Narcissa Malfoy knew her son was a tiny bit spoiled. She also knew that one day great responsibility would fall on his shoulders. Being heir to House Malfoy limited his choices. Lucius kept her father in law, Abraxas at bay, but there was no way to avoid the path the man had forged for them all.

Lucius had told her to take Draco out for the day. Abraxas was entertaining. She wrapped her son in a proper set of dress robes and took his favorite play hat. Why he loved the overly large thing was beyond her imaginings, but he did look adorable when it fell over his eyes.

"We are going to visit Aunt Walbuga, my dragonet." Narcissa took her son's hand. "Remember to be polite and ask before you touch anything. Aunt Walburga does not appreciate having her things disturbed."

"Aunt Wally wants it all." Draco frowned. "Her biscuits aren't good, and she is always in a strop."

"We do not talk about family in that manner." Narcissa hid her smile and shook her head at her precocious son. "Aunt Walburga is very lonely."

Draco nodded his head solemnly and held out his hand for hers. Narcissa smiled openly and squeezed his little fingers slightly to encourage his good behavior. She closed her eyes took a deep breath and let her magic whirl them to her Aunt's home.

Draco was bored. He didn't like the way this house made him feel. It was like there was bath oil in the air, slick and sliding on his skin. The whole place smelled dirty. He missed the lemony smell of his rooms at home.

His mother was listening to Aunt Wally, and nodding. She was nibbling on a tea cake. It looked dry, and no better than his food. He didn't want the biscuits or the tea. They would hurt his tummy.

He bounced on his seat and frowned as something in the chair creaked.

"Are you bored, little boy?" Aunt Wally eyed him with a frown, but she always frowned.

He shrugged and looked down at his knees.

"He isn't used to sitting for this long." His mother sighed.

"I too had sons. I know how trying they can be, dear flower." Aunty Wally patted his mother's knee. "I know just the thing. Orion brought me the silliest gift when we were first courting. It's a set of rubies enchanted to bring you to your soul mate of all things."

"Rubies?" His mother tilted her head and Aunt Wally chuckled.

"He meant well. Never could tell the difference between red and green." Aunt Wally flicked her wrist and a velvet covered box came flying into the room. "Perhaps, Draco will enjoy playing with them. I never even removed them from the box."

Draco frowned down at the jewelry. It sparkled, but he didn't want to wear it. It looked like the things his mother wore. He looked up at her.

"Why don't you pretend to be an actual dragon?" His mother raised one blonde brow. "It can be your treasure."

Draco nodded and grabbed the necklace by its largest stone. The ruby pulsed in his hand and he felt the familiar tug behind his navel. He grabbed his hat, so it wouldn't fall off.

Hermione was not enjoying her family gathering. Her mother had forced her into a white dress and worked for a long time to fix her hair, but none of her cousins wanted to read or to play with her. They never did.

She plopped down on a bench and frowned as her older cousins complained about having to miss the Valentine's dance for Mama Jean's birthday.

"It's not like she knows we're here." Louise frowned and looked into the noisy room. "She doesn't know what year it is. Thinks the Great War is still going strong and the Unicorn Brigade has bloody fallen. She doesn't have two wits left to rub together, Becca."

"I wanted to go to the dance, too." Rebecca tossed her long brown hair over her shoulder. "It's not like she's turning a hundred or something."

Hermione resisted the urge to talk with the older girls. They were unpredictable. Sometimes, they treated her like a doll, but, more often, they were cruel. She watched them step back into the room with their family and sighed in relief. She picked up the small bouquet she was supposed to give to Mama Jean. The roses were white and boring just like her dress. A sudden popping sound frightened her and she grabbed the stems of the flowers above the protective ribbons. She felt the thorn cut her hand and dropped the flowers altogether.

"I didn't mean to scare you." The blond boy smiled as he stuffed something into his pocket. "My dragon treasure brought me here."

Hermione blinked and nodded. The boy was about her age and he had a silly hat. She smiled at him without thinking.

"You have dragon treasure?" Hermione scooted to the side, so he could join her on the bench. "May I see it?"

"Not if you're going to bleed on it." The boy shook his head and his hat fell off his head.

Hermione looked at her hand and saw the welling blood.

"My mum will not be happy." She sighed. "I don't even like the white flowers, and I'm going to be in trouble."

"I don't like white either." The blond boy smiled. "It's boring."

He touched her dress and a wave of warmth washed over her leaving her dress a bright sparkly red.

"You look pretty in red." He smiled at her and fished out a necklace with several large rubies. "I think you can touch my treasure, even if you bleed on it. I'm a dragon. Dragons like blood."

Hermione blushed and touched the stone with her hurt finger. She felt something flare inside her body. It felt like it did when she moved things without touching them. The boy handed the pretty necklace to her and poked at her flowers.

"Why do you have flowers?" He stroked the green ribbon with his finger tip.

"They're for my Mama Jean. It's her birthday day and Valentine's, so she gets presents and flowers." Hermione smiled at him. "Your treasure is beautiful."

"My mother will not be happy about this." He fussed with his dark jacket.

Hermione pulled one of the roses out of the bouquet and concentrated on it. It turned a bright red. The others would up tipped in red, but it was perfect.

"Give her this." Hermione handed the rose to him. "My mother always likes flowers."

"So does mine." He took the flower with a smile. "She likes roses, too, but we don't have any this color. Thank you."

The boy leaned forward and pressed his lips to hers in a quick kiss. Hermione blinked as he pulled away. His eyes seemed to glow. She felt a tingle on her upper arm and looked down to see a twisting, silver dragon settle on her skin.

"I think you're my treasure now." He touched the mark.

"Will it wash off?" Hermione chewed her lower lip.

"I don't know." The boy swung his legs. "I don't want it to."

"I don't either. You should put this in your pocket." She held the necklace out to him. "My mum is going to be looking for me soon, and she won't understand about the treasure."

Hermione leaned forward and pecked his lips with her own as she handed the pretty necklace back to him. He held it in his left hand and reached up towards his upper arm with his right. Hermione giggled.

She looked up in time to see him twist away into the air. She reached out and felt for him, but he was gone. She saw his hat and grabbed it. The felt of the hat was warm against her fingers. She crushed it against her chest.

Her dragon was out there somewhere. He would find her someday. She knew it.

Walburga slipped on her gloves and hummed as she settled the necklace into its box. Orion's gift mocked her with its shining glory. She'd wanted to wear it, but it wouldn't have taken her to her intended.

She had known her soul mate and felt the pain of his rejection for far too long. Abraxas Malfoy craved power more than love. He'd chosen a witch that suited his quest, and courted her to make the other witch jealous. He'd mocked her offer of love and married another.

Orion had been a good husband. He'd loved her. His sensitive soul had been at odds with the family traditions, but she'd held to them. It had been a good match. He'd given her a place in the world and something more precious than gold.


She looked over at Narcissa's son. The boy looked far too much like Abraxas, but he had the Black eyes. Orion's has been the same quicksilver color. Her own were darker. The boy made her heart ache for what might have been and for what had been. She could see what her own children would have looked like when she looked at him from afar, but when he smiled up at her, her husband was there. The warmth of his love had helped heal her.

She supposed using a child for revenge was petty, but the boy had already bound himself to his soul mate. The delicate silver tracery marking his upper arm made that quite clear. Abraxas wouldn't be able to use the boy in his machinations. True love would flourish in the Malfoy line.

"Thank you, Orion." She closed the box and set it aside. "This truly was an inspired gift."

Author's Note

Happy Valentine's Day!

Only Walburga would think to use love as revenge. There is more of course. I like happy endings. If you want the full story, let me know.