'll continue this conversation in the morning."

He doesn't get a response. Emmanuel is passed out on the couch, in a rather uncomfortable position. Even though, he is extremely pissed at his daughter, his father instinct kicks in more. He sighs, running a hand over his face before making his way over to the couch, he gently lays his daughter out on the couch, placing a pillow under her head and a blanket over her body before sitting on the coffee table opposite the couch. He is feeling all kinds of emotions right now. He's angry, mad, pissed, hurt, sad, confused. He never thought that this would happen to his daughter, to his child. He has never kept any alcohol in the house, he never had his brother over before for the purpose that his brother would come over high or with drugs or both. He did everything right. Well, he thought he did everything right. He clearly didn't… He clearly didn't since his daughter is an alcoholic and drug addict.

This is going to be a long and painful journey ahead.

"I love you, querida," Danny whispers.

Danny places a kiss on top of his daughter's head before heading to his own bedroom. He collapses onto the edge of the bed. He had been at the office when he got the call from Bobby. He had been so grateful that Bobby had been the arresting officer. He knew Bobby would take good care of his daughter. He didn't even have to request that she not be put in a jail cell. When he got to the station and Bobby told all six charges, he couldn't believe it. He still can't believe it. He never thought that something like this would happen to his daughter. He never thought that she would be an alcoholic and drug addict. Heck, he never even thought that his daughter would even lie to him, but she has been lying to him for at least a year, who knows how long before that. His daughter has been drinking and doing drugs for a year, maybe longer. This is all just a mess. This is all just a fucking mess.

He's not afraid to admit that at first, in the beginning, he wasn't the best father in the world. He was fifteen-years-old when he found out that he was going to be a father. Emmanuel's mother, she had been a one-night-stand, they were both drunk at the time which ended up in resulting in Emmanuel. They decided a few months prior that they would do the whole co-parenting thing, they didn't love each other, but they had a child to raise, co-parenting was the best option. He was still drinking back then, he had it somewhat under control. He only drank when Emmanuel was with her mother, but that doesn't mean he had it totally under control. When Emmanuel wasn't with him, he would drink like crazy. He knew back then, every single time he had a drink that he really should stop, that he should clean up his life, not for himself, but also for his daughter. He needed to be a better father, a better than his own father ever was. Things didn't change, though.

Things changed three years later. Everything came crashing down, not just with me, but with everyone. When he was at rock bottom, that's when he decided that everything needed to change, he needed to change. So he did, at the age of eighteen-years-old, he got his life in shape. He did everything he could to make sure his daughter, his baby girl had the best life he could give her. He got the help he needed to clean up his act, now he is going to get his daughter all the help that she needs so she doesn't end up at rock bottom. He is going to every single thing in his power. Everything…