The screen cuts back to the studio

Anne: Round eight, and you've hit £309,000. There are two of you left, and this time, you only have 90 seconds. But, whatever you win will be trebled. We'll start with the strongest link in the last round, and that is Sniffles.

Sniffles: This is our chance Petunia.

Petunia: We'll give it our best shot!

Anne: Let's play… The Weakest Link!

The short jingle plays as Anne turns her computer podium to Sniffles

Anne: Start the clock.

The time starts; this time there is 1 minute and 30 seconds. The money tree fades in

Anne: Sniffles, in sport, an Olympic pool is measured how many metres long?

Sniffles: Um, 50!

Anne: Correct. Petunia, what film has been adopted as the mascot of Amblin Entertainment with the main characters next to the logo?

Petunia: …E.T.

Anne: Correct. Sniffles, in chemistry, actinium, uranium and einsteinium are all elements from which family?

Sniffles: Actinides!

Anne: Correct. Petunia, in television, what is displayed on every tubby toast in the British children's show Teletubbies?

Petunia: Smiley faces.

Anne: Correct. Sniffles, in the game Monopoly, what is the third colour group on the board?

Sniffles: …Pink.

Anne: Correct. Petunia, in economy, does the British pounds against American dollars strengthen or weaken after Brexit?

Petunia: Uh… weaken?

Anne: Correct! Sniffles…

Sniffles: BANK!

Anne: In geography, how many countries border Germany?

Sniffles: …Is it six?

Anne: No, eight. Petunia, in music, the Danish band Aqua is best known for their breakthrough hit of what title?

Petunia: Barbie Girl.

Anne: Correct. Sniffles, in history, who attempted to burn down the Houses of Parliament in 1605?

Sniffles: Guy Fawkes.

Anne: Correct. Petunia. In biology, what is the only kingdom in which their cells contain cell walls?

Petunia: …Plant!

Anne: Correct. Sniffles…

Sniffles: BANK!

Anne: In terminology, the origin of-

Before Anne can finish her question, the end-of-round jingle suddenly plays throughout the studio

Anne: Time's up, I can't complete the question. And in that final round, you have managed to bank a total of £28,000. We'll treble that and add it to the prize money; it gives you a grand total… of £393,000.

The audience applaud for the big amount of the prize money

Petunia: That's a great amount…

Sniffles: Well… we both wanted to win that.

Anne: Only one of you, however, will take that money home. Now, you will be playing against each other, head to head. I will be asking alternate questions, best of five. Whoever answers the most correctly wins; it's as simple as that. If the score's a tie after five, then we'll go for Sudden Death until we have a winner. So, Petunia and Sniffles, for £393,000, let's play… THE WEAKEST LINK!

A loud and quick jingle plays as we then see several links raining from the top of the screen. The logo appears on the background for just a second before one of the raining links fall close above the screen. It wipes down to re-view the studio, before the camera quickly zooms in towards Anne from the back

Anne: Petunia, as the strongest link in the last round, you have a choice of who goes first.

Petunia: …I'll let Sniffles go first.

A bombastic jingle plays briefly before the spotlights shone on Petunia and Sniffles

Anne: Sniffles… Out of all the types of reptile… which one of them… has the biggest lifespan?

Sniffles thinks for a moment

Sniffles: Tortoise.

Anne: That is the correct answer. Petunia… Ray Kroc was the founder and chairman of the board… for what enormous restaurant chain?

Petunia: McDonald's.

Anne: That is the correct answer. Sniffles… Originated in Mexico… what four letter word is the name of the dessert… that was also commonly known as Crème Caramel?

Sniffles thinks for a moment before having a guess

Sniffles: …Crem.

Anne: No, the correct answer is flan. Petunia… The album "This Is Acting"… became a UK No. 2 hit by which Australian musician?

Petunia: …Sia.

Anne: That is the correct answer. Sniffles… Hosted by Bob Monkhouse until 1983… what is the title of the gameshow… that involves members giving out the common answers from survey?

Sniffles: Family Fortunes.

Anne: That is the correct answer. Petunia… Which four letter word… is defined as a part of the body… between the armpit and the hip?

Petunia tries to imagine herself looking at that are of her body

Petunia: Ribs.

Anne: No, the correct answer is side. Sniffles… What even number… is said to be the lucky number in China?

Sniffles: 8!

Anne: That is the correct answer. Petunia… Launched in 1983… what is the name of company that involves high fidelity audio and visual production... founded by George Lucas?

Petunia: …DTS?

Anne: No, the correct answer is THX. Sniffles… if you answer this question correctly, you have won. The Eurovision Song Contest… was held in which country in 2012?

Sniffles tries to think as hard as he could

Sniffles: Sweden?

Anne: No, the correct answer is Azerbaijan. Petunia… you need to answer this question correctly to stay in the game. Which country originated the children's musical LazyTown… created by Magnus Scheving?

In despair, Petunia nervously thinks for a few moments

Petunia: …Italy?

Anne: No, the correct answer is Iceland.

The end-of-head-to-head round jingle suddenly booms throughout the studio. Sniffles answered three right while Petunia answered two right. As the jingle ends, the audience cheer and applaud for Sniffles' victory, whereupon he becomes very shocked

Splendid (offscreen): I'M SO PROUD OF YOU SNIFFLES!

Sniffles turns to see Splendid in the audience. His eyes widen as he cannot believe he won, plus getting to see Splendid supporting him

Sniffles: SPLENDID! You're here all this time! Oh, thank you for coming here…

Anne: That means, Sniffles…

Sniffles turns back to her

Anne: You are tonight's strongest link, and you go away… with £393,000. What are you going to do with the money?

Sniffles: Wow… Okay, £93,000 is going to World Wide Fund for Nature, and the other £300,000 is going to my favourite action company to support more money for more series of Splendid the Flying Squirrel.

The audience clap again

Splendid (pleased): Thanks a heap…

Anne turns to Petunia who gets extremely sad

Anne: Petunia… you leave with nothing.

Anne turns around to face us

Anne: Join us again for The Weakest Link. Goodbye!

The audience applaud for the final time. The screen fades to reveal a very despaired Petunia having an interview, as the credits roll from the right hand side of the screen

Petunia: It makes me upset because I thought I would always achieve the best I can, and… *sniff* …I didn't this time! (cries)

It now cuts to Sniffles having an interview

Sniffles: Today has been one of the best days ever for me. I actually thought I couldn't win because of the chances with all the other eight friends of mine. But £393,000 will change my cute, innocent life forever… and probably my idol's life too! Heheh…

The credits finish rolling before cutting to the final copyright screen