Maggie was soon regretting her decision against going out to getting her morning coffee. Even when in reality all she was doing was skipping out on all the mushy loving couples holding up the lines. And that was even after accidentally sleeping in that morning. But really, she couldn't help it when the day only reminded her of everything she'd left behind in National City when she'd moved back to Gotham.

Mainly the one fiery-eyed woman who could both take down aliens four times bigger than her without much of a fight during the day and still make Maggie's heart burst and sing with just a few light flicks of her skilled tongue at night and all this before becoming the one woman that could ever make her even begin to like this cursed sappy holiday.

Even turning on the radio brought dagger stabbing pain to what had once been her heart in finding that every radio channel of her car sound system was currently playing different songs from their shared favorite band didn't help her sour mood one bit. She didn't need snippets of 'Falling for the first time' 'Pinch Me' 'One Week' or 'Duct Tape Heart' coming from every channel of her car radio reminding her of late night or early morning impromptu dance parties while making breakfast dinner or having to listen to the soundtracks for some of the times when Alex had over thought her ability to slide around in fluffy socks on their apartment hard wood floor and had ended up sending them both onto the floor in happy giggling fits that sometimes turned into something more.

Maggie groaned her eyes still on her phone as she headed into the precinct typing out another message to one of the four contacts in her phone when a gust of wind that the cop had only thought followed her around in National City caught her attention.

A glance up found a coffee cup with her name scrawled in that heart-wrenchingly familiar handwriting waiting for her. Maggie just prayed that Kara wasn't around to see the misty-eyed look the small gesture brought to the detective's eyes as she collected the cup and hurried on into the safety of the precinct.

Detective Sawyer could feel more eye than usual following her as she headed to her desk still cradling her coffee cup to her chest like the precious thing it was and doing her best to ignore all the blatant overdone heart-shaped decorations crowding the bullpen. "What? Haven't any of you seen a cop with a coffee cup in her hand before?" Maggie sighed glaring around at all the curious faces eyeing both her and her desk with an uneasy kind of curiosity.

"Well, when a blue, blonde and red blur drops something off for one of our own on a holiday everyone and their uncle's cousin's step kids knows said co-worker hates. It gives us all pause." The guy she had to think of as her "new boss" answered resting his hip against the side of her desk before sinking down to sit against the edge still eyeing the gift on the other side of the desktop curiously.

"Funny Gordon," Maggie growled sitting down heavily with the rim of her coffee cup still pressed against her lower lip as she sat in thought glaring at the white box with its red and pink sparkled ribbon with the card propped up against it for a few more seconds before sliding both under her desk and out of the way for the time being.

"Look if you guys don't get back to work I'll be taking my shiny new box out to my car so no one can see what's inside it." Maggie threatened without looking up to see that no one had looked away from her since she'd sat down. "I'm serious people get back to work or I'm taking the card out to the car too." She added running a hand in her hair shooting off a fast text then pulling a half-worked stack of case files closer while the low groaning of the day to day life of being a Gotham cop settled in around her.