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Impossible to Ever Love

Chapter 1: The Eve of a Decision

Hermione Granger took one last look at her apartment and sighed. She was going to miss this place. The cream-colored walls, the hardwood flooring, the unobstructed view of London. Oh yes, she was going to miss everything. How she used to wake up to the sun filtering through the flimsy curtains of her bedroom window, how she used to take long, undisturbed baths in her tub after a hard day's work, the way she used to curl up on the couch and watch the late-night movie.

And to what was she giving up the good life for?

Oh nothing, except that she was to be married tomorrow at sunset.

She smiled tiredly as she stood up from the couch where she was doing her last-minute packing and walked toward the wide window. She peered outside for a few minutes, simply watching dusk appear before her very eyes and the hustle and bustle down below.

She was to be married tomorrow, and to whom? But oh, to the most wonderful man she'd ever met: Ronald Weasley.

Ronald Weasley, a man of 29 years of age, had once been a product of a poor family. One of the many children of the Weasley clan, he had struggled during his school years and had come out of it a very proficient young man. He had made a name for himself in the stock market, and therefore, became a multimillionaire before the age of twenty-five. Undoubtedly, he was the most elegant bachelor around. Tall, exceedingly handsome and very rich, he carted around a lot of women before finally settling his gaze on Hermione.

They met during a private dinner party of a mutual acquaintance some months back. He had been alone during that time; she had just come from a bad relationship. Needless to say, they quickly hit it off. He was charming and gentlemanly as she was beautiful and intelligent.

Hermione had been a fashion model during her late teens. With her long, copper-brown hair, her hazel eyes and her trim body, she was quickly booked for fashion show with some of the world's most famous fashion designers. But she found out soon enough that she did not want the hype and glamour that modeling surely had in its Prada bag; and so, quietly and as gracefully as she could do at that time, she left the fashion world in search of something more fulfilling.

Not that she had no where to go after her step off the runway. During her modeling age, she was in college and she worked damn hard for her degree. She graduated magna cum laude at her university and majored in literary arts. So, after the fashion business, she set her sights on journalism.

Applying for a slot in the newspaper was not that hard for her. She had the mind and the passion for writing and her editor-in-chief saw that in her at once. Hermione was quickly given her very own column. She enjoyed the job, for the first couple of years that is. Having found that work schedules and deadlines were giving her stress-related problems, she once again exited from the newspaper world.

She finally decided to be a novelist. After reading countless novels, (she was the newspaper's features' editor and literary reviewer) she realized that this was meant to be her one and only lifetime passion. And so, she wrote. After her very successful book entitled "A Song for the Many", she was renowned the world over as the number one writer of inspirational and heartfelt novels, if only known by her pen name.

But right now, she was putting the completion of her second book on hold because of her impending marriage to her fiancé.

Fiancé. The word ran through her mind for what seemed like the millionth time during that day. When Ron had asked her to be his wife a month before, she had said yes without any thought, as if saying answering to a very trivial question; which was exactly the opposite of that situation.

No, she believed she was not in denial. She could not be in denial. This was Ronald Weasley; a man who promised her a good home, a secure love and an everlasting friendship! She was not in regret or in denial of their love for each other. Ronald's love was true and faithful; it was possible that hers lacked conviction.

But I can't love him any less! She chided herself harshly as her eyes flickered over the city. I love him. I do!

She thought once that if a man asked for your hand, and that you answered without any thought, then that would mean that you were madly in love with him.

But now, it seemed like this was not the case. The minute that damned word escaped her lips, her chest tightened, her breath quickened, and it was impossible to block the flow of regret that filled her mind. It seemed that the fates were indeed against her, or against her marrying Ron for that matter. But he had smiled and was oblivious to the look of fear and anxiousness that crossed her features. He simply stood and picked her up and kissed her like hell. After that, everything became a blur of events and people and parties.

She accepted the kisses, the gifts and the regards that every one seemed to send her way and Ron's. Everyone was happy about their engagement, so why wasn't she?

It wasn't because she didn't truly love him. was it?

What is true love anyway? She asked herself as she rubbed the back of her neck. All that time, tapping away at her computer was finally bringing out its repercussions.

Was she really in love with Ron that she would willingly spend her life with him? Or was that "yes" just a polite way to answer him after his proposal: dinner, roses, dessert and the 24-karat diamond ring? She looked at her hand right now and saw the ring sitting firmly on her ring finger, as if to say that she had no choice.

But she didn't want a choice! There was no choice to be made. She was in love with Ronald Weasley! End of discussion, debate and whatever her mind had set out for her to answer. Or maybe that was her heart, asking those hard-to-sway questions.

Ahh! To hell with the matters of mind and heart! She finally said to herself.

Hermione sighed and turned away from the window. She walked back to the couch and got her laptop off the coffee table then placed it in its bag. After that last job was done, she went to her bed and plopped down on it. This was her last night of being single and being Miss Hermione Granger. Tomorrow, everything would change. She would be forever bound to Ronald Weasley. Heart, mind, body and soul.

But as she fitfully drifted off to what she hoped would be a nightmare-less sleep, she wondered if her whole self was sold on Ronald Weasley. For the millionth time that day, she subconsciously doubted that she truly loved Ron. And for the millionth time that day, she hoped for an answer.